Criterion Announces Burnout Paradise Toy Cars Pack

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Another week, yet another announcement from Criterion!*

As regular readers of the blog should know – we’re really committed to keep supporting Burnout Paradise through 2009, so this week we’re so pleased to tell you about ANOTHER DLC pack that’s coming.

Two weeks ago we told you about our Burnout Paradise Party Pack – giving you great pass-the-pad party play on your sofa…

Last week we gave you the first sneak-peek of what’s coming in our Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack, with the amazing, hovering 88 Special…

This week, well, we think the screenshot speaks for itself – the Burnout Paradise Toy Cars Pack:

Burnout Paradise - Toy Cars Coming in 2009!

We hope you agree that we’re keeping up our promise to take Burnout Paradise into places you’d never imagined.

These Special Edition Burnout Collectibles will be coming in 2009.

Next Friday, we’ll be back to tell you about even more DLC that’s coming next year.

(And regular readers and fans – we know what DLC we’ve not talked about in a while – be patient with us, it’ll come – it’s just we’ve still got MORE to tell you that you’ve not even heard about.)

See you in 7 days!

*And, another episode of our video podcast – Crash TV (that’s now streaming on our site, as well as being on iTunes)

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  • Great stuff love you guys!

  • One of the best at DLC!

  • You guys at criterion never cease to amaze! I can’t wait to get my hands on all that new DLC!!

  • Yes Criterion,

    You know we ALL want to know about the new island… I’ll continue to cross my fingers that next week you’ll tell us more about it! =]

    Anyone who hasn’t picked this up NEEDS to go and DL from the PS Store!

  • Hey, I don’t know if you guysed noticed, but you’re getting killed by MS. Any intention of offering a competitive response? Maybe a few commercials, or a nice bundle?

  • When are you going to throw out some pricing info? This stuff seems great, but it’s better not be “$5 for a SC4 character” style wallet raping…

  • WOW!! Are you serious? All this DLC? I don’t own this game, but I think I am going to have to pick it up.

    Criterion needs to hold seminars for other developers/studios (hint hint /6)!

  • you guys should release real, physical toy cars that are remote controlled, and when you crash into something , the whole car explodes apart into pieces..then you have to put it back together since rewinding real time is still in the dev phase..


    thanks for the continued support! I love this game!

  • I would love it if the toy cars could drive underneath the full sized cars!

  • Enough can’t be said about Criterion. Thanks for continuing to support this title well after its release!

  • @#9

    I love home much content Criterion has been offering but these car packs don’t intrest me much. Your idea however yvan would make this a must buy.

    I would love to be able to drive around Paradise at 1/20th scale. :)

  • Those Cars(tm) look great! ;P

  • Like I’ve said before. Anything you guys release I’ll buy it day one. Thanks for your continued support and not forgetting the PS3.

  • The amount of continued support for this game astounds me. Great Job!

  • That should be awesome. Can’t wait to see some game play of these.

  • DLC is great, but don’t forgot to work on other games too, Criterion! How about Black II? Have you forgotten about it?

  • @9yvan and 11 the zed-

    I like that idea too, but if you so small, you would have to SUPER fast to keep up with real cars, so that would be even better!

    to bad we can’t make mods of console games like on computer games..

    even with Unreal Tournament the level editor only shipped on the PC platform..

    anyway, bring on the virtual toy cars!

  • sorry i can’t type today, the first sentence was supposed to read:

    “but if you *were* so small, you would have to *drive* SUPER fast”

    sorry ’bout that, i shouldn’t drink until after noon from now on..

  • Do we get some crazy CRASH animations with these? It’s the perfect chance to add a little “comedy” into Paradise City.

  • Criterion

    Full of win

  • Seriously, you can stop twisting my arm now.

  • I heard criterion is making new maps for Paradise City, is that true?
    It is an awesome game, I hope to see more innovative contents being added on in the future.

