New DLC for HVB Fans!

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Hello everyone! Team RamRod is here again this week to introduce some new High Velocity Bowling (HVB) goodness. I know it’s gonna be tough to compete with last week’s release of the FREE HVB Online Play update in North America, but we have more great news for our fans here in the States. To all our fans in Europe who are waiting for the online action and new content, please know that we are working as fast as we can to release it to you as well.

Anyone that has played HVB knows that it is filled with an eccentric mix of characters and bowling alleys. Joe and Jill might be your average family playing in a common setting, but it’s not everyday you can mix it up on the lanes with a biker who wants to be a Viking. Most of you know that HVB hasn’t had any new faces in the neighborhood for quite a while, so without further delay, I am proud to introduce everyone to our newest bowlers, Foxy Powers and Chastity Falls!

Foxy Happy Foxys Den 02

Foxy Powers
Foxy Powers is a retro revolutionary, who hails from Oakland, California. She spends her time challenging one sucker after another in her cool, dark den. Foxy has a powerful shot with a good spin. Downloading Foxy also nets you her special ball, “The Revolution” and her new lane “Foxy’s Den” which is styled with funky 70’s disco ambiance and music.

Chastity Falls
Chastity is a talented and enthusiastic dancer born and raised in South Carolina. Her bowling style is to smash the pins using a heavy ball with a decent hook. When you download Chastity you’ll also receive access to her lane, “Redneck Mansion,” as well as her ball, “Spare Change.”

Chastity Alt Spare Change 01

All Hallow’s Eve Ball Pack
Finally, for the first time in HVB, we are able to offer ball packs! The first one is the All Hallows Eve Ball Pack Add-On! This download gives you access to six different Halloween styled balls including two of our special see-through “showcase” balls.

Cobweb Redneck

Everything will be available beginning today, Thursday, October 23 and will be priced at $0.99 per item. We hope that you’re all enjoying HVB as much as we are. It’s been great playing against you online!

See you online…

Team RamRod

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  • This is a definite STRIKE!

    Thanks for the continued support!


  • Thanks for the info

  • msstatedawg strikes again! with any luck your post should be deleted any minute now. I can only hope that the mods here ban your profile, as you have nothing to add to the blog but an empty abyss.

    OT: great job with this game guys. don’t ever stop supporting this title!


  • Mike
    Thanks for all the support!
    One thing Thats need to be brought up to your attention.The online Patch count section of the Leader Board.
    I noticed since you have updated the
    Online Update there seems to be 4 new
    nicks with patch counts over 48 with one
    guy with 56??WOW!.As I recall Big_Ern said that will be no more patches(49) added before he left.I might add that the Scirio guy has has had all 49 patches since March or April.I wondered how he could have gotten all 49 patches when he doesn’t even have a 800 or 700 series under his belt?It’s impossible.I have brought this to Big_Erns attention a couple of times.However,he hasn’t
    done anything to rectify this.I have checked also and these other guys with the 48-49 patches doesn’t have 700-800 series either,Soo? How are they able get all of the patches?I currently have 43 legit patches and have put a lot of time I mean alot(months) searching for them and finally converting the spare to get the patch.I know for a fact no one can come out of nowhere and get then all in a single day.
    So with that being said, can you possibly do something to fix this part of the leader board?It is the only section of the leader boards that are not working properly I feel.Again thanks for all the new goodies and especially the online play! It is awesome to finally butt heads with the rest of the HVB brothers and sisters!

    • Hi HawaiiD,

      We noticed this as well and are looking into how this user was able to jump to the top of the leaderboards with 56 patches. As you said, there are 49 patches in HVB.


  • When will it be out I want then all I have to say I love this game and I never thought i would but I do love it

  • Awesome stuff!! A new character AND a new lane for $.99? You guys rule.

  • Sucks that the Halloween pack isn’t free… How dare you try to make money off of holidays! :p If we’re all good little girl and boy bowlers, do you think maybe Santa will drop us a free Christmas pack?

