RPG Eternal Sonata Composes New PS3 Features Tomorrow

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Hello, my name is Stephanie Fernandez and I worked as the Localization Producer on Eternal Sonata for the PLAYSTATION 3. Eternal Sonata will be shipping tomorrow, October 21st, and it will include new features and extras that can only be found on the PLAYSTATION 3 platform. In preparation for the game’s release, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and insights from working on the game and give you a few more details about the new exclusive content.

When I started working on Eternal Sonata for the PS3, I was pleased to find out there would be additional story material incorporated into the game that is unique to the platform. I had always felt there were some aspects of the story which might be a little too vague for anyone who didn’t have the advantage of the background knowledge that I had about the story. But now there are scenes that give the game player a little more insight; scenes that reveal a bit more general information about the concept behind the story and more specific details regarding character motivations.

Not that everything is spelled out point-by-point–you still have to figure things out for yourself–the player is at least given a few more clues as to what is going on. And the new scenes fit into the story extremely well. It almost seems as if they are parts of the story that have always been there, but you’re only just now getting the chance to see them. Also, some of the old scenes have been modified slightly, again, in order to add more depth to the story. From beginning to end, there is new exclusive material, and I think it will really add to people’s enjoyment of the game.

Of course, a good part of the new material involves the two new playable characters in the game, Serenade and Crescendo, who are only available on the PS3. It’s very exciting to finally have the chance to play these characters in the game. I have always thought that Crescendo and Serenade were intriguing characters and now we get to see them play an expanded role in the game. And they have some very useful abilities that can really be an asset in battle. There are also new items that can only be used by Crescendo and Serenade that make them even more valuable.

It was a lot of fun being present for the recording of the battle voices for Crescendo and Serenade because it was all new material for the characters. Unfortunately, since we weren’t able to see the characters fighting in the game before we recorded, we had to make some guesses about the way in which lines would be used in battle situations. Sometimes we got it right, but sometimes we didn’t. So, in the end, it was necessary to edit some lines slightly. But, overall, I think it came out sounding pretty good. And now we get to see a prince and princess fighting for what they believe in!

And there are lots of other new things to be found in the game that are exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3. There are new quests that add even more excitement to the game, and new dungeons that are very nicely designed and a lot of fun to explore. The dungeon that can only be accessed on your second play-through of the game is especially challenging! And the new enemies and bosses found in the new dungeons will definitely test your battle skills. Also, both of the new dungeons include brand new music written by Motoi Sakuraba.

There are also three new Chopin compositions featured in the game, performed again by Stanislav Bunin. In addition, there are fun new costumes for Polka, Allegretto, and Beat, but you’ll have to find them first. They’re scattered throughout the game, so make sure you leave no stone unturned, and no treasure chest unopened! The game also offers some ending variations this time around.

All in all, there is quite a lot of new material to be found in the world of Eternal Sonata. So whether you’re visiting for the first time or making a return trip, I’m sure everyone will find something to enjoy on this unique journey into Frederic Chopin’s dream world.

Be sure to check out the Eternal Sonata demo currently available on the PlayStation Store, and don’t miss the full game when it ships tomorrow.

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  • Stephanie… there any chance for the game to get a trophy patch anytime soon? or there not hope 4 that? :(

  • The game seems fine, but like most people said it seems like a hand me down. I mean your company has not shown much love for the ps3, i mean come on toss the ps3 a bone. I know this post probably would not get answered but just voicing my opinion

    • Stephanie Fernandez

      I respect you\’re opinion, but a lot of people from around the globe worked very hard to bring this game to the PS3, so we don\’t think of it as a hand-me-down at all.

  • @ 42 & 17

    Yeah, the more you support those 360 year old ports. The more likely they’ll keep on giving us just that. A year old late inferior ports at full price ($65). No thanks! For that kind of treatment. I should’ve bought a 360.

  • Dear Namco/Bandai developers, please patch/enable 1080i/p upscaling support in Eternal Sonata (and hopefully future games). Many disgruntled PS3 owners in the US have slightly older-generation HDTVs that don’t support 720p, as evidenced at this Official Playstation Forum thread:


    These PS3 users are very unhappy to find that the DEMO for Eternal Sonata does not support 1080p/i upscaled output, UNLIKE the XBOX 360 version. Therefore, we will NOT be able to buy or play the game (in HD). Please inform to the devs at Namco of our implorement to enable some form of upscaled 1080p/i output for Eternal Sonata, and future Namco products.

    It’s really easy/trivial to enable 1080p/i upscaling in a PS3 game; all that’s required is to run the game at an unconventional resolution (e.g., 768×1080, 896×1080, 960×1080, etc), and the PS3 will automatically upscale the game to 1080p/i. For more information on the hidden Scaling hardware in the PS3, please refer to the following technical article at Beyond3D: http://www.beyond3d.com/content/articles/16/

    Thank you so very much for listening.


  • @squirrel lol you referring to Collin Powell?

    played the demo. the graphics, better than i expected. the combat system seems great but may get tedious in the long-run. no sure about character development, which is important to me for rpg’s. not a day one purchase but a buy once i have extra money.

