Crash Commando Coming Soon to PSN!

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Hi all! This is Olof Gustafsson and Magnus Isaksson from EPOS Game Studios writing our first entry on the Blog, and we are going to introduce you all to Crash Commando for PS3, available soon on PlayStation Network! It is a side-scrolling shooter that we think can and will satisfy any urge of frag-fests during Xmas and the cold months thereafter — killing friends and strangers in comic violence on PSN.

As this is the first game from us as a company — we know most of you have never heard about EPOS at all before. EPOS Game Studios is a small studio located in Sweden with a 5-man production team — with main occupations being split up between 2 programmers, 2 artists and a sound guy.

Crash Commando_1

The idea
The initial idea for Crash Commando was inspired by a lot of different titles over the last two decades. One game that springs to mind is JETPAC on the old Commodore VIC-20. The challenge was to create a fun game that clearly flirts with the retro genre, giving the players the opportunity to play in teams or against each other in real-time, incorporating the depth of a modern game while maintaining the retro core values.

Features at a glance:

  • Frantic, adrenaline-pumping gameplay with exaggerated, slapstick violence!
  • Fight on the ground and in the air, using jetpacks or in vehicles!
  • Choose between several varying weapons, super weapons and stationary weapon systems!
  • 8 maps!
  • 1-12 players online play!
  • Team-based and deathmatch game modes!
  • Single-player vs bots game modes!
  • Trophies!
  • Online ranking boards!
  • Player Profile with persistent stats and Duty Records!
  • Voice support!

Crash Commando_2

Crash Commando is primarily a multiplayer game, but it also provides a single-player component that will give you many hours of satisfaction playing the two single-player modes, which will also get you ready for online battles. In Boot Camp you can engage in 16 preset missions, and in Custom Game you can create custom games and play against easy, medium and hard bots. The game also supports host migration in the multiplayer modes, which means that a game created will continue running as long as there are any players left in the game, even if the game creator leaves.

Crash Commando_3

We’ll be back next week with details on specific game modes and some great strategy tips! In the meantime, here’s a quick background on us:

Olof: “Like many others, I started playing video games during the eighties and after a few years of constant gaming I, together with three other guys, founded a games company called DICE. We kicked off with our first title, Pinball Dreams, which was well received by fellow gamers around the world and a game that I very much enjoyed playing myself. After about 15 years, DICE had become quite a giant and I felt I wanted to get back to the roots of game development. Therefore Staffan Langin, another DICE founder, and I teamed up and started EPOS. My role in the production of Crash Commando has been to compose all music and create the SFX, as well as functioning as CEO. I also came up with the original game idea, but the game was thereafter detailed by our eminent game designer Jan Almqvist.”

Magnus: “I used to work at DICE as well and after several years making games there, the productions grew bigger and bigger and somehow during that process the focus shifted off the actual games into addressing administrative and structural problems common in large-scale productions. So I quickly got really interested in the challenge that Olof and Staffan was presenting of taking part in starting up this new smaller studio forming a small tight development team where the focus of all involved was back into making fun games. My role in the production of Crash Commando has been as project-lead and lead programmer.”

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  • # Trophies!


  • Sounds cool.

  • Love the feature section. Saves me a lot of questions.

    keep up the good work.

  • I like small companies and I will buy this game. Supporting the small guys is what I like to do.

  • Awesome new. The game sounds great!!!

  • **”1-12 players online play!”

    –> many PSN games have online play, unfortunately most [if not all of them] lag terribly online. Wonder how CC will turn out.


    –> Very good. Nowadays, it’s ‘no trophy, no buy’. Even people who not really a fan of such type of game will purchase it.

    I personally am a huge fan of these types of games. Day one purchase for me, that’s for sure. Will there be a demo though? I wish you the best of luck.

  • Looks like a pretty cool game. Will there be a demo?

  • This looks really good. It has features that even disc based games that cost 60 dollars won’t even provide. -_- Sigh.

    Give me a price and a date and I’ll add money to my debit accordingly

  • I played it at E3 this year. Awesome. I’m sure it’s come a long way since then, too.

  • Sounds & looks lovely! Glad to hear that you guys wanted to develop smaller games! Pinball dreams was one of the games i personally grew up with and im so happy that games like these are starting to pop up even on the ps3! If you ever need a betatester in gothenburg give me a call :)


  • Welcome to the Blog!

    This game looks very cool. I can’t wait to check out game play vids or possible upcoming demo!

  • IGN says it’s coming out the next thursday. A demo would be nice.

  • I want this game now!!!

  • Sounds like fun. Looking forward to it.

  • Looks great! I Can’t wait for the demo… well I guess I can since I already am… you know what I mean though.

  • Im a big fan of Pinball Dreams, I will look for this one too.

