Burnout Bikes Dated!

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We’re finally able to announce that our latest free downloadable Burnout pack bikes will be out 18th September!!!

It’s tough to give specific dates on downloadable content, because we don’t know for certain until the last minute. But hey, we’re really excited about bringing bikes to Burnout, so we’re going to take a chance and tell you that we’re aiming for September 18 – that’s this coming Thursday!

If you missed our earlier posts, here’s what’s coming:

  • Pick from 2 motorcycles featuring male or female characters and start on a whole new progression to earn your Bike License.
  • 38 new against-the-clock race events – Burning Ride and Midnight Ride.
  • A brand new in-game 24 hr day / night cycle that impacts traffic density and available events. (It’s fully customisable – you can make it day/night/change the clock speed – it’s up to you.)
  • Dynamic weather brings an all-new look to Paradise City.
  • And if that’s not enough, we’ve got 70 more Freeburn Challenges too.

Freeburn is Burnout’s uninterrupted drop-in / drop-out online play. It’s a cool collaborative experience, so it’s all about hanging out with your friends, messing around in vehicles while racing, pulling tricks and crashing in a massive open world city.


If 350 fun, co-operative challenges aren’t enough to keep you and your friends occupied, the Bike Pack throws a further 70 to the mix. These bike-exclusive challenges are split 50:50 between regular challenges and timed, against-the-clock challenges for those that enjoy a little more intensity.


We’ve got all the details on bikes at www.criteriongames.com and in our latest video podcast – Crash TV. You can see it now on iTunes.

Burnout Paradise is currently available for the Greatest Hits price of $29.99 on PLAYSTATION 3.

Next week, we’re back to talk trophies.


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  • To people who buy collector’s edition’s of a game get access to more trophies? Coz they paid more.

  • I lubbers you criterion games.

  • this is great! any news on when Burnout will be available for download via PSN? I’ll be waiting…


  • You forgot to mention the 2 secret bikes.

  • This is great news, and much earlier than I was expecting :D

    You guys are awesome!


  • Wow. Thanks a lot for the update. Did you just say Trophies? OMG!

  • Sweet! I’m excited for Day/Night, not so much the bikes but the less traffic! Im tired of the damn Geo Metros pulling out in front of me!

    Any news on the new Island?

  • I can always count criterion for awesome gamin experience

  • I love these guys.. Thanks for the support!!!

    Hey people.. I’m going to buy 2 copied of Burnout Paradise and give them away via a random drawing on my site.


    Enter daily for your chance to win a copy!!

  • I can’t wait till you bring this game to the PSN! I’ll pick it up then!

    Thanks guys!

  • By far the best developers of this gen!

  • Still one word for this game: AWESOME!!!!
    I’m going to drift my hawker on nighttime before going to the bikes.

    QUICK question:
    What happens to the ranked races. Are they still going to be as one?, are they going to be reset?, or the bikes will have a separated online ranking system?

  • Criterion – No mention of Nex-Gen Black? :P

    Keep the patches coming.

    ONE SUGGESTION PLEASE BRING BACK THE CRASH EVENTS. I have no idea how you would do it in this open world, but that was the most unique game play mechanisms of any racing game the last gen. I do like Showtime, but it’s not quite the same. If you can bring back DJ Atomica you can bring back Crash Events. That’s the way DJ Atomica would want it.

    Who’s with me on Crash Events? Give me a hell yeah!

  • Awesome, can’t wait.


  • Oh my god. I can’t wait. Jeremy, you and the guys at Criterion rock!

    …I guess literally, as it’s been shown many times that you can play the game with a Rock Band guitar controller….

  • As soon as that trophy patch is available, Burnout Paradise shall be mine

  • Most amazing post-release support that I’ve seen from a non-MMO console game.

    Much appreciated and keep it up, I can’t wait for the island update as well as trophy support. Burnout and Criterion FTW!

