Crash Commando Available Tomorrow on PSN – First Tips and Strategies

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We introduced Crash Commando to you last week, and now that the game is out tomorrow on PlayStation Network, we wanted to talk more about the game modes and give you some tips about how to rack up the kills.


The game modes:

Free-for-all frenzies or team-based skirmishes. Reach the target score first to win! In these modes, bots can be included offline as well as online.

Map Objectives is a game mode exclusive to multiplayer. It is based on having two teams – an attacking team and a defending team. The attackers have to meet set objectives while the defenders try to stop them.

A Map Objectives game is played in steps. At the beginning only some objectives are available, and by accomplishing them, new ones become available until they have all been met and the attackers win. Points are awarded to the attacking team depending on met objectives. The defenders can win by defending efficiently to force the time to run out, since the attackers have to meet objectives to gain extra time. This means that an efficient defense can cut an attack short.

There are two types of objectives games; Espionage and Sabotage:

Crash Commando - Data terms

In Espionage, the attackers need to download data from four data terminals scattered across the map, and bring them home safely to be uploaded to HQ.

Crash Commando - Control pnls

In Sabotage, the attackers need to destroy three clusters of control panels. Each cluster contains three panels and each is destroyed by running up to it and planting a bomb on them. It takes time for the bomb to go off so it is important to guard the panel until it does explode, since defenders otherwise can get there and defuse them.

Strategy tips:

As we have been playing the game like crazy, we have a few insider tips for you, so you can get an upper hand on people while they are busy figuring this out by themselves!

The number one tip that comes to mind is how to aim using the right stick! The best and easiest way to learn to get the bullets to end up where you want them – namely, in the bodies of your enemies – is to have the right stick constantly at a full tilt in the direction you want to aim, and adjust it using a circular motion. Basically you never should release the stick from full tilt while aiming and firing, unless you need that thumb of yours to, e.g., push a button to go to the other side or reload.

The second tip is to get to know each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses – knowing them, you will soon figure out how you can use the environments to your advantage with your weapon against your enemies.

The third tip is that C4 is a really good counter to vehicles because when they’re attached to a vehicle (or soldier J), they kill instantly when detonated.

Crash Commando_2

The fourth tip is to keep track of your jetpack fuel meter since you do have a limited supply that begins to regenerate quickly when you’re back on your feet again. You use it to get to higher grounds as well as in a very useful move called “spinning.” To spin, push the left stick down and slightly left or to the right while pushing the jetpack button, and you will spin away quickly in the chosen direction as long as you still have jetpack fuel left.

The last tip is to actually select your survival bonuses when you receive them during a game. You don’t want to miss out on them – they can give you regenerative health (together with a small max health boost), faster running speed, or quicker jetpacks and the ability to kill people by spinning near them. And you can have all three at the same time, if you manage to earn it.


We have been playing against the “same-old” players for quite a while now, and we really look forward to be playing the game with and against new players online for greater challenges (the Sony producers are easy meat). We might have the upper hand for a little time until you get the hang of it, but after that we are counting on getting our butts kicked.

If you have any questions about the game, we will try to answer them as best we can on the blog.

We hope to see you online – let the frag-fest begin! The game is available on PSN tomorrow for $9.99, so what are you waiting for?

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  • Hello Epos,

    Can you PLEASE answer my question #84(In-Game XMB Music and Offline Multiplayer)?

    I really would like to know this so I can tell my clan.

  • Great game and all but I guess the EU PS Store wont see this title until Q1 or Q2 next year -_-

  • Does this game support 1080 resolution?


    • Nope. The game supports 720p natively and all STV resolutions(480/576 etc). We considered 1080 resolutions, but at this time we couldnt afford going with a full-hd rendertarget so we abandoned the support. (We actually thought 720p looked better than some of the scaled 1080 alternatives as well.)

  • Game looks neat but why the hell are the characters in the game so tiny? I feel like if I get this I would be squinting at my TV all night

  • Thanks for ignoring my questions…

    Won’t be picking this game up and neither will my clan. =]

    • Hi Mex,
      Your questions have been answered on #84. Sorry for the delay – but we were busy yesterday bein out kicking butts online :)
      We do hope you and your clan will reconsider – the game is a whole lot of fun!

