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As you read this, I’m on my way down to LA for tonight’s SPIKE 2008 Video Game Awards. I strongly encourage you PlayStation fans to watch tonight, and not just to see what Kim Kardashian is wearing (though I’ll be happy to prepare a full report for anyone who requests it).

As announced earlier, we’ll be revealing never-before-seen God of War III and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves footage. Also, cheer on your favorite PlayStation games like LittleBigPlanet and PixelJunk Eden. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you reactions from those teams right here on the Blog.

In the meantime, please feel free to share your favorite reads of the week in the comments below. See you tonight!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 12/8)

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  • @wavesln

    I’m with you on this..

    but Sony should/could post some ‘what we read links’ with some bad news and maybe give a small text what they think when they read it..?

  • awesome job MM i thank you guys every time i boot LBP. such a masterpiece of pure creation!


  • I have been hearing pretty disappointing things about Home. Unfortunately, I feel that are accurate. Sony has not delivered was we saw two years ago. I know it;s still int the “beta” (which i feel is a way to not get too much bad press about falling short), but I am hoping things will get better and very soon. Without any type of media sharing/viewing it really dampens the experience.

    Game launching, cross game invites/chat. Are al gimped or non-existent. Step is up Sony or you may find yourself in a hole you can’t dig out of.

  • It’s funny that there’s no mention of the terrible NPD sales, Home problems, analysts predcting doom for the PS3, Lumines getting delayed,and DQX getting announced for the Wii.

    Terrible news for Sony. Too bad they still act like it’s all fine and dandy, when the truth is that Sony is in the brink of failure.

  • The people running this blog should be ashamed. That article from PS3 Fanboy regarding Age Of Booty should be stripped off of here. It is a scam, there was no update and trophies were not put into the game as of yet(though the makers said spring would be most likely). For use to use anything from this site without checking the facts for yourself is pathetic. Thankfully I was already an owner of the game and did not get duped into buying this title for the trophies. Let alone 9 gold trophies REALLY!!! Who would believe this(though I booted up the game myself (oops))

  • haahha omg LBP tic tac toe… next is chess maybe? haha

  • my COD keeps freezing fix it !!!!!!!

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