  • I’m not going to lie, I love this game. But in all honestly, these developers being so awesome are the biggest reason I bought this game.

    You guys are great, nice job. :)

  • @17 it has been told to you several times already that they will work on the trophy patch AFTER the bikes patch

  • I do like the bikes. I must admit I am much much much more excited about Burnout Paradise getting trophies than getting bikes.

    Don’t take that the wrong way I’m saying that bikes was a bad idea, or that it I dont’ appreciate it. The thing is, with so many games with trophies and so many Betas coming out soon, and lists of great AAA titles, getting a job, moving, etc… I’ll be hard pressed to make time. I have over 40 games in my backlog.

    One thing I do have to say though is I’ll be selling the copy I own and buying it from the PSN when that’s done. Most importantly though Trophies give me something to accomplish, a goal to shoot for, and more reason to play.

    I don’t need trophies with this update, or next week, or anything, BUT I would atleast like a list of retroactive trophies. Why play 30 hours this week if no one will really see my progress unless they go all the way to your website to do so…

    Once I know what trophies to shoot for, that will be my motivation to pick up the game again.

    One day I plan on selling all of my hard copies of games I can get on the PSN. I find it more convenient for me to do it that way especially with certain features being available at the end of the year.

    Thanks for all of your hard work. I hope you took something good from my post.

  • I have Burnout:Paradise as a TO BUY. At $30, downloadable off the PSN and all these FREE DLC, it’s hard to argue that it’s not a good buy. All other developers need to take note.. this is what next gen. gaming and DLC should work. I think everyone knows when a company is nickel and diming their supporters, and Criterion is clearly NOT doing that, but actually adding value to what their consumers have bought. Kudos!!!

  • NICE GREAT TO HEAR!!!!!this makes up for what is going on with the QORE socom beta test issuses!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW, thanks for the present! Right on time for a special day!

  • Way to go Criterion Games!!!! :) I’m not a racing fan, but this game is probably my best 60$ gaming money I ever spent!

    By the way, is the night/day cycle will work with cars??

    Thank you, Keep up the good work!

  • am i crazy?
    did i hear trophies?

  • Oh my god, September 18 is a big day for me… MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I guess I know what game I’m going to get!!! :D!!!!

  • thank you guys for keeping the updates coming! I’m loving this game more and more every update :)

  • good stuff

  • As soon as the trophy update hits im running to the store to get this!!!!!Burnout for the win

  • when are the bikes going to come to the european store?

  • September 18th – can’t wait! And I will add to the praise for the developers – you are the best! If I visit the UK any time soon, I will make it a point to stop by Criterion!

  • W00t! Criterion!

  • Agreed. Love Criterion. Best 60 bucks I have spent on a console period. Thanks!

  • I have have to say bike are a very delicious frosting XD yum

  • hail the current champs of free dlc

    PSN= wyldekat

  • This is awsome news and i hope more developers will follow in your footsteps and please if Criterion games developers are reading this can you consider getting slitscreen even for just offline mode becuase we gamers want to show our friends when they come over how good this game really is and OWN them at it!! please at least consider it becuase i know all the people at my school would play more or even buy the game if it was only spitscreen even if it’s only two players please!!!

    Your dedecated gamer Silverblade64

    P.S Everyone else has your support!!! :)

  • that’s great news… keep up the good work… i can’t wait to update the new patches

  • no offence but screw those trophies. I rather hear ppl brag about that 102% :B. Btw thanks for setting a date on the bikes I was really waiting for it and checked the site and the blog every day for the last month.

    Criterion you guys [DELETED] rock.

  • I’m hoping for (at least) two player split screen as well! C’mon Criterion, we know you can do it!

  • So, has anyone downloaded it and tried out the night day and weather, along with the bikes?

  • The Day and night is so awsome and bikes owns but we still need two player splitscreen! come on criterion and all others who read this forum to comment and say how much we all want splitscreen!!!

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