New Video Releases on the PlayStation Store

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Hi Everyone – We’ve got some great new releases available for download from PlayStation Network today, including:

Check out this bonus clip, “Batman Unmasked – Bats.”
Using the real life tools of analysis, we unlock the psyche of Bruce Wayne.

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  • Think I’ll rent TDK.

    No way in hell I’m buying it with the DRM.

  • Thanks :)

    (No Stargate link?)

  • Whats with the extremely small video updates? Not that my Canadian self really cares…

  • A download on the first day Dark Knight releases. Go Sony!

  • Already got the dark knight blu ray, but I might buy the download just for the convenience of it.

  • @001

    Wow thats the way to support Sony if i had the money to do that i probably would but since im 15 im just gonna buy the Blu Ray and not download cause i want the HD version.

  • Just out of curiosity, why does Christian Bale still use his American accent in interviews instead of his native British accent?

    Anyway, I definitely want to get this, haven’t decided to get it on Blu-Ray or from PSN.

  • Already got TDK on BD

  • Very nice, why wasn’t The Dark Knight released on UMD?

    I have Batman Begins on UMD and I was hoping to get the Dark Knight. The UK gets it why not us?

    • Hi. You may want to consider downloading the movie from the PS3 and transfering the movie to your PSP with a USB cable (if you have a memory stick in your PSP large enough to support the file).

  • @ 7 – Tim

    Go for the Blu-ray…it doesnt look as good when is a psn download. Plus you’re able to move the disc from ps3 to a bluray player or notebook.

  • Will be renting TDK. Thanks!

  • Now only if the Game store got this kind of support with M-F updates but that will never happen since the Game store is free.

  • any idea of when in canada we will be able to have the video download service avalaible?

  • Is there 5.1 audio support? I would actually use the video store if Sony would make this standard and notate it on the rentals (as your competitor does)! :)

  • Just pre-ordered Dark Knight on BluRay yesterday… I’d rather have a hard copy than a file that is confined to my PS3 / PSP and has all that DRM nonsense thrown in there.

  • Also, I love my PS3 and it’s my primary game system but man the Netflix deal on 360 is awesome. I would love it if Sony would do the same thing. The PS3 is much better suited too since it is much cooler and quieter.

    I know a Sony rep was just quoted today that they have no interest in bringing Netflix functionality to PS3 but I think that’s a big mistake. Other blu-ray players are doing it, Tivo, 360, etc….PS3 should be onboard! Seriously…

  • I picked up the blu-ray earlier and would love to have had a download included with the purchase. The digital copy that comes with blu-rays and DVDs are not compatible with the PSP so why not include a PSN download code with the blu-ray boxes?

  • @ Grace Chen over #9

    Hey Grace, I don’t think downloading the movie from the PSN is what he had in mind. There are alot of disadvantages going through the PSN in the way that you describe.

    1) Memory sticks are frigen expensive as can be. Granted prices are coming down, but space on our PSP’s is precious to us for things like downloadable games and Music. Music which used far more frequently than movies or games. It’s good to just grab a disc when you need it.

    2) PSN isn’t exactly the “it” place to go for downloadable movies. The user agreement on those files for purchase is a one shot deal and is completely unacceptable. UMD is a hardcopy and doesn’t ever have to worry about Hard Drive failure on the PS3 or PC waxing his only copy of that movie. In the end it’s far more feasible to buy the DVD, Rip it ourselves and then put it on the memory stick.

    3) PSN movie service is really more of a place to go for rentals. This guy wants to own.

    You really should think twice before giving suggestions. We would like to form a connection with you, but not like this.

  • Can you rent The Dark Knight off the PSN? I realized that a lot of new titles only allow you to buy them, with no ability to rent, which is a real bummer.

  • Wow just looked, and its only available in SD, and it can’t be rented. Whats up with this Sony? How come most of your movies aren’t available for rent? Just doesn’t make sense…

  • Ummm….yeah…. I bought the Blu-Ray.

