Bioshock PS3: Of Little Sisters and Ferris Wheels

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My name’s Grant and I’m an animator for the BioShock Add-On Content Challenge Rooms. I was asked to spearhead any animation tasks that was needed for this project. The development team has been working hard here at 2K Boston on these new rooms and we are closing in on the finish line. But, it has been a great experience because it got me the chance to do things I haven’t done before for Bioshock.


One of our first goals was to get the Ferris Wheel in the game. The finished asset was actually physically in the original release of the game, but never used. It was a shame, because it’s a really well crafted piece. So I went through the steps of breaking it apart, rigging it and getting it to move convincingly. Then I had to learn some things about collision and getting the Little Sister to stay in the carriage without misbehaving. After a bit of elbow grease and sweat we got a functioning Ferris Wheel in engine. I hope you guys have fun playing in that room!

I also had to do quite a few more custom Little Sister animations. Revisiting the Little Sister rig from BioShock was a welcome assignment, and I found it somewhat cathartic to once again channel my inner child. My coworkers must have thought it odd when I would jump around my space and wave my arms to act out some of her moves. Actually they’re probably used to it by now.

The team worked really hard and it was fun diving into this project. I have to give props to Kirk Bezio (Add on content Designer), Chad King (Add on content Lead Artist) and Dan Kaplan (Add On content Programmer) in particular for their roles in getting this done. It almost felt like being back in school, except my peers weren’t students but big time pros.

Thanks for taking the time to read our post!

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  • @46

    gears 3 will be on ps3 im sure of it… on read on thier post awhile back epic had said they wanted gears on the ps3 but they needed to get 2 out first so the contract could end. they posted this when unreal was released for the ps3 also saying that thier relationship with sony was better they had more freedom then with microsoft… makes u wonder why gears is coming so quick after unreal.

    on bioshock i cant wait… i played half way through it when i had bought a 360 but despite the awesome game it was i couldnt stand playing games on the 360 (waste of money if u ask me compared to the ps3 but then again im a adult not a kid). i will be getting this on release day though!

  • Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that this past week I finally paid off my Bioshock preorder along with Little Big Planet! Two wonderful games for me to play in one day! Thanks for again for making such a great port of this game for us PS3 users.

  • I do agree with those who are suggesting that asking full price for a year-old game is slightly absurd.

  • Aah!I want this game! :(

  • @53 EvoAnubis…

    Well we’re talking about a game of the year game here. I believe we also get DLC that they had to pay for for free. Look at Eternal Sonata. It’s a year old but it’s also getting additional characters and stuff for free as well.

    Plus we’re getting better features and a harder difficulty. It’s more like expansion DLC. I do think it would have been better to price it at a slight discount and then have reasonably priced DLC to make up for the difference in pricing… Of course paying full price for a game you’ve never played (in my case and many others) is better than upgrading a PC or buying a 360 anyway.

    If you originally bought this game on 360 then you have already supported the title so there’s no big deal if you hold out for a cheaper price. I wouldn’t suggest anyone pay 120 dollars for a Single Player only game.

    @51 thanks for the info on Gears but I’ll wait until they announce Gears for PS3 and it gets close to release before I attempt to psyche myself up. I didn’t like Gears 1, not so excited about Gears 2 as much as I am for Resistance, LBP, and Bioshock (8 player online co-op and 60 player online battles FTW!) but… depending on how things go I might attempt to psyche myself up for Gears 3. There are so many great games coming to the PS3 this year, next year, and possibly every year afterwards… that Gears may get pushed to the side and forgotten about honestly. Just not so much my type of game but it’s one less thing that Xbots can’t moronically attempt to get us envious of.

  • @55: I understand how good the game is. I understand the extra content. Neither of those change the fact that it’s a year old game.

    When Lost Planet was ported a year later to the PS3, it too had all the DLC that the 360 had, and for free. MSRP? $40.

  • Enough with the teasing 2k, give us the game already , we,re licking our friggin chops already sheesh!!!

  • @56

    One more note on the subject and then I’ll drop it. One the 1 hand Lost Planet has multiplayer and the Bioshock version didn’t, on the other hand, Bioshock was an award winning AAA title in many people’s views and Lost Planet was… more or less lack luster.

    I perfectly understand that it’s a year old but you do realize that there are a lot of people that’ll buy NES, SNES, PS1, and other games a decade or older for dang near 40-60 dollars in some cases (EarthBound cost me 50 used no box no manual and well worth the money to me) and good quality games deserve to make good profits.

