TGS 08: Sackboy Solid Snake and Sephiroth to join LittleBigPlanet

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Minutes ago on the Tokyo Game Show show floor, the Kratos and Nariko Sackboys/girls made a couple of new friends. Welcome Sackboy Solid Snake and Sackboy Sephiroth!


I caught up to Media Molecule’s Alex Evans minutes before the announcement was made, and he talked about this dream collaboration:

It all started with the Helghast thing. It was really funny because we were aware of a lot of possibilities of who we could work with. I remember the first time that Final Fantasy was mentioned, and there was a bet over whether it would be happened since it’s such a precious franchise.

And with Metal Gear, I bought my PS1 for Metal Gear Solid, and I didn’t have a memory card – so I left the game on when I went to work and came home and played some more.

To be involved with MGS is… slightly bizarre. When we were looking at what options as a studio we’d have to work with, they were under the “yeah, right!” category of games.

and Sackboy have a strong identity and flavor. So then you try to find the translation to Metal Gear and Sephiroth, and the guys that made the characters really brought the flavors of LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear together and kept the flavor of both of them

[On Final Fantasy collaboration:] It’s a whole universe, and they’ve built up this ethos. And we’re honored to be let into that universe.

We’l have more details on LittleBigPlanet’s newest residents soon. In the meantime, click here for more hi-res pics.

solid_snake_new_001 seph_render_black

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  • oh my god, that so freakn cool… i so want those skin for my Little big planet sackboys… well keep up the good work… i can’t wait to get the full verion of the game.. by the way, the beta for LBP rocks!

  • Is it just me, or is LBP’s stock constantly rising every day?

  • I have a few questions on the Sackboys/Sackgirls I heard with the Kratos Sackboy you get Kratos bad guys plus a GOW level does Nariko get bad guys and a level too?

    Also both Sephiroth and Snake look awesome.

    I wonder what the future holds for other Sack people. I have seen so many cool ones already and I wonder what news ones there will be.

    Also with all these different Sack people a game like Super Smash Brothers would be awesome.

    Just thing about Sackboy Snake fighting Sackboy Kratos and Sackboy Sephiroth and Sackgirl Nariko fighting in a one vs four(free for all) game just like Super Smash Brothers. I would love to buy this game.

    Plus the game would be different then Nintendos because this game would be with Sony characters and third party member ones plus all the characters would be in Sack character form.

    Again Sephiroth and Snake are awesome. So great work and I can’t wait to finally play Little Big Planet.

  • Oh, and Sonic Sackboys will ruin everything for me. Ever since Sonic left the Genesis, things have gone wayyy downhill for him. The Dreamcast games were okay, I guess….

    …anyways, I just hope Sackboy costumes are able to keep some level of prestige, I don’t want crappy costumes from crappy games on there.

  • Awesome! the Demo is very very fun!

  • hey! I want my Little Niko Bellic !!

  • that’s just sweet…and one can only let the speculation flood gates run wild =D

  • *cue Jenova song* THANKS!!!!

  • Haha, thanks Media Molecule. That is amazing. I seriously cannot wait until this game is released. It is going to be insane. I have the beta right now and I cannot stop playing it. I haven’t played the SOCOM Beta (which I played the whole time before I got LBP) in a while now.

  • This is awesome!!!!! Next ones have to be Cloud and Nathan Hale! ;)

  • Are you SERIOUSLY not bringing the Team Ico games to TGS?

    What, have you developed a taste for CRASHING AND BURNING at games shows or what?

    You fail at the games business. I suppose since you don’t CARE, you won’t mind if I buy all Sony-published games second hand from here on in so that YOU don’t get the money.

    My God, you’re retards.

  • Okay so we see Sephiroth now where is the FF-VII remake for PS3 ;-) Or are you guys just gonna let Square make all these Xbox games now and forget about PS3 until FF-XIII comes out like 2 years from now

  • I hope Little Big Planet bombs in Japan so that Sony can finally realize that they want RPGs, not an overated platformer.

  • Awesome, fantastic! Old Sack needs his smoke though, and if Kratos can get his monsters can Nariko please, please get Kai?

  • Sweet! I would like more costumes please!

  • @1113 zorox ….asking for something to fail so you get what you want makes no sense. Yes it would be cool to have more RPG’s and even MMORPG’s but wishing doom on LBP will get you nothing. I wish there were more positive people in this world.