  • @JoE15

    dude i totally agree i was going to rent stepbrothers last week to find out i could only buy it for 14.99, ummmm no thanks. until we can rent all new releases via psn, ill stick with my netflix thank you

  • See the problem here is you never truly own the movie with the digital purchase. This is def a blu-ray purchase for me.

  • Only in SD? lol That’s just stupid.

    Why is Sony always so far behind everyone else? The video store gets SD movies with stereo audio while other systems and devices can already stream HD content. I love my PS3 but it seems Sony is always 1 step behind everyone else. Sigh

  • got dark knight on bluray already

  • I heard rumors of them having a “netflix” type deal with blockbuster. that would be nice. As of now the 360 is killing the PS3 in the movie category, which is a shame since sony is a monster int eh movie industry. But eh ability to rent pretty much whatever you want is a wonderful thing. Where the PS3 limits you to purchases. Bad move. Until something more user friendly come out for the Ps3 ill be sticking with buy my big hit titles on blu-ray and renting the rest on my 360…

  • It’d be really cool if the video store was accessible through the psp, not just store but your fiend list as well, would be convient as I always have psp with me and ps3 is out of order at the moment. will be picking up a 16 gig memory stick in a few weeks for psp….really wish i could message my psn buds right now

  • To be honest, there is no good service for HD streaming. Each has their pros and cons. For the Dark Knight, pros for the PSN is that they have it, and the Video Marketplace on the OTHER console doesn’t. The cons, is that you can only buy it, and its only in SD.

  • Hey people, you usually have to wait 2 or 3 weeks for a psn movie to be available as a rental…this is not for all movies though but for the movies this does apply to…when available for rent, hd rentals are included

  • Sony! Please listen!

    My first PS3 crashed, so like a loyal fan, I bought a new one.

    But now my new one won’t let me download videos. Even a video I JUST purchased.

    I bought a video. I gave you the money. You will not allow me to download it.

    It says that my old PS3 is still “Activated” for video. There doesn’t seem to be a way around this except to turn it off on the broken PS3 that won’t turn on and that I sold for parts.

    Why can’t I just activate the new one? Why won’t that just deactivate the old one?

    I’ve called tech support and was told basically that I can’t buy any more videos from you. I refuse to believe this is the case for such a bright, forward thinking company.

    Is this just so you don’t lose a few dollars over this very tedious method of potential piracy?

    Please Sony, offer me a solution here. I don’t know where else to send this, so I’m just posting here hoping someone sees. I REALLY want to give you money today for The Dark Knight (not to mention watch the other video I’ve already paid for). Help me help you.

  • @JoE 15

    I couldn’t disagree more. Netflix streaming on 360, Tivo, etc. is a fantastic service. Is it going to offer blu-ray quality visuals? Of course not but that is not the intent. The big advantage of this service is convenience and ease of use. With Netflix streaming I can sit down and pull up an HD episode of 30 Rock in seconds and be on my way. Again, the picture isn’t FULL HD but 90% of people out there don’t care about that. Us tech geeks on forums might but most don’t.

    I try to defend Sony on these issues but they make it very difficult when they are always so short sighted. The PSN video store is weak compared to it’s rivals, especially in HD content. No 5.1 audio? Really?

    Also, Sony should have recognized the demand for a kind of Netflix streaming model because EVERYONE who has it on 360, Tivo, blu-ray players, etc loves it. Sony’s rep just today said “we are going to focus on our video store for now becuase that’s what consumers want”. Again, I like Sony products but people like this are completely out of touch.

  • “I picked up the blu-ray earlier and would love to have had a download included with the purchase. The digital copy that comes with blu-rays and DVDs are not compatible with the PSP so why not include a PSN download code with the blu-ray boxes?”

    So these digital download movies that come on Blu-rays don’t work on the PSP? Does that mean Sony forgot their promise to us from months ago? They said that Blu-ray movies would come with a digital version we could download to our PSP and watch the movie on the PSP too.

    So someone from Sony, please answer this. Do we get PSP support with BLu-ray movies or not?

  • I bought TDK from the store at 8:15 AM. =)

  • @ madriiax

    I recently had the very same issue when I replaced my PS3. Customer suppport CAN reset that for you because they did for me. Keep calling them. Eventually they transferred me to some other department which handled it. I had to fax them proof showing purchase of my new PS3 and then they reset my video rights.

