The Punisher: No Mercy Coming Exclusively to PSN

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In case you haven’t already figured it out, there is a new Punisher game coming! We here at Zen Studios are super excited to announce that we’re bringing Marvel’s storied franchise The Punisher to PLAYSTATION Network. Just a quick FYI – EVERYONE here at Zen Studios is a massive Marvel True Believer, so the entire team is on fire for this project.

Punisher Logo

We’re calling the game The Punisher: No Mercy because that’s exactly what it is – merciless. For the first time on consoles, you’ll see the Marvel Universe through a first-person perspective in some intense arena-based multiplayer action. Also, the game is being built from the ground up with some serious tech – yes, we are using the Unreal Engine 3 (the ultimate FPS engine) for this exclusive PSN release. Our main focus is to create an awesome online multiplayer experience with the style and grit from the Punisher’s world, complete with characters like Jigsaw, Bushwacker, Barracuda and even Silver Sable (been reading War Journal lately?…).

What does this mean for you gamers? You better get ready to kick some serious #$% with the first ever first-person shooter developed exclusively for PSN. Stay tuned for more details as they become available at Because of the time difference here in Budapest, all of you who are craving more info can ask your questions in the comments area below, and I’ll have answers for you in another post soon.

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  • This sounds very interesting. Hopefully we get a video on the Playstation Store soon!

    It must have voice chat!

  • From the screenshots looks really nice.
    A multiplayer only FPS … mmhmhmh sounds good to me :D

  • Will the game have trophies and in-game music playback from music stored on the hard drive?

  • single player support and a few trophies would be nice, pics look promising from link above.

  • AWESOME. As a huge Marvel True Believer, this has me pumped up. I hope Sony and Marvel team up for more exclusive projects. If you do, you have a guaranteed sale right here.


  • I hope you guys have a better sense of The Punisher. Not like the guys at LIONHEAD that made the movie a couple of years ago. That sh@t was horrible!.

    Remember The Punisher is all about the gunz!, and revenge of course but mostly about the armory. Hope the developers add a wide variety of guns, scopes, rocket, and granade launchers(MGS4 like variety).

  • shooter?

    There are other genres.

  • “Our main focus is to create an awesome online multiplayer experience with the style and grit from the Punisher’s world, complete with characters like Jigsaw, Bushwacker, Barracuda and even Silver Sable (been reading War Journal lately?…). ”

    Online multiplayer? In the Punisher’s universe?? I’m so buying that!!!!

  • i wonder how much it will cost.

  • thanks Zsolt.
    we hope the game support the trophies.

    thanks again.

  • The Punisher is definitely one of the more promising comic books as far as video game adaptability goes… and an exclusive, no less… I’m assuming you don’t mean TIMED exclusive here?

    Sounds interesting. Always open to killing new things!

  • Great! Are there going to be more Marvel games? I love Marvel Universe!

  • Another FPS?
    Please Impress Me
    -to affect deeply or strongly in mind or

  • This sound great, can’t wait to hear more about. I personally think the unreal engine does not looks that good, but we will see what you can do with it.

  • Wow…….how the hell did you guys keep this quiet? Impressive!

    But, I disagree about the UT3 engine being the best for FPS games. You can ask the guys at Insomniac and Guerrilla; I don’t think they’ll see it that way either.

  • I hope this is based on the gritty/violent Garth Ennis Punisher not the watered down movie version of Mr Castle!I always look forward to comic book based games and i am usually disappointed……

  • Sweet. I can’t say it’s a must buy just yet, but I’m looking forward to more news on this title.

  • I love exclusive games, keep em comin. :)

  • Végre egy magyar fejlesztés!

    Any news about hungarian subtitles for this game?!

  • EricStrattonRushChair

    I’m happy to have another PSN title but what’s up with such a vague “look…er read about me”
    “We’ve got a nice banner…and look at that font. That’s high quality font there.”

    A screenie or two would help…

  • @70 EricStrattonRushChair
    I saw a couple of screenshots.
    Looks great.

  • Damn didnt see this one coming.

    MArvel+Sony= the best of both of my worlds. NICE!

