PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Downloadable Games

The Last Guy ($9.99)
You are the chosen one, a zombie hero from the Himalayan mountains, and it is up to you to rescue the last survivors on Earth by leading them to safety through zombie-infested streets. Make your way through 15 detailed real-world cities, shown from a classic arcade style overhead view, and lead them to the Escape Zone before time runs out in this frantic, addictive game. Download the full game today!
ESRB Rated E10+
File size: 605 MB

Add-on Game Content

Warhawk Fallen Star Pack ($7.99)
Download the Warhawk Operation Fallen Star Booster Pack today to experience the fast-paced action of Warhawk like never before! Infantry take flight with the fast and deadly Icarus Mk.1 Rocket Pack in the remote, forested Tau Crater battlefield, the crash site of an experimental Chernovan capital ship. Rejoin the unfriendly skies with Operation Fallen Star!
File size: 172 MB

Warhawk Booster Combo ($15.99)
Purchase three Warhawk Booster Packs for the price of two! Booster Combo includes the Warhawk Operation: Omega Dawn, Operation: Broken Mirror, and Operation: Fallen Star Booster Packs, which add an enhanced level of teamwork and strategy with new battlefields and vehicles.
File size: 446 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “She Does” – Locksley ($0.99)
  • “Don’t Make Me Wait” – Locksley ($0.99)
  • “Don’t Make Me Wait” – Locksley ($0.99)
  • “All Over Again” – Locksley ($0.99)
  • Locksley Pack 1 ($2.99) – includes: “All Over Again,” “Don’t Make Me Wait,” and “She Does” by Locksley.

File sizes: 13.5 MB – 22.3 MB (singles), 56.6 MB (track pack)

Game Demos (free)

NHL 09 Demo
Winner of seven sports video game of the year awards. Try the all-new Be A Pro mode – step onto the ice and play an entire career as you level-up and progress from the AHL to the NHL. Play the first true console sports MMO game, allowing you to assemble a team and play as yourselves in 6-on-6 online team play in the new EA SPORTS Hockey League. If you love sports video games, try this demo.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 0.98 GB

Check out this demo of Soulcalibur IV to experience this renowned weapon based fighting game. With HD graphics, destructible armor, character customization and online vs. modes, Soulcalibur IV reinvents itself while also bringing STAR WARS guest characters, Darth Vader and his Secret Apprentice, to add to the fighting.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 878 MB

Game Videos (free)

SOCOM Confrontation Extraction trailer
File size: 71 MB (HD)

LittleBigPlanet Leipzig “Sackzilla” Trailer
File size: 77 MB (HD)

Motorstorm Pacific Rift Leipzig Trailer
File size: 288 MB (HD)

PAIN Trauma Mode Trailer
It’s time to show people who’s the real master of PAIN in this new mode included in the Amusement Park add-on environment. All you have to do is launch, hurt your character, and get a good score. Sounds simple enough, right? Yeah, well then your opponent has to hurt the same body part and outscore you. Simple rules, incredibly fun game play. Have a look, and get ready to TRAUMAtize!
File size: 54 MB (HD)

GT5 Prologue Play the Pros with Tanner Foust!
Go behind the scenes with the special ‘Play the Pros’ competition, featuring Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, aboard the PlayStation Experience Truck at X Games 14. This time around, five lucky fans got the chance to go head-to-head against drift and rally racing champion Tanner Foust in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Download this exciting video today.
File size: 172 MB (HD), 285 MB (1080)

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Machine Gun & Bazooka Video
Download now to watch machine gun and bazooka teams tear through your enemies.
File size: 7.48 MB (SD), 29 MB (HD), 37 MB (1080)

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Squad Gameplay Video
Download now to see how you can direct and lead your squad to conquer hell’s highway.
File size: 13 MB (SD), 50 MB (HD)

Facebreaker Audition Video #1
Leaked tapes from the Facebreaker boxer auditions show how the outrageous cast of Facebreaker got their gigs in the ring!
File size: 184 MB (HD)

Facebreaker Audition Video #2
Leaked tapes from the Facebreaker boxer auditions show how the outrageous cast of Facebreaker got their gigs in the ring!
File size: 159 MB (HD)

Facebreaker Audition Video #3
Leaked tapes from the Facebreaker boxer auditions show how the outrageous cast of Facebreaker got their gigs in the ring!
File size: 153 MB (HD)

Madden NFL 09 Gameplay Trailer
Continuing 20 years of innovation, Madden NFL 09 offers an unprecedented experience. From the life-like visuals to the innovative shadowing system to the new audibles, this game is unlike any other. Check out what the buzz is about in this video about the entire gameplay experience in Madden NFL 09.
File size: 68 MB (HD)

Madden NFL 09 Madden Moments Trailer
In Madden NFL 09, the Madden Moments feature puts you in one of several memorable scenarios from last season. Your goal is to successfully complete scenario set before you based on last season’s actual outcomes. Can you recreate and live up to last years most memorable Madden Moments?
File size: 66 MB (HD)