  • SD = FAIL!

    I don’t understand Sony’s positioning on this. Instead of being like the other guys and providing SD only purchases on DVD release day, why not offer HD rentals & purchases at least for Sony Pictures releases (and don’t say it will affect Blu Ray sales because the argument holds no water). After HD DVD folding, PS3 was poised to be the HD solution for home entertainment but decisions like this are slowly allowing that to become less and less of a reality. While other services are innovating on the media front (Tivo’s fantastic version of Netflix streaming, Apple TV’s Season Passes, etc), Sony is standing pat. Come on guys, you have a great opportunity here don’t blow it.

  • Doesn’t the blu ray version of Dark Knight come with a digital copy that you can transfer to the psp? Still it’s great to get at least the opportunity to buy more stuff on the PSN

  • @BadFlounder

    I don’t see how you can say the instant streaming on Netflix is any good. They have a terrible selection, and there is barely any HD content. I will say its very convenient with the addition to the 360, but it’s still a very useless feature.

    The best looking service (form what I hear) is that Apple TV, but it cost 200+ dollars just for the device, and all the movie costs on top of that.

  • Yep, no rental.

    I’m sorry Sony, but until you guys start allowing multiple downloads of movies and T.V. shows there is no way I’m going to buy them.

  • Canada continues to wait….


  • Would someone explain to me why all of the James Bond films (which are Sony movies) are exclusive to Xbox Live????

  • I have a question. If I have purchased the movie, will it allow me to copy to my memory stick without having to delete it from my PS3 like I have to with rentals?

    I’m thinking of picking up a 4 GB memory stick so I can copy it to my PSP, but I’m not sure if it will work…

    By the way, you guys should allow us to copy half of the movie onto one stick, and the other half on another one. That way I can just use my two 2 GB memory sticks.

  • Smokey, I belive it’s because SCE and Sony Pictures are pretty much seperate companies in the sense that they don’t work together on things very often. At least, that’s what I’ve been reading.

  • @ JoE 15

    I hate to sound like I am defending Netflix here but I suppose I have to when you say something like their “selection is terrible”. Really? I haven’t taken a real hard look at their entire library but I know it’s over 13,000 titles and about 400 HD ones. Obviously that will continue to grow.

    Heck in my queue alone I have:

    Heroes (HD)
    30 Rock (HD)
    Bridge to Terabithia
    National Treasure 2
    Dan In Real Life
    March of the Penguins

    I’m not saying their selection can’t get better but for just starting out it is fantastic. I’ve enjoyed the 30 rock episodes a ton. A great service and Sony should offer something similar.

  • @XxBigP123xX

    Whole-heartedly agree with you that not being allowed to re-download makes no sense. Sony you are limiting your sales. Please understand this!!! The average 40Gig PS3 with any amount of game data probably has at most 20Gigs free. So in effect you are saying you only want to sell that person 20Gigs worth of content and no more.

  • Hi Grace, thanks for your response but being able to donwload a movie once that I purchased isn’t very viable. With the UMD I could watch it more than once and not have to worry about stoarage space and losing my money if I were to accidentally delete it.

    It’s sad to see John Koller talk about this and that in terms of UMD movie support but here comes 2008’s biggest blockbuster and it’s not in UMD format in N.A?

  • i can understand the drm because that cuts down on 1 person buying 1 copy and having all his or her friends download it for free and im glad that they atleast have some sort of way to protect investments

    but why cant i transfer my purchased video content back to my ps3 after i back most of it up on my 8gb pro duo? it blocks the option to transfer when i try to move my files back

  • i heard that you can call and ask about content that you purchased and get access to it

    idk if this is true or not just hear say on the internet

  • @shooter0784
    That is just a one time courtesy. If you ask, they will reactivate the video so you can download it again. But only once, it is meant for accidental deletes.

  • I missed it, but #19’s comment is pratically why I want a UMD and not a downloadable movie that can only be downloaded once.

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