The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • Imperfect Hero – We look at the design and animation of Sev, the new player character in Killzone 2. Will he be able to follow in Templar’s footsteps?
  • From Infancy to Maturity, Part 1 – Game Designer Simon Larouche talks about good multiplayer map design, starting with the high level design phase.

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  • Loved the updates and the FarCry 2 room.

  • Greetings, i am here to inform you that the firmware 2.50 is defective. Please release a corrective firmware as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  • Any word on PSN title Fat Princess? I’ve been looking forward to playing that game, and I think a lot of people agree. There’s been no news since E3 and TGS this year was a bit of a letdown… :(

  • I love the update but I do have a question. Why are teh details of updates be so hard to come by? So bad that it included undocumented inclusions once information is released.
    I love the updates, don’t get me wrong but I also post news of teh updates at multiple sites and I would really like to have a complete list. Not something I have to go back to in a day or two to update with new stuff.

  • oh and I second the Fat Princess question ;)

  • Hey Jeff,Thanks for the much needed information! can you give us an update on the QORE subcribers getting the HOME BETA! Thanks again!

  • thanks
    whene HOME comes out?

  • Good week, especially the firmwares, thanks. :D

    One comment though, some of the smaller features are never mentioned, but they are still pretty cool. For this update, it was the changed pop-up when you get a trophy. I like those little suprises I guess. :D

  • Great week Jeff, really happy with firmware 2.50 as I already said on PSN :D
    Also like how it pauses the movie when you go into xmb, haven’t found any real issues with 2.50. The only thing I noticed that was a bit weird was after reformatting my ps3 and installing the update for warhawk it kept freezing after the loading screen. I got rid of the game data and installed the patch again and it seemed to have done the trick.
    Cant think of much more the xmb needs, the controller powersave was much needed from day one and its such a life saver now.
    I suppose it would be cool to be able to have a friend log in under their psn id when playing games split screen online, that way you could both earn trophies on the one ps3 which would be more sociable.
    Everyone over at the blog taking feedback from the community and everyone working on the firmware are doing a really good job.
    It can be a bit discouraging having people annoyed at new features which are not backwards compatible with games unless patched but its a catch 22 for the community.
    What people fail to understand is that Sony are able to take a step back and look at itself and say well we could do this better and then do it whereas Microsoft would not add new features that would not be 100% backwards compatible, instead going for the route of push it into the next console round instead.
    Sony aren’t 100% perfect in all respects (division of effort from eu/us when it comes to the website and forums) but its definitely getting there.
    Great Job again, thanks for listening to us.

    • Nice to hear. I know you\’re a tough one to please – so if we made you happy this week, that\’s a good sign :-)

  • Cross-game voice chat and music please – don’t make this “up to the developer.” In-game custom music should not be so difficult and rare. And please support in-game media server playback.

    That is all, keep up the great work.

  • I have yet to receive my Qore Beta code for Resistance 2. And yes I am a Qore Subscriber.


    Could you please talk to Eric Lempel and see if a firmware v2.51 is going to be coming out to deal with the problems people are having with fw v 2.5?

    it would really be appreciated!


  • Jeff when is flower going to be release i’m interested to see all the hype is all about

  • This was a good week.

  • Thanks for the info.

  • Yeh I agree wit ona the first comments posted! I think you guys should bring back the video playback while pulling up the xmb! Pausing the video is just too last gen! If it aint broke don’t fix it! You guys shoulda left it the way it was! Play B3yond!!!

  • Firmware Update 2.50 was cool, thanks SONY ;)
    All my updates have worked, not had any problems at all.

  • can somebody please explain to me why i havent gotten a qore email? not to be annoying or anything, but socom didnt send me one either. So i’m kinda angry. shoot me an email if you know what i should do.

    email me:

  • I would like to know why Mortal Kombat 2 was removed from EVERY OWNER download history and from the store itself where we only see a video.