  • Wow… Sephiroth…. does this mean we might have change to see Sack Cloud? LOL

    Good stuff!

  • Thanks for the update, them are some sweet looking costumes!

  • they been added to my must have list

  • TOO … MUCH … WIN … !!!

  • @96: Sack Rubenstein would definitely be awesome.

  • i like this costumes

  • WHooooHaaaaa Snakeeeeeee youre in LBP.

    Go on Sony!!!

  • @Zorox
    Disgaea 3 could swear that was an rpg and v.chronicles is coming then we will see more in the future.

    Old Snake I wonder if you can get little stats on creatures with the solid eye or their names or something fun with it

  • Umm…where’s Sephiroth’s sword?

  • … the sackboys are going to be stylin…. but we’re still needing more than a Nariko outfit for us sackgals!!

    … Tombraiding gear maybe? (though we won’t need Lara’s “flotation devices” – it’s an E rated game!)
    … or what about Yuna or one of the FF characters?
    …. or Claire or Jill from Resident Evil?
    … or Meryl from Metal Gear?

    … or even a “Fat Princess” outfit! :)

  • can I use pictures that I have on my ps3 with out the eye cam

  • @126 did you see the medusa costume thats hot

  • So I’m playing the Beta… meh.

    I suppose it’s fun, but loading the created levels takes a lot of time. Anyone else having this issue? Or does my internet connection suck?

  • Loving this..LBP Rocks!!!

  • @129 it must be your ocnnection loads for me only take about 5 seconds…

  • I really love the additions that MM is making with this game. I am thoroughly enjoying the Beta and will be sad on the 11th when it’s finally over. However, the 21st is not to far from then so I guess my sadness will be short lived.

  • [chanting] KEEP BETA KEEP BETA KEEP BETA at lease to oct 20 I just can’t seem to let go of the controller and I only stated playing it since yesterday 6pm

  • started playing

  • That is so awesome. I can’t wait for this game to come out and I’m gonna be really sad when the beta ends and I can’t play it for ten days.

  • do i dare hold my breathe for that Killzone Sackboy that I saw months ago floating on the interwebs???



  • I hope we also get young Snake and more FF characters.
    These costumes need to be downloadable and mix and match.

  • I hope they make a lil fat Barret Wallace. I NEED THAT BEARD AND FLAT-TOP!

  • SWEET! I can’t wait for this game. It just gets better and better!

  • My speculation:
    These downloads will come later, most likely at a price, and they will include levels based on their respective games.
    Sounds great to me. I’m sure the user created levels will be great, but continued support from MM is what I want.

  • I love them…can’t wait for the game to come out


  • I wonder if there’s ever going to be a day that LittleBig Planet DOESN’T get better!?!?!?

    lol This is GREAT news!!!! I’m REALLY excited to see two GREAT franchises come into the LittleBig world!

  • I Pre-ordered LBP at a Gamestop in IL, USA a couple weeks ago. Was I supposed to get some kind of code at that time for Kratos thing? Or is it on release later in Oct? Btw: Snake + Sephiros = win.

  • get on the w00t train chuga chuga chuga chuga w00t w00t!

  • So i come across this article at

    with a direct quote from the article:

    “The Metal Gear Solid pack is scheduled for a December release, but the Final Fantasy VII pack doesn’t have a date yet. Sony plans to make both costumes available in North America and Europe as well as Japan. More details, including prices, will be revealed in the near future.”

    MGS pack in December
    FF7 pack TBA

    No matter what, its a win :)

  • EEEEEEE!!!! This is great!!! =D Amazin! Keeps getting better and better, and to think I was sold for LBP when I just saw the video where they jump around. I didn’t even know about the Create and share part!

    And now all these cameos…it’s brilliant… a win win situation for everyone.

    October 21st it beggins! I’ll see you all there!

  • I’m definitely getting Old Snake. I like having my original SackBoy but it’ll be fun playing as Old Snake once in a while.

    By the way, any word on “real” Sackboys/girls? I want a plush one hanging out in my car or something :)

  • wow and i thought snake looked old when i play MGS4 which is still currently the best game out so far.

  • After playing the Beta I asked my self what could be better. well The Metal Gear Goods have spoken. lol.

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