LUMINES Supernova Coming Soon, with LBP Skin!

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Hello from Tokyo! This is Tetsuya Mizuguchi from Q Entertainment.

As you may or may not have heard, we are happy to announce that we will be bringing LUMINES Supernova very soon on PSN.

Back in 2005, the original concept for the PSP was to be the Walkman of the 21st century. This new handheld machine was packed full of promises, so we worked hard to have a game ready for the hardware launch. That game was called “Lumines”. The inspiration for Lumines came to me one night as I was sitting on a sandy beach looking up at the starry skies. Beautiful graphics, powerful sound, and the ability to affect both while playing, all packed into such a tiny portable package – Lumines was my answer to the 21st century walkman!

So here we are now in 2008. High-definition graphics have become the new standard and online technology has advanced, bringing the world even closer together. Into this environment comes the PlayStation 3, with built-in hard drive and Blu-ray disc support, as well as full online capabilities. I think the PS3 is really helping to drive this technology trend. I am very pleased that the latest version of Lumines – LUMINES Supernova – will be available on this powerful platform.

Well, it’s not 2006 anymore, so of course we have updated all aspects of the game to bring it up to current standards. This includes making the game downloadable, improving the graphics so they are now even more colorful, pumping up the sound, and adding all-new modes!


It was important that LUMINES Supernova be a downloadable game, so that PS3 players from around the world could purchase it instantly and easily at a reasonable price.

Naturally the graphics are displayed in full HD, and the sound is delivered in 5.1 surround sound. Of course this is not the first HD version of LUMINES, however, we have succeeded in making the game even more colorful and vibrant for an even more exciting gameplay experience.

We created several brand-new backgrounds or “skins” as we call it, as well as adding an all-new mode called “Dig Down” mode. This is a mission-type mode in which the screen is already nearly full of blocks, and the player must dig down to the bottom of the screen by deleting the blocks. We have also completely reworked the “Sequencer” mode which was featured in LUMINES II on the PSP. Players can arrange the provided sound blocks any way they like to create their own original soundtrack!

Although LUMINES originally appeared on the PSP, it has also appeared on other platforms. Now a re-envisioned, evolved version is returning home to Sony hardware. I hope you will enjoy playing this latest installment of LUMINES as much as you did the previous versions!

And finally, LUMINES Supernova features a LittleBigPlanet themed skin, which will be included in the Challenge Mode! What more can you ask for than a special appearance by Sackboy from LBP! A big thanks to the kind folks at Media Molecule and Sony Computer Entertainment!


Well, that’s it for now…until next time!

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  • Sounds great, never played Lumines.

    Rez HD please?

  • Eh, though I loved Lumines I’m none too interested in seeing it moved to yet another platform as it felt right on the PSP.

  • Any news on what the sound track will be?

  • Awesome news! I’m very excited for this. I’d also like to put in my request for Rez HD and Every Extend Extra Extreme for Playstation Network. Maybe even enhance them a little with more stats and unlockable rewards. I especially like stats that track the dates when I do certain things.

    This post made my day. I have purchased every Tetsuya Mizuguchi game I possibly could, and Lumines for PSP is what first introduced me to Sony gaming. I’m excited for LUMINES Supernova!

  • I love Lumines! I bought the one on Xbox. I hope you guys have a more reasonable price. I think I ended up paying $22 for the Xbox one. Also how about some DTS support? I love me some DTS but either way I cant wait for Lumines SuperNova!

  • This sounds awesome.
    My only question is will it support remote play?

  • I’m excited – but I remember the pricing fiasco over the XBLA version’s exclusion of most of the other modes that were made available – offering only a limited number of plays until you bought the add-on pack.

    As DLC goes, the XBLA version of Lumines was one of the worst offenders I’ve ever encountered. I hope the PSN version doesn’t re-ignite that problem, and I’ll definitely be waiting some time after initial release before deciding whether or not to purchase this time around.

  • lumines rocks, you can hack your psp with it too lol.

  • I’m not one to spam asking for new features but I’m getting tired of this hiccup and it needs to be put to rest once and for all:


    The patch did absolutely nothing and that was out months ago, and it still hasn’t been addressed. I just froze up 3 times within a half hour, this is absolutely ridiculous.


  • Sold … I have the 360 version, and while it looked great, the D-pad on the 360 is, well lets say, least to be desired.

    Thus I will be getting this version, which looks to be fantastic.

  • Wow – very interesting and cool! Didn’t see this coming at all. I love playing Lumines on the PSP. Its been awhile so thanks for the reminder. Might have to check this out.

    Any chance for a demo? BTW, is it possible to tell the game reviewers and mags about more PSN games? I think some of these PSN games are worthy of an honest review (as well as a little more publicity). Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough but thats my thought…

  • can we get a new psp game from you guys ?

  • I love Lumines, can’t wait for it!!!

  • Nice. Hope it will support trophies.

  • I’ve wanted a new Lumines so bad. I still play the first one on the train going to work. Great to see it on PS3.

  • How much would LUMINES Supernova cost? At $10 it’s a done deal for me. What’s the actual release date?

  • Wow, this looks very fun!!

  • Finally some PSP-PS3 relationship is starting to go both ways. Now for a REAL PS3 Loco Roco. :-D

  • Why is Rez HD not on PSN? It is farcical that a game that is synonymous with the PS2 and available on the competitor’s service is not available on PS3. Shame, Sony, shame.

  • Hmm… Gamespot is saying that a Japanese site indicated this wasn’t coming until some time next year… which isn’t coming soon, it’s a delay. Let’s hope this isn’t true and we can enjoy another installment in this revered series very, very soon!

    @#69: With Q3 on the way, the Nintendo Wii is also getting a version of Rez HD, bundled with a version of Lumines and Every Extend Extra I think is the other.

  • PS – Other websites are indicating, for those asking, that this game will include trophy support, though I, personally, haven’t seen any official confirmation of this.

  • According to the new PSN Pulse video this is coming out next week (December 11).

  • This game sounds very fun! I’m going to get it for sure :D

  • My girlfriend and I were addicted to both Lumines I and II. We actually bought a second PSP so that we wouldn’t have to take turns. Now Full HD Lumines?! I’m sold, day one.

  • This game must be around 40 or 50 dollars, because no one has named a price yet. I can only assume that’s because it’s through the roof and they are embarrassed to say it. Lumines Live fiasco 2.0!

  • Not that we are not greatful for some retro remake, but some of these games are priced way above what it should be. Why should we have to pay for more than full price for something we probably already played it. It needs to be comparable to other platforms.

  • @57- That is a great point you made, I too will be waiting to see. Game developers seem to be pulling a fast one over us these days. Sell [DELETED] to you leaving things out so you’ll have to buy it again.

  • Pretty disappointed in the fact that PULSE announced this to be released December 11th, and it wasn’t. I wonder who’s fault that was?

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