    I perfectly 100 percent understand where you and a lot of people are coming from. In my view though, games like Overlord and Lost Planet need a bit of a cash drop, and if you don’t think 60 dollars is worth a highly rated game that’s a year old, then wait until the price drops a bit. I’m glad that 2KBoston is releasing it on PS3, but I do feel that they let us down.

    I will be honest I won’t be buying it out of the gate. Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, Disgaea 3, all of these games are my most anticipated games of the year. I currently don’t have money to spend on all of the great games coming out so I may not buy Bioshock for a bit. Not because I don’t want to, but because I’ve already waited a year, the game isn’t going anywhere, I dont’ have the money, I’m not a huge FPS guy, and most importantly those 3 games are going to be taking up more time than I’ll probably have.

    So all in all, I understand where you’re coming from I’m a bit dissapointed but I do give respect for a great amount of work and don’t like being too demanding, but at the same time I am willing to criticize if I feel they could have done things a bit differently.

    Of course if they make enough money on the PS3 release we will essentially guarentee (I hope) a simultaneous release on the PS3 now that numbers are catching up, and sales are generally above 360 sales. I just don’t like it when people become overly demanding and I see it a lot so I do apologize if I seemed to be a bit too edgy about it. I generally don’t post on these blogs for this reason. I felt I needed to speak out against the “PC/360 game” comments made on the first page around comment 11. I generally get a bit passionate about these things.

  • I wish the price was a little lower, so I’ll have to wait a bit to get it, but sooner or later I will.

  • I’m glad and all that Bioshock is releasing on the PS3 but I won’t buy a year old game for $60. I don’t care if its brand new to the system. $40 would have been just dandy. I believe that’s the price on the 360. I’ll have to wait and see how it gets reviewed…


  • to everyone complaining of the price:

    you’re probably right, like i said in my previous post, i played and beat this game last christmas- usually i think $39-49 is a good price for a year old AAA game, not $59! but of course this won’t happen..they know alot of people will buy it, because it IS an amazing game…


    i’m confident in a lot of our poster’s skills here at the blog, so i am pretty sure if you rent it you can easily beat it in the 5-7 days rental period!

    either way, i highly recommend playing the game…it is probably one of the best games i’ve ever played…

    I will be looking forward to the new levels and getting some new trophies!


  • what i thought Bioshock was a xbox360 game? what ever at least i no now its 4 the ps3 :)

  • Can you make R1 and L1 as the shooting and using plasmids buttons instead of R2 and L2 plz, that’s how all PS3 games are, this will determine if I buy this or not, please make L1 and R1 as the default shoulder button and make R2 and L2 switching. Thanks.

  • @27

    Uhhh… Don’t you mean 1080p?

  • isnt it going to come out the same day as home?

  • @11: You do realize this is “The Playstation.Blog” right?, NOT THE XSUX360 blog…

  • even with the new additions, it looks the same as the old one, yet it still goin for $60, because you decided to go with the company that payed you the most, then ur bringing over to make more money? ill waite for a price drop, or just have someone else by it for me.

  • How much will the new DL content cost?

  • As far as I know, these new challenge rooms will ship on the disc along with all the updated content (plasmids, etc.) that was released on 360 & PC. I don’t think 2K has said anything about any DLC that may be available after launch. Also remember that the updated add-on content (not including these PS3 exclusive challenge rooms, of course) was free on the other versions. Stop you can expecting 2K to milk you for your PSN dollars…

  • ^ Wow, rearrange that last bit to say:

    So you can stop expecting 2K to milk you for your PSN dollars…

  • iRez you are an idiot, and a xbot. Yeah shure you own a PS3, the only one who believes that is you.

    Cant wait fot this great game to hit the PS3, i loved the pc version played it for 3 hours by a friend, but wil buy this one for my PS3. sony is coming out of the closed with a lot of great games to come before the end of this year and beyond, en Bioshock is kind of a kick-off for the PS3 Tsunami off games…..

  • @51

    Sorry, but Gears2 will NEVER make it to PS3. What you heard was just a rumor and the makers of Gears have publicly stated that the game will never be ported. It will forever remain a M$ exclusive.

    Too bad, really. Gears2 looks awesome…..except for those UT3 looking, steroid pumped gorilla characters. Seriously, who wears shoes that big?

  • Lastly, this one is a must in my collection.

    Looks awesome!


  • I can’t wait to play this and Nice pic you guys looks really well polished

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