LBP + Street Fighter DLC @ PS Store: 12/11/08

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HADOUKEN! When you’re taking a break from playing your newly downloaded Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (available now on the PlayStation Network) — imagine venturing around LittleBigPlanet dressed as some of the greatest and most iconic characters in fighting. Beginning this Thursday, CAPCOM’s Street Fighter, one of the world’s greatest pop culture phenomenons, teams up with LittleBigPlanet to bring you brand new Street Fighter costumes made especially for your Sackboys and Sackgirls.

Now is your chance to be geared up and ready to go toe-to-toe with anyone who stands in your way with Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile and Zangief costumes that will be available at the PlayStation Store.

RyuFront ChunLiFront

GuilePerspective ZangiefFront

For all you fans who want to add to your growing costume collection, each costume will be available for $1.99. OR you can purchase ALL 4 COSTUMES for $5.99 in our Street Fighter Costume Pack.


Oh, and that’s not all for this week in costumes. Check back here again on Wednesday to see what else we have “in-store” for you.

Til next time…’keep it on the DL’

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  • errm can’t edit..meant to say, why should costumes alter gameplay. That’s just ridiculous to think they should fracture users like that. How can it be a rip-off it it’s not a mandatory purchase?

    Most of you are complaining simply because you do not want to spend money.

  • John Diamonon

    Zangief sack nipples FTW!

  • Hi there John. Yes, I’m still purchasing this one this week. I’m glad you remembered me. :lol:

  • John Diamonon

    Of course Mr Clinton. Tell Hill I said hi.

  • think i’ll make a street fighter themed level, maybe one based on the anime….ken akuma and bison would have certainly help but i can def make a decent level for either one of these characters

  • its a good costumes and i was right john d!!!!!!!!!!!! now any one from sony and capcom can we get a street fighter level to go with the costumes?

  • John Diamonon

    You cracked the code erico!

    And yes Mark, consider your post hijacked!


  • They do look awesome and I agree, don’t like don’t buy. Still though constructive feedback is always welcomed by Sony bloggers here, and they like to know what people think or want. I’d like to see more bundles at a greater discount than the usual buy X get one free deal. Just a suggestion lol

  • i see john on the blog site do i dare to ask will we get a street fighter level in lil big planet?and what about taking it farer with the cross game thing add a sack boy ryu in a street fighter game!!!!!!!!!! what do you say john do you like those ideas?

  • too much expensive for me…. good characters but sorry, not for me :(

  • Not my game so I won’t be buying them but it IS good to see SONY bringing in 3rd party DLC to this franchise.

    Now some 3rd party LEVELS would be interesting.

    And yes…these are VANITY purchases…you can’t choose not to buy them but complaining about the price is mainly from those that like to complain anyway. If you LOVE SF you’ll part with your $1.99 I’m sure.

  • above can’t = can

  • Can we get a KillZone costumes???

  • $6? It’s not as simple as “don’t like it, don’t buy it”.

    I personally love these add ons. But, this nickel and dime DLC is making developers think it’s okay to release incomplete games. It’s not right.

    I love LBP. So, I’m probably ranting in the wrong post.

  • day 1 buy for me……john please tell me theres more capcom LBP DLC…please!

  • @63: I don’t get your point? This has nothing to do with nickel-and-diming players for DLC that should’ve been in the game in the first place. You can’t expect to have 3rd party character costumes for every conceivable IP in existance on the disc at release time. That’s just plain unreasonable.

    Personally, I have only 3 words regarding this particular announcement by Capcom: TOO … MUCH … WIN !!!

  • Question for the Capcom folks: What do the Guile costume’s nametags say? I just realized there’s text on them, but I can’t quite make it out.

  • Who says that the market doesn’t have the right to complain when companies set prices above what is reasonable? I think the people with this economic slave mentality are the ones that need to “STFU” as some have so eloquently put it.

  • agreed with jq.

    Sakimori- I said in my post it was the wrong blog to rant in. Also, 64, not 63. Although I’m sure you find it hard to remember post numbers while you’re counting your pennies for these costumes. Suckafish!

  • I was right John…lol.

    Day 1 purchase for me! I love this “lil” surprise!

    Day 1 for DLC for a game you don’t have :P

  • Deifinite Win!

  • —————————————
    Those all look awesome.

    Really? $5.99? That is 10% of what I paid for the game. These great costume packs need to come with new stickers, textures and/or other in game items, then I would gladly give you my $5.99.

    I will have to think about it the way it stands.