    Oh and I got a question from a friend of mine about the online lobbies. “Will you ever update those so that people with keyboards will be able to text chat beyond those few pre-determined phrases currently available? People without headsets should be able to chat too.”

  • I can’t believe the amount of people playing online without headsets, it makes it hard to set anything besides a single game up.

    Go buy a bluetooth headset cheapskates!

  • @ kspraydad

    Despite everything we have to wait forever, why? USA is not the World

  • Thanks Mike.

    Online was sure fun last week, but one problem to report.

    I had no problems playing people I didn’t know…but a couple of my PS3 friends when we try to connect, can’t connect.

    Not certain what this problem is as if they aren’t on my friend list everything works fine.

  • @Theossie,
    Thanks for the offer! We will try it out. Add me to your PSN, I deleted a bunch recently it was getting too crazy.

    Also, for the developers – we are talking about my post (#31) about whether both parties need to have the add-ons for them to function in online play…

  • @pick-e,
    Making money off of the holidays? Plenty of people bought the drunken Santa and the cookie character for PAIN. If you don’t likey, you don’t buy-ey (?).

  • freaken awesome, i think i may just buy some new characters (haven’t done so yet).

    Great little game….

  • @StalkingSilence

    Yes making money off of the holidays. Everyone does it, that’s why I saw halloween stuff pop up in stores after July 4th haha. Thus my ironic :p

    So don’t get me wrong, I did buy Santa & Cookie. I also downloaded the free Folklore christmas goodies. And way back on the Dreamcast all of the free holiday modes/skins for Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. I don’t think these new halloween balls will make me a better player… but I’m a sucker for holiday stuff in games so I’ll be grabbing these. Still it can’t hurt to wish on a star for some more free goodies like we had in days gone by…

  • “To all our fans in Europe who are waiting for the online action and new content, please know that we are working as fast as we can to release it to you as well.”

    I don;t get why it;s any different to giving it to any other area of the world. It’s the same game! When are we going to get it? And how about a date for this DLC?

  • Thanks you for all the great updates, however I would appreciate it if you solved a problem I have when playing online. I play my first online game smoothly, but the second I try synchornise with another player for a second game, the PS3 freezes. I can hear the music playing normally, but I can’t play do anything else. I just have to press the Reset button.

    Online play is really fun, but I can’t understand why I’m “doomed” to play just one online game at a time. I’ve tried re-downloading the game, but to no avail.

    Is there any possibility to correct this with a patch?

  • @ Trooper
    It’s pointless asking Ramrod when the update will be available outside America. Isn’t it obvious that anywhere outside America is not a priority? Another update within a week for America and nothing for anywhere else in the world. What a joke! Expect 6 months or more. It took that long to get the game on our store after it was released in the USA. Just delete your copy as it’s a waste of space when games like PAIN and PJM are putting out expansions for everyone.

    Ramrod being an American Developer should have no bearing on whether they release their updates globally. If Ramrod wants to focus on America then they should not be taking our money and promising updates that we have to wait forever for when we pay more for the game and their dlc in the first place. The best bit is anyone outside the USA will still be charged full price for sloppy seconds.

  • Great goodness Mr. Skinner.

    Thank you for updating us with the newest HVB DLC.

  • Shouldn’t it be called the “All Hollows’ Even Ball Pack,” not the “All Hollow’s Eve Ball Pack?”

  • Hey Fritoz:

    “2.50 also added one other feature, meant to help PS3 owners that are trying to troubleshoot their system. A recovery menu gives users access to a variety of restore features. It will even allow users to install a new firmware update, should anything go wrong during the installation process. To access the menu, you must hold down the power button to turn on the PS3 until you hear three beeps. Then the menu will show up.”

    Just download the update onto your computer and save to a usb flash drive $15 max.

  • I am having trouble. my ps3 keeps frezing when i accept or send a challenge. Freezes when screen says syncronizing game. I have to turn off ps3 on console. Whats up?

  • @spyBhudda..

    Why is this SCEA or even Ramrod’s issue…it is SCEE that is slowing you down.

