Far Cry 2 comes Home today

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Hi All, the Far Cry 2 Space is launching in PlayStation Home’s closed beta as we speak!

Far Cry 2 at Home
The space will invite players to dig deeper into the game’s vast African landscape. Users will have the opportunity to investigate in-game environments, including a bombed-out train station that has been converted into the ad hoc office of Reuben Oluwagembi, a journalist caught in the middle of the propaganda conflict between the warring UFLL and APR factions.

Far Cry 2 at Home
In Reuben’s office, you’ll be able to analyze an interactive map of the game world to strengthen your knowledge of the Far Cry 2 environment to develop your strategy for future missions. Locate guard posts, safe houses to save the progress of your game, weapon shops to buy new weapons, and bus stations to expedite your travel across the expansive land.

Far Cry 2 at Home
Players will have access to Reuben’s files containing various pictures, articles, and dossiers that will delve deeper into the background of The Jackal, as well as that of the other warlords and opposing factions. And finally, multiplayer game of Mancala that uses bullets as game pieces will be fully playable.

Hope you enjoy it and be sure to look out for new features as we’ll be updating the space regularly.

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  • Cool; I’m looking forward to Farcry 2.

  • Thanks Bertrand…will have to check this out..

  • Release Home already

  • @ Neil.


    PSblog you should hear this man.

  • Downloading the spaces now! :D

  • Nice. I got bored of my Home beta rather quickly, not enough people or things to do. To see Home starting to get some tie-ins with games is exactly were the Home experiance needs to go.

    I’ll be sure to check this out tomorrow night.

  • It reminds me of Cartman and his Theme Park commercial: “Look how awsome this is! But YOU can’t get in!”

  • Will be nice to get thing called Home someday. I hear about it but does it really exist? So now when games come out people will be yelling “WTF no Home content, i WON’T BE BUYING THIS GAME!”

  • @Bertrand & Sony

    Thanks for showing us your Far Cry 2 space in Home, that’s awesome and all, but I’m a bit discerned about why you show this off now when 95% of us cannot see it. It’s pointless to advertise what a small group will figure out naturally, while leaving the rest of us to hold our mouths open in waiting. Not that I’m saying it’s a bad idea, making a FC2 room or anything, just advertising it to a majority that doesn’t have access to it, it’s just kind of demeaning.

    Anyways, again, the space looks cool, just not too keen on Home due to it’s inability to go into public beta stage. At this rate we’ll never see it, because people keep adding to it and then all THAT needs to be bug tested, and that requires more pre-public beta testing, and yada yada yada. You get my point.

  • Wow it looks better in home than it does in the game.

  • I’m in the beta, will certainly chek this out later…surprised to see this on the blog…nust mean something…LBP space and R2 space would be greatly appreciated

  • This is awesome! I can’t wait to get off of work and into Home later today. Far Cry 2 is going to be awesome.

    Thanks for the great news, Bertrand.

  • LBP space would be very cool. I can only imagine what kind of crazy space those devs would make for LBP.

  • I love being a part of the Beta, what a great update, I’m sure Farcry 2 is going to kill it.

  • I would be more interested if I was in the Beta.

  • Thanks for promoting an update to A CLOSED BETA! Not only did I download the theme that was foolish enough to renew my interest in home, but that still did not get me in. Home has been in beta for a very long time and this is infuriating for those of us who are still being excluded.

  • Nice, I’m looking forward to checking out the game spaces when Home is released, or when I get accepted into the beta *nudge, nudge*

  • Very Excellent! but you guys need more Mancala Table in there xD

  • Oh nice inclusion of mancala. That kind of game-related content will keep people coming to your space.

  • A nice addition, looking forward to checking it out.

  • Hmmm… if Home is not being released to the public very soon, I would think the person accepting to have this post on this blog made a really bad decision…

  • This is just wrong, you guys should just send this out to the beta tester instead of wasting our time by advertising something that most of us can’t even have. This is just disgusting to gloat around about new features teasing people that didn’t get a beta code. Just inappropriate, get your act together.

  • this is exactly the kind of thing that I want to see developers implementing into Home. Naughty Dog is doing it for Uncharted, Incognito is doing it for Warhawk and Insomniac is doing it for Resistance (hopefully Resistance 2). quite frankly this is badass, awesome job guys, cannot wait to check this out!


  • Far Cry 2 looks amazing. Truly, it does.

    While I won’t be getting it for the PS3 (opting for the PC version), I can’t wait to check out Far Cry 2’s Home space!

  • So awesome!! Home has lots of potencial! Can’t wait for it and check all of this.

    Now all it needs is to be released -.-

  • WOW cant wait to go Home (my real house)after work to check out the new space in Home. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  • Nice – Far Cry 2 is out next week but what about Home?

  • for every1 whining about being HOMEless…you can take this as indication that home is almost here or inthe words of sony..ahhem..SOON to be released lol

  • @Money1

    We thought Home was SOOn to be realesed, like, more than a year ago! Now we’re just desperatly craving for it…

  • Wow, enormous props for being the first third-party game to fully support all of the PS3’s features! My trust in Ubisoft fell a bit after Assassin’s Creed but I know Far Cry 2 will be a blast! Thanks again! :D

  • Great idea…keep it up!

  • yer we need home all this is crap to us we want home no more delays you do know playstation is now called delay station aperenty to the 360 forum so yer we need it now

  • I’ll go check this out right now.

    Oh no! I seem to have been locked out of the beta! Oh no!

    I hope Sony sends me another beta invite, since I was so totally in it before.

  • Too bad I don’t have a HOME of my own. :(

  • If only most of the users had Home…..Those invites went out to most of the Qore subscribers, leaving the rest of us out in the cold.

  • No this doesn’t mean Home is close to being done, because the guy who posted this news doesn’t work for sony

  • That looks brilliant.

    And the obligatory “where’s Home?”

  • Hey Bertrand,I have QORE,can you give us an idea when we will be getting an update on the status of when we will get HOME?

  • Finally Home is taking shape. Can’t wait for the game next week.

  • Man,t he new Xbox experience is gettin’ lots of news…


    time to step up the attack!

    or else it seems Micro$oft is going to beat you to the new avatar based system..


  • Sony just hurry up and release HOME. I am in the Beta but my friends want in also. Come on. Why would you tease them by posting this on the blog instead of the HOME Beta forums? That’s like waving a lollipop in front of a group of 5 year olds.

  • schweet!

    PSN: yungder



  • So do the developers of the game actually make the space, or does Sony based on what the game is about?

  • That second picture looks like a scene in that car junkyard from the movie HEAT.

  • Doesn’t this belong at some beta forum for the beta-testers?

    Or are you planning to give build updates for all software in development in the future?

    I understand you want to talk about Home and people want to hear about i too, but to be honest, this time… It just felt like a bit of a slap in the face for me who doesn’t have access to it. “Look at all the cool stuff some people get but not you!”

  • I also have not been invited to Home beta.

    Guess I’ll just go in a corner and quietly lick my fur waiting for an open beta opportunity.


  • when i first show the picture, i thought it’s R2 beta announcement.. then i read the headline and was disappointed.. the colors and texture of the first picture are similar to the chicago level.. any R2 beta announcement?

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