RPG Eternal Sonata Composes New PS3 Features Tomorrow

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Hello, my name is Stephanie Fernandez and I worked as the Localization Producer on Eternal Sonata for the PLAYSTATION 3. Eternal Sonata will be shipping tomorrow, October 21st, and it will include new features and extras that can only be found on the PLAYSTATION 3 platform. In preparation for the game’s release, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and insights from working on the game and give you a few more details about the new exclusive content.

When I started working on Eternal Sonata for the PS3, I was pleased to find out there would be additional story material incorporated into the game that is unique to the platform. I had always felt there were some aspects of the story which might be a little too vague for anyone who didn’t have the advantage of the background knowledge that I had about the story. But now there are scenes that give the game player a little more insight; scenes that reveal a bit more general information about the concept behind the story and more specific details regarding character motivations.

Not that everything is spelled out point-by-point–you still have to figure things out for yourself–the player is at least given a few more clues as to what is going on. And the new scenes fit into the story extremely well. It almost seems as if they are parts of the story that have always been there, but you’re only just now getting the chance to see them. Also, some of the old scenes have been modified slightly, again, in order to add more depth to the story. From beginning to end, there is new exclusive material, and I think it will really add to people’s enjoyment of the game.

Of course, a good part of the new material involves the two new playable characters in the game, Serenade and Crescendo, who are only available on the PS3. It’s very exciting to finally have the chance to play these characters in the game. I have always thought that Crescendo and Serenade were intriguing characters and now we get to see them play an expanded role in the game. And they have some very useful abilities that can really be an asset in battle. There are also new items that can only be used by Crescendo and Serenade that make them even more valuable.

It was a lot of fun being present for the recording of the battle voices for Crescendo and Serenade because it was all new material for the characters. Unfortunately, since we weren’t able to see the characters fighting in the game before we recorded, we had to make some guesses about the way in which lines would be used in battle situations. Sometimes we got it right, but sometimes we didn’t. So, in the end, it was necessary to edit some lines slightly. But, overall, I think it came out sounding pretty good. And now we get to see a prince and princess fighting for what they believe in!

And there are lots of other new things to be found in the game that are exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3. There are new quests that add even more excitement to the game, and new dungeons that are very nicely designed and a lot of fun to explore. The dungeon that can only be accessed on your second play-through of the game is especially challenging! And the new enemies and bosses found in the new dungeons will definitely test your battle skills. Also, both of the new dungeons include brand new music written by Motoi Sakuraba.

There are also three new Chopin compositions featured in the game, performed again by Stanislav Bunin. In addition, there are fun new costumes for Polka, Allegretto, and Beat, but you’ll have to find them first. They’re scattered throughout the game, so make sure you leave no stone unturned, and no treasure chest unopened! The game also offers some ending variations this time around.

All in all, there is quite a lot of new material to be found in the world of Eternal Sonata. So whether you’re visiting for the first time or making a return trip, I’m sure everyone will find something to enjoy on this unique journey into Frederic Chopin’s dream world.

Be sure to check out the Eternal Sonata demo currently available on the PlayStation Store, and don’t miss the full game when it ships tomorrow.

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  • @ lano1106 #150

    “I urge everyone to boycott this game. As supporters of Namco for years, we should tell them to go [DELETED] themselves. We don’t need this average game and we shouldn’t support this company who easily turns its back on its faithful customers.”

    That sounds like a boycott to me. And that doesn’t mention the trophies.

    Buy it if you want. But the more people that don’t buy it, the more they’ll realize we aren’t second best.

  • Hi twooh!

    You quoted the wrong person :). Your quote comes from post #143 which is not from me!

    take care,

  • @ lano1106

    I’m sorry. You were the poster below him. :P

    My apologies.

  • Stephanie, don’t get me wrong, my comments weren’t meant to you personally but to the entire Namco Bandai company, in the US as well as in Japan. To say that it ain’t Namco’s fault is really bull, as it is. Look I really don’t bother that the 360 is getting Tales of Vesperia or Eternal Sonata, hell no! Only thing that pisses me off is why do “we” PlayStation fans have to wait for over a year to get the game. Stephanie, honestly, that’s bad marketing for your company as well. If you release the game at the same time on the 360 as well on the PS3 you’ll get high sales on both platforms. Look at multi platform games being released at the same time. One does sell better on the PS3 than on the 360 while another game just the other way around. But common, 50.000 in Japan on the PS3 thus far? That’s sick! I’m so confident I wish to put my hand into to fire to say that if ES was released in Japan at the same time on the PS3 we would have seen a totally different picture in sales. Plus it cost you guys more to put in all the extras….

  • …..Releasing a game a year after the 360 release isn’t good for your profits either. PS3 fans hear compliances from 360 owners and they’re pissed to wait for over a year and pay full amount for the game. Same stuff 2K games is doing with Bioshock so your company ain’t the only one.

    I know money is so important, especially for creating new games, but to be honest, I find loyalty, commitment and respect a lot more important.

  • Oh yeah and I’m NOT going to boycott Eternal Sonata, I’m going to buy it in February in Europe. Boycotting is childish people. You just need to cry out and tell what you think and feel, I’m sure Namco will hear us. Not buying their games won’t do any good!

  • @156

    and buying their games won’t do any good neither

  • I have both the 360 and PS3 versions of Eternal Sonata. Why? Because I didn’t have to pay for either one. I only had lukewarm feelings for the original 360 release, and I certainly wasn’t going to pay $60 for the same game, extra features or no.

    That said, I really think ES was meant to be on the PS3. The 360 version was pathetically easy, even in Encore mode and so far, my first play-through of the PS3 version has been challenging, which is something I’ve been missing from RPGs in recent years.

    Has the added content helped? A little. The additional cutscenes have been great so far, especially with story and character development that was previously lacking.

    I just wish the gaming companies would stop treating us like kicked puppies, thinking will jump up and down for joy just the tiniest crumbs of affection that we should have been given all along. It’s our money that helps keep them where they are.

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