Introducing PULSE Presented by PlayStation Network

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For fans wanting even more ways to stay connected and in the know on PlayStation news and updates, we launched a new original program, PULSE presented by PlayStation Network available on

PULSE, a part of our continuous push to provide original video programming, is a video showcase about what’s happening in the world of PlayStation. The program features new Blu-ray disc and PlayStation Network releases from the PlayStation Store, including games, demos, movies and television series available for your PS3 and PSP.

Check out PULSE at work, at home, or on the go with the PSP, appearing every other week on

We hope you enjoy the show.

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  • I have no idea what you guys are doing with this, but I guess we’ll see. Sounds interesting, though. Looking forward to checking it out.

  • I’m not one to spam asking for new features but I’m getting tired of this hiccup and it needs to be put to rest once and for all:


    The patch did absolutely nothing and that was out months ago, and it still hasn’t been addressed. I just froze up 3 times within a half hour, this is absolutely ridiculous.


  • Keep the updates coming Sony.

    Excellent work … any chance to get these on the PS3 for download?


    Anyone know anything about the 63MB PJMonsters patch that’s live right now? I can’t get it to download…just curious.

    BTW – I already got the update for trophies and all that…

  • To add, she is much easier on the eyes, than Major Nelson and his Xbox show.

  • Get Lori Harfenist on board guys for Qore or Pulse!!

  • This should have been a streaming tv show on the Playstation Network, like in the big advertising box on the PS store or a channel on “Life with Playstation”

    its worthless putting it as a show on the site since no one will be going there to watch it.

  • seriously, pass this on to Sony HQ programmers or whoever is in charge of this. It makes much more sense for this to put a STREAMING show on the Playstation Store Home page then on this website.

  • Thanks Kevin,

    My PS3 really is a great entertainment system and you people at Sony are just making it even better.

    Keep up the great work; we all really appreciate the new features ! (at least I know I do).

    I love my PS3.

  • I think I love this idea– not just the thought of getting more info on the gaming world but the fact that Christina Lee is gorgeous…wow! ;-)

  • One of these shows needs to be on television, talk about exposure.

  • agreed Jazzyrider, christina is smoking.

    Veronica Belmont is hot, too.

    Thanks, Sony!!!

  • so is this taking the place of qore or what is this gonna cost too if not then very cool we need all the info we can get

  • i prefer Veronica Belmont :P

  • she pronounced ‘original’ wrong. But yeah here’s some feedback..

    I think next time put a nice Sony hd-tv in the background when it shows her talking and have the graphics appear on it, that would be nice.

    And I dont see a reason to watch another one of these videos.. its more like an advertisement then a preview or something interesting I’d want to watch based on some upcoming movies/games or something. Actually I’d prefer an inside look at what the people at Sony are doing. Like a reality show type thing maybe.

    Anyways, I’ll check out the next one, but I hope its better or I won’t be watching the ones after that

  • Whoops . . . did I post my last comment in the wrong thread? I must have.

    Okay, what I said was that I just watched it and really liked it, but the perfect place to show this would be on the big screen in the Central Plaza in Home.

  • “i prefer Veronica Belmont”

    Eh . . . I like asian women . . . Christina is hot, but that isn’t the point. The point is, SHOW THIS IN HOME!

    I’ll post it on the forums there too so the community managers can see it.

  • if i subscribe to the show will she go out with me?

  • Integrate this directly into the XMB please. Or maybe add the option to open up the video from the Notification Board. But not through the browser. Opening the browser is tedious and it involves a lot more overhead than necessary for just watching a video. Make it open up like how preview videos open up in the store: they stream so you don’t have to download and save them, but they also allow you to zoom to full screen.

  • pretty nifty, i wish it was on somewhere more accessible to watch, i mean having it on is fine and all but maybe if you had a link to it on the PS3’s homepage? or the information board? (i wish that had more uses) idk just sayin.

    but yeah i like it :)

    oh but how are we supposed to watch it on psp?

  • Just saw it. Very nice.

  • I like the idea, but how can i watch it on my PSP?

  • DawnOfAshes,

    I do prefer Veronica Belmont as well, but Christina’s growing on me.

    But seriously, did you see her on the latest episode in that little bo peep outfit?

  • I enjoyed that alot. It brought me up to speed (even though I’m already up to speed on by my own account,) but for casual gamers or those who don’t have much time to check out the latest news, it’s great.

    I agree with the Free PSN download of this. I think that’d be awesome if someone wants to check it out, but have things to do. They’d be able to download it and watch it at a later time.

  • Pretty cool

  • This girl is hot!I like it!I have looking this vid now!

  • just letting a few of you in the know 1 home will open to everone in 19 days can we please stop asking on erver post 2 sony is a large company with more money then any company so saying they should spend there money all on just making game is a dumb comment its like if sony ask you can you can talk and walk at t all he same time? sony do more then just make game and they can do it all at the same time . 3 sony only have qore that we have 2 paid for ,psn free downloading video free chatting with friends free be happy that there not ms .

  • this is a good medium for hardcore/casual gamers to get a quick scope of the ps3’s latest scene. should include this as a feature in the XMB.

  • Get Grace to do it. I really like Grace :)

  • That’s a good looking host. I’m feeling her already!!! Is this service free? The article doesn’t state anything about pricing.

  • I just saw the video preview of PULSE and I must say. Christina Lee is pure hot body!!! Just tell her to relax a little bit when she’s reading the Q cards or the prompt screen. She’s rocking the crazy sexy hills with a beautiful necklace accent. Girl’s got style! It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t dress herself nor do her own make up. Which ever team that’s behind PULSE. You guys are off to a great start.
    Good luck!

