LittleBigPlanet Release Update

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During the review process prior to the release of LittleBigPlanet, it has been brought to our attention that one of the background music tracks licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Qur’an. We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologize for any offense that this may have caused.

We will begin shipping LittleBigPlanet to retail in North America the week of October 27th. Sorry for the delay, and rest assured, we are doing everything we can to get LittleBigPlanet to you as soon as possible.

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  • well Dead Space for me then…

  • @51, that was Coolio. haha.

  • Fable II it is then..Instead of a recall just patch the game.

  • @48
    Exactly what I wanted to say, but in a nicer way. :)

  • I know that you guys love to come here and post things like ‘SONY fails’ and things like that ,BUT this has nothing to do with them , think about it: They release a game on countries (You know what are those) and every country has his own laws ,and the Developers have to respect them.
    I know that is not a nice thing to have your game censored, but right now SCEE has to do what the laws says.

    Im sad because of the censorship, but i applaud SCEE and SCEA .
    Good work guys ,LBP is a day 1 more than ever.

  • i don’t get why everyone is pissed at Sony… you guys really don’t get on who you’re really pissed?

  • “contains two expressions that can be found in the Qur’an. We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologize for any offense that this may have caused. ”

    Grow some balls Sony, wtf, if there were any expressions that could be found in the Bible would you delay the game and take them out?

    Stop dancing to the tune of terrorists ffs.

  • Oh no! You made Sephiroth mad. Where’s holy whebn we need it?

  • “LittleBigPlanet to retail in North America the week of October 27th”

    Does this mean we will have it on the 28th? When can consumers expect to have this game in their hands?

  • Ok, that’s cool. I’m still a bit pissed about the idiotic reason this is happening (PSP),organized religion FTL), but at least it’s not a long delay. Now LBP has to fight for my PS3s marketshare against Fallout 3.

  • OMG, i hate religion so much… Dont do this, not because i want my copy on date just by principle… if you dont like it just DONT buy it.. religion should not have anything in relation with social world, if you wanna pratice a religion fine, do it at your home.

  • Oh my god…sony you are just the worst. I know it’s only a week and I know that a lot of people in this blog are going to be acting like this isn’t a big deal but jesus f’in christ.

  • It’s a shame people rate posts like this one and the unscheduled PSN downtime posts super low. They know they are delivering bad news. I give 5 stars though for the quick turnaround. Please, please continue to provide us immediate updates on here. The post is great – the content is just undesirable.

  • Hello there!!

    Surely its a bad news for everyone.

    But today i bought my copy from a retail that its already selling it.

    So my question is: will be the server open oct 21? Im trying to play it now but the server is offline.


  • i hate you sony i sale my ps3 that it b.s.

  • this makes me not want to support you and not buy your game

  • Any chance you guys can give us the Beta back then?

  • @59
    There is no reason to be mad at any religion here, this decision was made entirely by SCE.

  • You better fine comb all the songs in the game now before you reprint.

  • @55 (mywhitenoise), oops. I didn’t know we had some Coolio fans in our presence? haha i mixed the 2 up. Thanks for the correction though.

  • I think a day one patch would be sufficient. Grow a pair Sony.

  • And how will the offense of delaying the game for those not offended by the offense be rectified?

  • sony sucks, delaying their best game this year. i should of got an xbox 360.

  • OK, 6 day delay isn’t that bad. Better than Nov. 14th.

    That said, this is a retarded delay. Sony you’re increasingly testing the patience of your fanbase.

    By the way, as MariusElijah pointed out… what do you expect when you unleash this game to the public? What do you expect with user-generated material? Will there be censoring? There is much more potential for offense there. What the hell kind of difference will two lines make?

  • I hope you guys releas a “No one was here first week” T-shirt or something.

  • seriously, canceling my multiple preorders, and as i work at a major game retailer, i will NOT be recommending this game if you do this.

  • Since Sony is giving into terrorism, I guess I’ll just cancel my Little Big Planet pre-order and go buy Fable II next week.

