Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition revealed plus new Public Beta info

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Hey everyone, we’re very happy to share some news today about our upcoming collector’s edition version of Resistance 2, as well as shed some light on the long-anticipated Public Beta program.


First up: the collector’s edition – everyone at Insomniac and Sony is excited to be bringing this special edition of the game to participating retailers. You voted on the cover for the game disc inside the box, but what else will you get inside?


  • Copy of Resistance 2 with special edition cover artwork selected by the fans
  • An exclusive Chimeran Hybrid action figure with Bullseye, created by DC Unlimited
  • A double-sided hard-cover Resistance 2 art book covering war-torn America from two unique perspectives
  • Exclusive in-game HVAP Wraith multiplayer weapon skin

The collector’s edition also contains a bonus DVD that includes:

  • Exclusive behind the scenes video, “America Forever Lost”, chronicling the making of Resistance 2
  • Digital copy of Issue #0 of the Resistance comic book series published by Wildstorm.
  • A preview into the upcoming Resistance novel, “Resistance: The Gathering Storm” by science fiction author William Dietz.
  • “Shattered History” Resistance timeline movie– providing a story overview from the earliest days of the Chimera invasion to the beginning of Resistance 2.

It makes up what we think is a pretty cool package for fans of Resistance, and it will be available for $79.99. It is a limited release though, so I highly recommend you pre-order! This brings me to another point: the Public Beta.

We are excited to announce the Public Beta will begin in early October, and premier access to the beta can be obtained in North America by pre-ordering the game from a GameStop retail store or online at In addition, Qore annual subscribers will receive premier access to the beta.

Now if you’d like to apply for the open access period of the public beta, you can visit Folks that have purchased Qore Episode 3 will be given the beta during the open access period as well.

I know many of our friends outside of North America read this blog. Don’t worry! The plans for the Public Beta will be communicated on a more local level, but will generally involve pre-order and/or application programs.

That’s a lot of info for one blog post, and if you have questions, you can put them in the thread below and Bryan Intihar and I will be around to answer. Looking forward to fragging — I mean seeing — you online in October!

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  • I will be picking this up!

  • 2nd!

  • and yes i may have to get this lol

  • Will this be available in europe?

    • SCEE did not opt to release this over there, pretty sure they don\’t do collector\’s editions in general due to the localization and costs extending from that.

      Good news is that PS3 games are region-free, so if you have to have it, it\’s only an import away.

  • Sweet!But just a little skeptical thought. Nothing seems to be going according to plan. I guess faith is everything these days.

  • Good thing I hadn’t pre-ordered yet, now I can pre-order the collectors edition. October and November are going to be way too heavy on my wallet :(.

  • haven’t*

  • Very, very sweet! Can’t wait. Insomniac Games FTW!!

    Play B3yond!!!!

  • I’ve heard this before.

  • Sweet box art.

    Pretty good deal for an extra $20.

    well worth it.

  • That’s some pretty sweet stuff. The third cover was nice, but I actually kind of liked the second one more… Well, whatever.

    I look forward to the Full Moon Show this week… (?) :D And, of course, Resistance 2- it’s getting close now.

    Thanks for the update. :D

  • “In addition, Qore annual subscribers will receive premier access to the beta.

    Now if you’d like to apply for the open access period of the public beta, you can visit Folks that have purchased Qore Episode 3 will be given the beta during the open access period as well.”

    Does that mean I’ll get it sooner since I’m an annual subscriber?

  • Looks alright, not getting the game though.

    No time. Gears of War 2 awaits me. =)

  • im in for one. for 80 bucks, thats an awesome deal with all the extras. thanks insomniac.

  • well i am a subscriber to Qore, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the beta. Oh and I also just preorder the collector edition at gamestop yesterday, so I am set. Man that action figure look kick ass, and i can’t wait to read the graphic novel

  • Now this is a great collectors edition!

    I’ll be pre-ordering this and cannot wait till it comes out.

    Great job as always Insomniac!

  • Can’t believe people are giving this less than a 5 rating

  • Good Information, but will there be a difference of when we get into the BETA if we go the pre-order router over the Qore route, aka Socom?

    Like will preorders get in a week earlier then Qore, or all at the same time?


