MotorStorm Pacific Rift Crosses the Finish Line October 28th

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Hi Everyone! I’m happy to announce the official release date for MotorStorm Pacific Rift is October 28th, 2008.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift cover art

This time around, the MotorStorm races will take place on a tropical island set amongst the lush jungle, emerald lagoons and towering peaks in the Pacific Ocean. Why is this important? The original MotorStorm introduced us to some fantastic racing through the desert landscape of Monument Valley. Although we delivered some wild tracks and terrain, the desert is the desert. With the topical island setting, players will be able to experience a much broader range of environments and terrain.

As you already know, there are 8 vehicle classes to choose from, including the Monster Truck! For the first time, you and your friends will be able to race head-to-head in the new 4 player split-screen mode for some major racing mayhem. The 16 diverse multi-route tracks (double the amount from the first MotorStorm) feature real-time terrain deformation that ensures no two laps are the same. Did I mention Trophy support is included?

Head on over to GameStop and pre-order your copy today to receive the retailer-exclusive demo for MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Race against the computer or grab a buddy for some split-screen heart-pounding action on one of the exciting “Air” Tracks. More pre-order programs will be announced in the coming weeks.

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  • really looking forward to the game :) the demo rocks

  • Damn…I thought it was coming out 10/7…so now it has to compete with Fable 2 and Fallout 3 =(

    Also if I would have known you could get the demo by preordering i wouldnt have gotten QORE last week (I guess thats the point though).

  • well hell……. I want the game badly but with the Wipeout HD coming.. LBP, and R2….. I don’t have enough money… I really appreciate you guys though for adding split screen and more tracks *and in game music right?*…. wish there was split screen patched on the first one though *tear*…

  • This is nice to hear but…

    Where is the WipeOut HD update Sony?

  • this is great news… thanks for the update, so now i can pre-order it… i’ve also played the demo and it made me wanna play more… thanks for all the hard work.

  • NICE! Can’t wait!
    I am going for broke this Oct/Nov lol
    So many games!

  • Nice, tropical island environement sounds cool.

    Where is Wipeout HD btw ? We’ve been waiting for ages on this one :-(

  • Cant wait… Digg it people.

  • Exclusive demo? how is it different from the Qore demo?

  • Can’t. Wait.

    Everything I loved about Motorstorm seems improved and everything I disliked about it seems fixed and improved.

    I hope above all else, that loading times have been reduced. (I won’t mind seeing some loading, but man it was excessive in Motorstorm)

  • I’ll be heading to GameStop today!

    Thanks for the info.

  • 4-player splitscreen! This is a fantastic addition. The original game brilliantly captures the speed and fun of racing, but I like racing against real-world friends.
    Just one question, is it possible to race split-screen and online in non-ranked races?

    Trophy Support as well! This is a definite launch-day purchase.

  • yeah yeah, another must buy for me.
    My dad loves the first Motorstorm, and im pretty sure is gonna love Motorstorm 2.
    good job guys.

  • I cant wait motor storm is the best 8)

  • Great news! I already have it pre-ordered and was looking forward to it being out beginning of October. The only bad news is that I’m going to be broke from mid Octorber till the end of that month with all the games coming out. Haha!

  • Sounds great, double tracks deformation in realtime..sweet….

  • Will MPR support Logitech steering wheels, specifically the Driving Force Pro? I’ve attempted to contact Evolution Studios numerous times about this, but have received no response. Please, a little info on this. Thanks in advance!

  • Will this game have In-game Trophies and also XMB trophies too?

    And will there be In-game custom sound tracks for us to play straight throw our XMB?

    I like the Custom Sound Tracks when we can go to our XMB and see whats playing and also a menu to use for changing the songs while in the game also.

    Which will be supported for this Build??

    Also to add not sure what happened to it.. but I remember one game I played and I belive it was a demo or a full game but it had a option at the start menu of the game to actually quit the game and go back to our XMB menu.. I think we need more games with that options too!

    If its not hard I belive we could throw that in all new games that are coming out.. sometimes it makes it eaisier to exit games.. but the PS button does work to.. some games actually restart the PS3 not sure why!

    Could anyone explain?

    Thanks for Reading :D

  • Loved the first Motorstorm. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the 4 player splitscreen (and double the number of tracks!). All racing games should have 4 player splitscreen MANDATORY! Just goes to show that you guys were listening to comments about the first one! Thanks again!

  • Why don’t you release the Demo for everyone to try the game first instead of giving them to people who preorderd it? I mean, why should I preorder a game if I am not sure I am going to like it?
    Don’t get me wrong, but if you think your game is that great, then let us all get hooked with the demo and then we’ll buy it.

