PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

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Parts of PlayStation Network will be down this morning for regular scheduled maintenance. We’ll update you here on the PlayStation blog when everything is back up and running properly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • The Post says some things will be down this morning… Its early afternoon now, I havent seen anything stating things are back up. Any official word on the status of maintenance?

  • because HOME got hacked right?!?!?!?

  • hope this is to fix home

  • @kratos93
    Home wasn’t hacked, its more of a script kiddy tricking Home into thinking it was downloading official Home data. Get over yourself.

  • I guess its too much to ask for you boneheads to fix ERROR 80022D11. It’s only been plaguing people for two months now.

  • @ 11 – If you are regular enough to check the PS Blog for the latest info, obviously you dont need them to send a message through PSN now do you..

  • @56…and my point is that the VAST majority of owners DON’T know enough to check the playstation forums or here. Make the machine and the process friendly for the LOWEST common denominator.

  • @55

    First create a new user I named mine Temp

    Next save all savegame data from harddrive onto portable media memory stick etc.

    delete broken user account (this was the worrying bit but i did it)

    move all savegame data onto new user (temp)

    go to create new psn account bit and select use existing account, enter old account details e-mail and password.

    next go to trophies and press triangle, select sync with server and wait this took ages for me. The trophies will sync and all will be well again

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