Penny Arcade Adventures Episode Two on PSN this week

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Just in time for the holidays, Episode Two of our popular RPG-Adventure series, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness debuts this week on the PlayStation Network.

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We promised to release this highly-anticipated episode of the series before the end of the year, so we’re happy PS3 fans get a chance to sink their teeth into Episode Two this week. Plus, as I mentioned in previous entries on this blog, with every episode we’re getting better and better at cutting down the time between the PSN and other version launches. I think less time waiting and more time playing is good news in anyone’s book!

We have been listening to feedback from everyone that played Episode One, and have incorporated a bunch of it into this new installment. Episode Two features difficulty settings so that you can tackle the game at your own level. And for the truly hardcore, finish the game to unlock Insane Mode which will both test your mettle and reveal several exclusive unlockables. Oh, and don’t forget trophies or all of the other PSN-specific features you’ve come to expect. ;)

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And last (but certainly not least), the game features a story and characters whose ridiculousness surpasses even the last one. If you thought those little robots with proclivities for small orbs of fruit were weird, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Download Episode Two on Thursday for $14.99 on the PlayStation Network. Enjoy!

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8 Author Replies

  • I want Lumines, not this.


  • cant wait but i still need to beat the first

  • We are still waiting for the first episode here in Europe.

  • come on sony where’s ep1 for Europe!
    I thought sony where going to start and treat all regions equal

    • Episodes One and Two are with Sony Europe for approval, but it is pretty much a separate process at this point and that is the reason for the delay. We expect them to be available soon though! Thanks for your patience….

  • Oh and if you guys aren’t going to treat Playstation owner fair, then I hope the don’t buy your fricken game. Treat us fair, and we will buy your games. It is as simple as that

  • This game is garbage.

    How the hell did Sony let something this bad onto the PSN Store?

  • @7 Tassar
    The game is actually good if you are an RPG freak like me. But I don’t support developer give us late games with nothing new. Oh and Penny Arcade just release a comic on HOME and pretty much trash it. So I don’t support [DELETED] sites neither.

  • I approach this with a better late than never approach. Much faster this time, next time it will probably be on time.

    Sadly, I don’t have the money to spend on it right now. Never got a chance to get the first one either. If there was a 2 for 20$ promotion…for the new year maybe…then I could afford that…

  • Wow. Flame throwing much?

    I might pick this up–but still haven’t finished the first game—the game looks like it would be WAY easier to play on PC/Mac than consoles (because of mouse support) just because of the way the menu works–but either way I like PA’s humor so Might give it a go.

    • If you prefer playing on the PS3, then I would suggest trying it. The team spent a lot of time ensuring the game felt good with a controller, and user feedback on the input scheme has been positive so far….

  • Penny Arcade is garbage. I’d rather spend my $15 on some of the other fine PSN games than support this.

  • The first one was really good.

  • Wait, so…

    1. There actually are people who think these retards and their lame little comic strip are funny…and

    2. Actually bought this turd of a game?

  • Where is Lumines :(

  • I haven’t beat the first one.

  • I’m surprised after they attacked Home. :-p But then again, who haven’t these guys tried to be funny with?

  • I don’t get why Sony lets these guys promote their game here when they constantly bash Sony exclusive stuff. See the recent Home comic.

  • Those guys are a bunch of Microsoft-loving, Sony-bashing idiots. I won’t buy this no matter how good (or bad) it is.

  • Don’t buy this garbage your money for epic upcoming PSN games such a CRASH COMMANDO, FLOWER, FAT PRINCESS, SAVAGE MOON to list a few.

    Funny how they bash Sony and then ask Sony to sell their stuff on the playstation store.

  • Wow, way to support developers guys. I don’t care if you don’t like these guys or their games. We want more developers to support the PS3 and PSN, and I like it when they post on here. I thought PS3 was supposed to be the mature enlightened gaming system. Most of you are acting like a bunch of 10 yr olds.

    And about the comic, do you guys ever watch talk shows? I mean John Stewart bashes McCain every chance he gets, but then he turns around and talks about how much he loves the guy. It’s just entertainment, deal with it.

    • And I can speak for Hothead (the guys that developed the game) when I say we love the PS3, which is why we pushed to get the game on the platform. We\’re especially happy about how Sony is doing some unique stuff with PlayStation Network and digital distribution in general.

      It\’s true that the Penny Arcade guys are fiercely independent with who they lambaste, and it seems everyone ends up on the receiving end of their humor eventually. It\’s all in good fun….

  • Not my particular brand of cognac, but more games on PSN are ALWAYS welcome.

  • I don’t get it. You completely trash Sony at every possibly opportunity and then you turn around and expect that community to support you and your games? Are you serious??

  • Thanks for the info.

  • + great post Hife

    some guys here acting like 12 year old kids.

    thanks for the news Joel! the first one is a nice little RPG.

