Linger in Shadows Hits PSN Today!

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Hey all – I’m back again, and I hope you’ve had a chance to read my recent post on Linger in Shadows from last Saturday. Linger releases today on PSN for $2.99, so I wanted to answer some questions that popped up, as well as give a little insight as to how you go about exploring and interacting with Linger.

First things first … I know I haven’t gotten back to folks on the comments, but I have been busy working on finishing the PSP download version of Everyday Shooter, but I promise I’ll chime in and respond to some of the questions and comments here.

When you actually play through Linger in Shadows there are a bunch of things to think about as you explore. Roam through the timeline both forward and backward. Look beyond the frame of the picture as you see it. There are things hidden that you can play with, unlock, and even get Trophies for if you find them. You’ll want to utilize all aspects of the SIXAXIS or the DualShock3.

Right now you may be thinking, “What in the world is he talking about?” But once you jump into the experience, you’ll start to realize what I’m talking about. I don’t want to explain it too much and give it away.


Also, there are even hints both through audio cues, visual effects, and the DualShock3 if you have that controller as well. If you miss something critical, it winds back, and you are given a hint, too. We added these hints because we want you to enjoy it and not get too frustrated.

Ok, onto Trophies. The reason for including Trophies is that we wanted to reward the player for exploring. The more exploration beyond the basics, the more you get. A lot of these are reflected through “greets.” For those of you who don’t know what greets are, they come from the demoscene. Demo groups put in call outs, or greets, to friends or other groups whose work they really respect. It is kind of like liner notes on a record album. It’s a tradition of the art form that I think is cool, and it exposes you to other demoscene groups that you should check out.

Another thing to think about is that Trophies don’t have to be the traditional “You Killed XXX enemies” or “Beat time of blah” sort of thing. They can be explored as part of ideas, philosophy, mocking the traditional idea of Trophies, or for very unique approaches to playing the game, art, or whatever. I think we’ll start to see Trophies awarded for a lot of different things moving forward as people think about them as being more than just a bullet point.


I hope I answered some of your questions. I probably created more questions than I answered, but then again, I hope I can address some of those in the comments. I think that once you get your hands on Linger in Shadows and explore the experience today, it will start to make a lot more sense.

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  • Thats progress Jason…

    Select button screen captures..awesome….

  • I’ll buy it just on principle to support having original/unique/different kinds of stuff like this.

  • Oh I forgot about the $5 mininum. Well I guess I’ll have to wait to get it unless there’s something else to buy this week. They should really fix that.

  • I have no idea what this is but I can’t wait to get it. It looks like nothing I’ve seen before so I give it points for originality, and it sounds like it’ll be easy to get 100% trophies :D

  • This is great. I really appreciate this! It’s something different and unique.

    I’m so gettings this…it’s not even a question.

  • 2.99 to take a look at someones work…

    as a musician I appreciate and enjoy all types of art.

    Looks amazing! I’m in!!! I’ll be back later to compliment you after I’m done watching it.

  • When will canada have the playstation store update

  • Jason Greeson

    I’ve worked on a lot of titles and projects here at Sony, and Linger in Shadows is definitely original and unique. It’s like nothing I’ve ever been lucky enough to mess around with. Certainly worth $3 to experience it, and there’s even trophies on top of that!

  • Sick i dig what you’re doing here – may not be for everyone but at 2.99 you are deffinitely going to get people d/ling it for a look and discovering something they like – keep up the good work bro.

  • are you that guys that made everyday shooters for the ps3 release? if you are u got me into buying lis.dont lie to just get me to buy linger in shadow.

  • Sweet, I am courious and interested and want to linger in this experience…and besides flying dogs are cool.

  • I’m waiting as patiently as possible, but I’m really excited to take this for a spin. I wish the PSN Store would update, already! :) $2.99 sounds great, I was ready to give you $9.99 for it, though…

    Thank you, I can’t wait!!!

  • Linger in Shadows = $2.99 + Tax
    Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket – Powered Battle Cars = $14.99 + Tax

    There goes your $20 PSN card from Blockbuster.


  • Into the Pink huh? Already looking foreward to it! Linger in Shadows is definitely worth the 3 €!!

  • Thanks Rusty…will check this one out too.

  • while with all the talk and post about linger in the shadows i really cant grasp what its about dont get me wrong i never judge a game by its cover it looks pretty nice its just that i dont no what to expect from a game like this care to tell me what the charcters (cat, dog, shadow thing) do in the game

  • This is the type of stuff I like to see to differentiate the PS3…

    …I think I remember seeing images from Linger a long time ago and people were trying to figure out what it was.

    keep up the experimentation on the PSN!

  • I have two questions.

    1. How long would you say the average play through( or watch through ) is?

    2. Although $3 sounds good. Are you going to have a bunch of add-ons that end up costing even more? Because the reason why I never buy anything off the playstation store is because almost every single game on there nickels and dimes you to death with add-on content. So if you tell me that what your offering is the whole package, then I might consider buying it.

    I hope my questions are good even to warrant a reply.