  • I just don’t play RPG’s anymore. I’d rather play the same map over and over for some reason. :( Maybe someday the stars will align. Till then back to the same map. ;)

  • Question!?
    Does the US release have original Japanese voice-over? Personaly I prefer the original voice-overs.

  • I’m happy to see others will avoid this hand me down year old port. Namco is getting bad now. With SC4 they abused DLC.

  • I already preordered my copy. I absolutely love the demo and can’t wait to play the full version. Anyone who owns a PS3, like RPGs, and hasn’t bought this game yet NEEDS to buy this. :D I can’t wait to play it. :)

  • Might not be sloppy, but it’s still seconds.

  • Any bets this gets pulled right before the release date?

  • thanks for the post Stephanie, the PS3 needs as many RPG’s as it can get..

    but i’m waiting for Fallout 3!

  • Do some of you people not understand that making games is a business and if someone (Microsoft) offers you millions of dollars to make a game exclusive for a certain amount of time, most of the smart business people will take the millions. It’s not that hard to figure out.

    As far as you want game companies to show some love for the ps3, but you refuse to buy their games. Do you think that is gonna show them how profitable it is on the darkside? or show them that people on the ps3 won’t buy their games anyway, so why bother?

    This is just my opinion, but a game on a new system that it wasn’t on before, is still a new game to people who don’t have the other system it was on before. Within reason of course. Some people will complain no matter what. As a matter of fact I recognize some of the complainers today as ones who have complained about the lack of RPGs on ps3 in previous post, Go figure.

  • Thx,but i’m not paying full price for a one year-old port from an inferior console.:/

  • I played the demo and loved it, but i wont beable to buy it right away because of all the other games coming out, but i will buy it later to make sure i have enough time to play through the whole game and enjoy it.

  • Thanks for the update on whats new.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that ES won’t have Trophies immediately, is there any chance of a patch within the coming weeks?
    I loved the demo, but without Trophies games start to lack a bit of pride. I love receiving acknowledgment from the game (and Devs) that I’ve done something.

  • Don’t mess with Chopin! HELL YEAH!

  • @Ortohinco (post#2)

    I also agree. these games should be $40-$45. Same goes for Bioshock

    No buy for me until price drop

  • I pre-order my copy a few weeks ago and I’m so excited. Just on visuals alone when I first saw Eternal Sonata I instantly wanted to play it. The world looks so fantastic and I loved the music.

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating the PS3 version since I got rid of my 360 over a year ago. It’s been a long wait[just like with Bioshock :(] but I’m just excited to finally get the chance to play it.

    I’m willing to happily pay $60 for it on day one because seeing that Tri-crescendo is a small developer I want to support them so they can continue to make games that look and sound beautiful. I hope Namco Bandai Games America is also planning to pick up their next game, Fragile, because after seeing the trailer from TGS 2008 it’s also having the same effect that Eternal Sonata had on me when I first saw it.

  • i wish sony would have announced months earlier that it was gonna come out in america and for the ps3. i already own the game.

  • Totally agree with Ortohinco on post #2. Thanks for giving up Tekken 6 to the 360. You have no loyalty for Sony and us and believe me I have no loyalty for you! I will not purchase a single NAMCO game again. You think we are stupid or something? I understand business and ethics I think your whole company is no different then the financial sector trying to squeeze every nickel and dime out of the consumers. Go take the 10 or 20 million Microsoft paid you and sit on it.

  • Thanks so much for the info, and for adding content to this unique RPG release.

  • $60!!! You gotta be kidding me. Ps3 fans don’t take too kindly to the 360’s sloppy seconds, let alone year old ports at $60. PASS.

  • Sorry, but I don’t support year old ports at full price. Treat us equally, and then I might consider my Namaco games.

  • That’s really awesome. I’m glad to see the ps3 version getting some good bonus content. Can’t wait to play the game – I have it pre-ordered.

  • i’m getting this for sure.
    loved the demo

  • Day one buy for me, and I really don’t have a problem with the pricing. Its great to see the PS3 getting some RPG’s, even if their remakes of old 360 games.

  • Hi Stephanie, just wondering where the PS3’s Tales game is?


  • I already have my copy preordered.

    Thanks for the extra info.

  • Trophies?

  • I’m not really that upset ( naruto will destroy
    the others). I jus hope we do receive a tales,
    not a port since they apparently had enough ideas to give nintendo 2+ different tales.

    But people are pissed bandai namco, u know
    ps fans don’t play that. But i will give credit
    they at least tried to justify a yr old price
    with extras.

    I look forward to it. proly afta valkrye chronicles. But we do love the support now get on that A game.

  • Ugh, I’m so tired of some of you saying,”so and so abandoned Playstation”. The companies aren’t “loyal” to a certain brand like some of you are. Most are trying to do what they think is right. That ranging from being “bought off” by another company, capabilities of a system, etc. Doesn’t always mean it is always the best choice though. A lot of companies have pulled dumb moves, just as they have good moves.

