Go Hands-on with Valkyria Chronicles this week!

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Jeff invited me to do a little guest blog post to let you know about the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles pre-release event later this week. The game is looking great (see the trailer below so you know what I’m talking about), and I’m really excited about this event because it’s such a special treat.

You might be wondering, what makes this event so special. Glad you asked! There are a few things:

Play the demo! We’re giving all the attendees the ability to play the super-exclusive pre-release demo of the game. It comes out next month, but you can be the first on your block to give it a whirl!

But wait, there’s more!

Raffle! Do you like stuff? I know I like stuff and I’m guessing you do too. Fortunately for you, we’re giving stuff away! We’ve got a super secret raffle going with exclusive prizes we had made just for this event.

Special Guest! The Japanese producer, Nonaka-san from Sega Studios Japan, will be attending and signing autographs. We’re really excited to have him come out to visit and meet you guys.

More Special Guest! I even hear rumors that someone will be all dolled up in an Alicia costume (no, not me).

You might want to know where you should go to experience all this fabulous stuff. Wonder no more:

    9/26 (Fri) 5:00-9:00PM
    PlayStation Store at the Metreon
    101 4th St, San Francisco, CA

Now for those of you who (unfortunately) won’t be able to attend – here’s how you can participate: Ask your Valkyria Chronicles questions for Nonaka-san (the producer, remember?), and he’ll answer them in a future blog post. Just put them in the comments area below, and we’ll make sure he sees them when he gets in from Japan.

Hope to see you there!

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  • @ Ghostm

    That was nice post. thanks! XD

    And yes this kind of title helps PS3 in Japan. At least I hope it does.

  • @ Stephanie1, Voice-acting is a requirement for games in NA.

    Anyway, please, all of those who want to see more JRPGs on PS3, but this. It’s not just a tactical RPG, there’s a lot to it.

    And no, there is no Japanese demo out at the PS Store.

  • japan had a real awsome pre-order/limited edition bonus(alicia figure), will we get something similiar to that as well?

  • DAMN IT, I HATE CALIFORNIA, stupid arrogant greedy ass holes get everything >:(

  • One more question I just tought of XD

    Will Valkyria Chronicles stay an exclusive for the PlayStation? (I really hope so)


  • Really want this one. Can’t wait for the actual release.

  • Is this game friendly to newcomers of the genre?

  • Bring on the RPG’s Sony!

  • I am a chinese,i think sony’s psp is very very nice! i like i love it!!!i think the one can be fly in everywhere .i love psp.i love sony!

  • Thanks for supporting this game here, guys! I hope we see more PS3 RPG love come out of TGS this year.

  • It’s nice to see an RPG for once. To bad the PS3 is a shooterbox. At least we can count on the 360 to bring more RPGs.

  • @NEJI64

    @12 and @26 i [sic] total [sic] disagree yall [sic] say its [sic] to much i [sic] say its [sic] not enough. because of people like yall [sic]

    Disagreement noted and disagreement can be a good thing. But, there’s never a good reason for bad grammar. y’all is singular and all y’all is plural. You’ve used the singular form in your comment to address more than one subject.

  • Thanks for the update. Here are my questions:

    When is it coming out in the US/Europe?

    Is there going to be a demo on PSN?

    What inspired the unique, and amazing, look of the game?

    Tell us about the battle system.

    What can you tell us about the story without spoiling anything?

    Looking forward to the next post.

  • Question: Will the original Japanese voices be included with English subtitles?


  • Ouch…live no where near California…
    Really hope they release a demo on the PSN. :(

    Will we get the same special edition as the Japanese version?…Because I really wanted the tank model…I missed out on getting it because it sold out within the first couple hours and they didn’t take any more pre-orders..T_T

    Also I read that there will be English subs w/ original Japanese voices options? I’ve heard some of the English voices, but I would prefer the original Japanese voices.

