Killzone 2 – On The Spot Today!

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Hello again!

The Online Beta for Killzone 2 is in full swing, and the floodgates have been opened for the press with their Online impressions. It’s been getting really good coverage so far, but there’s something very cool we’re happy to bring to you today. Later this afternoon, on‘s “On the Spot” show, the hosts will be showcasing the latest Online Beta code live via Webcast. So if you haven’t had a chance to see a good impression of it yet, this is a great opportunity to go and check it out.

It’ll happen at 4pm (PST) this afternoon, so be sure to go catch it at if you get the chance. If you’ve got access to the beta, log on and take on GameSpot.

We’re extremely happy with the way Killzone 2 is coming together, and looking forward to showing you more in the future.


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  • I wasn’t able to get into the beta, but reading all this press coverage I really wish I could have gotten in. Do you guys have anymore keys left for a depressed fan?
    :( please lol.

  • More beta keys would be great, but at least someone is giving the game some coverage.

    Thanks for the info

  • Im look foward to pwning folks when this game comes out.even the one that where lucky enough to be running around in Beta..

  • I want a beta code too =(

    Please make it open (or be nice and send me a beta code ;) )

  • will most definitely watch.

    kind of off topic, but how much of the Santa monica team contributed to Killzone? not loking for direct numbers but an idea would be nice.

    Seeing what you guys put out with GoW1 + 2 and a little bit of Warhawk, and now Killzone 2, im beginning to get very excited about God of War 3…

  • Can’t wait for more Killzone. Been jonesing for this one since the 05 trailer.

  • I wonder if the error codes will start popping out during the live feed….3505 , 5021 , 5046 , 10002 , -931 , ??? , negative timer and all the rest.

  • I’m in the beta and i have to say it doesn’t dissapoint

  • Thanks but instead of watching a video on the internet, why don’t you just do an open BETA? at least for a week or 2 so we “common peasants” can also see how good this game looks and play?. That will let us (the potential buyers) a real reason to go a pre-order it right now, think about it…

  • i want a beta key plz i too am jonesing

  • They allocate a set amount of resources to the beta. Making it open would make there servers go boom!

  • I think i will log in and check it out thanks!

    is their any chance of an open beta sometime before release?


  • THe problem you guys have to understand why this cannot be opened to the public is because it is a BETA. Making a public release will most likely have more of a negative effect than positive, since glitches, reports of delayed animations and slow stat upadates will more than likely turn off potential buyers who can get frustrated.

    Following the disaster of the Socom beta, i doubt they should even bother making this public, since the public dont understand the difference between a BETA and a DEMO.

    anyways, this game is yummy. i cant wait until Dec 4th

  • There are some definite rough spots in the beta but its coming along decently.

  • Just wondering if there is any chance of releasing any more beta keys? The game looks amazing and I really want to play it before February

  • *scoffs* GameSpot? Please; since when do they have credibility?

  • Please, we need more beta keys!!! This game looks awesome!!

  • I cant believe I dont have a beta code yet. Ive bought almost every game in the store, and im in every beta Sony has ever offered,, but this is the only one I ever wanted to be in. My cousin is in the beta and he doesn’t even play it,, and there are several other people in the beta that just talk trash about the game.

    My question to you Sony and the Santa Monica team is ” Why do you guys give beta codes to xbox fanboys and other people that don’t deserve to be in the beta?”. Its not fair to me, and every other supporting ps3 fanboy that have been battling out with other fanboys just to get Sony’s name out. The ps3 wouldn’t even be selling half as much if it wasn’t for us. So tell me guys. WTF is your problem?

  • Looks like everyone wants the same thing I do…a beta code :(

    Why do ya have to hold out on me Sony…I thought we were buds? :)

  • I’m in the beta and i must say… it’s simply amazing. Honesty the best shooter i’ve ever played, EVEN AT BETA. This game proves the ps3 is capable of so much more then what is currently out on shelfs.

  • I’ve given up on asking for beta codes. I downloaded that Home theme the instant it came up on the Store, and I’m STILL not in that one.

  • can’t wait for this game.

  • @21 mee too. although i am in the UK still thought it was worth a try.

    oh well


  • I love Killzone..

  • I would also like to thank Guerrilla for this special mention. I’ve been around since the days the original game was named Kin so I really appreciate this great fan service.