    I love the game, i REALLY want to support you guys, but the pricing is just rediculous on some of this stuff. 10% OF THE GAMES COST. for 4 costumes. Please try to add some more value to these costume packs. As mentioned, stickers, objects would both at least give us something we can use to create. and would also ad to the value of these costumes.

  • You can make Ken by yourself! Use Ryu’s clothes and color it red and use different hair. I would have liked to see Blanka or Bison though. I also want Sephiroth, Snake and Helghast!!! :)

  • It looks awesome, but damn 6 dollars? >.<

  • Im getting these costumes. :) I hope they make devil may cry costumes too. I want my dante, virgil, trish and lady sackpersons.

  • Nice costumes. Maybe Rsident Evil costumes for next Halloween?

  • I love LBP and I love street fighter. But 6 bucks is too much even for me.

  • That is just totally awesome. I thought i would never buy any LBP costume, but being a massive SF fan, i simply cannot resist. Keep up the great work CAPCOM, we love you.

    But CAPCOM, Onimusha are my favorite of all game series. I’m still waiting Onimusha 5…so please don’t let that exceptional franchise die!!


    Just a thought i had earlier today whilst on Home. For SFIV launch on PS3, would it be possible for you to open a SF Game Area, with some real SF characters ? I remember watching a video in which i saw Chun Li in Home..That would be great advertising.

  • I was excited until I saw the price. John, you just revealed us our version Xbox 360 Marketplace “Horse Armor”…


    I took the time to read the last sentence again, and

    “Oh, and that’s not all for this week in costumes. Check back here again on Wednesday to see what else we have “IN-STORE” for you.”


  • wow!… I love it !

  • I still waiting for a Star Wars Customes :(

  • I ain’t paying for NO MORE costumes. This is ridiculous!

  • Whats next? A barbie costume for $20…?

  • The prices are ludicrous, especially considering that costumes provide so little value in terms of gameplay. At 50 cents, or even 99 cents, I could see myself buying the occasional costume. But at $1.99, there’s just no way I’d purchase anything (unless they made a spot-on “TouchyEd” costume…and even then I’d probably pass).

  • #80:


    They should make an LBP costume that resembles horse armour (and blast their pricing structure straight into Oblivion!)

  • wow $6 for 4 costumes? you guys do realize we are in a recession right? shouldn’t it be enough that we forked over hundreds of dollars to buy the overpriced system that sony steadfastly refuses to give a price break on? you know, the system that is lacking in quality titles compared to the competition?

  • This is priced way too high. At $.99 I would gladly buy, but no way in hell for 2$. Every dollar counts and anyone saying “If you don’t like the price then don’t buy” doesn’t understand that. 10% of the game’s overall price is not worth 4 costumes.

    Good job on the costumes though. They look great! When you lower costumes to .99, I’ll gladly buy them.

  • I tought we would be able to get our hands on a real Sackboy plush before christmas, i guess not. Will they be available one day? (not the one from play asia that looks weird and are too small)
    By the way at that price for costumes, you are loosing a lot of costumers and when you will decide to drop the prices its gonna be too late because people wont play it as much, thats what i thought

  • Love em!
    Getting them because I am a PSN Store Whore!

    Would really love the ability to create costumes though … beyond placing stickers and objects Sackboy.


  • @88 toombzie
    I’m not in a recession!
    Hey you want to sell your PS3 to me?
    I could use a third one.

    I mean obviously your not enjoying it.
    By chance do you have a 60GB?

    I can’t believe you call the PS3 overpriced.
    Compared to what? Show me a system even close to offering the level of value?

    Seriously though if you have a PS3 with PS2 backward compatability I will purchase it from you!

  • You have my money MM I am buying them all!!!!

  • Time to recreate Kens USA stage

  • I want the chick with the bra on her head. ;)

  • Give us Blanka next, rawr!!!!

  • I just want to know…WHY NO KEN???

    I would love to see Ken and Ryu in a sack slap fest…O well, definitely a great costume pack, and I would probably get it anyway because I am addicted to LBP DLC.

  • I’m all for d/l content and have bought some LBP costumes but i think this custome business is getting out of hand. I mean i don’t have to buy it and all but to sell 4 customes for 6 bucks is a little steap.

    A customer IMO should never exceed .99 cents… just my two cents..

  • Can you tease us a bit more as to what other news we can expect on Wednesday? :p

    But I’m still hoping for a bigger costume package than this. Mighty tempting this week though but I can’t help but feel we’re going to get a seasonal deal of some sort featuring all costumes release thus far for a discount announced the day after I cave in.

  • Cute but expensive.

    Nickel and Dollar Ninety Nine Me!!


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