    I buyed it in the PSN store so I think I do own the right to redownload it if I upgrade my hd, it isnt’t?

    Please fix this. If midway does not want to sell more ok, remove from the store but NEVER from the download list of legitime owners.

    Are we buying or renting games here?

    this is a very scary thing and does not help people to continue buying, what is happening?

    please call someone from midway to explain this to everybody or do yourself.


  • Where the hell did the Sign-out feature go after the 2.50???

  • Socom had a rough launch but when it’s playable it’s a decent game. Needs some fixing though, and hopefully Slant Siz will continue to support it after the supposed trophy patch. (I need my Trophies, 76 isn’t enough lol)

  • sony you are doing well. right now. good betas, good store updates, good/solid firmware updates. i really would loved to see this continue as the ps3 becomes more and more into the best possible game console ever created. i cant wait to see what else is in store.

  • Hey what about PSP 3000 launch this week… I plan on trading up from my PSP 1000 verry soon… I love new account mangement on PS3 now and PSstore on my PSP [DELETED]….. LOVING IT!!!!

  • where did sign out go lol

  • Hey, I bought that Qore episode on the first day it was released, yet still haven’t received my R2 beta key…Are they still being sent out? Or did I get overlooked?

    • I know the keys went out to Qore subscribers first, and that single-episode buyers are to follow. You may have noticed that the Insomniac team has been more visible on the blog here recently, and so we\’ll likely have another update from them this coming week.

  • Please respond Jeff.
    PS3 2.5 won’t autofill my words, please change that back in the next update.
    Also, how do I link my Gravatar to PS blog? I really need to know, LOL.

    PSN: IceBow (first letter is an L, unfortunately)
    Email: ( first letter is an i)

    • No autofill? I haven\’t had that problem since the update… Anyone else?

      with Gravatar, your email capitalization is important – needs to be the same there *and* here.

  • Oh yeah forgot, my PSN ID: T3mpr1x

  • @ pspgtghoost and steve3d – the sign out has been moved under network > account management. hit triangle and sign out! glad i could be of some assistance.

    OT: twas a great week. love all the new features for both the PS3 and PSP.


  • Nice updates.

    This was surely one hell of a week for PlayStation 3 owners, especially for me. With the Socom: Confrontation release, firmware 2.50, the official headset, I got the PlayStation Eye this week, and bought Warhawk when I went to pick-up Socom.

    Ahh… And we have a lot of awesome games coming soon. I won’t turn on my Xbox 360 for a long, long time.

    Thanks a bunch, Sony. Seriously… I love you guys. Looking forward to assist one of the meetings. When will you come to PR!? ARGH!

  • hey guys, if i were you, i would just stop waiting for the qore R2 beta code and just go pre-order the game. it’s gonna be worth it, and you’ll end up buying the game anyway.

    that’s what i did.

  • Alright, time to drop the hammer on hurtween (1)- that’s the third or fourth time he’s posted that exact same message.

    As for this week, it was a pretty good one- I’m loving the PSP Store since I can now finally get some game videos on there. Any chance we can get PSP Store versions of the E3 Sizzle videos (particularly the PlayStation Family Sizzle) ?

  • KillZone is something that I never discussed even after all the posts. I have faith in people that have something to prove. The first was not for everyone, but was damn good. It’s been the only reason for me to hang in there. To all the new people at GG that read the blog. Even in a shallow economy we can still buy plane tickets and guns. ;)

    Good Luck, no pressure. :)

  • Love the new look of the PSP XMB, the PSN and Store icons look great as well as the new wave. Any chance on a making a custom color feature for the new wave?..instead of being limited to the 12 month colors. Good work on the friend status, power saving, and scene search features. All great, useful ideas.

  • Thanks Jeff…another great week for PS3.

  • Went to best buy gaming invasion… was sick , got to try LBP and go t a free tshirt.Mirrors edge is a must buy.Go sony

  • @28

    Hey Xulap if you read this write a comment, been looking for people from PR that are dedicated PS3 owners.

