New “Department” at the PlayStation Store: The Capcom Storefront

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Hope you’ve been enjoying the beefy updates over the past couple weeks. If you have been a frequent visitor to PlayStation Store, you would have noticed the custom categories we created for Halloween and for the Siren: Blood Curse promotion.

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This Thursday, we are releasing a custom category for Capcom. As you may know, Capcom has been a huge supporter of PlayStation Network, so we collaborated on a special storefront to coincide with the release of Age of Booty.

Within this “Capcom Store”, you’ll be able to browse through all Capcom digital content available from PlayStation Network. Once inside the Capcom category, you will notice that all their content is sorted by title. This allows you easy access to view all content related to a particular game. This includes all full game content, demo and promotional items (themes, wallpapers, etc).

Be sure to keep a look out for this new offering dropping this Thursday and some exclusive Capcom content headed to PlayStation Store in the future!


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  • Capcom should port Dead Rising to the PS3 and release it on the PSN as a downloadable title. Would sell millions.

  • Great news.

    I hope Sony snags some exclusive Resident Evil goodies.

  • Do you think Capcom will contribute some exclusive things not only to Playstation Home, but this as well?

  • This is an awesome update…thanks Ro!

  • Nice… more Capcom is always a good thing. Especially if it were a Dead Rising port? Hmm?

  • Resident Evil 2 HD

  • Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X plzkthx

  • Im insanely suprised im the only one here that thinks this is a stupid idea.
    I would much rather have had a ÈSearch by Company style thing on the front page, then in that have multiple folders for different companies (ex: Capcom, SCEA, etc), and then have their games in those folders.

    I mean, if Capcom had 40 or 50 games, then sure… it would be okay to reward them with their own section. But they dont.

    Nobody will use this. I almost promise you that. Everyone will continue to use the store as they do now.

    Still though, thanks for continually updating everything to do with the PS3. :D I really do appreciate it. Things like this though… The time it must have took you guys to do this could have definately been put into the many updates that people want done. things like the battery icon over the clock, the blank black screen when you hold the PS Button, the never-updated information board, the occasional freezing when you highligt the subject line when you try to send somebody a message, etc etc.

    Oh well though. Thanks for the updates! Keepèem coming!

    • that\’s the beauty of PSN; it can always be updated to cater to growing needs of our users. This Capcom Store is another example of that. Hope you check it out!?

  • Pretty cool. I hope we’ll see more of those! :D

    Like an RPG vault!!! With blogs and news about RPGs (RPG was the exemple, you can replace with anything you like) where we can comment and share our thoughts AND download demos, videos, wallpapers, etc, that have something to do with this category of games! No more searching! :D

  • Looks nice. And to echo everyone else, Yes all PSone RE games would be great, along with all the Mega Man games, Marvel vs Capcom, Breath of Fire III and IV, the Strider games, all of the games that have come out for PSP need to be in the store, and Final Fight is a must.

  • John Diamonon:

    Could you tell us please how are we going to select the store? Is it going to be a tab on the left, or is it going to be just another square on the right like any other game?

    Any details on this please?
    Sorry for my english, is not my first language, I hope i am being clear)

  • when are u guyz gonna put mega man legends on psn

  • It’s been said over and over again. For the love of god, put up Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3 on the PSN!

  • is super street fighter turbo hd gonna

    be in 16:9 1080p? ? just wondering i bought

    street fight 1 and it has bars on the side

    and i dont want burn in.. and i know lcd can

    get burn in i work in a tv shop i pick up

    and deliver these things.

  • Here’s a question I doubt will be answered by Capcom. What happened to Talisman?

    • We cancelled Talisman for a number of reasons. Go to and forums. There\’s a section called \”Ask Capcom\” where out VP of Bus Dev answers that very questions.

  • sweet! gotta love capcom =) will all the dev’s be on age of booty, or just yourself John? It would be cool to play with/against the dev’s, see if any of us gamers can beat them..lots of fun to be had =D

  • Does this mean we’ll stop getting screwed over for things like betas that were on “other” online services then?

