Life with PlayStation is on its way

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I’ve got some good news and some okay news. We’ll start with the okay part. We’re still pushing some paperwork on Life with PlayStation — so hold tight just a bit longer. Now on to the good news, the Life with PlayStation application is looking great and to quench some of the curiosity around what it’s all about, here’s what I can share today.

We’re going to offer this as a free service that will be easily accessible directly from the XMB. Life with PlayStation will feed live content to your PS3 with updates on news and weather on a visually stunning and interactive global map. Imagine being able to wake up to your PS3 to see if you need to pack an umbrella for the day. Or just relax as you listen to your favorite tunes while reading up on top news from around the world.

We’re also very excited to share that Life with PlayStation will be combined with our Folding@home project. What does this mean? While you’re tuned into Life with PlayStation, you’ll also be helping Stanford researchers cure diseases like Alzheimer’s and various types of cancer while Folding@home is running in the background.

We know you’re eager to check it out for yourself, so we’re working hard to get it in your hands. Stay tuned.

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  • So, is it still coming in August?!! There’s only 2 days of August left. Please don’t let it go to September. :(

  • God I love this console!

  • The most wanted feature for me is an “Edit All/Multiple” option for music, photos, videos, and games.

    1. When transferring albums by mp3, all information is retained (artist, album, comments, track number), however when you transfer albums by AAC only the song title is retained. Is it possible to recognize AAC files the same way the PS3 does for mp3? I spent so much time editing my AAC albums typing in the artist and album name over and over again for each file. Recently I had to take my PS3 in for service, now I have to retag literally 3177 songs…there’s no way I’m going to do that again.

    2. Make In-Game soundtracks mandatory for ALL games. Don’t leave it up to the developers, just have the music play over the game…then us gamers can adjust the game settings so that we can still hear the SFX, but mute the game Music.

    3. Add more color options for the background (like the PSP), and add an option to change the color of the silk…how cool would that look to have a black background with red silk?

    4. Add option to have sub folders. It would be nice to view folders by Artist, and then by Album folders for Music.

    5. Add a ‘copy all’ and ‘copy multiple’ function to save files for PS1/2 virtual memory cards and ps3 games.

    6. Add the ability to sort files (specifically the games) in the order that you want them. For example, I have Superstardust HD in the middle of my folder, I’d like it near the top.

    7. Have an option to automatically shut the controller off when idle for more than 2/5/10 minutes.

    8. Play videos individually, and continuously.

    9.New browser with updated flash support.

    10. Add more icons for our accounts. Here’s some ideas MGS, LBP, Heavenly Sword, GTA, GT5, Rock Band, Tekken, DMC, Ninja Gaiden, Call Of Duty.

    11. Add more profile information like the gamers location, hobbies, track games played, bio.

    12. Please tie everything to your username, instead of the MAC address of the PS3. You have no idea how frustrating it is that I have to start my Rock Band save all over again, because I had to send my PS3 in for a repair. Rock Band, High Velocity Bowling, among others have locked saves, even with a full system back up they wont transfer to another PS3.

    13. Also, when you restore your backup to another PS3, you have to redownload all of your PSN content, and then activate the PS3 to play them…why can’t you just activate the PS3 to unlock the games instead of having to redownload?

    14. Extremely wishful thinking, add BC to ALL PS3 models.

  • It’s a free service that adds value to the current features of the PS3… so it’s delayed a little bit, but we are being told of the delay. I can live with that. On a separate note, Noam: can you verify that Life With Playstation can be accessed by Remote Play?

  • thanks for the update news.. it was annoying to not know nothing really. The combination of f@h with L with PS… I will fold more in life with playstation than in the F@H.

    One thing, I hope you have more weather and news than the other kiddie console.

  • I would like to thank the dedicated developers team that worked hard on this project. I am looking forward it!!!!

  • Will this have the youtube feature? I believe I heard you can upload your own captured games on youtube at E3 08 being one of the feature in Life w/ PS.

  • Im so excited man, but the community would like to hear news of home as well, any word on this yet? plus, id like to know when inside of the life with playstation app can u see the hurricans on the globe as its really happening or such cuz i thought i read somewhere of realtime cloud movement or is that a rumor?


    PATHETIC……another delay, one word of advice. If you can’t make the date, don’t make promises, this is the third delay of this free product you keep pushing.

  • Nice, More Ap’s to run. Like the idea!! Take your time. I bought a PS3 to play Games on. Best system I have ever owned.

  • Ah, typical Sony.

    “We’ll release it in July!”

    A month later…

    “Sorry guys, it’ll be here by the end of the year (hopefully)”

    BTW EvoAnubis.. all the delays u listed were for xbox.. why?

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  • Pretty cool. Nice to see F@H will run in the background.

  • Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to this!

  • Don’t bother posting comments, on these kind of post we never ever get replies….just like on the FW updates. Save your breath.

  • Opps! forgot…the site is

  • Hopefully F@H will not run in the background if you don’t want it too.

  • … is the correct site…sorry…I told you I’m old

  • Please tell me that the music I can listen to can be streamed from a PC…

    …while I’m on the subject, if there’s any way to add a streaming option for the in-game soundtrack-compatible games, could you please do so? I’d rather save that space for game downloads, y’know? Microsoft already lets 360 users do this — and has since launch, so let’s keep the pace with that competition!!!

    Thanks, guys — looking forward to Life w/ Playstation!

  • @66
    If we really are wasting our fingers typing, then I would suggest posting ascii art.

  • @70
    Music can be streamed to ps3 from the pc with the program tversity.

  • Delay after delay, it is really sad…

    How about the Home beta invites? Where are they?

  • niceee cant wait to try it out

  • Finally some NEWS! But unfortunately I am still confused. When is Life With PlayStation coming out? Only 2DAYS to go. You can do it, release this App on time.

