Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Revealed

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I have a distinct feeling that many of you might have been expecting that this day would be coming real soon … Today, we’re beginning to reveal more about our next project here at Naughty DogUncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Surprised, right?

You can catch the first glimpse of our next game on GameTrailers.com, which is hosting a video we’ve put together advertising the 2008 Video Game Awards on Spike. Our VGA ad will also premiere on the air tomorrow, Tuesday, December 2, at 9:25 PM during UFC Unleashed on Spike. Oh yeah, that means we have something much bigger lined up …

The world premiere of our first trailer for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves!

This trailer will be shown during the 2008 Video Game Awards show, airing on December 14, 2008, at 9:00 PM on Spike. Don’t forget!

On top of that, Game Informer has revealed the cover for their January 2009 issue today, which features none other than – you guessed it – Uncharted 2. The January 2009 issue will hit subscribers and newsstands in mid-December and will give you the first in-depth look at what lies in store for Nathan Drake.

game informer cover

Keep an eye out for a lot more about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in the coming months!

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  • I was not expecting it so soon.. or at all.. WOW im so excited! I loved the first one and hopefully you can add some little spice here and there maybe even announcing some co-op? multiplayer?
    The VGAs, I heard, are amazing! I have never got a chance to see one in the past, but since I learned about it this year.. im so happy!


    December 14, 2009?
    Don’t you mean 2008?

  • First PS Blog rating 5/5 evar?

  • Yay! Can’t wait.

    Will it feature Sly, Murray, and Bentley? “Among Thieves” haha :)

  • Thanks for the heads up!!!
    Uncharted 1 was great: one of my favorites, music was awesome.
    cant wait for this one to come :)

  • Woo! I was kinda in a toss up on if I wanted to see a Jak and Daxter game or Uncharted 2 next. I’m glad to see Uncharted 2, but now a bit concerned Jak will never come again :(.

    Oh well, beggers can’t be choosers I suppose. The Spike VGA awards just got a new viewer. I’m hoping they show a bit more than this trailer though, although I must say, Nate looks like he’s been overcome with greed. Looks like a darker storyline to me. Wow, amazing the conclusions 1 can make from 10 seconds of footage.

  • so … yeah. im too happy so i will say it again :
    Uncharted 2 !!!!
    WOOOOOOO !!!

  • The trailer is already leaked/out. Just post it here and stop encouraging people to watch Spike; it is destroying America.

  • RE: Trailer

    Holy crap! Nathan found the dagger from The Shadow!

  • Yes!!! So awesome. This is the best new IP this gen along with LBP. I can’t WAIT for Uncharted 2 to come out!


  • 2 player co-op!

  • We NEED a Special Edition for this one, guys. Naughty Dog wants our money, and we should give it to them!

    Also, Drake is the best new character for gaming this gen, hands down. His one liners are peerless, and his fisticuffs and gunplay otherworldly.

  • @Arne Meyer i am not surprise at all been waiting to hear and see it announced officially and glad that the day is here.now as how u going to premier it vga is not the best place to do it.I think it should we showed off in home first.maybe a q and a with the in home after u show off the new trailer.i love the first game and i will go back to it for the 4th time now that trailer was shown for the second .hope u guy take the idea i just said and any respond is a welcome respond to my ideas.

  • Wow, unexpected! 2009 is PS3 year again :lol:

  • Uncharted is awesome! Let’s hope we see more aggressive ad campaigns and gameplay outlines for new players as alot of people I showed Uncharted too took it as a shooter since there was alot of gunplay and called it a weak shooter…compared to cod4. I thought the shooting was great but maybe a dev interview on a tv gameshow would help inspire new gamers to join the Uncharted family.

  • Awesome news!! this just made my day. I cant wait to watch the trailer. Uncharted is one of my favorite games.

  • These are exactly the things i like to read when i come here! Uncharted was awesome. One of the best games ive played on the ps3 and the best looking too! cant wait for this. REALEASE DATE PLEASE.

  • Very nice. Cant wait to get my next GI in the mail now.

    Nate looked cold in that trailer, someone get him a coat. :)

    How long have you guys/gals at Naughty Dog been working on this? Release Date?

  • Awesome news! Loved the first game and I will buy this on release. Looking forward to more information and videos.

