LittleBigPlanet: We’re Up, Online and Official!

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UPDATE: Pre-order codes are now activated and are able to be redeemed now!

Great news! Media Molecule has unveiled that the LittleBigPlanet servers are up and running and ready for the world to start posting new creations and levels. Click over to to see the original post.

In addition to this big news – due to popular demand, all the Online Beta levels will be transferred over to the network for everyone to enjoy.


Finally, to those who’ve pre-ordered LBP in North America and are waiting to download Nariko or Kratos & company, this should all be ready by later tonight these are ready now! Click over to our LittleBigPlanet News Site for more updates when it goes live…

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  • TRIX_BOL I’ll ask on few forums :)

  • Once you guys play through the story or whenever creating a new level, make sure to make a back up of your game data… couple ppl losing there data already and ending up playing the whole story and tutorial over to get the objects/stickers/costumes….

  • Can’t wait to get home and enter my Kratos and Nariko codes!

  • Thanks Mark.

    Only problem, I pre-ordered mine in Canada from Future Shop and it’s not available until Oct 30/08.

  • All you people who want to get sick can have my cold. I’ve been sick a week and still at work and have jury duty tomorrow. I’d gladly give you my cold. For free.

  • TRIX_BOL if you still have a spare I’ll built a statue in your honor.

  • Thanks Sony and MM for activating the game and the codes today :) I just added my Kratos and Nariko codes a minute ago and I love them :) Can’t wait for my hubby to come home from work and see them now.

  • so whats the deal with the gamecrazy swag. picked my copy up saturday, went back today for my swag, and still nothing?? :( now i gotta check back everyday and waste my time, money, gas, airtime and life for something that already should have been there. i’m so in love with this game, but my feelings are hurt over the apparent swag denial. hope no one at the local gamecrazy went crazy and stole the swag to ebay it.

  • @wavesln maybe some LBP level in honour of TRIX_BOL :D

  • @ Heisem

    As i said, i have to many people already in line for them. But you could have a chance at one just add me PSN: TRIX_BOL

  • Questions to people already playing LBP off and online. Do You have some problems with statistics (I mean points for play create share) online? I have them reset every time I log in. And Do You have problems with corrupted saved sackboys/girls offline? I had saved like 8 sacks and after reset 6 of them were corrupted with no image and with red ‘!’ on it. Just deleted.


    Thanks, already did

  • I picked my copy up on Saturday. Been working through the single player mode and have unlocked several trophies. Can’t wait to see the traffic online.


    MY PSN:ghamdikh1



    MY PSN:ghamdikh1

  • I hope there are other ways to get a Nariko code … I have a spare Kratos code >_>.

  • my preorder code is still not working

  • cancel that i logged out and logged in again and now it worked thanx

  • Any updates for those of us screwed out of our preorder by Best Buy? If you decided to allow Best Buy to ship you the game, they CANCELED the preorder after the game was recalled and then required you to call their customer service to replace the order – as a normal, non-preorder.

    Which was then immediately backordered to the middle of November.

    Any chance of those of us screwed by Best Buy being able to get our preorder codes and the first week downloadable content?

  • got extra kratos code those any1 got a hevenly sword code to trade psn# pacman_07

  • My gamestop told me they didn’t have any pre order codes and they were not taking any more pre-orders for that matter :(
    No Kratos for me

  • ok, I am unable to publish my level after I finish creating it. It tell me to try again later. is anyone else getting this problem?

  • Ok. I love the game but the only complaint I have right now is it seems like when ever one of my contacts invites me to join them it hoses up my system. Anyone else having this issue.

  • The sever is down right now I hope it will be back up later today

  • I pre-ordered long time ago to take advantage of the kratos code. However, my local EB games in Canada ran out of codes. Hopefully you guys at MM would send more for those that pre-ordered that couldn’t get any.

  • Something seems to be really wonky with the servers… My game is freezing and running SO SLOW. My XMB took 1 minute to load. It worked fine when I was offline yesterday.

    PSN add me: MassterTed

  • If anyone has a spare Nariko code and would like to trade for the God of War code please let me know…PSN ID: Bizjerk

  • I think the servers are overloading cause the games freezing online and wont even let me start a game

  • Guys the servers are broke! :(

  • Servers went Kaput!

  • Anyone having problems with the game? I published a level a couple hours ago and now it’s gone. And now I can’t publish any of my levels anymore.

  • Nice… just got in from work and came on to check if the update was out. That said, BYE!

  • What about the little big pouch pre-order from gamecrazy? When is that gonna be available?

  • @TRIX_BOL already did but your pending

  • will little big planet be able to launch from home into private rooms?

    can we get into the home beta when little big planet launches?

  • @misiopuchatek lol.

  • Sadly US pre-order goodies do not work with my UK/EU promotional game. :( Will have to buy the US one ASAP.

  • So I preordered from Game Stop and got my Kratos, Medusa and Minotaur codes. How can I get a Nariko code? It seems silly to have to have preordered at two places.

  • @ xeno3d Best Buy had it that you could Preorder and get Nariko free with the game or you could just buy Nariko for $5 but that was before the game got delayed. The same day the game was announced that it was Delayed Best Buy pulled Nariko from even being bought on their website and most retail stores did not have any copies of it then.

  • Thats great and all but my store ran out of the pre-order kratos codes even though i was one of the first to pre-order. those [DELETED] handed them out to their friends probably :(

  • … Crap

    Im hearing the codes are good for up to 5 people so if anymone wants to trade a Nariko code for a Kratos one, let me know.

  • Bad ass….

  • The online is broken for me. Every time it tries to connect online the game freezes. This has happened 3 times in a row!!!! I redeemed my Nariko and Kratos codes but I can’t get online to play some community levels!!!!

    Anyone else having trouble getting online?

  • @ seph1r0th00 I think the servers are down right now or at least the last time I checked. Many people have been having problems with the the game freezing up since the servers went live today so I believe they probably had to bring them down to fix what ever issues they are having.

  • Can anybody tell the difference in the edited song that held back the release? Is it a new song or blank for 4 seconds or what?

  • I’ve got this issue where I’ll be doing something… ANYTHING… and the world icon appears in the lower left and the system locks up for sometimes a few minutes.

    It’s even happening in the level builder. I’m not even online and it’s happening. I don’t know what’s going on, but if this keeps happening, it really needs to get patched because it’s making the game completely unplayable.

  • @ xeno3d

    I’ve got the nariko code if you’ve got the kratos. PSN: JerkinsMania

  • hi jeff, hope someone will read my post i get my copy today and i preorder it to get my nice kratos costume and when i arrive at home, ready to start the game i took my card with the code on it, and the code its under some kind of “sticker”…… when i remove it i broke the code :( :( :( sooooo baaaddd i miss like 2 letter or number its sooooo sad why they dont make something to scratch like usual. Anyway the game look amazing if whenever someone can help me that will be sooo much appreciate, my email (
    Keep up the good work.

  • WAIT A SEC!!! I pre-ordered littlebigplanet 2 weeks before it came out at a Gamestop. Where’s my pre-order code???

  • blip74 representing and I received my lbp w/kratos, medusa, and minotaur costumes and stickers. We think that the Nariko costume should be available as dlc through Qore or in this weeks PS STORE update. Also we think there should be characters available Batman,Robin,Yoda,Vader etc. Since the Solid sackboy and Sepiroth characters have already been seen, how long do you think is reasonable to wait for those characters? Voice your opinions on our forum we wanna hear from you and what characters would you like to see?


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