Madden NFL 09 Play Call Trailer
The Play Call screen now allows you to view the information you need without pausing the game. You are able to view player stats, replays, and tips. Challenges are also made in this screen. This feature allows you to see a lot of information at once without interrupting the flow of the game.
File size: 63 MB (HD)

Top Spin 3 Player Creator Trailer
Live the dream and get yourself in the game! Investigate immense new player creator technology in Top Spin 3, looking good has never been so easy.
File size: 69 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Trailers (free)

Quantum Of Solace Trailer
QUANTUM OF SOLACE continues the high octane adventures of James Bond (DANIEL CRAIG) in CASINO ROYALE.
File size: 26 MB (SD), 90 MB (HD), 136 MB (1080)

Prom Night Trailer
A suspenseful horror film! An obsessed murderer is viciously hunting down a beautiful girl on her prom night, killing anyone who gets in his way.
File size: 91 MB (HD), 89 MB (1080)

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

The Last Guy Wallpaper (x2)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new The Last Guy Wallpaper.
File size: 8 KB – 1.58 MB


Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

PSP Themes (free)

Cake Mania: Baker’s Challenge theme

PSP Wallpaper (free)

PSP Wallpapers Series 1 wallpaper (x3)
Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 wallpaper (x2)
Cake Mania: Baker’s Challenge wallpaper (x3)

Hope you enjoy!

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  • dang man this update sux besides the warhawk booster….bleh and nothing to the video store, add some squidbillies and release a game with trophies so its actually worth downloading..

    because the people who buy the last guy have a VERY odd taste in games, personally I would pay not to play this game, but look its free so no point.


  • @ 52 Midnight regarding THE LAST GUY

    Well, it’s just like Rez on Dreamcast and PS2.
    You either love it, or hate it.

    (Rez is also known as K-Project, Project Eden, and Vibes)

  • #1 where are the psn cards in europe?!
    #2 where is playstation life
    #3 i want to earn more money


  • YAY Fallen star, also grace do you know when we’ll be getting new avatars someone on the blog said around 2.40 but we havent gotten them yet

  • Why isn’t the so-called “Life with Playstation” promised at the end of JULY here yet? Also, where is the Home beta invites?

  • Downloading Fallen Star and The Last Guy now. Great update. Want to see the Quantom of Solace trailer on my big TV too, can’t wait.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    4th PSN game within a month! This is incredibly sweet, especially since it doesn’t seem like the great support for PSN games will stop anytime soon. I mean, you have many jumping on the trophy band wagon plus many other added features, and more games, like flower and WipeoutHD, will be out this year!

    Keep up the good work Sony, and remember to bring us the best of the PSOne games and some innovative PS Eye games that take advantage of this unique technology.

    Hopefully I’m right in assuming that Life with PlayStation will be out soon in v 2.5, but if not, I guess I can wait a bit longer for a (currently) news/weather service. Just don’t tell us it’ll be out in September only to delay that too, better safe than sorry! Long Live PlayStation!!!!

  • The … Last … Guy

  • Hey, I was wondering, will there be a map pack where we can get Fallen Star and Broken Mirror together in Warhawk?

  • It was my impression from the WarHawk Fallen Star trailer that this was a “FREE SUMMER UPDATE” emphasis on the FREE. In the middle of the video up in the top left corner when it shows the Hero and Collection modes. So were you lieing there Dylan? I really had thought that it was going to be free. I wish it was because yet again, NO PSN CARDS means NO DLC for SOOPERGOOMAN187. Which makes me an UNHAPPY GAMER. I really could care less about LWP just get those cards out to us CANADIANS!

    One Million customers here in Canada are waiting!

  • @ 60 –>

    Agreed, I was wondering the same thing because both I do not have. ;)

  • Oh and don’t anyone say “They’re coming to Blockbuster.” because that’s in THE U. S. of A.
    Not CANADA!

  • You guys should stop complaining, you have far more than the SCEE are providing us in Europe. No movie store until Q3 next year, rubbish store updates and no blog to keep us updated.

  • good update, a lot of content to download :D

  • I have a question.
    When I go to the store to buy the 3-in-1 booster combo pack for Warhawk it has a little red PSN store icon next to it indicating I can’t purchase it because I already have. I have purchased the other booster pack which included both of the other add-ons, and now since it indicates that I have purchased this new booster pack with the new add-on inside. I can’t choose to download it from acct management..WHY?
    It says I bought it and I can’t Choose to download the new 3-in-1 booster only the individual!!…

    this is a big mistake?.. and a Really cheap way of doing business in my honest opinion. if no one has bought the boosters up to this point then they pay the same as I did for 2 of them but get three!!!!
    Why do you do this to your LOYAL CUSTOMERS SONY?

  • @60

    I also agree. I have Omega Dawn already. I want a Broken Mirror/Fallen star bundle. I tried to ask Dylan Jobe the other day but he ignored me. I guess I’ll over pay because I want Fallen Star now. I guess I’ll buy Broken Mirror later. You win Sony. :(

  • Thanks for the great update! But we still need an update on Life with Playstation and the Home Beta.

  • @ 66 Gl0cKoP0P

    Why would you want the 3 in 1 bundle if you already have two of the add-ons? Why don’t you get Fallen Star by itself if you have Omega Dawn and Broken Mirror already?

