PS3 Firmware (v2.52) Update

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Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up about an upcoming PS3 firmware update (v2.52). This minor update is coming soon and includes the following:

  • The playback quality of some PS3 format software has been improved.
  • A text entry issue that occurs when using the on-screen keyboard, USB keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard with some PS3 format software has been addressed.

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  • Is it possible to be anymore unspecific please? I don’t think it was vague enough tbh.


  • I think they Eric was pretty specific… it’s just a minor update… nothing important.

  • Any specifics on which games are affected?

  • I hope this fixes the freezing when a notification pops up in Fallout 3 & Little Big Planet.

  • Thanks for the heads up :)

  • Thanks for the headsup Eric
    when should we be spectating this firmware update?

  • yo Eric any news on HOME???

  • Thanks for the update Eric! can you give us any information on the next QORE episode,is it coming thursday?

  • Eric, thanks for keeping us updated. I think Sony’s firmware has come a long way since 11/2006 when I first got my PS3. I sincerely hope Sony engineers are working on implementing cross game voice-chat for a future firmware update though. It’d be nice to use the in-game XMB to do that!

  • Hopefully this will fix the freezing issue in the browser when trying to log in here. Happens to me every time I try, also in Socom and LBP.

  • Aslo Eric by any chance do you know when the PSN cards and Video store is coming to Canada?
    we feel kind of lonely here

  • I noticed as I was playing LittleBigPlanet, whenever I brought up the text entry screen, the game would become very slow. I hope this update fixes this issue.

  • [quote]Is it possible to be anymore unspecific please? I don’t think it was vague enough tbh.


    its more of a fail safe for sony not to say what games are being patched if its a general patch for the system becasue if one of the games doesnt get fixed after the patch you have somthing to point your finger at and sony doesnt need you to point your finger at them for it, they already know it needs to be fix and would probably be fixed with 2.54 or something like that so to cut out all that BS they just leave it vague like that. its actually realy smart.

    my curiousity is bugging me too but atleast i understand it…

  • I’m going to assume this fixes the MAJOR lag in games like LittleBigPlanet when you pull up the keyboard. Oh, and to those of you above, they already specified that Qore comes Thursday. In fact, it always comes the first Thursday of the month.

  • Does this create the necessary backbone to allow for patching LBP with in-game video capture and 4 player online co-op create mode?

    Or to allow SOCOM trophy patches?

    Or lay the baseline for HOME?

    or… haha nothing we’ll see for now.

  • Will this address the issue were some of the downloaded articles state that I need to activate my account when it has already been activated. These titles were working fine a few days ago now they do not. I tried to reactivate, some what fixed the problem, now they are not recognizing trophies.

    The problem also seems to be affecting some disk games. Burnout paradise will not read trophie data when i go to boot up the game, all I get is the load screen and a message saying that trophie data will not load to restart the game and try again. did this still did not work. Please give some input on what i can do?

  • Maybe it addresses the whole pausing of a video off the HDD,everytime I pull up the XMB! That decision on fw 2.50 was pretty last gen like…not a major issue, just a preference… Also, how bout an update on Home? Its just not fair to those NOT in the beta…Hope to hear something soon..

  • this should also allow us to be to retrieve messages when we open our friends profile instead of having to go alway to the actual message center.

  • I thought a few months ago you lot said firmware updates would become less frequent but more feature-full. These tiny updates are surely more of a pain than they’re worth.

    One every three months would surely do?

  • (Insert obligatory firmware wishlist laced with sarcasm here)

  • Question Eric, if you know:

    Will this effect gameplay on Spider-Man: Web of Shadows?

    I had huge amounts of freezing, frame rate drops, and glitches with that game. Others did too from what I have read, while others had no issues whatsoever.

    No problem if you don’t know. I have contact Activision about it. Just curious.

  • lol it is hilarious whenever I read that:

    The Playback quality of some PS3 software has been improved.

    regardless, nice knowing we get an update

  • hey eric i just wanted 2 thank u for this since the keyborad been messing up 4 me. i also wanted 2 know if u could tell Rockstar if they could make a patch for Midnight Club Los Angeles bcuz it keeps on frezzing my PS3 when i try going online. Thanks again for the update and i hope you can tell rockstar or look into it.

  • Is this by any chance targeting LBP? Cause i notice a typing problem in it. when your typing (and not with keynoard) it would sometimes lag a little or would feel like its getting stuck or something. Other then that idk what else this could be for.

  • Hey, thanks for the heads up.

    Although one question. I, and a lot of players, are having a 80022D11 error when trying to synch trophies or playing a game with trophies, is a fix coming up? It’s quite bugging me since 3 new games with trophies are going to add in my collection. :p (and YES, I love chasing trophies)



  • I hope the next update allows you to sign off psn without having to change user account or switch off the ps3. Im not sure why that option was taken away.


  • mh, would be good if you could include these very easy and quick to implement features in the next minor Update:

    – let me sort my Game-Items (demos, PSN-Games) alphabetically
    – let me view the size of my custom folders in the game-category (like in Video, Music etc.)
    Same for the folders for game-saves and install-Data

    (btw. for games with install-data, it would be good if you could distinguish them from update/addon-Files. You loose all that if you just want to temporally save some space by deleting the install-data, which alone take mostly only 10min to get installed again)

    Oh and I hope this Update has a fix for PAl-Users with old TVs and no RBG cabel. They need a force-50hz option on all videos (NTSC material is black&white on their TVs)

  • @Eric Lempel // Director, PlayStation Network Operations

    I like to know why the AUTO message was taken out since the last couple of updates.