  • Very cool. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to checking it out.

  • That’s cool, I do have the beta, and I am a regular on the PS3 Game Nights there, so I might as well join in and play some with the GS Staff

  • alright!! i’m going to log on and destroy gamespot! be on the look out for dehumanizer_666 =)

  • more keys please

  • For heavens sake, give us an open beta!!

    I really hate this “get a beta key” crap: a beta is the perfect PR for a game, and why would you not want to sell you’re game to as many people as possible?

    Also: shouldn’t it be better to test the online servers with many people (closer to the user number) than a selected few?

    Also I think A LOT of people would actually pay for the beta (a reasonable price) if it were uploaded to the PSS.

    Please think about all these arguments, Sony and Guerilla!!!

  • Please can we have a COLLECTOR’S EDITION for KILLZONE 2.

    Sony don’t do enough of them and this game requires one. It’s one of the defining games of this gen.

  • IGN was gushing over this beta. Can’t wait to play this game.

  • Can anyone tell me how you apply to get onto the Beta? I haven’t seen a link anywhere. The R2 Beta was excellent and very visible. Maybe when they announce these public betas they can, you know, make them more public by publicising them so that more people know about it.

    Btw, the gameplay videos of KZ2 on look amazing!

  • This beta was random psn invites. Wish I had one. Need OPEN BETA!

  • I cant wait for this game……come on Febuary. Does anybody know if K2 is gunna hav any of the older maps from K1like The Beach or The Slums? that would be sweet!!!

  • Nice to see this game being so well accepted by the media.

    Now there is one thing I must ask. Sony, please market this game better than anything else for the PSP, and PS3. Get the hype started early. start showing commercials a week or two ahead of time. I know a lot has went into this game, and I want that experiance to reach beyond the usaul 2 – 3 million people that experiance first party Playstation titles.

    Make sure people understand it is a game. This is the down side to having really good graphics. People outside of the hardcore community often think they are just CG movies.

    I think a perfect commercial for this game would showcase a four man squad working togther in an online match. Each one shouting for assistance across the Official PS3 Blue Tooth Headset. This should last about 15 secounds. Then a short 7 second clip of awsome gameplay moments from single player, and finally the Only on PS3 logo comes on the screen.

  • Really wish you guys would consider adding some kind of split screen support to the game before release. If not online then maybe offline campaign co-op? Its really starting to become a dealbreaker for me with FPS games.

  • sweet! hey you guys read the IGN Killzone beta preview right? Yeesh, they reaaally fell in love with your game! That must make you feel really nice and mushy inside – like all your hard work was actually worth something, I know this feeling, I make web-based games for a living.

  • The entire press is praising KZ 2’s multilayer to the extreme. I really hope the Campaign matches..even better…surpasses it!

  • Quick question:

    Will the final version of Killzone 2 support fully customizable button remapping? Or will it just be a choice between various control presets like it is in the beta?

  • Check out my avatar… it’s a Helghast. I’ve been advertising this game since this blog began. Can you spare a Killzone 2 Beta key please? :)

  • I want to see Killzone 2 on my TV!

    I did not get a beta invite. =(

    Come on I have Home beta too I can test game launching.

    Please? … =)

  • Thanks for the heads up Mike.

  • Know what the beta needs? More Canadians, hint hint.

  • you’re excited??? HA no I’m excited I could burst! i cannot wait for this to drop guys. see you on the helghast battlefield.



    Every FPS have knifes xD

    This would be cool when we don«t have ammo…

  • I would love to show this game off to friends. A beta code would be sweet. Have had Gears shoved in my face for weeks now:( I love beta’s I run linux kernel 2.6.28 compiled from git. Thats crazy beta(alpha) luvin!

  • One more thing about GameTrailers and their bias for 360 games. When the Gears Trailers or reviews come out, they repost them so that they reappear on the front page of the GT site for a few days. With PS3 games, I have yet to see them try and keep the game on the front page. They post it and then let is slip down and onto the next page, as soon as possible.

    If there was another decent unbiased GameTrailer type site, I would switch to it in a heart beat.

  • I think I’m gonna be addicted to this game for a while after its release. I’m so jealous of all those who get to participate in the beta…

    …Could.. Could you send me a beta code? :D

  • man you guy make me want to go home and play! I have to work though…

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