Linger in Shadows Hits PSN Today!

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Hey all – I’m back again, and I hope you’ve had a chance to read my recent post on Linger in Shadows from last Saturday. Linger releases today on PSN for $2.99, so I wanted to answer some questions that popped up, as well as give a little insight as to how you go about exploring and interacting with Linger.

First things first … I know I haven’t gotten back to folks on the comments, but I have been busy working on finishing the PSP download version of Everyday Shooter, but I promise I’ll chime in and respond to some of the questions and comments here.

When you actually play through Linger in Shadows there are a bunch of things to think about as you explore. Roam through the timeline both forward and backward. Look beyond the frame of the picture as you see it. There are things hidden that you can play with, unlock, and even get Trophies for if you find them. You’ll want to utilize all aspects of the SIXAXIS or the DualShock3.

Right now you may be thinking, “What in the world is he talking about?” But once you jump into the experience, you’ll start to realize what I’m talking about. I don’t want to explain it too much and give it away.


Also, there are even hints both through audio cues, visual effects, and the DualShock3 if you have that controller as well. If you miss something critical, it winds back, and you are given a hint, too. We added these hints because we want you to enjoy it and not get too frustrated.

Ok, onto Trophies. The reason for including Trophies is that we wanted to reward the player for exploring. The more exploration beyond the basics, the more you get. A lot of these are reflected through “greets.” For those of you who don’t know what greets are, they come from the demoscene. Demo groups put in call outs, or greets, to friends or other groups whose work they really respect. It is kind of like liner notes on a record album. It’s a tradition of the art form that I think is cool, and it exposes you to other demoscene groups that you should check out.

Another thing to think about is that Trophies don’t have to be the traditional “You Killed XXX enemies” or “Beat time of blah” sort of thing. They can be explored as part of ideas, philosophy, mocking the traditional idea of Trophies, or for very unique approaches to playing the game, art, or whatever. I think we’ll start to see Trophies awarded for a lot of different things moving forward as people think about them as being more than just a bullet point.


I hope I answered some of your questions. I probably created more questions than I answered, but then again, I hope I can address some of those in the comments. I think that once you get your hands on Linger in Shadows and explore the experience today, it will start to make a lot more sense.

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  • Awesome <3

  • so how much is this going to be for PSN download… looks really interesting but undecided still.

  • Love it – can’t wait to dl tonight…

  • @2 –

    Dude. Second sentence – “Linger releases today on PSN for $2.99”

  • im sorry i wont be buying this game lol its not that i dont want to its just i have 4gigs left lol

  • Looks really wierd….. think ill go with super duper crazy cars instead. SO MUCH COMING OUT THIS MONTH.

  • Why don’t people read O_O

  • interesting

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Getting paid so, it all works out!

    It looks amazing.

  • I remember downloading demos in the early 90’s off of the old BBS systems. I haven’t really seen them much in a long time, I guess I just haven’t paid much attention to them since the internet era took off. Good to see this stuff available to the mainstream audiences. I’ll check it out today.

  • $2.99 is a great price. Thanks for not trying to rape the fan’s wallets.
    Funny, I had no idea that I knew what the “demoscene” was until I looked into it. 10 years ago or so I spent way more time than I’d admit staring at “AcidWarp” and other similar demos. Can’t wait to see how far it’s come in the last 10 years.

  • Downloaded it and got all the trophies, was very cool, fascinating to watch.

    And everyday shooter for PSP, very cool.
    Any chance for a trophies update for the PS3 version of Everyday Shooter? :D

  • Don’t really like it. Sorry.

    • Hey zakir8,
      There\’s nothing to be sorry about. I knew going into this some people will like it some won\’t. Both art and games are all about personal preference.

  • i don’t get it…hopefully when i head home and can watch the vids i’ll be able to understand the game better.

    if all else, it looks pretty.

  • I know it is now a game, now I want to know, what else does it offers that I don’t get by just watching the video?

    I’ll get it for sure by the way. I love art in every form.