    I use My Contoller ever now and then to use the AUTO message.

    EXAMPLE: I write a Text a very long one that I want to Repeat more the ONCE to some Friends.

    NOW its kinda Been Wiped off the Map.. now its set up to HIT [TRINANGLE] after ever text to get a to the Last word you said after that.. it use to be all set after just to scroll over to the Prediction and pick your word on the TOP.. Its not there anymore WHY?????

    Even Tho this issue is Minor but still effects the Users that USE our DUAL SHOCKS 3’s to Text instead of a Keyboard.

    Hope I get some Answers or maybe added back in to our Update :D Thanks

  • I just want to know if it’s coming out tonight. I hope it’s fixing problems with audio quality in playback. When I do playback of audio it sounds muffled on my PS3. REALLY muffled.

    Actually it even happens that way when I play the music through wifi which is weird because a 3.5-8MB file should be streaming fast enough.

    2MB per minute of course is only 34KBps. Within 5 feet of my PS3 should not degrade the audio quality much at all. Also using remote play means that I would get no degradation due to audio cabling even though I get that going on even with brand new official Sony Copper Coated cabling.

    Hopefully this will fix the issue and I don’t have to double check my back ups and then do a system restore. O_o

  • Eric, thanks for the update, hoping this helps some of the XMB notification issues Fallout 3 is having.

    Also, we’re all hoping to get in on HOME before Christmas and as the poster above me mentioned, we would all love some voice messaging.

  • ty for the heads up

  • LOL i love how sony delivers news.. its either too little or too much

    either way looking forward to it.

    by the way sony, i hate you. you made me buy to many games this year. just opened R2 and am getting vlakyria chronicles next. after LBP, socom, etc i’m not buying anymore until next year….. maybe LOL

  • @25 ingame voice chat (and i guess will work cross games) was already confirmed some time ago. It is just a matter of when it will be ready (I hope ^^).

    oh and i forgot:
    – PS3 need TWO options for toggle on/off Popups:
    One for PS-Friends going off/on and one for received messages (I don’t want many popups during games like Silent Hill, but still want to know if I get a message from a buddy)

  • Hey The Wood you can go to account management press triangle and select sign off.

    Solidius_Dave just go into the information on your media, and change their album to however you want to sort them whether it be by name or what ever.

    I have the categories Beta, Eye Toy, Informational, Japanese, PS1 Title, PSN Title, and PSP. I don’t have any issues.

    Jakinov that stuff should be coming around the same time as Home. It’s rumored we’ll be getting video chat even though I can’t really prove it but… realize that 360 users have essentially had to pay a total of 150 dollars since the launch of that system to get those features. So would you rather be out those features or 150 dollars? Not to mention all the proprietary crap Sony doesn’t force upon us. I can video chat using my Logitech camera.

    Stennex from the profile just press circle, triangle, X exactly in that order no other buttons required from the profile and you can see all the messages from them.

    A lot of problems are just lack of experimenting. *sigh*

  • This is obviously a fix for the keyboard input lag on LittleBigPlanet, thanks for this quick fix SONY

  • @MakaiOokami
    I mean specifically the Game-Category. You can NOT sort there alphabetically like in your custom Video/Picture etc. folders.

  • Will this update allow Sony to learn how to leave more detailed firmware information, at least the code to decipher what this means to us?

  • I thought that text entry problem was my keyboard crapping out on me. Good to know this has been addressed. Thanks Eric.

  • Do you have any idea about a patch for Fallout 3? I know they are planning to release trophies, but I can care less if they do not fix the PSN Notification bug.

  • in other words, more security updates.

  • Will this update address and correct the issue with everyone on my PSN friends’ list having a new message notification by their name? Also, will this address the issue of being able to only see the last message I received and whenever I reply, what I just sent is now in my received and sent folder. So, if I receive two message while offline, I’ll only be able to see the last one received. I don’t actually expect a response, but hopefully these issues are rectified in this update.

  • @solidius_dave you can change the folders in their album title to be their alphabet though.


    Guilty Gear
    Album G

    Mega Man 9
    Album M

    etc… Sure it’s not the most ideal way but if it’s really a problem here’s a makeshift solution. Games Categories should be much smaller than the Video Category and especially music category. I’m just saying that they’re alternatives. If you don’t want the albums named that way, I can understand. I like the way I have my stuff sorted and to me it would be worse to have it in Alphabetical but it would be nice to have a Sort By option within the albums themselves for Alphabetical so that I can organize once i get more tahn 20-30 PSN titles (14 titles so far)

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Please fix the issue where I can’t download patches if my media server is turned on. I have to turn it off everytime I try to download a patch.

  • are we ever gonna see TRUE IN – GAME music.. when you did your 2.4 video it was very misleading what you said in the video..

    If you can’t add it for ALL games at least let us know so we can’t stop asking.. i mean, we ps3 owners are smart and can handle the TRUTH!!!

    Don’t simply avoid the question because it’s very unprofessional

  • A lot of freezing lately… Hope this fixes it.

  • @MakaiOokami
    eeh thx but no thx, not a good alternative xD

  • hi eric the fan on the PS3 stays on when its on stanby to turn on from remote play when ps3 is off on stanby mode the fan is on from my ps3 should it be on tank

  • Glad to hear :) We WERE having some trouble with the predictive text not working right ever since 2.50 (it’d refuse to predict the next word, like it used to).

    And hopefully it fixes some issues with a few games I’ve recently seen issues with (LBP and SM:WOS)

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