  • I appear to be one of 10 people that read the features post.. =p

    i will be buying this! for sure. it reminds me of the game “pawngame” (flash game, in broswer.. just add a .com to the end of that)

    i’m not sure of buying it day one.. i’ve spent like.. 70$ on psn this month.. =p

  • I saw it on the UK store, I downloaded the trailer and as soon as I finished watching it I bought the game, no hesitation.
    I don’t think I’ve ever been that quick to buy a game from the PS Store before.
    It’s awesome, if you guys keep making games this fun, I’ll keep buying them :D

  • I bought SARPBC when i played the demo.. like, insta buy =p

  • Sorry to hear about lacking 1080 support. Regardless of your personal tastes or ‘native’ resolution. Some form of 1080 at lease up scaled should be included as there are many TVs which only accept 480/1080 signals.

    But thanks for the update, it’s a constant struggle to figure out which games are compatible since nobody post resolution specs.

    • To clarify, the decision of our currently lacking support of 1080 resolutions was not based upon the expressed personal opinions. It was based upon that we couldnt afford full-hd rendering meeting target framerate – and going with the hardware scaler (using the lowest 1080 render resolution) caused other issues we did unfortunatly not have resources to address at the time. We (on EPOS) were not aware of hdtv\’s supplying 1080p/i not being able to display 720p at all – and it sure puts a different light upon the support and we will investigate if this is something we can address in a future patch if this is a common issue.

  • Bought it, and love it. I wish i could change the controller buttons cuz i’m used to playing a different button layout when playing a 2d game, compared to a 3d 1st person.

    Again, love it. Thanks to every1 involed, and i hope for add-on content (weapons & vehicles & levels)

  • Can anyone help me out? I bought this game and I cant seem to connect to ANY online games WITHIN THIS GAME ONLY. I see the rooms but when it says connecting to peers it keeps saying “problem connecting” or something like that. I have absolutely no probles getting in matches in any other game and my connection is great as I experience virtually no lag ever (even with LBP).

    If any producers or even fellow blog readers can help me out with any ideas I’d really appreciate it. FYI I am connected via an ethernet cable directly hardwired to my wireless-N router. I dont know if there is a specific setting I need to change on my router or if there are any specific ports I need to open or what? Kind of annoys me seeing how this game has like 95% of its relevance in online play.

    So please!!!! if anyone can help or verify that they are having the same problems.

    • Sorry to hear you\’re having this issue!
      We\’ll have to guess a bit here since we do not yet know which exact error it is you are receiving. Though the most likely error – is that your router is configured in a way that the playstation system classifies as NAT-Type 3 (you can check this by going into network settings on the XMB and run a network test). If your connection is of Nat-type 3, you have two options to avoid the error we think you are receiving when trying to join a gameroom: 1. Is to bring up the filter option on find-game screen and enable nat-type filtering. What this does is that it filters away games that you will definitly not be able to join – though this will also give you lesser gamerooms to choose amongst. 2. The other way is to configure your router so that the playstation console classifies the connection as a nat-type 2 (or 1). There are several different ways to do this depending on the specific router you have – and there are various guides available on the net that explains this in great detail.

      We hope this can help you – and if it isnt what we have guessed – you are very welcome to get back and give us the message the scrolling text bar is saying – giving us a few more clues on what causes the problem.

      We hope to see you online soon!

  • Sorry for the double post! But actually my problem is saying “Communication Error!” Hopefully someone out there can help me out otherwise I just wasted $10 on this game.

  • Trophy Unlocked: Most Devs to Respond in the Comments Section

  • Hey thanks for my reply on post #111.

    I ran the connection test and its saying NAT-Type 2. Also the scrolling bar says im “unable to connect to all players”. However I have been able to connect to a couple rooms now but only when there has been like 1 other player in it. Any rooms over 1 person doesnt let me connect and gives me the “communication error”….then scrolling bar mentioning not being able to connect to all players.

    I have read on many posts that NAT-Type 2 is what I want to shoot for so everything in that area seems to check out ok. Doing the enabling nat type thing in the filters doesnt seem to help me at all either.

    Any further info you could possibly give me to try out would be much appreciated. Ill check this blog post frequently or you could also contact me via PSN messaging.

    PSN name: toology01

    Thanks again for your response.