  • guys guys,they said the end of the month, not quite there yet but close so chill out

  • Come on…. where is life with playstation and why didn’t you update the video store with some good stuff… ive been thinking sony that your becoming better, but i guess not. You guys just give release dates and never deliver…


    It was announced at E3 that it would be here by the end of July…then on the day it would get released it was delayed to ‘ some time in August’…..well its almost the end of Aug and guess what, still no news???? Useless is the word i use for Sony’s marketing and PR……you guys think no news is better than bad news??? Think again

  • and where is the BIA Demo …?

  • Sony,

    Where is Life with PlayStation at its the end month no work yet.

  • nice update.
    love the Last Guy wallpapers.

  • For the ones asking for PSN cards:

    I’ve just read on that tPSN cards will be available next month on 7-Eleven and Blockbuster.

    It’s been a great month for the PSN store! Hope Sony releases a lot of PSN and PS1 games in the near future!

  • @ 69 RoAcH2285
    I don’t want to buy the other 3-in-1 booster because I already bought the booster that had the other two add-ons combined in it. when I go to the store though it says I have purchased the 3-in-1 booster and not the 2-in-1
    so that is my problem.. I can not choose to download something that the store says I already purchased!

  • Hey there Grace Chen, and everyone else at Sony Playstation.

    You really need to update us on Life with Playstation. That is a must. It’s not the end of the month quite yet, but for all us eager fans please do not keep us waiting any longer.

    As for Home Beta, considering how much people are begging to hear news, i’d say you might want to reward their good patience with some news here and there.

    I’m just going to laugh if Life with Playstation doesn’t come out by the end of August


  • Please Please Please release PSX games regularly. If Nintendo can do this so can you. Start with your First Party PSX games and go from there.

  • This is a decent update, but nothing major. I’d like to buy the Warhawk combo patch but I have 1 little problem, I already own the OMEGA DAWN patch. Can you guys please make a couple of different Warhawk combo patches for people like myself? That would definitely help! I’d like to save some cash anywhere that I can. PS3 is an expensive hobby to have.


  • Grace solid update but for the love of all that is butt loving and funky, where are my PS1 games?


  • Dead PS3 = Cant download nice things -_-

  • I really want to know about Life with PlayStation. When is coming out and will we see it via the PlayStation Store or via firmware update for the PlayStation 3. I’ve been waiting since E3 when Jack said it would be out by the month. Any information would be greatly appreciated and great Store update this week. Thanks

  • And once again you COMPLETELY ignore Europe. Great job! Thanks for not giving us that Warhawk bundle! -_-
    Even though Europe buys the most PS3s you keep [DELETED] us over.

  • someone isnt reading the BLOG, lol

  • Man every week you guys figure out how to get my money.
    ‘The Last Guy’ nuf said

  • For the Love of God Sony where’s the update at 2.50 or whatever just give us something please.

  • SONY listen 2 yor costumers!!!
    costumer requests:
    psn cards
    life with playstation
    video store canada,europe,japan etc.

    ive been reading blogs this past months and all i read were these stuff!!!!!!
    so ya *READ AND LISTEN*

  • Lol yet another delay on Life with Playstation. I wonder if we’ll get another blog post about how it was delayed for September. Dont even give us a time frame if its gonna get delayed month to month. Thats like waiting for a plane at the airport that gets delayed an hour at a time until its finally cancelled 18 hours later.

  • Any word on the grafitti theme for the PSP? I would be so grateful if one was made.

    Not a bad update will def try soulcalibur demo.

  • Germany/Europe need a Triple Pack too :(

    Europes PSN Shops are so hopeless…

  • Didn’t know people were that hyped for LWP. Anyway, good update. As for me, JETPACKS!!!! :)

  • No Life with Playstation = Sad
    The Last Guy = Cool
    Fallen Star Booster Pack = Who cares about anything else. Jetpacks here I come!

    Though this update did come pretty late in the day? I thought you guys were pretty on top of the updates for a while. What gives?

  • is there psn card ?

    Where is HOME ?

  • Am I the only one who is happy about the Soul Caliber demo? Haha, I am cause I don’t have the game unfortunatly :P.

  • Where the Hell is LWPS?? End of Augest almost here Folks

  • How to predict a Sony release date:

    1. Take speculative, rumored release date
    2. Add a month
    3. After that time, get Sony official release date
    4. Add 3 more months
    5. Winner!

    Just kidding, but seriously, it really is the Delaystation. I’m glad the hardware is rock solid and the software is all above average quality.

  • Sony,

    We need more PS1 games!!!


    Who cares about LIfestyle? want news and weather? there are a zizillion channels that will give you that. Do you really care about the weather when you are indoors all day playing ps3?? geez… i’m a gamer, give me good freakin games!!! that’s all i care about!!!


  • Okay Okay, I know i’m not the only one out here pumped up on LWP i know people are the same way with Home so don’t act like your not climbing up the wall for it.

  • Home is where the heart is. My heart is still in development.

    Still waiting for that beta invite. At least I’ll be able to waste^H^H^H^H^Hspend some of that time earning some Warhawk trophies!

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