  • I saw the trailer and it did not show me enough but I can not wait till December 14. I can not wait to see how the sequel to one of my favorite games turns out.

  • I loved the first game so much i played through it three times before trophies

    then i played through it three times after trophies too

    Naughty Dog, you have always been, and will always be my favorite game developers!

  • Hellz YEAh!!

    For the love of god, allah, whoever you believe in sony, please do some great advertising for this game, and your other exclusives. No vague commercials please, hit em with why they need to play the game thats being advertise and when possible, PSN is free, let the non ps3 owners know that, free is great.

  • I am looking forward to this despite the fact that I didn’t really like the shooting in the first one. It was an incredibly beautiful and cinematic experience but it felt like they tried to copy gears of war’s shooting mechanics and failed miserably instead of making something original and fun. Other than the clunky shooting though the game was a blast and I will buy the first when I can get a good sale on it (I rented and beat the first one).

  • can i get a hell yeah?

    HELL YEAH!! :D

    soo awesome news dude.. cant wait for it .. to bad it’ll probs be somewhere in xmas 09.. which is like ages away :(


  • Uncharted is still my favorite PS3 game, and I can’t wait to see more of this! Thank you Naughty Dog, there’s a reason you’re my favorite developer.

    Some suggestions for the game: more complicated puzzles, more adventuring, and more half-tuck!

  • finally i can type with my ps3,woot!…..anyways,just another shooter for the console. that’s fine and dandy for shooter enthusiasts but what about us rpgs lovers?anything that we can look forward too?

  • This game is gonna be SO AWESOME!!!! Uncharted is one of the best game this generation, i wished there would be snow and there is! thats great!!
    Cant wait to learn more about it!

  • Ah hell YES!
    I can’t wait for it! :D

  • YES!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes; oh happy day!!!!


    *chuckles* Seriously, great news. Can’t wait to play it. Day one buy.

  • Hell yes! first Uncharted kicked so much ass… Why just recently I was watching Tomb Raider vids and it made me want to play Uncharted really bad… And out of nowhere BAM! a new trailer!!!

  • This is going to be awesome!!!!!…cant wait 2 see wat else is up for 09…

  • Can you feel the love?
    There is a lot of hype for the Resistance, LBP, and Killzone IP’s, but those games all have their nay-sayers. It might be time to really push Drake as the PS3 flagship character.
    (Maybe that is what you’re doing with the 160gb bundle though)

  • @77 Uncharted is not a shooter, its a great adventure, action game

  • Uncharted is one of my most played PS3 games. I keep going back and admire all the work that was put into it. Now that Uncharted 2 is revealed, now we need Ratchet and Clank Future 2!

  • adamska2020

    “but it felt like they tried to copy gears of war”


    Go away moron.

    Go back to your wimpy POS RRoD box. Don’t ever try to rip on a game that is poorly implemented ripoff like Gears of War is of Kill.switch.

  • Awesome news. Can’t wait for mid-December to come :)

  • I just shed a tear of happiness… yay!

  • I can’t bloody wait. Loved Uncharted.

    Btw: If I wait until Dec 2009, the game will already be out. Probably a good idea to check out those little typos before posting.



    i can’t wait for this game!!!

    me = :)

  • Consider it bought, I don’t have to even see anymore, UNCHARTED is one of my favorite games of all time and ND’s record speaks for itself, so consider it bought and paid for, pure awesomeness!!! :D

  • YAY!!!!
    Naughty Dog PWNS…Srsly..

  • I think I just passed out.

  • Can we at least change his outfit? :)

  • I usually write something here thats worth reading but in this case, I will go ahead and just say.


  • great news, and on the subject of gameinformer, everyone who hasn’t subscribed should know that it is an EXCELLENT mag that’s been getting even better recently.

    arh i can’t wait till mid december

  • hell yeah
    i ended part 1 ,,cant wait for part 2

  • Sweet! Loved the first one.

    But I am ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE for a new JAK game…

    Still, great news, and looking forward to it!

  • Now that’s what I am talking about! My favorire PS3 game has a sequel! 2009 is looking really good: Uncharted 2, God of War 3, inFamous, Killzone 2, and hopefully Gran turismo 5.

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