    • Thanks for giving more detail on the issue you are experiencing.

      This message should only appear in rare situations when either you or any of the other players in the gameroom youre trying to join have huge latency, huge packetlosses or too low bandwidth so that even the initial handshaking between you and any of the other players fail.

      Since this happens to you all the time with a good internet connection and with all 2+ player games – we suspect it must be a router configuration issue causing the problem, and our knowledge in this area isnt very good. If we come across a solution or any hint on the source of this particular issue for you – we will contact you via PSN Messaging as well as post it here.

      Meanwhile this link might be able to provide you with details to help verifying your router configuration:

  • Thanks for finally replying! Well consider me sold and I hope you guys do listen to us the consumers and consider adding those two features(xmb music and offline). If I need to write a letter to the boss let me know. =]

    Going to go kick some arse now Commando style!

  • Well thanks again for trying to help me out Magnus.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to try to figure it out with me. Ill try messing with some ports and such. I just find my issue really weird seeing how this doesnt really happen with any other games. Also most of my friends are having no problems with the game either. Which makes me mad cause i cant smoke them.

    Anyway as for my router config I prety much left everything on default and only made sure that I turned off the firewall since I know firewalls can sometimes conflict with being able to connect with some people (maybe this was the mistake?)

    Ive also been cruising the official PS forums and have found about 5 other people with the same issues so I know that im not an isolated issue. Maybe a small bug is present that causes this issue in the game? Ive been reading and saw that the team for the game High Velocity Bowling had a similar problem with some people not being able to connect to others and they just recently patched that problem yesterday. I dont know the technical details though.

    Anyways online problems aside I really enjoy the game, concept and all out mayhem and would recommend this game to anyone.

    Thanks again for the great support so far.

  • Hey there,

    Just wanted to say great job on the game. From the minute i launched it Ive had a ton of fun…more than $10 can buy, really. I hope you don’t pass up on the opportunity to make this game better with some DLC.

    I want to play with some EPOS vets, so cough up some names or add me psn: chinese_teabag



  • @118

    Hey ^^^ you

    To join a friend all you have to do is select Multiplayer- find game- then change the FILTERS to FRIENDS……NOT friend-chain, that should list all your PSN friends playing in a multiplayer server. Then join who you like.

    Happy Holidays

  • My PS3 is NAT-2 also and I’m having troubles connecting to A LOT of the rooms in Crash Commando.

    90% of the time it says… “Communication Error! Failed to connect with all players.”

    I have a D-Link DI-524 router connected via wire. I have no problems with any other online games. I have tried just about everything to correct this problem. Enabled DMZ… tried the NAT filter options in game… restarted modem/router… disconnected media servers…. its frusterating!!!!!

    but I must say when I do magically get into an online crash commando battle it is very fun and addicting… Cant wait to fix this problem.

  • Almost same problem as QwstionAuthority:
    I use a direct wired cable from PS3 to D-Link DI-624 all configured as PnP / NAT2 and EVERYTIME I switch from practice to on-line (multiplayer) within crash commando, I lose the sign-in and ethernet connection. I have to reconfigure all the ethernet settings plus resign-in before getting the multiplayer option and then it is all stable until next time. This is the only game (I have 33 PS3 games) that behaves like that.

  • I had bad connection problems for a month with both R2/Crash Commando on a wired direct connect (static IP address) on D-Link DI-624 attached to my RCA (Thomson) DHG 525 cable modem. I tried also DMZ but then Warhawk (usually a 100% connection rate) would not connect anymore.

    When I switched to wireless (not DMZ), Presto all On-Line games miraculously worked including crash commando. I did not put-in any special port forwarding adresses. Cannot figure why it now works though?

  • DEV TEAM: I love this game. I’m hooked…

    As a loving community member I IMPLORE YOU to please code up some offline multiplayer. This is a major missing piece. Yes, split screen would make things a bit more difficult, but that is far outweighed by the mountains of fun of blowing up someone in the same room.

    Check out Capcom’s Bionic Commando Rearmed. The have implemented a pretty sweet split screen that merges into a single screen when the two players are near enough.

    You have gotten plenty on comments on this feature just in this blog post…

    Consider that to be your community speaking. This has got to be #1 on the list of things to release as a patch in the beginning of 2009.

    PLEASE :)

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