    I’ll point out that EU has content that America doesn’t have (Singstar updates and you got it 6mos earlier, Sheep, Buzz earlier, PSN Puzzle Packs, Movement) and got demos before the US Valkyria and WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 etc etc and hardware we don’t have an equiv to like PlayTV.

  • I wonder if they’ve considered adding a bumper bowling mode for the kids/non-ranked matches and offline play? That would be pretty fun.

  • @kspraydad

    This is not just an issue with the EU but for everyone. Americans get shafted too just as the rest of the world and it isn’t right. As an American living in Europe it totally stinks because I’m unable to play with American friends as they don’t have a patch or an update. But please do not try to compare what America gets to the EU as we both know the rest of the world is offered very little when you compare what is available to Japan and America.

    And are you seriously trying to say that RamRod has nothing to do with the localisation of their own game? Do they have nothing to say as to when it is released and to whom? How can other Devs put their games and updates out for everyone at the same time?

    And for your previous post as to why Europeans use this Blog. We don’t have one.I have yet to come across the EU blog for Playstation where Sony and Game Devs release their announcements. We have a forum, but that is all I have come across. Please guide me in the right direction. I have searched everywhere but I am human and sometimes miss things.

    P.S. I’ll trade you PlayTV for Qore or even Home.

  • Hey Mike, quick question.

    A few of us have created a HVB group on for online play. Will it be possible to create our own lobbies when HOME is released? This way you can launch a large group from one’s apartment into HVB online with trying to all get in the same server created lobby.

    Nice update, I like y’alls new balls…. that didn’t sound right.

  • A couple of requests:

    1)Implement a random character selector similar to the random alley selector.

    2)In the ball bag organizer, indicate which ball(s) is/are normally associated with each character or which ball pack the balls came from.


  • anyone know if you can return this game or trade or anything. i bought this game for the trophies but it wont even let me play online.

  • i feel like i should buy this stuff just to support you guys after you gave us this awesome update for free.
    i finished the game after a few months and i never played it again. now i get this free update and have been playing ever since.
    totally increased the longevity of the game.
    i only have 2 trophys to go now. the 5000 pins on and 150 strikes one.
    good work on the game. its my favorate psn game. and i have most of the games on there.

  • Hey Mike, any plans on adding the screenshot feature to HVB… I’d like to use it to start a bowling league…


  • I should have said this in the earlier HVB post, but I really enjoy this game, and it makes, in my opinion, great use of the SIX AXIS. And patch was great news.

    One complaint though, and it’s most likely not in your hands, but Sony needs to come out with a strap, like the Wii controller has, because I might have enough self control to avoid destroying my TV, but my friends and family can get a bit carried away.

    That’s how fun it is, maybe I’ll make my own straps…

  • European release PLEASE!!!

    Isn’t it the same game in Europe? All I can imagine is localization issues, such as language etc, does that really take that long to do? Now personally I don’t care about trophies but online gaming goes right to my sweetspot!

    For every day HVB update is coming to Europe I’ll kill a babyseal. I will, don’t think I wont!

    @artofwar: A friend of mine cracked my controller open playing at my house. Suffice to say he is no longer allowed to play.

  • Not sure if anyone is still reading this but I wanted to report a bug I found.

    When playing online I attempted to change the voice changer under accessories on the In Game XMB and my audio started to cut in and out and then went completely out with my receiver reporting no audio output from the PS3.

    My friend reported my voice chat audio cut out completely as well.

    I have a launch 60GB PS3 using optical audio out to my receiver and HDMI out to my KDL-52XBR5 BRAVIA for video.

  • Since the update I can no longer access my PS3 music from HVB. Am I missing something? I have chat off. I can’t find any way to turn on the music. Thanks for any tips.

  • Scratch that. User error. All is well.

  • Mike, I was told you may be able to help me. Because the saved game in HVB is copy protected I have lost it twice and had to start over from scratch. Is there any workaround for this or is there a fix or patch in the works?

  • About when can we expect a new HVB game to come out ? Next spring, summer , fall ?

    The sooner the better . It’s been almost one year since release .
    I was wondering if it is a yearly game or longer .


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