    Paradise RULEZZZZZ

  • That’s awesome! They look great

  • I know you guys made reference to it in this post, but man we really wanna hear about the island!

  • Take your time, guys; announce things when you’re good and ready. Can’t wait to buy some DLC!

  • It’ll only be good if it’s free, otherwise no deal.

  • Oh, and I second the Black II notion.

  • Love this game.

    Thanks Simon.

  • Guys any thought about “Split Screen” patch? I love the game and I’m not one for racing people I don’t know because it feels like I’m racing just smarter AI. I would love to race my friends that are sitting next to me. That was one of the big problems with games like Motorstorm 1.

  • This game needs SPLIT SCREEN.

  • One of the best developers in the gaming industry. I love you guys.

  • I think Criterion have sussed DLC.

    I hate buying DLC generally especially Day 1 DLC which should have been on the disc, but what Criterion have done is offer so much for free stuff that it’s obvious they have spent time on, that it makes we want to pay them back by buying the extra DLC.

  • THANK YOU! I love Burnout Paradise. Really.
    You guys are definately the greatest developers iève ever seen in my life. Harmonix WAS the best until Guitar Hero was released… then they got all… big.

    I personally love the feeling of an independant developer supporting and sticking with the fans.

    I feel bad suggesting ANYTHING to you guys with all the stuff youève done for us, however, i wouldnt mind suggesting that you guys… you know… comment on the blog a little more. :D I dont know if youère chilling over on the official website or whatever, but the blog needs some love. Well, actually, weve gotten one hell of a lot of love from you guys, but still. Comments are always welcome.

    By the way, Burnout: Paradise = 9.5 in my opinion.

    The .5 is taken off simply because its lack of uncompressed audio from what i can tell. Some PCM music ala Wipeout HD is always great – though not expected.

    This game is gold. Anyone who doesnt have it should… well… go get it. Right now.

    Props to you guys.

  • wow you guys are def in my top 5 for best devs ever, simply because of the dedication you have put into your games well after it’s release. OTHER DEVS TAKE NOTES FROM Criterion Games THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE!

    With that said I can’t wait to try out the Jansen 88 Special. One thing is there any chance of a patch removing the trophy specs for the one requiring a webcam. I don’t have one so I am screwed out of 100%. I know it’s a long shot but worth asking for right?

  • I just got this game a week ago and all these extras are great. Thanks for all the support Criterion.

  • Hope burnout gets racing game of the year!!!
    It deserves it.

  • ill buy if free

  • Cool ! Is that a McLaren Mercedes I see in that pic ? Put in a Ferrari F1 car and I am a sure buyer at any price :-) Keep up the great work !

  • 37 -> haha ;D

  • excellent news. are the cars super small in the game or regular size just funny looking?

    also…SONY…what’s up with the Home Beta emails? i bought the annual Qore subscription in July and haven’t received an email for the beta. what’s up?

  • eh, one thing that I am totally outraged is the downloadable content of Need For Speed Undercover. There are like 12 add-ons. What the hell?

  • i just need $10 more and i ahve this game

    you guys rock!!!!!!!

  • @41 arent those add ons all cars that you can unlock anyway? f NFS and that noise

    Hey Simon, are these actual real life toys or toy cars we get to drive in-game? I’m kinda confused here

  • Speechless…..Put me down for the next game that you guys develop

  • awesome just amazing this is the support that i expect from all games but atlast they dont and which is why i continue to play burnout paradise and not the others………. that excludes Metal Gear Solid 4 because that games just awsome keep up the good work.

    and one question will you be able to race with these cars in regular matches against bigger normal cars or will it just be against smaller toy cars.

  • unlike other game companies you all at criterion have more than supported you games KUDOS TO ALL AT CRITERION

  • Keep ’em coming. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Hmm I don’t think the TOY CARS photograph is as explanatory as you guys hope. How big are these cars going to be in the game? How fast? And how do they wreck :)? This might actually get me to buy BP….

  • Criterion

    just knows how to make a gamer happy

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