  • I still have very little in the way of an idea as to what this game is about… I’ve seen videos, though mostly just the the PS3 Sizzle video from E3, and I’m not entirely sure how this game works. Hopefully there will be a demo that can clear up the confusion for me, or at least an in-depth gameplay video-tutorial-type thing.

  • Thanks Olof.

    Looks really interesting and I love all the features you’ve told us about.

    I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more news from you.

  • omg did u say Voice support and Trophies!
    u just blow my mind ive been waiting for this game since e3 whens it coming out tell me plz

  • I wonder how the name was chosen.

    “Ratchet Commando”? No.
    “Jak Commando”? No.
    “Sly Commando”? No.
    “Crash Commando”? Yeah!


  • awesome

  • I LOVE side-scrolling shooters. Plus with online, trophies, jetpacks….must buy for me. Is there a release date?

  • I really want to know the price…… plz give us some holiday spirit and make it $5 … not $10… I have $5 on my PSN account and I don’t want to pick up another $20 card…

  • I’ve been anticipating this little game sense I first heard about it a while ago. I’m glad to finally see an update. Just wish there were a bit more info like a release date, price, and more in depth look at the game itself. One way or another though this is a definite first day purchase for me. Thank you guys :)

  • Does this game support local multiplayer? (More than one person playing on the same system.)

    Game looks like a lot of fun. Like Soldat but much better.

  • It’ll be really great to have this game out by Christmas.

  • I see a timer in the screenshots = no sale. I despise being timed in games.

  • This looks like a terrific party game. I will consider buying this game if it supports some kind of local multiplayer/split-screen options.

    I have been looking for games to play online with my friends when I invite them to my house. So far Buzz! couch mode has been pretty good, but it is rather simple for my taste; on the other hand my friends are daunted by the complexity of playing Warhawk. It seems that this game could lie somewhere in the middle.

  • All sound great. Would have loved a video.
    Games are thousands of times better than in the 80’s. Taking a looking glass approach is just forgetting all the times the games pissed you off.

  • The game looks great, but will it support 4 player local splitscreen?

  • Any on-the-same-screen multiplayer? As in on the PS3?

  • same* PS3. wow lol of course it’s on PS3.

  • Been waiting for this since the first footage at e3. Kinda reminds me of Joust, on steroids.

  • This game looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. I was a huge fan of Warhawk and this kinda reminds me of Warhawk+Worms together.

    To everyone worrying about the price, I have a pretty good feeling it’s gonna be $15. Just get over it now I guess…but who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll be $10 (remember when every PSN game was $10 or less?)

  • Looks great… will there be a demo though? PSN developers have a nasty habit of not releasing demos and I have a nasty habit of not buying something I can’t try out first. ;-)

    Anyway, great to meet you and I wish you and your studio great success!

  • Welcome and thank you for posting to the blog Olof. Always nice to have a developer come in and get connected with gamers.

    I look forward to reading the reviews for your game on IGN, hopefully it can stack up to the high expectations of PSN gamers.

    Thank you for including trophies, while we still have a month or two before they become mandatory it is always nice to see a developer step up and implement non required features. While we’re on the subject of non-required I am a tad disappointed that In Game music support was not added. I really wish more developers would embrace this feature especially for titles such as this. Perhaps in future releases this will be something to be considered or even patched for this particular title.

    Thanks again for posting to the blog, look forward to hearing from you again and good luck with your launch.

  • @34 Yeah, I also remember when most of the PSN games sucked. I think sometimes we get what we pay for.

  • Sounds cool. Though I am worried about the camera. It just seems too further away from the player, making characters and vehicles look real small.

  • This game looks CRAZY fun. Can I ask a question though?

    Any plans to make the PSN games have trials first like you used to, and how Live does?

    I think you would get a greater turn around for those who are on the fence.

  • If you guys really started playing games ion the 80s, then you’ll know that a physical disc is better than DLC.

    So when is the physical disc coming out?

  • Yeah, this looks amazing and fun! I respectively ask you for a demo on the PSN, please! The demo should have online multiplayer.

  • Can we have a video of the gameplay???

  • Split Screen patch? Pllleeaaassssee :).

  • $10 then i’ll buy. :)

  • How are characters handled? Do you pick preset characters or can you customize the skins?

  • Already got a sale on my end, the PSN is on fire this season. Any word on Lumines Supernova and Savage Moon as they’re both still slated for this year. Will they be anytime soon?

  • i’m getting it

  • Looks good

  • All of the bullet points are saying the right things to me and the game looks pretty fun. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Errr.. once again can’t edit. So here’s my one other suggestion. Consider patching in Youtube recording support. More PSN titles should take advantage of such a feature and this game looks to be a fun one that I’d like to share and relive with my buddies.

    Thanks. :)

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