  • Stupid decision. This news just pissed me off. Every freaking time, every freaking day, every freaking moment, something is delayed in Sony world. People get offended by a song, boom, lets delay it. If people are so freaking sensitive than they should not be playing any freaking games. Stay locked up reading scriptures and praying for games that do not offend you. Sony needs to release the patch for the part of the world who is not offended by the song and delay and fix the versions going to countries who take offense of every little thing. BAD Decision. This is why the competition is winning the console war. Delaystation 3!

  • Just one more comment that this is a VERY stupid decision. If SONY is concerned over it create a patch and send out a disclaimer to all of the retailers that is to be distributed along with the game making the purchaser aware of the content they are concerned with and that it will remain if they do not connect and download the patch. If the purchaser still opens and plays the game, Sony and MM are off the hook at that point. To cause a delay in what SONY is trying to position as a flagship title for their console is only going to hurt what many already call the “DelayStation”.

  • OH NO!!!

    I have bad news for everyone. Sack boys are against MY religion. Now the entire game can’t be released ever!

    Also, creating, sharing and playing are the root of all evil.

    Sorry everyone..since the entire world has to bend to the will of a few you guys can’t have your game.

  • I figure most of you are too ignorant or young to understand the reason behind this delay.

    I hate the fact that it has happened but at least I can understand it. It has nothing to do about taking away freedom or giving into anything.

  • i HATE you sony i wait this game for so long now but i sale my ps3 and buy a XBOX360

  • So MM had patched the game and prepared a new master and yet Sony still decided to delay one of their most anticipated games ever because of a few works that might offend a few people? Jesus, how pathetic!

  • Great news! Sooner then expected.

    What about EU?

  • The first thing every single person should do if they buy Little Big Planet is to create a level filled with these supposedly “offending” quotes.

    Pathetic, Sony. Just pathetic.

  • sonys losing it, i predict sony out of the gaming business after ps3.

  • Never seen Qur’an, is she hot? I demand photos.

  • NOOOOO! how lame!

    i guess its good for MM to not offend anyone..

    idk what im going to do with all my lost LittleBigPlanet time :/ lol

    i wish this could have just been patched, but i guess what is done is done

    so when will this be in stores now? if it ships the 27th when can we expect it?

  • zeus, my god, will make sure that lbp is not delayed. i offered him my prayer, a goat and 3 unicorns. he’s the king of the gods. i have faith he’ll sort this out.

  • Eu the game releases Oct 31

  • @87..some retailers have already broke street dates. So if you go out there now, you might get lucky.

  • Hey sony that game loco roco, yah…. about those bouncy things are racist. can you gather up those copies and take them out for me? don’t what to disappoint anyone….
    maybe we should just fine comb every game.

  • The decision to delay delivery due to censorship is much more offensive! SCEA should take immediate action, rectify the situation, go forward with the promised release date, and apologize for offending the vast majority of its customers. Sony is allowing itself to become a victim of radical-religious terrorism’s goal – FEAR!

  • I will do you one better sony and cancel my preorder. You hype me up for this game and now this?? I guess i’ll just wait and buy the game cheap on craigslist. Disgusting! Lets see how many actual scans you get now. Trust me on this, gamers are fickle by nature and can make or break any game. You guys screwed up real big on this one…

  • Thank you MM & Sony for taking this as a serious matter.

    Believe me if I saw your level I’ll report you & get you banned.

  • 27th…’s okay i guess but still a major let down for me…this game will have user created levels so people are bound to get offended either way in my opinion by a level, character, etc…i mean it is user created….(sigh) oh well, guess resistance 2 beta will keep me busy

  • hey everyone sale your ps3 and buy a xbox360

  • To be honest, I haven’t got a clue what the Qu’ran is, nor do I honestly care.

    But the delay is certainly nothing worth getting too worked over.

    Do what you need to do Sony.

  • Well You all know why they dont want Anything from the Qur’an coming out because they dont want a certain ppl knowing that muslims are a good ppl.

  • Guys sony cant release the patch because they want to make sure that everyone doesnt get this song i guess so they got all the copies back and deleted that song or wat ever, but u guys release the patch still , because some people got the copy earlir

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