WipEout HD Approaching, Dust Off the Trophy Case

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Well, it’s been a while, but WipEout HD is almost out the studio door and on the virtual shelves of the PSN. What started life as a simple port has grown into a full-fledged game in its own right, with an extensive list of features. One of the things we’re very happy to support is PSN Trophies, 37 of them to be exact (well, 38 including Platinum)… and that’s what I’m going to talk a bit about today.

WipEout HD

Internally, we decided to ensure our trophies covered four main areas – game progression, stat milestones, novelty and skill. You’ll notice these categories reflected in the actual visual look of the trophies themselves, as and when you earn them. There’s are good mix of stuff you’ll earn naturally (through playing ‘normally’), and some bespoke stuff you might have to set some time aside for. For example, you may never have thought of playing Zone Mode with just airbrakes up to Zone 50, but that’s what you’ll have to do if you want the silver ‘Airbreaker’ Trophy in your collection. Then there’s another type of trophy, which falls kind of between those two areas, like the gold ‘Beat Zico’ trophy.

Actually, I’ll go off on a little tangent here.

WipEout HD

A few of us in the team had a long running competition with a very specific ruleset – Anulpha Pass/Forwards/Speed Lap/Venom/Pirahna. We were setting some impressive times. Every now and then someone would find a new tactic, a new line to take through a corner or another barrel roll opportunity, and shave a fraction of a second off the fastest time. We think we’ve found the optimal route now, so it’s all about a flawless execution of that line. We spent a lot of time on this competition, so we decided to make a trophy out of it. When it came to submitting the lap time, Zico Liu (one of our programmers) was top of the table, so he got the naming rights. Obtaining the gold ‘Beat Zico’ trophy is no easy task, so best of luck. Zico has since beaten his own time, and so has Stephen Taylor (another of our programmers), but like I say to them, Time Trials and Speed Laps are like punching a bag – nobody’s hitting you back. Online is where the big boys play, and I’m sure they’ll agree that that’s MY world. In fact I’d like to take this opportunity to trash talk some of our team – Ste, Zico, Tony, Col/s, Ian, Gaz, Matt/s, Sandy, James – I OWN you all.

I won’t go on about specifics and spoil them for you (although I’m sure the internet will do that given enough time), so I’ll leave it there. To summarize, WipEout HD has trophies. There’s one platinum, some gold, more silver and lots of bronze. There’s a good range of difficulty ranging from very easy to damn hard. I take my hat off to anybody that earns themselves the platinum ‘Transcendence’ trophy any time soon.

WipEout HD is available on 09/25 for $19.99. The team are very proud of this game and are just as happy as the fans to see this benchmark title finally get onto the PLAYSTATION Store. Oh, and don’t let the price tag fool you, WipEout HD is no run of the mill port. I can assure you that the PSN bar has been well and truly raised.

Thanks for your all your support and patience, it’ll be worth it.

3, 2, 1 – GO!

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  • I am excited about this game…picked up Wipeout Pulse on Monday to prime myself for the release tomorrow…I love the speed and re-playability the PSP version offers and can’t wait to DL the HD version.

  • Well its 4am and ive been waiting since midnight to download this game…. where is it sony?!?

  • Come on! Where is it!? I never went to sleep thinking it would be out at 4am EST! It’s 7:48 now and no show as of yet! :(

  • Will this come out on bluray, I don’t know if I ever want to buy anything off the PSN ever again.

  • As if we didn’t wait long enough for this game… I called in sick and stayed up all night in anticipation to DL WipeoutHD and still nothing – come on sony!! There goes Sony fooling us again – should have went to work :(

  • Already available at European PSN Stores, downloading now :)

  • gimme! mai! wypowt!

  • IT’S ON PSN NOW!!!!!!!

  • I’ve downloaded, however, noticed something.

    My panels seem to constantly freeze and then my controller won’t function.

    I’ve had to power off (front button) several times and one of my PS3 friends said he heard that if you have 50 or more friends, it tends to freeze.

    Maybe a fw update is required for this, not sure, but thought I’d report the problem here.

    Other than that, the game looks amazing on HDTV.

  • This game keeps freezing!! The only way I can play it is to sign out of PSN!! It needs to be fixed!

  • I will definitely buy this game at some point. Right now, I had a bad experience with PSN, someone has compromized my account and I had to delete all my creditcard info. I’m talking to Sony but they will not reimburse me or tell me what the hell is going on. They said that I must fax them a police report and if I were to dispute the amount with my credit card company, my account will automatically be banned. This is so unacceptable, I’m very disappointed in Sony for treating their loyal customers that way. Just want to warn all of you, DLC can be a bad thing if something happens to it. I hope they will do the right thing else I won’t be purchasing anymore games from the PSN given that it is not totally secured.

  • If you have more than 54 friends..online..it will freeze. And thanks for the headz up as I will be gettin my card info off of PSN!

  • I just tried playing offline and the game plays very well, has amazing graphics and is all I expected it to be.

    I’m happy that Wipeout is out….it’s probably only a minor fix so I’m willing to wait for an update.

    However, some other friends are telling me the online is just amazing…so I’ll be very happy when we do hear a fix is out.

  • THERE’S A BUG IN THE GAME!! It seems when you have more than 50 friends the entire game freezes. That’s f**&&*d up. I refuse to remove at least 40 of my friends only to make the game work! I can’t even play online with my friends… I never buy PSN games again. They’re always messed up.

  • Lastly, I will wait for a fix pior to DLing.


  • cant really enjoy the game if it keeps freezing up on me because of the too many friends i have.

  • Hey Carl,
    I was wondering about the “old” Zone mode that I guess was the delay for the game due to the failed epilepsy test.
    Is it possible that you guys will release it (along with a BOATLOAD of epilepsy warnings?) sometime as a patch? I really like the whole groove with the music approach that the “old” Zone mode has.


  • I haven’t been able to put the controller down! My weekend so far has consisted of perfecting my lines and aiming for blue arrows, and taking pics in photo mode! Best wipeout i’ve ever played! THANK YOU! Rapier class FTW!

  • It seems that people who have after-market hard drives, such as the Samsung 250/320GB 5400RPM drives are having BGM stuttering/dropout issues with the game. Is this being checked into as well?

  • I am also dealing with this “freezing” issue. Called Sony Customer Service and they said they haven’t any information on it..how long before a patch? Can’t even go online, which is why I bought this.

  • Loving this game. Can’t find Eliminator mode though, that Pulse has. Now that was fun.

    Anyone beaten Zico trophy yet… and how?

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