  • I dont even understand what its about but I think I’ma get it anyhow

  • i watched the video, read the little blog…no idea what it is but my interest is peaked…and or 2.99 it won’t hurt to try it.

  • I have more questions now than before :-)

  • “$2.99”

    You’ve got yourself a deal!

  • im buying

  • Just wanted to add another post to the people who are confused. THIS IS NOT A GAME!!! Do not come back here complaining about how you think this is stupid and unplayable because you were expecting some really cool game. It’s more like interactive art, and this stuff has been around for a really long time. If you have an open mind, I suggest you give it a shot.

    • Thanks for backing up the message! It took me a while to get some people here to understand that it isn\’t a game.



  • So, it’s finally here. I cannot wait, it’ll be very interesting.

  • I’ll pick this up – looks like it will be a nice showpiece.

  • Ok so it’s basically an exploration of art with trophies for 2.99? Count me in.

  • I will be buying this game… without people pushing the boundries like this, we don’t end up getting the rare classics that we all seem to love and yearn for. i.e. ICO

  • $3.00? Bought. This will be a nice distraction from a “regular” game to rest my eyes.

  • I’ll buy this when my PS3 gets back from Sony’s repair shop. :D $2.99 is excellent for an experimental… um… thing!

  • Is there a possibility of something similar for the psp in the future?

  • it sound cool and fun at the same time more for the fact that is a different type of game. so ill pick it up tonight

  • $2.99 for this?? Yeah, I can do that! :D

    All sorts of good news coming out today. Much thanks! :D

  • Was already planning on picking this up and for $3 that is well worth it! I hope to see more of these types of demoscenes in the future! :D

    One like this of Midgar from the FF7 tech demo would be pretty sweet! *hint hint* ;)

  • bahhhh sorry blind as usual… im gonna try this out for sure then, as long as my lunch money can cover it it’s a buy for me… lol

  • $2.99 is an okay price I guess. I mean, it’s not even a game. At least it’s not $15.00.

  • Will there be more of these on PSN in the future? Or is it all dependent on how well this sells?

    • I Have a couple of other experiments still going too. I can\’t talk much about them now, but there will be more.


  • Awesome, love the look of the game(?) can’t wait to play(?) it! :)

  • It looks interesting and never heard of these demos but I’m willing to dive in for the experience. And the price is right. Thanks! :D

  • $2.99
    = Great price point.

    Is there like an estimated time length that it would take to fully explore all of Linger in Shadows?

  • Nice price, great to see that you guys dont tried overpriced it. Im sold.

  • how much space is this thing taking? and are you allowed to delete stuff and re-download later?

  • $2.99? The price is definately right. I’ll be picking this up when the store updates later on.

  • it looks really good, will it have a matching sound track?…you can be expecting my 3 bucks…

  • Man this seems really interesting.

    Is there music or soundtrack?

    Does it allow custom soundtracks and if so do they effect the art?

    Is there gong to be more art that we are going to be able to add to Linger?

    • Herby,
      It has it\’s own soundtrack to it. The way this was designed both the music and the visuals are interelated. So no you can\’t do a custom soundtrack with this one.

      There artn\’t going to be expansions, for lack of a better term, for Linger, but there are more pieces in the works.



  • (AT #40)
    read the blog bro it tells you…

  • I guess some people haven’t seen those ATI or Nvidia PC card interactive demos before. Not only does it display great art that you can interact with, it shows off what the PS3 can’t do. And at $2.99 this is a steal.

  • I am totally in? 2.99 + tax for something new (at least for me) sounds like a good deal!!!

  • Seems interesting. But somehow I don’t exactly know what the “gameplay” is like. I know is not a game, but how do we interact with the world? are you a flying orb, a walking person, the dog? or is it like a shooter on rails without the actual shooting?

    Also, sony please make it so that we can use international credit cards to buy psn stuff.

  • Will this be remote playable at all?

  • Woah! $2.99?! You have to be kidding!

  • This is only $2.99? For as cool as it looks I figured it would have been $20. I cant get enough of this Artsy stuff.

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