  • Nice addition….yes something on Home would be nice…get more of these supporters onto Home and I’m sure there would be some great things to come.

  • Where is Monster Hunter for the PS3 dammit?

  • I’d be cool to see RE4 in there. Oh well.

  • Capcom definitely deserves a special store front for all the great items they put on the PSN. It would be nice to get the mega man legends series, resident evil series, and dino crisis series on the service too ;)

  • any word on legendary game Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, making a come back? i have it for my dreamcast but i would love it on the ps3, since that game is about 90 bucks (used) for the ps2

  • I’m still upset that Clover Studios was dissolved!

  • Guess I have to stop living in the past.

  • Nice addition.

  • Great news, I just got a $20 PSN card i’ll be sure and purchase something from there is Thursday. Can we get some PS1 Capcom games please? RE 1, 2, 3 would be nice. Come on, make it happen :)

  • some exclusive Capcom content headed to PlayStation Store in the future!

    what do you mean?explain!welcome back john d

  • This is great news. I hope other third party companies follow.

  • It’s great that Capcom will get it’s own section of the PS Store. It would also be cool if the Capcom store features some downloadable PSP games (especially Mega Man 9). I feel that would help ease the pain of the lack of updates the PSP section of the PS Store received in recent weeks.

  • Undocumented Spot On Blogspot

    I’m so looking for that Age of Booty.

  • Though very unlikely, another cool thing I would like to see on the Capcom store is new downloadable content for Mega Man Powered Up. Some new Scenery & Enemy Pack and even Robot Masters & special weapons from other Mega Man games would be great.

  • Resident evil 1,2,3 .
    please CAPCOM make it happen ,
    U R the best .

  • Okami on the Store please!

  • I like the changing backgrounds. The three bar menu system on the left should be left for special features. Integration for news, coming soon, and when/if Home comes, a way to communicate puzzles/contest/DLC directly form the game publishers.

  • Looks good. Let’s have SFIIHD now. Will it have trophies? Hope so.

  • Awesome. Bring Marvel vs Capcom to the PS store with online!

  • Is this US only or will you throw us Europeans a bone perhaps?

  • SF III :3rd Strike with online play would be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

  • @ Jensd

    Yeah, a bone once in a while would be good….

    I hope you guys celebrate this with lots of free stuff :P

  • John…great news that you have a new video for SSF but it is the XBOX360 VERSION you are showing.

    Since this here article is on a PlayStation site, advertising your PlayStation store..perhaps you could be so kind to link us to a PlayStation video of the game?

  • If SCEE have actually arranged for this to come to Europe I’ll be very very surprised.

    But if David Reeves has anything to do with it, it’ll be a definate no no. I swear to god the man’s on a crusade to make the PlayStation brand dissolve in Europe.

  • Any chance of a ‘Taito’ Store??? :P
    I would love to buy and play their Old-skool games on PSN :)

  • +
    I want all these on PSN –

    Original Versions of…

    Space Invaders
    Dig Dug
    Bubble Bobble
    Rally X
    Pole Position
    Rainbow Islands
    Return of the Invaders
    Missile Command
    …Endless Old-Skool List really :P

  • Oh and dont forget :
    Final Fight HD with online co-op !!!!

  • Oh and of course… Final Fight HD with online co op AND Fersis as director :p

  • I can’t wait for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. It’s been on my waiting list for too long, so I hope it goes through QA smoothly. Thank you again for bringing this to us Street Fighter fans, and look forward to seeing more classic games redone in HD.

  • RE4 & Okami would be amazing.

  • @96 Schitthammer
    Nice, i play with Ken,Ryu and Guile.
    How about you ?

  • Age of Booty… with trophies? I’m still waiting on Mega Man 9 and Bionic trophies…

  • Hello John,

    may I ask when are you planning to release flock? I was thrilled when I saw the video at Leipzig GC at Cacpom booth when I was waiting for a presentation of SF4. IMHO it was the best game shown on the whole convention.

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