    Awesome week for the PS3. Keep up the good work Sony.

  • Hell yeah! PR needs a PlayStation convention! :p Announce some big games here someday!

  • @37

    Hey TheInfectedBy590, if you are also from PR lets exchange PSN ID’s.

    Mine is: Neo-Phyxius

    Write again let me know yours.

  • Any chance a GAP member like myself will be getting the beta to test. The trailers i have seen so far indicates that this game is really going to have a serious online missions.

  • it is sad to say thinking about buying
    a xbox 360 because home has been delay
    time after time if home dont come out
    be for nov me and my friends are selling
    ps3 and games for 360s

  • Sure, my PSN ID’s TheInfectedBy590 same as this one

  • Nice TheInfectedBy590 I’ll add you, now lets see if we can also get Xulap on board.

  • @25(IceBow) and Jeff, no problems over here. Autofill is working just fine, in fact I used it the other day and was surprised when it suggested a sequence of words I thought I hadn’t used before…

  • Oh yeah and Jeff what’re you doing up so late? Aren’t you a couple of timezones to the right? :D

  • 2.5: I love the chapter skip function in the 2.5 firmware, but I’d really rather the video didn’t pause in the background while I’m using it! Still, it’s a great addition. Thanks!

    Music visualisations: Next time, could we please have some new music visualisations? I use the PS3 as a streaming music player for five or six hours every week and the Earth (as beautiful as it is) is getting a bit old. How about adding in more planets?

    Life With Playstation: Is there a way to turn off the surprisingly loud jazz whenever this starts itself up? It’s really annoying, especially if you’d forgotten about it being on! I had also expected more from the weather report. A summary at several points during the next 24 hours, then single picture summaries of the next five days would be useful. At the moment the single image is pointless. I’m usually checking it at night to see if I’ll need to take an umbrella with me the next day!

    Something really useful would be this: on the XMB there would be a little icon below the time. You could set it up so that it would check if it was likely to rain the next day between certain user-defined hours (e.g. 7-8:30am, 5-6pm). If it was going to rain then it would show an umbrella. That’s really all you need to know about the weather! That way I would get what I need from the PS3 weather data without going into sub menus, listening to Seinfeld-style swing jazz, and trying to browse to the right place.

    Also more options for locations would be good. I’m in Oxford, which sometimes gets different weather from London.

    The text on Life With Playstation news stories is ridiculously small. I’ve got a Bravia and it’s still hard to read from the sofa! This software is a great addition to the PS3, and a good start, but it’s currently nowhere near as useful on a functional level as the Wii Channels. Sorry! On the plus side, you guys always provide much improved features with each update, so I look forward to seeing how great it will become.

    … And seriously, the umbrella thing on the XMB, please! :D

  • I’m having problem with the FW 2.5 to, I already sent an e-mail using the contacts available here in the blog.

    My main complaint is that I have a PAL PS3 and the movies are being displayed at 60Hz (in pal the signal is 50Hz), the option available in the video settings change nothing, and before this update the movies displayed all well, now each time a movie is to start the PS3 “jitters” (changing the resolution I believe). This didn’t happened before, I belive all PAL users are experiencing this problem, and those who still have SD TV’s like me will see the movies in B&W, in my case I have a line crossing the screen, which always happens when I’m reproducing a 60Hz signal.

  • PS: Only the videos originally coded in 60Hz (NTSC) have this problem, mainly divX movies, which is odd…

    I can send you a video-clip with that problem if you want.

  • Thanks, Jeff, but gravatar automatically lower-cases my entire email, so how do I change my PS blog email to lowercase?

  • Hey Jeff, can you please explain to me how can I access the repair console function, in the event….god forbids…the PS3 experiences the blues.

    I tried holding down the touch-sensitive power button but no go.

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