  • I’m a fool for a beautiful woman! =] LOL

  • Sony needs to add Qore and Pulse and any other game information service on to the XMB, just like the “other” system has their “Inside Box” on their NXE.

  • Sound good!..nice…

  • Oh wow…another useless marketing move by Sony. When will you understand that what the consumer wants is a machine to play games? We don’t care about your little useless softwares such as Life with Playstation, Qore or whatever. Stop taking the GAMING part in the PS3 in second place. Take it back to your priority. This is only way you will succeed.

  • @ LifeRPGs

    Uhh huh! What is wrong with you dude? Are you one of people that would rather video games over a lovely lady? LOL We are getting tons of software for the PS3. So what are you complaining about? Sony, don’t listen to this fool. Unlike him I do enjoy the ladies, fast cars and gaming. Gaming is great but it’s not the world.

  • @ LifeRPGs

    LMAO!!! Maybe you prefer watching a Major Nelson! A 50 year old 360 fanboy.

  • I actually think this is a good idea for those who don’t read the net much.

    However, I’m thinking it would be a better idea for PS3 consoles to come pre-loaded with various videos (either on a disc or on the HDD) that teach people how to use the PS3 console and highlight all features. Many I know don’t know about all the PSP connectivity features, don’t know HD requires HDMI cable or component cables, and so on. It could teach people how to setup everything on the console and how everything is used on the XMB (kind of like Eric’s firmware walkthrough videos).

    Just an idea, but Pulse also sounds like a good idea.

  • Is this free?

  • @liferpg – I use PS3 for every purpose.

  • i agree this is a great idea ,i just dont get why it cant be also we have tons of video game . sony can walk and talk at the same time they can do both. sony can you allow this show to be download from psn thank .

  • To all above me who replied to my post, therefore @ 85, 86, and 89, let me tell you something. I have been working with videogames for over 25 years now. I know how things work. I was there when it all started.

    Ask yourself this question: How come Nintendo is printing money with the Wii, whilst Sony is losing some with each PS3 unit sold?

    That’s right, because Nintendo made a console to play games. Indeed, it does not have the technical capacities the PS3 or 360 has. Indeed, its online play is catastrophic, or inexistent would be the proper word to use. However, Nintendo is winning, and will keep winning. Nintendo is finally back. The key to the Wii success is their advertising, making GAMING come first. It paid off, and will continue to do so.

    SCE must asap FIRE all its marketing executives, because they are doing things wrong. I am not saying all the ‘extras’ should be dropped, the_icon, all i am saying is that GAMING should be Sony’s priority.

    Don’t get me wrong, i love my 400GB PS3. I am simply stating the facts. If you refuse to accept them, you are either a kid or a fanboy.

  • at liferpgs , nintendo is winning because of two things , they still have the cheapest console on the market , and they went after the casual gamer this gen , not because their software is great ,if some1 thinks that way , they dont know anything about video games, nintendo’s wii software is the worst out of all three companies ( i bought my wii just to play zelda twilight princess) but 90 % of wii’s software is rather mediocre, one thing you said is true , to me sony have the best hardware this generation and ps3 exclusives cant be matched by the competition ( sony has too much in house power) but their marketing is really terrible, the worst out of three companies

  • @ 92

    Sorry dude. Sony is not paying me to solve it sales issues. I’m just the customer who enjoys their product. Get out of the driver seat for a second and let the people at Sony do their jobs. Nobody wants to lose money. Besides all console manufactures lose cash when they first release a new console. The reason Nintendo is banking so much is because they just re-skin some old gamecube tech. This day and age fans are getting to involved with the whole number issue. You guys are forgetting that it’s not your job.

  • you can pay me half what that broad is making and ill give idiot consumers and mainstream gamers the oldest news everyone already knows

  • Dead Kevin Furuichi,

    Please stream this in Home too

    Thanks!! =D

  • lmao wow what a typo…let me fix that…

    DEAR Kevin Furuichi,

    Please stream this in Home too

    Thanks!! =D

    XD sorry (delete my other please haha I don’t want you dead! I promise!)

  • @ 92
    Now i do agree with you that the Wii has the worst specs compared to the 360 and PS3, however they easily won without them. I would also like to add something before developing my point:

    Sony is here to fight for the win in HD gaming. Microsoft is here only to slow down Sony.

    You should know that Nintendo has gained tons of money for a ‘cheap’ system. Their next system will certainly be a jawbreaking one. They now have enough funds to enter the HD videogame market, and therefore directly come in competition with SCE and MS.

    I personally believe Sony can get back on top of the chart, but only if they:

    1) Most importantly, lower the price
    2) Make GAMING their priority
    3)) More memory is added to both the CPU and GPU
    4) Bring back BC
    5) Stop selling exclusives. SCE must understand that consumers make their console decision depending on the library of games it offers. That is why the PS2 won. However, look at what SCE is doing today..they are selling most -if not all- their exclusives. In fact, in case you missed it, Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Ray Maguire stated that ‘Nothing is ever exclusive’ . Look it up on google if you haven’t heard about that.

  • at 93 , lol im a playstation fan all the way, always been always will, but why do you think the ps3 got in game messaging? in game music? and others ps3 functionalities ? yeap thats right because WE wanted them , im not getting pay to promote sony’s games either , im just giving an opinion of something that i think sony should improve thats all, we all want the ps3 to succeed , dont we? btw im dying to see god of warrrrrrrr 3 gameplay lol

  • Awesome. It’s pretty good. Keep up the good work Sony!!!

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