    • I\’ll answer question 2 for now and I can say empahtically that what you see is what you get. There are no expansion packs/add-ons. Would you do that to a painting? ;)



  • Can’t wait to DL.

    Also, I love your ideas on trophies. I’ve been very tired of the standard usage and culture behind trophies; M$ ruined a lot for the industry.

  • Count me in!

    This looks awesome!

    Are and DLC planned?


  • I’m really interested in checking this game out. good job, nice price, i’ll be picking this up tonight.

  • hell it looks really good i’m buying it [deleted] the haters

  • thats a an awesome deal for a game like that!

  • This looks like something I will check out at some point. Kudos to you guys, and Sony in general, for taking a chance.

    The price point sounds ideal, particularly given the recent announcement of “premium” themes at upwards of $2 a pop.

    On that side note, is it just me, or has Sony been wildly inconsistent around DLC value & pricing? Compare and contrast the rants around items like “premium” themes & Quore; versus what we’ve heard from the community around “Linger in Shadows” or Wipeout HD (I certainly expected around $30 for the latter).

    There again it may all come down to personal preferences, in which I will (grudgingly) digress :)

  • this seems extremely creepy and i still cant wrap my mind around how it works but im gunna give it a try when it hits the store… btw where is the update im getting impatient!!!!!

  • I’m afraid I can’t find it in the store…is it there? People are saying they’ve downloaded it already but I can’t find it. Usually I see stuff under new releases.

  • its on the uk store already but we dont have it yet

  • @rbuchert

    Thats great to hear. Thanks for the quick reply.

    p.s. where did you get the inspiration to make this game? Did it come to you in a dream or what?

  • Well, can one of our EU brethren let us know how long it took them to view the “not game thing?” A two hour movie costs $8 to go see, so if I can get at least an hour of “game”play out of this I’ll consider it worth it.

  • Very interesting and innovative.


    And I never even heard of demoscene or the like. But this definitely has me interested.

  • Does this game support any PS eye functionality?

  • out of curiosity.. who modeled (the screenshot) that cat? it’s beautiful!

  • Hi Rusty,

    I was very excited about this release, downloaded it, and I’m very happy that I did. It’s a great project and I’m pleased to have supported it.

    However, it does feel like it’s slightly randomly arty for the sake of being pretty. I’ve been involved with interactive art for about 15 years, creating my own websites and discussing it in my thesis (yes, I really am actually a Doctor, it’s not just a username!), and I felt that the project was lacking a cohesive artistic intention to bring it into focus. It was good, and an interesting scenario, but it didn’t quite pull together for me.

    On my other foot I wear the shoe of a games designer, so it was interesting to see the way in which the interactions were designed. Again, I felt that I wasn’t so much responding to the visuals as I was doing what the icon-prompts were telling me to do. Perhaps some more subtle hints in the future would distract less from the overall experience.

    I’d definitely say it’s worth getting, for people who are considering it. I look forward to seeing a lot more works like this in the future!

    Cheers for putting this online Sony!

  • Where is the US Playstation Store update? It’s awfully late now and I want to pick this up ASAP

  • I absolutely cannot wait. As a huge fan of the arts and the demoscene as a whole, I’m totally psyched.

    Constantly pegging the PSN store checking to see if it’s updated.

  • Looks awesome. $2.99 is a steal for anything these days, especially a work of art. Definitely picking it up!

  • update the store!!!!! i want this now!!!

  • I found some greetings…I mean I saw them but I don’t know how to prove I saw them.

  • I think this game just shows off the true beauty of the PS3, different types of people and developers are making things that no one even imagined playing on a game console. This is bringing more of a wide variety of fan/user base which means more content for us fanatics. This is great, Thanks rbuchert for all you and your team’s hard work!!!

  • $2.99 for this. I’ll be getting it.

    Thanks Rusty, I’ve been following this interactive art for quite some time now.

    I’m glad to see it’s finally coming out. Also glad that more is being experimented on.

  • Wow its only $2.99 well thats cheap. I have no idea what this game is about but the trailer looks very interesting. It also has trophies which is pretty cool but I still don’t know what its about. But after seeing the trailer I might pick it up.

  • I was sold on this already, but i thought it’d be at least $4.99, so thats a nice surprise.

    I can understand there are many questions/doubts up in the air, but i see it as one of those things you have to experience, not only to understand but to appreciate, and i cant wait.

    I like how the trophies were implemented too, rewarding you for exploring as much as you can. I look forward to other pieces you guys may have in the works!

  • how long is the expeirience

  • Cabt wait to try it seems intersesting cant wait lol

  • Some reason the store is late on it’s normally consistent 5pm est update?

  • Where is the update!

  • Hello guys, i’m from Portugal, Europe and i’ve already download and tried Linger in the Shadows. It’s not a game but you will get thropies. Confused? Don’t be! It’s art, moving art, interactive art and i must say it’s pretty good. And just for 2.99 euros and 105 mb, just give it a try guys.


  • I know it’s a cheap “non-game” (hehe), but is there going to be some sort of demo or test, whatever you want ot call it?

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