  • Hi Nonaka San! I am a big fan of Valkyria Chronicles! I even bought the Japanese version of the game and the extra DLC just to play it early (I can somewhat understand Japanese). I have a big question for you, I actually sent an email to Sega.jp but got a very formal answer. I really, really hope you can answer this one for me. I know there’s no trophy support in the Japanese Version, nor the support for in-game XMB. My guess is that neither of these 2 will be supported in the NA version as well. Would you please please please make a patch for the game to support at least the trophies?! I love this game to death and I actually got S rank on most of the stages and I want to share that with my friends! With trophies my friends will see that on my profile and will start to ask “what game is that” (actually someone did ask me when I was playing the Japanese version of the game and I really sold it for you!) Please! please put a patch for the trophies for both versions, I will buy the NA version again just to show my support! Nonaka San, to me, you are a true game maker, just like you, I feel sad when games like Wii Fit is on the top selling chart. (Hey, I do read your interviews, I told you I am a big fan!) Please say hi to Nagoshi San for me as well, Ryu ga gotoku kenzan is really fun as well!!!

  • Just to prove that I did write an email to you in Japan (I don’t know if you ever received this email), here it is…(I hope this blog allows it)




  • If it was in San Diego I’d go. I will gladly check out the demo next month :)

  • I hate living in Europe :-( Oh well got the game pre ordered I have much fate in this game. And Sony, can you PLEASE (!!) make sure we get more RPG’s or get games at the same time on the PS3 as on the 360, instead of MS kicking us with their timed exclusives. I’m FED UP with that!!! Eternal Sonata’s first day sales in Japan were lousy. If the PS3 version was released at the same time we would have looked at complete different sales.

  • This might be my most anticipated game of the year. I can’t wait to get it. Keep any and all RPGs coming!

  • @Ghostm its so far the best selling RPG on the PS3 in Japan… though has to be said, there aren’t many of them. I hope it will sell well in the US and EU. We need those RPG’s.

  • this is a massive greatness… i can’t wait to play it for myself.. footage and screen can only do so much for a person, but when you have it live in your hands , its a whole different ball game… good work on getting the demo… any word for it to hit psn store for download…

  • I’d like to ask Nonaka-san (or Mr. Kaminski) if SEGA has any plans whatsoever of releasing the Sakura Taisen series in English.

    As SEGA may be aware, Sakura Taisen is a series of popular tactical RPGs that originated on the Saturn and had sequels on the Dreamcast, PS2, and ports on the PSP and PC, with a planned spin-off title on the DS.

    If not, I’d like to ask whether SEGA has considered licensing the series to another publisher or developer who’s more “into” that sort of thing, say ATLUS or NIS-America.

    I’d really like to see those games in English.

  • 1.) Will the game be released in both English and Japanese dub?

    2.) Will there be any upcoming DLC?

    3.) Will the game support trophies?

    4.) Are SEGA planning for a sequel?

    I’m really looking forward to this game and both me and my best friend would love to try out the demo; That would hold us in place until the full game hits the shelves in Europe =)

    PSN – SickMinder

  • I forgot the most important question;
    5.) Will this game has more than once difficulty?

    Please developers make games with an optional higher difficulty!

  • Hey SickMinder, check out my post up @ 66 and most of your answers will be answered. There are 3 difficulties in the free battles, only 1 in story mode. the 4th difficulty “ex-hard” can be purchased through DLC, beating it grants you the strongest weapons in the game. Another DLC is a Separate Battle Chapter for the character “Idi”

  • Really excited by this game, I’m not an RPG player, but a few RPGs grab my attention from time to time, like this game.

    Question: Will Valkyria Chronicles have multiplayer of any sort?

  • to artofwar420, no there’s no multiplayer, which is a shame, because even though this game is semi-turn based, it would still be a blast to play online. Sega are you listening?!

  • The second DLC pack just got announced in Japan! With it you can control the Valkyrie in the new battle.

  • Release the demo on PSN
    I cannot wait for this game!!!

  • I have to say it is looking great. I am very pleased with what I experienced and looking forward to the final product.

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