    Will it be MUltiPlayer only?
    Trophy Support?
    What type of game modes?
    Whats the maximum amount of players supported?
    will there be vehicles?
    Realistic weapons or Fictionalized?
    will Deadpool or Cable show up?
    Wiil it be tactical or run’n’gun?
    Approximate release date?
    30 or 60 FPS?
    Any original Multiplayer modes?
    will it be based on the upcoming movie?

    so many questions aaahhhhhh!!!!

  • the UT ENGINE will suck on the PS3 thats why its a PSN title. you want to impress me then use RESISTANCE ENGINE to make a PSN

  • The URT ENGINE will suck on the PS3 thats why its a PSN title. Till i see it this game will sux its to many games made off urt engine i dont see nothing eye popping being made. You want to impress me then use RESISTANCE ENGINE to make a PSN FPS game. The UT ENGINE will suck on the PS3 thats why its a PSN title. You want to impress me then use RESISTANCE ENGINE to make a PSN.

  • Very nice, I like. Trophy support is a must!

  • On your next blog post here are some questions we need answered:

    1)trophies support?

    2)is there a single player mode?

    3)is it possible to customize our punisher or jigsaw?

    4)is there in-game music?

    5)how many types of weapons,and will they all be realistic?

    6)is there hope for a demo soon?

    7)when we can see the first gameplay video?

    8)how much space will it take up?

    Keep those in mind for your next blog post^

  • sounds like another warhawk/socom, meaning mutliplayer only. also that means it will be a lot of fun

  • another game for me to get :)


  • O.K., sounds good…now lets see if it looks good. Where’s my screen shot?

  • You guys disappoint me. First off what’s the point of making it an FPS? It’s not Punisher if we can’t see him. FPS’s are so damn overrated. Second of all is there even going to be a singleplayer campaign or is it just going to be multiplayer?

    Third what’s the point of having multiplayer when most likely the players are just going to be running around as random goons. The name of the game is Punisher after all and I couldn’t 15 or so Punisher’s running around shooting each other. You should take a hint from the THQ 05 game. Speaking of I’ll continue to wait until THQ releases a full third person game.

  • This is awesome, I’m a big comic book fan. So titles like this get me all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope we can expect more games like this.

  • Count me in, I’m buying this along with Saints row 2, Far Cry 2 and Fallout3. psst check out that infamous forum where there was this thing about too human for some screens I ain’t giving no link though sorry go check.

  • the bloodier the better punisher is one of the more brutal stories from marvel.hope this game does the story justice the last movie wasn’t bad but i guess we’ll see if the game is what it should be. or if another game gets the gore downplayed just so the younger ones can spend money on it to. sucks LOL

  • Freaking awesome! RE: multiplayer – how many at one time?

  • this was a shock i didnt even see this one coming.hopely its good.

  • Another shooter? Man, why not make a game similar to the arcade one, that would be so much better.

  • Awesome. Nice addition.

  • This sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun!
    Köszönjuk Szépen!

  • OMG mr zoltan, your last name rocks! :-)

  • Vaporware? Who the hell announces a game without any photos, videos, or even a teaser trailer.

    I’m making a game it’s called “Blah”. Does this excite you. No, why because all you have is a name to go on? Well use your imagination. :P

  • ok but i think Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (cod4) is better :)

  • Nice, my uncle would die for this :)

  • @ post #1 – I’ll second that!

    the more quality PSN downloadable exclusives the better. they are always welcome. this game shall share a special place in my heart for now. can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us with this title. really leaves a lot of room for question.

    *off topic* does anyone here know anything about the Sin City game that was being built on the Unreal engine? or about the episodic game for the Watchmen?


  • @ buddy175 – how can you say something like that when you don’t even know anything about the game other than that its the Punsisher and that its being developed with the Unreal engine 3? if you are going to base your opinion on the little information that we have here than you my friend are a sad sad person. good luck with future endeavors!


  • this is the coolest thing EVER.

    i never saw it coming.

    PSN= wyldekat

  • Looks interesting…

  • Nice, you have my interest now show me some game play. Oh and the Glock 23 is a great handgun, look at putting it in the game. :)

  • @Zsolt,
    Wow, game sounds great! Can’t wait for some screen shots!
    I have a couple questions:
    – 2008 or 2009?
    – Also, what kind of single player story will it have? Will it be arena based story like Unreal Tournament 3 or a true dedicated single player campaign?

    Thanks you!

  • As the writer of the 100th post… I again would like to say that i am looking forward for this game…

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