SPIKE 2008 VGAs: Media Molecule win Studio of the Year, LittleBigPlanet Best PS3 game

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A few short hours ago, Media Molecule were the LittleBigWinners at the SPIKE 2008 Video Game Awards. The Guildford, England-based developers won Studio of the Year honors (over the likes of Bethesda, Harmonix, and Rockstar North), while their masterpiece, LittleBigPlanet, was named the best PLAYSTATION 3 game of 2008.

I caught up with MM’s representatives at the show just minutes after the lights went down to capture their reaction:

From left: Kenny (in the kilt!), Danny, yours truly, Siobhan, Alex.

In case you didn’t catch what Kenny was saying about drawing a blank – they were still on cloud nine having just met Hideo Kojima!

We’ll have more from the Spike 2008 VGAs later on today.

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  • absolutely deserve it and any more awards your bound to win :yes:

  • Awesome stuff.

    Brits are funny sounding :)


  • @36 and @41
    Yes looks like your right.
    I apologize acerazer1.
    I do agree GTA had too many problems especially on PC!

  • I hate people are sleeping on MGS4 as game of the year. As much as i loved GTA and LBP.

  • Congratulations to Media Molecule & Playstation 3. I just wish we had won more.

    Spike’s VGA was a total sponsor promo fest with a bunch of announcers who doesn’t even play video games. -.-

  • It was also cool to see Mr. Kojima. That guy always bring a smile to my face.

    Can someone please tell me how GTA4 beat out LBP and MGS4?

  • congratulations to mm and sony, but the awards are too 1 sided towards 360 i mean gears… best shooter, what a joke i say at least resistance, my two cents

  • LBP the best PS3 game of the year? Wow, uh, well it wouldn’t even be in my personal Top 10. But I suppose the public has spoken so congrats are in order. I’m certain there will be more awards on the way for it, so good congratulations MM!

  • @ 59

    Resistance 2? I don’t know about that man. That game has a major problem. The US is under attack by allien hybrids who destroying everything in their way right? So how come never see another human being running for their lives. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE? WHY ARE THE WATERS EQUAL TO HOT BURING LAVA? WHY CANT THE LAVA CREATURES BE KILLED?

  • Congrats guys! You deserved it. Hideo Kojima is a god, and should’ve landed MGS4 game of the year. Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, and MGS4 are kickass games!

  • Is Sixaxis dead? Seems like it’s fading in the dark and no one is using it anymore.

  • i think mgs4 got rob of game of the year!

  • Congratulations Media Molecule. I see Edge Magazine gave LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year at least. I agree with people who said GTA IV didn’t deserve the award. I got bored with that game fast. I played San Andreas for months. Rockstar took all the fun out of GTA in GTA IV.

  • Congrats to MM, they deserve it.

    The only thing I want from LBP now though is that they fix all the lag, it really is unplayable with 3 or 4 other people online.

  • MM and LBP deserve it! =D
    You seem quite happy there Jeff! =D
    It was an awesome year, but 2009 tops it by far!
    GoW 3, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Team ICo game, War Devil, KZ 2… And many more!
    Not to mention the PSN games! =D

  • GTA still has problems, on PS3 too!
    Bomb Da Base II mode is glitched to become unable to complete.
    The multiyplayer servers are still buggy too and you need to complete the requirements for the trophies in 1 game session.

    I’d wish that Rockstar would support their product on PS3 properly.

  • Awesome it deserved it. Although it had a rocky start with the online stuff and still needs some stuff ironing out. It’s still an original concept and the best PS3 game of the year in my opinion.

  • I’m glad LBP won best PS3 game…

    1. It’s an original IP. There are too many sequels. Of the nominations for best PS3 game and game of the year categories, LBP was the only game that didn’t have a 2, 3, or 4 attached to the title.

    2. It’s a family-friendly game. It seems all the hype these days is focused on “teh h4rdc0re shooters” or whatever. It’s refreshing to see something other than a generic brown-grey shooter get some attention.

    3. I personally loved LBP.

  • Sony:

    Price cut + bundled LBP + headset = EPIC WIN!Get to work on this now!

    Congrats MM, you guys most definitely deserved it.

  • Congrats again Media Molecule!

    And also MGS4 for Best Graphics/Score.

  • I am glad that MM were recognized for an amazing accomplishment.

    P.S. The trailer for Uncharted 2 was friggin’ excellent! I really hope that it releases in 2009.

    Sony definitely has the best first party in the industry. It’s untouchable.

  • Congrats MM & LBP! Would have loved to see GOTY too but GTA4 was awesome!

  • i know media mod is working on a new game already they confirm it last night the question i want to know is what system is it for?

  • Congrats Media Molecule.

    Realistically, if should have been LittleBigPlanet or Metal Gear Solid 4 for GOTY.

    Media Molecule and Kojima were robbed of that one, which is big praise coming from me, a huge MGS fan.

  • MGS4 should of won game of the year. GTA4? psh yeah right.

