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As you may or may not have already noticed, I’m the new guy around here. So in between getting constantly harassed for being a Dodgers fan, I’ll be working with Jeff daily on the Blog, and I’m more than excited to be here.

A little background on me. I’ve been in the gaming industry for over five years, primarily on the editorial side. I wrote for a PlayStation-only magazine called PSE2 for a couple years, and then hopped over to GamePro where I stayed for three-plus years as Senior Editor. Any other dirt you can dig on me is most obviously a lie, though apparently my appearance on Gametrailers Bonus Round has forever linked me to that Mac guy.

Anyway, back to business. There was no post-turkey sluggishness this week, with lots of great PlayStation reads, and a ridiculously cool Vice magazine LBP cover. And be sure to check out G4’s Killzone 2 videos if you haven’t already. See you tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 12/1)

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  • resident evil demo not till march????????
    [DELETED] capcom if u dont have any love for ps3 then we dont have any for you. you just lost a buyer and im sure im not the only one. by the way capcom fix the [DELETED] mn street fighter servers they suck


  • Angry_Qore_Subscriber

    Yeah Home is comming Dec 16th to everyone But Annual Qore subscribers. They’ll get the codes promised to them almost 5 weeks ago sometime in 2010 :|

  • **OFF TOPIC**

    Glitchers/Cheaters: What is Sony going to do about them? They are ruining the PSN image. Here’s another issue 360 owners will tout, “You get what you pay for…”

    Time for Sony to step up and begin banning these cheaters who completely ruin online gaming.

    Something needs to be done, before the negative stories start flooding the Internet.

  • wow did u just announce god of war 3 for 2009. even though i cant wait for the game i wanted it to be released atleast march 2010. continue with the tradition. i think every god of war was rleased in march. could be wrong though. i know 2 and chains of olympus were march 07 and 08 though

  • “wow did u just announce god of war 3 for 2009. even though i cant wait for the game i wanted it to be released atleast march 2010.”

    Yeah, good point. I’m just so anxious for another GoW, but it could be a ways off. For stuff that I think will definitely hit in 09, BioShock 2, for sure.

  • welcome to the blog chris, ignore the haters

  • 80022D11 ERROR !!!


  • hey, was up chris

    i wondering if you can tell jeff or psn people to know there are a lot of people who want “friend grouping” on the friend’s list.
    i have about 98 and i would like to organize them. either way welcome!

  • haha i was just playin with ya lol. cool to have someone new on the blog. get someone new to joke around with now

  • Wow for a minute I thought Jeff was being replaced when I saw the new name posting.
    Good thing I kept reading … whew!

    Glad to have you on the blog us PS fans are a demanding bunch lol need a few people to answer our questions.

    Yeah I am interested in the whole 400GB, 500GB and 1TB Blu-ray discs.

    I would use them for sure! Backup everything to some long lasting source!

    Not to mention if they do work with the PS3 or if a firmware upgrade can make them compatible the stuff that could be put on a disc!

    Anyway Welcome and BTW Everyday Shooter and SSHD for PSP totally ROCK!

    If only we had trophies for PSP … =)

  • I got a QUESTION for anyone at Sony who can answer it. WHEN ARE WE GETTING “DEAD RISING”!!! Mean the Wii gets it coming here shortly but Capcom isn’t gonna give it to us? This is the only thing i’ve ever asked you for Sony, PLEASE!

    I didn’t give a crap bout when we were getting XMB or being “1st” or if Home’s ever coming out or any that other stuff people wouldn’t shut up about.

    I just want my Dead Rising. =(

  • @XSE_Greystone buy a xbox then lol

  • Well, welcome to the nuthouse, Chris! Look forward to seeing more from you around here.

  • See Chris knows what’s going on…appreciate it Chris. And i’m gonna hold you to that.

    @64 Who wants to buy a whole other system for 1 game?

  • The Dark Knight in one day!!! Can’t wait to buy this off the cideo store!

    Any idea if it’ll be 14.99 or 19.99?

  • Oh, BTW, welcome, Chris. Hope you enjoy your stay!

  • Plushies! Looks like a good Christmas gift for my five-year old brother!

    By the way, welcome aboard! Now, let’s talk about a HOME date… :)

  • @65

    You mean @63, right?


  • awesome, at first i thought you said “new person” as in professor playstation wasn’t on this anymore, and i was gonna get all sad, because i liked his style of writing, but having another person work on this is more than welcomed, Hey chris! and is it possible for you as a new ps. blogger to confirm to us that home will be out this year? (even thought i am testing it, i want the real thing already!)

  • By the way, thanks for the answer Chris.
    Do you have your playstation contact mail yet?
    If so could you please mail me at this account? thanks

    PlaystationJim @ live . be

    regarding :-) thanks!

  • Hi Chris, I was wondering if you could suggest to the firmware department (throw something if you have to) that backwards compatibility would be great to see as a firmware update for newer PS3s that don’t have the feature. Considering how many great games came out for it and how well it is still selling; you would think that B/C would be a higher priority. Also it would be nice to see more enhancement options for that huge library of games. Better anti-aliasing options to get rid of the jagged edges and other visual improvments would be nice. Well keep me posted and thanks for keeping online play free!

  • Hey Why Did Playstation Home Stop Working?

  • I down load this update for ps3 home and it will not work why?

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