PlayStation Home is Now Live!

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Hi PLAYSTATION 3 community,

I am so very happy to announce that PlayStation Home has now officially entered into Open Beta. Restart your PLAYSTATION 3, and you will see the PlayStation Home icon under the PlayStation Network column of the XMB. Click on the icon, and you are in.

Getting to this point has required a tremendous amount of participation, input, care, and passion from the thousands of beta testers who helped make PlayStation Home what it is today. So to all of you that have tested, from all of us on the PlayStation Home team here at Sony: “Thank You!”

For those of you that are new to PlayStation Home, be sure to plug in a USB keyboard (or pair your Bluetooth headset) and start meeting your fellow PS3 owners. And remember, even with all the spaces, rewards, items, and activities available today, what you see now is just the beginning. Home will grow, change, and evolve very quickly – and it is all based on your feedback.

This is your community, and we are listening.

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  • They need to fix the bowling and make some more bowling


  • Hi Sony, I was one of the closed Beta testers and I just wanted to say great job on the launch today!!! I know people are giving you grief, and sure it’s been a bit of a bumpy start but the future looks bright for HOME and I’m sure with time you guys will have a great online service on your hands!!! keep up the great work you guys are doing, I know you guys are working hard for us the consumers and I’m with you all the way as are many others!!! :D

  • well ill be back later! you can find me on HOME under the name of ReedMe

  • the lack of free objects is its only downside!

  • why is it saying im not old enough when i’m 17

  • home is not showing up on my playstation why

  • hey ‘Reedme’ were you in there? i got in andslooked for some of the people who have been lighting up the boards all day, but couldnt find anyone

  • yea. cancel all downloads before going on home. very fun sony. thanks a lot! an early christmas if i do say so myself lol

  • I was told the ps home icon should be under the playstation store icon but it’s not there. i’ve restarted my system a number of times and still no icon and i’ve tried updating my system software but it keeps telling me i have the latest system update already installed so i’m at a serious loss.

  • YAY!!! i finally got a HOME :P

  • After many attempts, I finally got in. Poked around for quite a while. Talked to some people, played some games, even bought some things from a store (just to test, of course =P ). My verdict so far? Not bad for something that’s inherently free. Not bad at all. And it can only get better from here, right? Cheers, then. Home’s future looks bright.

  • I can’t even log in. I get to the scren that says not to turn off the system with the HDD is running. Hit X to continue. I hit X, and nothing happens. Any ideas?????

  • i cant get in help the icon will not show up whats wrong

  • Hey Sony,

    I like Home so far. It’s a little empty but there’s a lot of potential, and I can spend hours just seeing everything you currently have. Now, I have a few suggestions.

    I really think that you should allow us to listen to our own music while in home. The Listen@home feature is nice, but I don’t want to dance around waiting for my song, I just want to listen to my own music.

    Also, the game launching feature is by far the most compelling to me. How about you let any game to be launched from within Home? I would love to see a better party system in which we could stay together while jumping from game to game, sort of like the 360 now has.

    Anyway, great job so far and keep up the good work!

  • I’m finally in! It’s really great, Sony. Great job!

  • @762
    the controller must be logged as #1, it will not register any other position. press PS button, choose controller and reassign to position 1.

  • Whoa, i love how your new lil show “Pulse” in being played in home in the mall! good idea! :D

  • @762 if you bought games and played them you would no that you have to make sure your controller is set to port 1 when you have a USB plugged in.

  • GOT IT!!!
    – had to stop my download manager from downloading a demo game i was recieving.

  • I’m over 30 and can’t get on because my PS3 tells me I’m not old enough.


    Please help..

  • Home is shweet. Thanks!

  • or just tell me how to delete this off my XMB

  • nevermind it’s gone…
    home sucked.

  • lol I probably just saved myself about a thousand bucks a year in virtual crap

    my visa mastercard and capitalone cards thank you too.

    BITE ME not old enough!

  • Home is seriously lacking. There may be ten minutes worth of content on there at the moment.

    Sony did a better job with an online presence eight years back with Star Wars Galaxies. How could they have failed so misserably with this launch?

  • Took a couple of tries to get in, but so far i like it.

    Can’t wait til we get more features, but so far good job Sony

  • I want to be able to launch games straight from home thru ither the menu thing or thru a virtual ps3 console in my apartment

  • i finally got in after hours of waiting and login troubles. i like it alot so far.

  • it good to be home

  • hey guys i got into the open beta and its sweet btw. and i can customize my dude and appartment and stuff but when i downloaded the plazzer and went there after about 5 seconds of being in the plazzer i get a server connection error :D3505 what does this mean is it my internet connection or the home servers ?

  • home server… just reconnect!

  • i think its ridiculous how much items cost to buy… come on.

  • yea i know…

  • Looks like we are back to square one agian. I cant get into home at all, it keeps on saying it is timing out, a whole bunch of different network errors. On the opening day of home this is what happens. In my oppion they should of not released it today, because it seems too me that they have alot of problems too fix still.

  • ok so i tried home again like 4 hours later and it still says i am not old enough i am 17 and this upsets me because my friends are in but i cant get in and I no you guys probably have some bugs to work any ways can any body help me or tell me what to do!


  • you cant sign in with A subaccount


  • so everyone who is complaining saying sony should do better… well technically it has not been released, Beta’s are never perfect.

  • This is lame! I’m 28 years old and because my account is technically a “sub-account” I can’t get into playstation home. It tells me that I am not old enough to access Playstation Home! I sure hope you fix this soon!

  • check the DOB on your account! perhaps when you signed up something went amiss?

  • @DJ_DTM

    Does that mean your not going to donate your Vanilla Ice wanna be Rap music anymore? :P

  • ive been every where and i cant find any place to change or fix my DOB can any one tell me how to fix this.

  • I see the good intentions with home but you can’t eve launch a game from it yet. It’s too incomplete and the whole one person per arcade machine thing is horrible. you have like 5-10 people standing around a machine and waiting for that one person…. it’s kinda weird and not very intuitive.

  • Please please please respond. I played around in Home for a little under 2 hours now.

    Now when I go to my PS3 browser, and try to access my Hulu queue, I get the error: “Insert storage media at the save destination.” Restarting my system doesn’t help.

    What is going on?!

  • I wish I could just get into home, I keep getting Network errors and being dissconected from trhe server

  • Hey i tried out Home. I took some footage if you would like to see the rooms and public areas.

    Make sure to watch the video in HD. Leave comments too.


  • Hmm i love home although i think u should be able to interact with more things. For example there should be things like hug, shake hands, etc.

  • to everyone who can’t log in with a sub account. go to this link

    Please add custom soundtracks. I want to be able to listen to my own music while using home.

  • Copy paste it because part of the link isn’t highlited for some reason, sorry.

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