    You guys are acting like this just started these past few years. This isn’t the first time a company has done this. Squaresoft totally dropped support of Nintendo from like, 1995 until 2002. I can’t understand if a company totally drops support. At least Namco is actually releasing the game. I guess you would rather it never come out? >_>

  • Damn Namco! Where is my Tekken on PS3??????

  • it’s in the psn store (Dark Resurrection Online)

  • I dislike it when people bring up past companies switching platforms and not knowing
    y they did in the first place.

    Not everything had to do with money.
    Some people did/do make games for the love
    in getting fair profit. Too much eventually
    lead to greed. And now we are here where ms brought us. Remember bandai namco exclusives
    defy systems, not ports. That’s y naruto
    will kick ass. Keep’em comin cyber connect.

  • I will be purchasing this game. I love RPGs and I want to see more of them on the PS3. Thank you for releasing this Namco

  • I don’t feel like spending 60 bucks on a year old port, I may think about it when the game is worth 40 bucks or less.

  • @53

    just wait for the exclusive ps3 rpg

    White Knight Chronicles

  • What happened NAMCO BANDAI? ALL THOSE MILLIONS M$ PAID YOU RAN OUT ALREADY? Keep it moving unless you’re bringing something new to PS3. You know what? Don’t even bother posting your blog tomorrow. You’re just wasting your time.
    I’m not buying your game!!! Watch me vote with my wallet, just like Microsoft do.

  • Stephanie, hope you understand all the negativity from us PS3 fans isn’t directed at you. I really appreciate you dropping by and giving us some info on the game, as I played the demo and really like the game, and I think your team did a great job on it. Just try to understand what alot of us are saying and pass it on up to the top.

    Also, it’s awesome to see everyone taking a stand against Namco for how they’ve treated us. I have no beef with Namco making games for the 360. With their install base you’d be dumb not to, but realize us (loyal) Sony fans have been getting kicked around for too long. All the third parties selling us out has kinda been like the last straw. Stand up and fight, people! And start boycotting 360 fansites disguised as independent news outlets (MTV Multiplayer and Kotaku come to mind).

    • Stephanie Fernandez

      I do appreciate your frustration but I really am completely powerless when it comes to what games are chosen to be developed for which platforms. I hope your voices are heard by those who make the decisions though.

  • With digital delivery supposedly so important these days, why do we not see more functionality out of demos? The Eternal Sonata demo on the ps3 could have allowed people to start leveling in this low level part of the game featured and convert that saved material to the game once purchased.

  • Thanks for the update. I look forward to checking this out.

  • @schwaa:I fully agree with you about Kotaku…
    At their TGS coverage they almost completely ignored Sony but they made sure to let us know about anything that had to do with MS.
    I stopped visiting it after that.

  • Very happy. I won’t pick this up right away but I’m certainly interested as it’s one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL game I’ve ever played. Such a shame it seems a bit too kiddy, that’s what throwing me off at the moment.

  • “As far as you want game companies to show some love for the ps3, but you refuse to buy their games. Do you think that is gonna show them how profitable it is on the darkside? or show them that people on the ps3 won’t buy their games anyway, so why bother?”

    Or we could just buy a better game in Valkyria Chronicles instead of an overpriced, late, crappy port or a game that wasn’t that good to begin with.

    SC4, DMC4, COD4 all did relatively well and all of those titles released at the same time. PS3 Eternal Sonata deserves a spot right beside the PS3 Lost Planet in the rubbish bin.

  • @93

    Thanks. I hope othe people recognize this type “journalism” and have acted appropriately towards these sites. I cannot figure out for the life of me why people continue to kick the PS3 around. I’ve been gaming since day one (atari) and this console is just awesome. Not perfect (yet) but at the very least equal to the 360, and in MANY ways even better.

  • does this game come with original japanese voice? this will make/break my decision to by this game..

  • I find it hard to understand some of you. Yes many companies have been messing the Sony fanbase around but thing is from reviews I’ve read & the demo I’ve played we should be happy we’re getting this, full price or not. I remember reading they had no plans to originally release the PS3 version outside of Japan so we’re lucky to get it to all..I have to wait till February to get it myself as I’m in the UK, really looking forward to it myself.

  • lucky? to pay for an old game that most have already read about how it goes, start to finish… that looks like a year old game or even something from the dreamcast (oh yea, i went there)

    have you ever played the Japanese version??? you could have, a year ago.. then you wouldn’t care either.

    full price, just because a new console comes out doesn’t mean we have to up the price tag for the new games that come out.

    i love how the economy and stocks market drops and the game price goes up… makes all sorts of sense, NOT!

    they were 60$ a pop brand new, now their 65$… are you kidding me. i will never pay more then 50$ for any game period. where’s all my money going to? i constantly hear about how these development teams are so small or have low budgets but then they have no reason for charging 65$ for a game that they hardly had to work to put out on the “next” console a year later…

    have you ever heard of this new wave of BS called a timed exclusive? it’s where they make a game, tell you it’s only on one console… wait a while after they tell you you’ll never see it on the other console, then they release it once you forgot… since the average attention span now days for a human is about 5 min…

  • Please bring us more game!!
    I know a lot of people are wanting Ace Combat on PS3, and I know I need a katamari game soon!!

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