Resistance 2 beta begins… today!

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Heya, it’s been a while since I’ve been seen around these parts as James Stevenson, Bryan Intihar and the others at Insomniac have been doing most of the Resistance 2 posting as of late. Along with my return to the blog, I bring a few announcements with regards to R2:

  • Today, October 16th, the public beta for Resistance 2 will begin in North America. The beta will offer gamers a glimpse at Resistance 2’s online competitive and co-op modes ahead of the game’s launch on November 4th. We will be admitting players in two waves: a Premiere wave which includes those that pre-ordered at GameStop, individuals who subscribed to QORE for one year and/or bought the episode featuring Resistance 2 and a recent contest from Those of you in the Premiere wave should be receiving an email with a registration code between now and tomorrow afternoon. A second wave is starting in the middle of next week, and you apply to be a part of it by going to once the site goes live (later tonight). For those of you across the pond in Europe, the public beta will also begin next week.
  • The Beta will include competitive maps from three locations in the game. These maps include 60-, 40-, and 20-player maps from Orick, 40- and 20-player maps from Chicago, and the 10-Player map Sub Docks (Bay Area). New modes Skirmish and Core control will be supported, along with Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. The co-op portion of the beta will focused on Orick, and will support randomization of your play-path. Both co-op and competitive will support matchmaking and class/character progression up to level 10. This will allow unlocking of new equipment, upgrades and berserks for character customization.
  • Speaking of, the beta version of our new community site goes live tonight as well. Customizable leader boards/user profiles, individual blogs and ‘ticker’ that provides players with up to minute information of happenings on the site are just some of the features the beta site has to offer. Leading into the November 4th North American launch of the game (and the months to follow), we’ll be adding several more features that will make the destination for all Resistance fans.
  • And, finally, Resistance 2 has gone gold. As a special treat, the below image gives all of you PlayStation Blog readers an idea on just how big just the online coop campaign mode is :)

HiRes Co-op graph

That’s all for now. Keep your eyes open for more R2 announcements as we lead into launch. If you have any questions, write them in the comments sections and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  • “Try tonight” ? You mean you aren’t at home right now, Jeff? Man, I think at 7 PM you can safely call it a day- take it easy man. :)

  • Posted on the resistance site, playstation site and here. LOL Why i didnt get the code when i pre-order the game?

    Hmmm i need to chill. :)

  • I pre-ordered from gamestop and submitted my code to and still haven’t received my email…
    [DELETED] betas! This happened last time with the SOCOM and LBP betas!

    fix this!

  • Hey Jeff i bought the qore episode 3 a long time ago will i get it? how do they know my email i would like to know how you guys send this stuff kind off interesting

  • Hey insomiac team, what if i just bought the third episode of qore. do i still get the beta?


    what if you only bought episode 3 of Qore…would u still get the beta

  • When will the beta end???????? Jeff or Greg

  • i already got it :D

    downloading the beta right now, i was in the private beta as well so i already know what to expect

  • At the moment i’m not able to pre-order or subscribe to Qore, and i already entered the Gamepro contest but i got nothing. Is there any other way for me to get the beta? I would really apreciate it, thx.

  • Got mine I’ll see you guys on there soon!!

    Nice level three after first game, this rocks!!!

  • What if I already redeemed a GameStop Pre-Order code that guaranteed me access and I do not receive a code either today or tomorrow?

  • Sucks that not everyone, as myself, that subscribed to Qore yearly did not get email

  • Can I haz beta code?

  • Cant wait for this game. Girl with a stick FTW!

  • I just got my email. Thanks! I can’t wait to play R2.

  • Anyone with an extra code? I need a beta code

  • Good question titusf! I want to know too.

  • Yep,Got my code,I already downloaded and I am installing now,See yall in a few minutes!!

  • Saw this post, checked my e-mail and the top first email was my code. :)

  • where’smy code I pre-ordered the special edition one and no beta yet!!

  • Thanks Greg!

    any chance for some R2 avatars on the PSN?

  • Lol @ the trolls above, registering to this website just to post flame bait in blog sections. Get a life.


  • OMG i thought i got the email. Nope its about male enhancement :(

  • My email address has changed since I purchased Qore. Will the beta code be sent to my old non-existant address or will it be sent to my current email account that I have on my psn account? Is there anyway I can have them send it to my new address?

  • also bought that qore mag 3 and still havnt received anything.

  • Going Gold means the game is finished and is being replicated on bluray discs and going to be distributed across the world soon.

    I think.

  • It means that the game is either almost complete, finished or fully complete.


  • Thx for the update Jeff. I can’t wait for the email….my blackberry is waiting :-)

  • Got a question. Ok i preorder the game at Gamestop and got the voucher. Without reading the stuff underneath the code was too excited, i put the code in the redeem and it gave me an error. Then i registered on the net. And is waiting for the email.

    Will i get it? Or did i goofed!

  • Anyone with an extra code? Thx


  • @CanadianWolf

    Yeah…Killzone 1 was so much better


  • Gone gold means the game is complete and a Gold master disk created to be copied and manufactured.
    Also means u will soon start seeing street date broken, leaked videos etc. etc.

  • Jeff, I don’t think that’ll work (re-downloading the private beta app). Much has changed in this new client. The game title is not the same as before, as well. Private beta participants are not automatically rolled over into this public beta. Even someone at Insomniac said this. :p

  • I would like to know whether the visuals or the audio are improved in the gold build. To be honest, both the private and public beta both were underwhelming in terms of visuals and audio. The game itself is fun, I just do not know why the visuals are as they are given how nice Ratchet and Clank looked and sounded.

  • I subscribed to Qore through my dad’s account which is using his old email.

    That email address, or so I’m told by my dad is no longer active, but I can still sign in to PSN fine.

    Is there away to change the email and still receive my beta key?

    PSN: ukhayam

  • Got my beta invite today, downloaded it after the PS Store came back up and it took a while (hay it’s been a busy day / week for the PSN) and have been playing it. Great game by the way.

    Any word on how old a build the beta is in comparison to the final build will see when the game is finally released? Other words visually how much of difference will we see?

  • Uggg no code yet…….WHY MUST YOU TAUNT ME GOD!!!

    This is great news BTW! THANX SONY!!!

  • I was really worried when I didn’t get my beta code in the email today, but thank goodness the Playstation Blog put my fears to rest with the phrase “and tomorrow afternoon.”

  • Checking my e-mail right now.


  • if i call my gamestop and ask them to change my preorder from Wrath of the lich king… do you think they will give me the code over the phone or is it tucked away like the MGS4 beta was in that cd case?

  • No e-mail yet. I guess I will have to wait until after work on Fri. Man I hope it comes in by then.

    Oh, and thanks for the update.

  • By coincidence, I just subscribed Qore earlier this morning, not knowing that this was happening today. I’m not the hugest Resistance fan or anything, but I wouldn’t mind participating in the Beta. Does just subscribing today include me in the Beta, or am I too late?

  • Suweeeeet! I’ve been waiting for this for a loooong time!

  • i live in australia
    will the beta be happening in australia?

  • Something I haven’t seen a straight answer to yet.

    Will there be any split-screen at all in the game? I heard that the offline regular story mode split-screen was taken out. Will I be able to play the 8 player Co-op with a buddy on the same PS3?

    If there is no split-screen then why does a feature like that get scrapped after it was included in the first one?

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