PlayStation Home Beta Update

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We are aware that some people may be experiencing difficulty in accessing the PlayStation Home beta at present. This is due to overwhelming demand for the service as people access Home for the very first time since it became Open Beta and appeared on the XMB.

While we prepare solutions to ease the problem, you may continue to experience difficulties accessing Home. We kindly ask for your patience as we work to meet the incredible demand for this revolutionary service.

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  • @50…

    Do it on the PC.

    Go here: - (take the dash away from the start)

    Sign in with the master account

    Click Edit Parental Control Settings

    Choose the subaccount you are changing and change Restrict Content Based on Age of User to YES

  • @50…it is under Account Management

  • It’s too bad they didn’t pay attention to when Konami launched the MGO beta.


    yeah i am having trouble its talking about the age restricktion too

  • Thanks for the update.. I was also wondering, will that chick that doe the PSN videos on talk about what’s new on Home every 2 weeks?


    wht do you mean?

  • yea having a chick avatar is so fun but I barely use it and as of now I think the closed beta was better…just my opinion

  • Tens of millions of dollars down the drain.

  • Thanks for the update and all the work that’s going in to Home. I’ve been in the beta for months and I’ve never seen it as packed as every space was yesterday, and I still didn’t have too many problems.

    Looking forward to seeing more content and spaces as Home grows.

    Please lift the Sub-Account restriction. It’s bumming my wife out :)

  • After trying for about 4 hours… I finally managed to get through. I have to say Pat, I’m impressed!

    Putting all the problems aside, you can easily tell Home was designed to be like LEGO blocks, adding and removing parts as time goes… it’s a stable engine that handles it and loading and downloading stuff is pretty quick. Although this can all be optimized, I think it’s an awesome start.

    Of course content is what will make Home a success, so I hope you got tons of stuff in the works… weekly updates will be super!

  • Yeah I need a gotee for my avatar. “That’ll be $4.99 for some crappy facial hair please”


  • psn id vampireanarchy89

  • home beta is sweet we need more things to buy,like clothing etc.

  • No issues for me anymore.

  • I couldda used this post yesterday around 4 pm. But thanx anyway for at least givin sum ppl a heads up.

    Ps – HOME is awesome. I look forward to it expanding ang getting more content.

  • Just unlocked my Pacman tshirt….ya!

  • @49 Cool thanks GGCAN, i couldnt see it, i had problems with my map, sully’s bar was already in my favorites.

  • I’ve had a bit of fun with it- had a little trouble at first, but when I got in it was fine. Only taken a slight peek at it so far since I just got back from my last final. Thanks for the update.

  • I’m a firm supporter of Sony and always have been. As it stands now, Home falls short in delivering the revolutionary experienced that been long talked about. Even though it has been stated many times that Home will continue to evolve, it lack many features that are highly anticipated with this “Open Beta.” It seems Sony is going to take the Google approach with extended “Beta” titles on products released years ago.

    What I see today in Home is a foundation for something that will be revolutionary, but there is much work needed. Media is key, Video chat (Cross-Game). Standardize Home implementation. help to developers to speed up the lacking console.

    Anyways, regardless of all the negatives I have stated, I will continue to support Sony and their efforts. Keep up the hard work, and hopefully we the consumer will see it pay off.

  • Alright Boy’s And Girl’s? I Was Just Wondering How To Sort My Problem , When I Try And Connect It Sais Somthing Like ” Network Error , The Connection Has Been Lost , C-931. ” What Do I Do ?

    Thanks (Y)

  • It’s understandable.
    Still I hope it’s resolved soon. Thanks for addressing the problem.

  • great job guys, i log into HOME without any problems now

  • The server problem will soon be fixed because half the people that logged in last night have already done everything you can do.

    I’ve played the arcade games, pool, etc. put furniture in my house. Saucer pop, watched the Twilight trailer while a guy spouted racist remarks and hounded the females in the room…now HOME is played out.

    It’s boring. I wanted a place to display trophies at least.

    The rooms were TOO crowded. Why should I have to wait in line to play a virtual game?!

  • Cool, thanks for acknowledging the issues. I really strongly encourage more communication from Sony to keep these blog posts somewhat cool, otherwise people go ape [DELETED]. All it takes is a simple statement saying you’re aware of the problem :)

    Oh, I was really surprised at the lack of stuff available on Home. I realize this is an open Beta, but the lack of functions (like launching any game), sharing video/audio content with friends in our apartments, and generally the lack of game spaces, really surprised me considering the amount of time you had to work on that. Hopefully it won’t take long for that stuff to be integrated.

