“Sack it to me” – The Holiday Edition

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Well, lots of big news this week – Spike videogame awards, the official LBP YouTube channel, this awesomely crazy tank, a few small announcements last night, and now something you’ve all been waiting for…the Holiday Edition of “Sack it to me“.

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Some of you may have noticed, but the patches over the past few days address a lot of the feedback we’ve been discussing on our weekly post. So without further adeu…’the patch details’ for your convenience.

Patch 1.06

Good news on this front – The latest update (1.06) brings in some much requested changes to LBP’s moderation system. While the rules of what is and is not acceptable content for people to share have not changed, we have listened to your feedback and have made the following changes :

  • Moderated levels will now receive more better information about the reason regarding this action having happened.
  • The notification message will remain in place on screen, removing the chance that affected users miss the message.
  • Any moderated level can now be accessed for editing by the creator, whether on or offline.
  • Additional information is now displayed on the Good Grief screen advising users on how the grief reporting functions, and warns against making spurious reports

These changes, coupled with additional work behind the scenes should alleviate most of the issues that creators have experienced with the moderation system, and there is more to come in the new year. While the number of levels that have been moderated is less than 0.1% of the number that have been created and shared overall, we recognize that better communication is essential and we’ll continue to improve the system in response to your feedback.

An explanation of what constitutes unacceptable content to be shared can be found in the game’s End User License Agreement (EULA) which may be read at any time via the Settings menu in the game, however we recommend you follow these general guidelines :

  • Ensure that the content you share with other users is suitable for all ages – everybody has access to your level if you publish it.
  • Please respect other people’s intellectual property rights. For example, don’t use images, brands or logos that you’re not entitled to use.
  • If you come across any content that you feel the need to report, then please do it responsibly. Hoax reports will be considered inappropriate behavior.

Patch 1.07

New Search Modes:
Huge update on this end. We’re introducing more ways to find interesting levels! Not only can you search by the ‘most hearted’, but with the new ratings, you can also find the ‘highest rated’ as well as the ‘busiest’ levels online. So your input when playing other peoples levels will be even more important, so help us, make these search categories a great destination for the community. So “heart” away to those who deserve them, keep awarding those stars and keep commenting to help make peoples levels better. Also, keep in mind that this is just one update to improve the SHARE experience, and there will be more in the future.

“Wheel of Death” bug = FIXED:
The dreadful issue with speeding motorbolts and flinging Sackboys has been looked at, analyzed and corrected. So fling away!!!

In-game store:
Now you can browse and download costumes, level packs, etc, directly from the Pod. Check out the latest costumes and packs on the store and revisit all of your purchases.

Improved peripheral support:
USB keyboards now work and there is broader support for 3rd party controls.

Details, details, details:

  • Fixed stretchy Sackboy arms animation
  • Improved the corner editing tool
  • Tweaked some Sackboy animations
  • Adjusted Sackboy Slap sensitivities – so less accidental slaps
  • Fixed lights (object) to permanently remember color change
  • Improved online multiplayer level selection
  • Ability to save you level to a different slot on the moon while mid-edit
  • General server improvements
  • Misc visual fixes


That’s it for this week (sorry, the holiday crunch and all the other big LBP announcements this week kept us busy), but keep chiming in and we’ll try to get more answers to you.

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  • Why did you DELETE my two levels that I made in the BETA? FIREFLIGHT and BUNGEE?? There was no bad content in either one and now everything I had worked so hard to do is gone. JUst last week MY PS3 died, now I have a rental and got your game and went to try my levels but they are totally gone. Please reinstate my TWO Levels asap. It’s not fair and I won’t be buying any DLC until I see that they are indeed put back online.

  • my psn is SOOPERGOOMAN187

  • Media Molecule is the greatest. I can’t think of the last time a game made so many positive changes after being released. Keep up the good work.

  • can u make a patch 2 play music from the XMB because some of the songs r kinda weird and id like 2 listen 2 my own music once in a while

  • i just got YELLOW HEAD in LBP

  • thanks again

  • I’m not sure, but I think it true from my Point of View, but did the Update Increase Memory Capacity, because usually when I update my LBC1 Level, I CONSTANTLY receive a “Your Profile Can’t Be Saved” Message, usually due to LARGE-Capacity Level or HUGE amounts of downloaded objects and stickers, and now I’m not getting that message as much?