  • Thanks for keeping us up to date :)

  • Sounds good to me as I’m always Folding@Home when I don’t use the PS3.

    I find it’s a way to give my charity to this event and helps find cures for many diseases.

    Since this was delayed in July and promised in August and it’s again delayed, can you give us a hint as to when you think it may be up ?

    Thanks for the post by the way.

  • Holy sh*t.

    Some of you are incredibly annoying.

    Wah, wah, where’s Home? Wah, wah, where’s Life with Playstation? Wah, wah, wah! Back in 2007, it was well justified to call the PS3 the Delaystation. Hell, I was seconds away from selling my PS3 back then because it barely had anything to brag about, PSN sucked, and Home wasn’t even out.

    Now that Sony is really delivering the goods, you’re *still* calling it the Delaystation?

    Grow the hell up already.

    They said they have paperwork to go through. You should be grateful Sony isn’t the type of company to rush things when they’re *not* ready. Perhaps if Microsoft didn’t rush their product, I would be owning one along with my PS3.

    Just disgusting.

  • yeah i was expecting this. dont promise or say anything if you cannot deliver. put a TBA!!! is that so hard to do?

  • anyone that complaines about a service that will be givin to them (FREE) should be denied entry into life ya dig You ungreatful SOB’s

  • I certainly hope there’s some way to disable or opt out of “Folding at Home” while using Life with Playstation, otherwise I’ll never use the application.

    It seems a strange pairing of projects…

  • Juuken (@78), I agree with you, a lot of whiners.

    However, I can sort of see their point as it seems lately that any date Sony puts out isn’t being met on time.

    They should post a date and say we are trying to make this date, but it may take a month or two more.

    That way at least people won’t be posting these nasty messages in the blog.

    I agree with you on the extra time the PS3 takes to put stuff out, but putting it out successfully is what made me also buy the PS3 and not the Xbox…

    That along with the red light problem that they have clinched the deal on the PS3 I have.

    Just hope Life is going to be available for all countries and not just the US as was the case with the Video store.

    I know it’s not Sony’s fault and many countries laws are holding much of this up, but the other countries are feeling ‘cheated’ in many ways.

    Anyways…..many of the whiners would still whine if Sony gave them all they’ve asked for…some people are never satisfied and want the world.

  • THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING… seriously.. appreciate the communication.., and paperwork is just plain annoying * damn system!

  • Wow, are people really complaining because they’re desperate for a weather app on their games console?

    Here’s a little treat for you while we’re waiting:

  • This sounds neat, although I hope that you give users the option for folding at home. I am not interested in the folding project, as such won’t be using LwP.

    Happy gamers are informed gamers.

  • Hello Noam,

    Thank you for the information, posting information should keep some of the people crying to quiet down. (for now)

    Like nmc75 (Post #55) said if this app can be accessed via remote play on PSP, that would be awesome!

    Wonder how much it would lag though… Have hard time trying to play PS1 or some games like Eden from work accessing PS3 at home.
    music and movies play perfectly fine.

    Folding at home feature seems like a nice add-on feature.

    If this app is accessible via PSP remote play, being able to disable the Folding@Home might help the lag issue a bit?? still not sure if its even capable of PSP remote access. We’ll see :)

  • The site posted by Crimson Mazz is everything he says it isn’t… Poster should be banned.

  • Yes, Finally you tell us something about Life with playstation. Can’t wait!!!!!
    When is it coming out??

  • Thanks for the update! This isn’t something that I was looking forward to so much, but it would be great for the few people that maybe don’t have personal computers, and use their ps3 online only. But I will definitely interested in checking it out, that is … as long as we get it in Canada, I was quite angry about the video store not showing up here, and it was quite confusing when it was announced for North America earlier that day. All that said, I understand that delays happen, and i’m sure we all really appreciate the updates. Love the free stuff Sony!

  • Silence!!!!!

  • Cool some news! Thanks

    Will it come via the PS Store or via a firmware update? Thanks again.

  • awww you should of done a video for us. :-p

    Been waiting to try this out.

  • Nice F@H and LwP running in parallel GREAT JOB GUYS!

  • Good News: Wipeout HD

    okay news: Home

    Oups no sorry, maybe next month… :/

  • Ok so its delayed, thank you for telling us but can you just give us a release date? this is what i dont like about all the delaying is that you never tell us anything more other than, its delayed.

    all that u said in this post was stuff we pretty much know about. Can you update us on the promised Home at the end of the month? or just somthing.

    the PS3 is officially the DS3= Delay station 3

  • #82, I agree Sony should set some sort of timetable but seriously even if they did that, people would still find a reason to cry.

  • thanks for the update-

    will it be possible for the PS3 to have na option to automatically boot into LWP at startup? that would save some time so you can boot it up in the morning and check the weather and news like you said..

    i hope you can choose what news steams to highlight, kinda like in Google news you can personalize the page so you can have whatever you are interested i show i have Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and my hometown news on my page along with the other streams…very convenient!

    and..just wondering, who is the news vendor? is it on the AP wire or is it though another source like google, which collects alot of sources, or is it just one service like CNN news?

    just wondering, i never really trust just one source for news, it can be too easily biased!

    thanks for this, another FREE service for the PSN and our PS3’s!!!

    keep the innovations coming!

  • It’s a cool feature, but I don’t think it’s worth getting too upset over. I wish it’d come out this weekend, but you know…It’s not the most ground-breaking stay-up-till-midnight product in the history of time or anything. I think we can wait. As long as it’s a few more days, but I’d laugh if it was a whole extra month.

  • Nice, anxious to check it out.

  • i love u sony

  • I already fold@home so to be able to do this while also doing something else is….well interesting!

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