  • Can you guys make it so you can edit the colors of your clothes? Its really hard to get a good look that matches with the current selection, also more facial hair is needed, I have chin hair but all I could find was mustaches

  • THANK YOU SONY!!!!!!

  • It took me 3 tries to get into home but i did and was in home for about an hour with no issues.

    I must admit Home is pretty cool and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Also, please add more facial hair options, like a goatee…

    BTW – character models look great!!!

  • I’m with #74. It was fun listening to pigs harass women (some were men), now i’m done.

  • Wow! sorry to be so blunt but you guys had to be drunk when you decided you were going to launch an open beta. That or you just totally forgot to assess the increase in traffic over this service.

    I mean seriously what in the word OPEN is so confusing. It ‘s pretty self explainatory and can only translate into one thing : more people online. That’s even the whole point of the process.

    So the only thing that made sense was then to increase your server capacity.

    I understand this is a beta but what good is it as a tesing tool if nobody is even able to get online to test it?

  • i can understand login problems because of volume, but i cant even get the Home icon to appear on my XMB? Any solutions?

  • Moscow, RUSSIA 22.35 (10.35 PM)
    The same network errors as it was this sleepless night. I didn’t sleep this night. i slept on my work instead %) BUT I have been in PlayStation HOME at 02.23 am (GMT+3) today! Or maybe am I still dreaming, it was a dream? :))))

    Anyway THANK YOU Jack Buser and all at SCEI, along with its subsidiary divisions for this revolutionary service! RROD360 doesn’t have any chances to win now.

    And I’am still waiting…and logging…;) please fix it ASAP!

  • I understand having the problems now, I mean it is still a beta, but what about all the HOME hacks that are going around the web?

    I really hope you guy scan fix this and make of HOME a home made out of concrete blocks, not wood and nails. After these time beta testing the HOME with all my fellow beta testers, I would hate to see HOME fall down like a pile 0f you know what.

  • “revolutionary service” lol, home underacheived at everything it was going for…

  • Only disappointment for me this week was the lack of Lumines :( other than that, Home is great and people need to stfu, what else do you want for FREE, not to mention this is still in beta, so it can improve into the final product. I was able to log in last night and waltzed around doing the running man :D It’s not fully complete but I can see it has a lot of potential! :) Great job, Sony!

  • Someone may know me . But Anyone can explain whats going on ? Thanks

  • I had some trouble with logging into HOME yesterday evening and this morning, but eventually got in. I must say that things in HOME look very promising and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for HOME.


  • feel free to add my PSN ID : tuuza !

    Server Status : 22:25 ( GMT +2 ) OFFLINE

  • Nice I have had closed beta for a few months now and now I can finally play with my friends. Play$tation i$ the Be$t!!!

  • I’m not old enough!!!
    How much over 30 do you need to be???
    please fix this guys.

    I have lots of $$$$

  • @ ruffneckc, A game has to be patched in order to make the game launching work. Since home is now up, many more games will likely take advantage of it.

  • To anyone who does not understand the word BETA it means practice!!!!!!!

    Nice one Sony good to see you up and running.

  • DJ_DTM

    Make sure that you have master account of your system.
    If you have .. Please, Check your profile settings.

    Agelimit of Playstation (r) HOME : 16+

  • Feel free to add PSN Id : tuuza

  • I guess it is part of the “trend” to have a bad first launch online… I your online service works perfect the first week, then you are not part of the “cool” kids! LOL!

    But seriously, I was expecting a problem, but I’m sure you guys will fix it in no time.
    There are a few thing I noticed.
    1. After login in, I was in the Central Plaza, press start then after I tried to check “news” it kicked me out of HOME, this happened twice.

    2. My brothers with sub-accounts can’t login at all. Giving them the error “not old enough to join”, even though my bro is 18yo.

    :( O_o

  • Thanks for HOME SONY :)

    Shame the Europe version hasn’t got anything New tho, it’s the same as the Closed beta :( Oh well

  • yes PLEASE remember it is a beta…oh and for those who wanted home SO badly and now are complaining it has to many problems with it HA HA HA!!! dumbasses

  • Fell free to add PSN ID : Tuuza

    Server Status 22:35 ( GMT+2 ) : OFFLINE

  • PS Home public beta is missing the most important feature. Being able to launch right into a game from PS Home. I thought this feature would’ve been available once the public open beta started but I was wrong. At this point it’s just a giant chat room with avatars. Looks good though.

  • Home is pretty impressive, it just depends on your expectations. I still think we should be able to drive around and fight each other…

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