  • @20 skaterricky
    The game support trophies (The XMB trophies that you talk )

  • Will it have IN-GAME MUSIC??? PLEASE?

    HOW ABOUT HAVING ONLINE NON-RANKED MATCHES WHERE ME AND MY FRIEND CAN RACE ONLINE WITH OTHER PLAYERS? It’s like Warhawk where I can have my friend and me play at the same time online but it’s not ranked. PLEASE!

  • YAY! this is going to be da’ bomb!

  • Will M:PR have any type of story elements this go around?

    I’d love to have some sort of storyline to motivate me to win.

    I guess I’m looking for more of a payoff than the “Congratulations” message we got after putting in countless hours to complete the first one.

  • @24 In-game custom soundtrack funtionality is available from what I’ve read.

    I’m really looking forward to Motorstorm Pacific Rift. I am hoping the online experience is much more friendlier and load times are greatly reduced. Speaking of which, can someone confirm or deny that HDD install exists for this game? It would help speed up load times, in my opinion.

  • Sure hope you added 1080p support.

  • Pre ordered at, getting a free t-shirt :-D

  • 4-player split screen is awesome! Finally a “next-gen” developer who understands that people still want to play with other (real) people…not just against anonymous internet callsigns.

    Now, one question for those who have tried the demo: do you think that the graphics have actually been downgraded since the original MotorStorm? To me, the graphics seem a little less detailed. More colourful, certainly. But less detailed and intricate.


  • so many great games im getting for my ps3 this year

    its gonna kill my wallet

  • Wow what a line up 3weeks on the trot

    Little Big Planet October 21st
    MotorStorm Pacific Rift October 28th, 2008.
    Resistance 2 November 4th

    just need to know when wipeout is due then its trophy heaven :)

  • Also any more word on HOME or Infamous as seems you guys are nearly at the finishing line with that also exciting times ahead from SONY and there aint even been Tokyo Game show i feel you guys will show even more games…PS any chance of colored consoles in the US or the EU?

  • 32 Azmo85
    Yeah its amazing ,so much good games ,and not only first party ones, also there is
    Far Cry2 and Bioshock.
    My priorities are :
    Resistance 2
    Motorstorm 2

    Really amazing.

  • I cant wait to play Motor Storm 2 PR. I’m not crazy about the box art though.

  • Can you explain the thought process behind a 30 day demo? The one Qore members are going to get. How will that work, err, not work after 30 days?

    Thanks in advance.

  • The game is looking great, and I have little doubt it will succeed but… the cover is kind of… Ah, well, it’s not important. The game looks really, really good. :D

  • Can’t wait for this game to come out! The original Motorstorm was the reason i got my ps3 to begin with. I just wish the original release date of the 7th was true. Would’ve really wanted to play this game before SOCOM, lbp, Bioshock and other came out.

    One question: i was pretty dedicated to get the demo as early as i could (bought Qore 4 and preordered teh game off, and was wondering who will get the demo earlier.

  • Humm, maybe i need to pick up the first one and play it again. It’s collecting dust.

  • LOL, I cant believe you guys are actually promoting GameStop in this wonderful Motor Storm 2 article. That place is the devil in disguise. I don’t support anything that has to do with GameStop or EB. Man, I hate those stores.

    “Please everyone, STOP buying from GameStop & EB.”

  • The cover of this game has the word “Playstation” on it 3 seperate times. Surely someone at Sony realizes how stupid this looks.

    I can’t believe such things actually make it through an approval process.

  • HELL YEAH!! Can’t wait for this game.

  • I might have missed it but besides the Qore demo, and GameStops pre-order demo will there be a PSN demo as well? I am not that much of a racing fan and would love to try the demo without actually buying anything.

  • @43 Qore episode 4 owners and GameStop pre-orders get the demo today 30 days before PSN users, as I understand it.

  • Nice, but damn too many good games coming out at the same time What should I do what should I do?!?!?!

  • Coolness.

  • Will the “Only on Playstation” sign be in the cover of the retail game? I really like it and I hope it is…

  • Will this game be compatible with the Logitech Driving Force GT?

  • I like the Box Art…..well except for that “Only on Playstation” and “Playstation Network” uglyness on top

  • Sweet, love the box art guys. Consider me sold on this one, I was an avid fan of the first. May have gotten bashed in some reviews, but it was the most original racing game I’ve played in some time, looking forward to this one!

  • When the demo will avaible??

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