  • never mind; I’ve learned the hard way that was not the case.

    BUT IT SHOULD BE A PRIORITY in a future Patch; UPGRADE MEMORY CAPACITY for a Profile to fit the Greatest Size and number of Custom Levels, as well as the Infinite Number of Downloadable Objects and Stickers.

  • This is great to hear. Thanks a lot for the updates.

  • Lol yeah, i find it funny how the Holiday edition has a bug in it that makes some peoples account not able to save anymore. “merry christmas! here a bug for ya!” so now the people who have this have 2 choices, either erase everything and start over, or be patient and hopefully it’ll pay off and Mm will create another patch to fix this issue…Kinda blows even more that the MGS pack is coming out, i wont even be able to save unless i erase all the hours i put into the game. Its really gonna be a pain getting everything in the story mode again

  • Well I sometimes get html code for ‘ as in it’s as it &apos s when I’m not the game host ant it looks weird to other people when it happen. I’ve been using the same USB keyboard since before the support for USB keyboards was out. Also they need to fix the position for text boxes for those who die in game cause it’s hard to read something off screen.
    I’ll try and get a pic and post it on my panoramio space http://www.panoramio.com/user/95068

    Now on to full profile error
    I know the profile is full error has nothing to do with hdd space it has to do with the profile being statcally set to 4,743kb and if you go over that size u get the error when u get that error its time to clean up some of the items user created items you don’t like or didn’t want the multiple copies of the same picture due to a photo booth object being there or your friend sending it to you.

    The most permanent fix for the profile getting full is to allow it to grow dynamically then it’s the amount of free space left on the hdd, or the temporary fix of increasing the static size 2 or more times it’s original size.

  • This update was amazing, but now my new creations do not save! This is very frustrating because I have several levels that I have spent hours of work on only to have that work completely erased the next day.

  • If anyone can comment or help on my aforementioned problem saving creations that would help me out indeed. My PSN is my screen name here.

  • Why are ps3 sales so lackluster? Why is Sony refusing to do what it takes to keep, and acquire new, exclusives for the ps3? Why does ps3’s marketing suck? How is Sony feeling about being last place in the ‘console war’ by no other fault but their own?

  • nice updates :)

    hopefully the 1080 upscaling issue is fixed for us people with expensive 1080i HDTV’s from 5 years ago that we’re not about to throw away. Game still looks good at 480p, it’s just not HD

  • Good stuff… but this game really hasn’t enticed me to play it for anything but trophies until you finally get Image Importing from HDD if that ever occurs…

  • Is anyone else having issues with recent updates to levels mysteriously disappearing from their moon? I’ve had entire levels disappear after working on it for hours. It only started happening recently after the last update and downloading the MGS levels . . .

  • Shrineart – Seems to be a bug in storage data of community data. I had the same issue. Just delete a bunch of your community content from your inventory: i.e. stickers objects and the likes. Then your stuff should save fine as long as you keep your inventory down. (even though you should not have to do this manually!)

    This bug pisses me off because I am a programmer and loss of data is at the top of the list for putting out a patch! Plus, I have a 320GB drive why can’t I decide how much I can store? I would also like to have the play create share counter back some time soon…

    BTW, anyone that this helps out, please show the love by hearting me and my levels. PSN ID:OneButton

  • Awesome, I did that the other night but wasn’t sure if it fixed it. Thanks.
    It really sucked because I lost an ENTIRE level I had started because of this. I figured I just turned off the system without saving or something since it was really late when I did it. And I agree, we should be allowed to allocate the space on the system how we please. That goes for all systems really in my opinion.
    What bothers me the most about this is and update seems to have spawned and issue that requires another update. GAHHH! >.<

    I love this game but man, this stuff is killing me. I seriously had a nightmare that I somehow managed to erase our hard drive by accident while playing. I haven’t played for the last few days because of this glitch. I didn;t know if it was only new stuff or old levels too.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one though. Thanks. And I’ll check out your levels. I’d reccomend mine but I only have one and it’s not the best I’ve made yet.

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