PlayStation Home Beta Extended Today

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If you’ve applied for the PlayStation Home closed beta, but have yet to receive an invite, you may want to check your inbox again as we’re opening PlayStation Home’s expanded closed beta again to thousands of new beta testers. The closed beta test is going quite well, so please don’t sweat if you didn’t make today’s list, as this wave of invitations will be followed by many more before our launch into open beta.

Home - Apartment 2

Since the initial wave of new invitations went out a few weeks ago, we’ve been having an incredible amount of fun in PlayStation Home meeting each other, launching into games together, and dancing the night away by Listen@Home! To give you an idea of what we’re up to, we gave some folks in the media a sneak peak of PlayStation Home. Check out their tour recaps:

Can’t wait to see everyone in PlayStation Home – I’m always down for a game of pool or rocking the robot lock!

See you in there.

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  • thanks for the answer Jack

    hopefully I got in!

  • im already in the beta, but i never got my email code, help me out jack buser please psn-ironflag555

  • Plz can it b Home tiem naow?

  • Nothing here yet :(

  • @16: I know, and it pisses me off. I know three people that got accepted during the last wave, and they all used it for that day and the next, then two never touched it again, while the other goes into it for about 30 minutes every few days.

    Me, I’d dedicate 20% of my weekly gaming time to help get this thing ready for the general public.

  • Hy Jack,Im from sweden and wondering if i can get in to the beta!?come on dude i need this!;.Cheers PSN:Tidux

  • Nice to see some familiar names here. Good luck everyone.

  • @52: Congrats!!

  • Thanks for letting us be a part of this. I’m really looking forward to trying out home. Unfortunately, it looks like I might not have gotten in on this wave of invites.

    *crosses fingers*

    PSN: StPaddy81

  • I didn’t get it……:(…… Yet! :D

    Question: Will the amount you play online with the PS3 affect your BETA invite?

  • Hello
    Don’t know if you can answer this, but will this be happening in Europe to? We are quite a few danes eagerly waiting :-)


  • Man, if I get into this I’ll have it and the SOCOM beta to tide me over until LittleBigPlanet is finally in my hands… :D
    I pray that I get this invite, if not today then sometime before the month is up!!

  • I would love to be on the beta, to possibly leave some feedback on how it’s doing. I have a friend on my list who’s been visiting Home for quite a while now, and says is shaping up to be really good, and fun. I can’t wait to be there too!

  • I am one of Sony biggest support, and have own 34 games so far for my ps3, and play online a lot. Hell I am online right now playing Warhawk, and I have yet to get an invite. My friend she got a ps3 about three months ago, and she got an email.
    Please Sony, send me an Invite. MY PS3 User name is TheHater2

  • Are the times on this blog Eastern or western us times? I checked my mail but i didn’t get anything yet.:( I doubt I will see the inside or Home before the open beta.

  • Any news for us Europe ? Do we get invites for this too ?

  • home out 2007

  • thanks for reply. ill check my email again later today. hoping i get in.

  • My 30 year old sister only plays Rachet Clank and she got an Invite! Me… I play all day every day and I haven’t gotten a single invite

  • I’m already in the Beta. Good to see they are inviting more people. I hope they add more stuff to HOME also.

  • thanks jack everyone at the home forums is looking foward to getting in its going be chaos over there you should drop and say high hope i get in soon

  • I gave up on betas a very long time ago. I’m a PSU member, used to post daily on the official Playstation forums, preordered my 60GB and stood in the rain to get it on launch day.

    I consider myself fairly hardcore but beta after beta I get overlooked. The only betas I’ll ever be in is ones that require a buy-in I guess. :(

  • Is this US only? I have an active PSN account, was one of the first to download that theme… but I live in Canada. And no e-mail has arrived thus far.

    It isn’t like I will stop checking my e-mail but it would be nice to know if there is even a chance of actually getting invited?

  • Can i have one please.

    ive been following home since it was first shown at the press conference

  • If you’re still reading comments could you please read this.

    At the time when the Home theme came out I had a different email than I do now. 2 weeks ago that email address got canceled, so I changed my psn account email to a different one.

    could this have any impact on my beta registration?

  • Home Beta isn’t that great, in my opinion. All the cool parts of Home aren’t available, so it’s kind of lame. I really don’t know what to do in it. I gave up MMOs a long time ago, so I’m not sure I’ll be using it. We’ll see.

  • crazyness! guess i’ll be checking my email all day! nothing yet so far, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :D

  • I guess they invite people who don’t play much videogames instead so there’s no influence there (casual gamers). I think it’s absurd, or if it is random, then WE gamers have really bad luck then! :(

  • I think the first 100 people who posted here should get invites by default. We are CLEARLY the hardcore, and we are EXACTLY who you need testing Home to get this ready for the masses.

    PSN Callsign: EvoAnubis

  • Cool hope i get in : – )

  • Thanks alot Jack for the information!,may I ask untill what time today would be the most realistic time for everyone to receive invites? Thanks!

  • Oh yippie, doubt i’ll get in though.

  • I have one good question regarding playstation home features. I’am a little confused When i heard about the video streaming being drop out of home. I hope it wouldn’t be droped, because i would like to watch a movie with my friends, and i made a couple of movies using my playstation eye, and i like to show it to friends, but hearing the news on certain websites like playstation universe and fanboy saying it being droped out. That is one of the biggest reason feature that everyone is looking at. So will it be there or is there some issue with it?

  • Oh MAN
    Nothing for me so far.. Oh well i hope the next wave hits soon.

  • are all applicants randomly chosen? or do you guys have some sort of system?

  • damn yous hurricane ike!!!

  • So what about us Europeans?

  • No email yet. :(

    I’ll check it again later on today.
    It’d be awesome to get in, as I’ve already got friends in the beta.

  • how do you apply for the beta!!!!

  • Please send a invite to Brazil, my PSN user ID: tenkbr

    I’m proudly to be a Home Beta Tester!

    Thanks Sony Team

  • A little question:
    This is for every region ??
    I live on Argentina ,im under SCEA or under SCEE?

    First Life with Playstation ,now Home , then LBP and R2 ,amazing year’s end.

  • I’ve been waiting for an invitation for like forever ! I want to participate !

  • Hey, Jeff. Are these E-mails just being sent randomly now?

  • i hope i get in

  • Open beta starts in Autumn.

    So when does Autumn start?

    Is in it Autumn right now.Or is it next month.

  • @91: To apply for the Home Beta, simply go to the Playstation Store on your PS3 and find the Home theme. Downloading this theme is your application to the Home Beta.

  • Ah, I mean Jack. I’m just so use to asking Jeff stuff. :P

  • No invite for me, ohhh well. It sucks but I didn’t figure I’d get one *sigh*

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