  • @20: Man, if you were smarter, you’d realize how stupid your post is. I’m not even going to waste time correcting you.

  • @ wavesln
    1. umm… I think satire is exactly what Penny Arcade is.
    2. I’m just about sick of these Msoft conspiracy theories. It’s pretty much a fact that Home is pretty empty at the moment (though I do see a LOT of potential), and basically every gaming website recognized that. Yeah I know… Msoft just paid them all to say it right?
    3. This game is not the issue. The issue is people like you embarrassing the community and giving us all a bad name. They won’t do things for us or post on here if we act like ungrateful pr!cks

  • btw, Joel works for Hothead games, he has nothing to do with the PA comics.

  • Whoa, Jeff and the Banhammer.

    Anywho, I haven’t had a chance to get Episode One, but when I get some PSN money together I’ll give it a spin. And if I like it the rest of the series will be a definate buy for me.

  • First i hope that was a joke jeff about that guy being ban for saying something i didn’t read it but if it was something about dislike over game delay then he should be able speech his mind.
    Now the penny arcade people any buddle of the 2 game eps?

  • @28

    he was censor bypassing a word plus beign very offensive.

  • Thanks for speeding up the process. I think people are taking Penny Arcades jabs at Sony a little to personally. I’ll withhold judgment on the 2nd installment game till the demo.

  • Can you unlocked anything in Home playing this game?

  • So, $29.98 for episode 1 and 2….hhhmmm….

    Burnout Paradise is 1 cent (YES, a PENNY) more than that….(without taking into account a “new” episode 3 in a few weeks/months).

    Sorry, but didn’t like the PC demo, not gonna waste time and money in this with so many good new games on the psn store.

    – Might as well pack these games with the movie “Meet the spartans” – LOTS OF COMEDY AND FUN…..LOL…ok that was me being sarcastic…have fun. –

  • Do you guys think you’ll ever make the episodes in one big bundle?

    • We\’ve certainly talked about it and people here and elsewhere have asked for it. So I\’d say chances are reasonably good at some point in the future.

  • I might eventually get the game. I’m very happy to see them price it lower on PSN compared to another console.

    I enjoy RPGs myself, so I will pick them up one day.

  • Wow…What’s with the low rating on this post? I loved the first one, and I’m definitely picking episode two up.

  • Interested but think it’s a bit expensive.

  • @ Jeff. I cant tell if you were kidding around with the banned thing or not… :S

    But, I’ll pass at this game. Wallets empty anyways. :/

    • Not kidding. Using punctuation to circumvent profanity filters tends to p!ss me off, lol. And dropping f-bombs on authors won\’t get you anywhere.

  • So how much gameplay is there. A rough figure would be nice on the hours.I know it varies with player,but a nice avg figure would be nice.I might pick up both eps.Thanks

    • 6-10 hours of gameplay to go through the entire story. There\’s more if you want to collect everything, or want to replay on the unlocked insane mode.

  • Thank you!

  • @Joel DeYoung’s response to Enewtabie (#33),
    I have been burned so many times in the past by paying for things too early on the PSN. I’ll wait for the bundle. ;)

  • im sorry joel that you have to read these harsh comments. i personally am a huge fan of good satire and i wish everyone wouldnt take it so seriously

    also, i am excited to play episode 2 :]

  • You guys rock, I’ll be sure to check out the two eps after I get home from grad school.

  • The dumb comic strip about Home killed any chance of buy this game.

    Heavenly Sword not a Game? How Sony let a game of this guys be published in PSN? Wheres the self-respect?

    Penny Arcade guys not will have my money.

  • This game was ok..but where is Lumines?

  • Good I loved the first.

  • I hope you guys don’t mind, but I’ll be laying of my copy until either A) EU get’s PSN cards.. (never gonna happen I guess) or B) there will be some kind of bundle on the US one..

  • Will get on day 1, I loved part 1

  • Whoa, so much hate in the first couple posts, what’s up with that? Looks like a couople people missed their naps today.

    Glad to see these on PSN. I haven’t gotten around to em yet, but I will eventually. A bundle would be great for like $20-$25 or something along those lines, that would definitely warrant a purchase for me.

  • No. Not my money sir.
    Alot of hypocrites out there.

  • @Joel DeYoung
    I don’t have a problem with the game. I actually played it and enjoy it. I just don’t support people that bash the PS3 or other game machine. I don’t support companies that give exclusive contents to one console and leave the others in the dust. That why I didn’t buy Fallout 3, Mirror Edge, Dead Space because Fallout 3 have exclusive material on the xbox 360, while both Mirro Edge and Dead Space have exclusive contents on the PS3.

    It not right to alienate one console owner because you are getting a check from MS, Fallout 3 downloadable content. Whether that be exclusive downloadable content or time exclusive.

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