  • @ 47 and 72 why evertime there a topic about something there allways two or four post about a ps3 price cut? what you basic that on ? 360 core ? well that systems has nothing in it when you take it out the box ,you cant even play it no hd cable or xbl so why will sony price cut a fully loaded ps3 ? there not dumb guys they know what the core is. ok you think they should have a price so they catch 360 in sell? another dumb move because am sure ms or sony dont believe in being second because that what they are 2 and 3 in systems sold wow you think that was there game plan ? like ricky bobby said IF YOU NOT FIRST YOUR LAST. the wii is out selling both systems so cut the crap on this xbox vs ps3 ok am not a wii fan or ps3 fan or xbox hater , i love ps3 and am a realistic and i just dont see a price cut for the ps3 any time soon plus that wont means more sells to over take wii cause that wont happen how many out there that was laughing at the wii when it first came out? who though it will be selling more then ps3 or 360?

  • Congoratz MM and LBP!

  • “Sony definitely has the best first party in the industry. It’s untouchable.”

    I agree. Who even needs third party games when Sony is making such great games along with developers like Media Molecule and Insomniac. And these games just show the third parties they aren’t cutting it. Enough of making PS3 games like 360 games. Start pushing the PS3.

  • Looking forward to hearing more about the “secret project” they are readying!
    Source: http://playstationlifestyle.net/2008/12/15/media-molecule-working-hard-on-secret-project/

  • the joke is on all of us ps3 and 360 hardcore gamer and causal gamer laughing all the way with money in there hands given it to wii why you think sony and ms starting to listening now to them you people keep believing this xbox vs ps3 crap if you want while the wii running away with the sells . p s i dont own a wii so dont reply with wii fanboy crap

  • I saw the VGAs last night and I was so stoked to see MM’s name being called FTW, it was awesome to see, as well as Hideo Kojima San with a few trophies in his hands for his MASTERPIECE MGS4(which IMO should have been GOTY!!! :D I was equally stoked to see that Criterion’s Burnout Paradise had won best racer, it’s an awesome game, congrats to all the winners you deserve it!!! :D

  • This game didnt win the game of the real for one reason, Cause its the game of the Decade =]

  • @79
    I bought 2 60GB’s one for 800$ from the initial 400,000 launch units and a second one for $650 a few months ago.

    Worth every single penny in my opinion.
    It’s a Linux computer a video game console an Blu-ray player with the capability of streaming digital HD media from multiple sources.

    I would pay $1000 for the PS3.
    The sooner people actually do real research instead of reading what other people write the better off everyone will be.

    Seriously go and compare the PS3 to any system out there from video games to stand alone blu-ray players then weigh the cost vs what your getting what you will use and enjoy.

    Personally I use the PS3 for games and Blu-ray and music and pretty much everything it’s capable of. I even run it 24/7 folding@home when I am not using it.

    MGS4 rules, I mean there are a few games that should win the award, too bad you can only have 1 winner.

    PS3 = Digital HD Center Piece

  • @85 your right and there nothing wrong with the 360 . when i saw the two i just believe and still believe the ps3 was better for me now that dont mean the 360 is crap but what it mean what they were pushing i just didnt buy in to and wasnt for me. hey but there are people out there that are makeing it a ps3 vs 360 and that real dumb and only prove about what they realy know about anything . people do the math wii selling more , sony and ms see that and that where they want to be not 2 and 3 in sell get over it people .

  • sorry i ment @ 86

  • Congrats to all the winners in the PS family and MM certainly deserved it. Great job everyone.

  • how can a company win awards for incomplete and unfinished products?

    lbp has countless problems…fix the game you fat cats.

    i hate corporations.

    terrible terrible companies.

  • Congrats MM! LBP is awesome.

  • LittleBigPlanet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry… I’m excited. This game deserves all the awards… Everywhere!!

    I just read that LittleBigPlanet won Best Game of the Year, Best Innovation, and Best Visual Design in EDGE Magazine. Amazing!

    Go, SackBoy, Go!!

  • Congrats MM and LPB. You created a winner of a game for all ages and the recognition you got last night was well deserved

  • Congrats on MM, LBP is an awesome game… but MGS4 deserved the game of the year. GTA has nothing worth GOTY

    Btw this is the first time i watch this show and it is an horrible one but i wanted to see uncharted and god of war 3 so i kept watching it

  • Congrats Mm!

  • congrats MM , lbp is amazing … but my favorite ps3 game this year is MGS4 then lbp

  • So when is Sony acquiring MM and making them 1st Party? :D

  • Jeff
    I want your shirt. Its awesomeness incarnate.

  • Yay for MM!!! I’m sure they have many more on the wAY!

  • Alex forgot to thank Professor Playstation, Jeff Rubenstein

  • haha yeah he didnt say sony in his thanks and I was like wtf.. but I knew it was only because hew as nervous.. I mean how many millions watched that?

  • Honestly the VGA were just a ginat commercial… even Jack Black disappointed me… and MGS4 is my GOTY!

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