  • I’ll be importing, tho SCEE really should offer this in Europe for all the Resistance fans there!

    Looks awesome.

  • resistance2 the best game ever of 2008.

  • I think the word is WOW. This looks sweet.

    Can you just confirm though that the Collectors Edition is coming to the UK? I want me a Chimera of my own.

    So will the Public Beta site be open for everyone? Or just the US? Or will us guys from the UK have to pre-order to gain access to the Public Beta?

    I so want to get my hands on playing this, looks an absolutely top-notch shooter, something we haven’t seen in quite a while (Haze, you let me down BADLY)

    Looking forward to the Public beta guys.

    Can’t wait to pwn… I mean see you online

    Keep up the awesome work Insomniac, you know we all love ya


  • Awesome news.

  • Beta Beta Beta’s holy moly batbetaman. It’s like there’s BetaMax fever in the house. LOL might pick this up if I have any spare time from Socom. I wish these guys would put in an optional 3rd person view mode.

  • Amazing load of goodies. More collectors editions should be like this!!

  • So awesome. Day one.

  • Looks great! Can’t wait! :D

  • I hate this uncomfortable European uncertainty…

  • I am glad your giving ppl who have Qore annual subscription premier access unlike Socom.

  • When does the “BETA OPEN ACCESS PERIOD” begin ?

  • Nice bonuses.

    I have a question though, why do annual subscribers to Qore get the BETA but Qore Episode 3 purchasers have to apply to get in? :|

  • @29

    Those that purchased Qore episode 3 get in as well:

    “Folks that have purchased Qore Episode 3 will be given the beta during the open access period as well.”

  • When can we pre order the collector’s Edition from gamestop? or is it an exclusive?

  • Incredibly kick-ass Collector’s Edition.

    You can absolutely count me in on day freakin’ one!!!

  • Now that is one sleek box.

  • Sweet looking forward to the beta and I’ll be picking R2 up for sure upon release.

  • With the boatload of games in November, I’m gonna have to pass on the collector’s edition.

    Fallout 3
    Gears 2

    I’m going to be inundated with games, and my wallet will also be shot.

    • I feel your pain! It\’s an exciting year to be a gamer.

      That said – given the limited variety of this CE, I think it\’s a pretty sweet deal for fans.

      Either way, I\’m sure I\’ll still see you online from the standard edition!

  • Fanboys rate here… that’s why this blog needs to sign in with the PSN id to rate here… the others can’t rate but can comment. That’s the way I want to be here.

    On topic the collection edition is really awesome I think it will be the first collector edition that I will have. Good to know you separate the time with annuals and episode subscribers.

  • This a very very cool package. Unfortunately it’s not a must buy for me. I not one of these guys who’ll will spend more then $60+tax on a video game. It’s great to see such a wonderful Collector’s Edition package.

  • @35

    Damn that’s true… and I want motorstorm 2 also… gears 2 I have to pass it because my 360 is dead right now and I really don’t want to repair it again, 5 times is enough for me, even for this epic game.

  • I;m going to be so broke. I have to pick up the Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition now.

  • Oh, don’t read my comment wrong guys. I will buy R2 day one. I was just saying that LE CE are not my things. I’d rather use that extra cash for another game instead of a special packaged.

  • That’s a great collector’s edition package right there! =)

  • This is soooooooo mine :)

  • This looks great, pre-ordered already!

  • What does this mean “premier access to the beta”

  • so wait!… i know this is kinda like OT but im a Quore Subscriber does that mean i can play Socom like the people that pre-ordered or i have to wait a week even if im a subscriber?

  • Going to pre order today!

    I hope I get into the beta. Been wanting to see the girl with the stick. lol

  • This will be my first collector’s edition I’ve purchased, and I can’t wait.
    Also, how closely is Insomniac working with the writers of the Resistance comics and novel?

    • Very, we really want to ensure the universe is well-integrated.

      That said, they also have a lot of freedom to do their own thing.

  • Pity to hear about Europe, although it’s not too surprising. I don’t think I’ve ever got a Limited Edition from SCEE…

    Anyway, the pack is great. Although, why go for a bonus DVD rather than Blu-Ray?

    Looking forward to the Full Moon Show, as always!


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