The Last Guy, Coming To a City Near You

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Hello, readers! At the end of July, we announced the game The Last Guy for North America, and said there would be much more about the game in the coming weeks. Since then, I hope you’ve checked out the trailers that have been released, the special “interview” with the guys in the Himalayas, and the just-posted IGN review.

If you haven’t heard of The Last Guy yet, here’s the run-down. Every stage is a real city, shown from overhead using detailed aerial photography. Basically you make your way through cities, find people hiding in buildings, and lead them to the Escape Zone while avoiding zombies roaming the streets. Use thermography vision to find people hiding in buildings, “dash” to run away quicker, and “huddle” to scrunch up the line to keep the people out of the path of the zombies. The controls are simple, but keeping your line away from the zombies and making it to the Escape Zone without losing anyone is anything but.

We released the demo last week, giving a taste of half of the Asakusa, Tokyo stage, one of the many stages in The Last Guy. I hope you’ve had a chance to check it out. If you’re anything like me, you probably have that song stuck in your head too.

Well, I’m back here on the blog today because I’m here to announce that the full North American release of The Last Guy will be hitting the North American PlayStation Store tomorrow afternoon for $9.99! And you can purchase the game from the PlayStation Store, or from right inside the demo itself. How handy is that?

With the full game, you’ll get to experience the full Asakusa stage from the demo, plus a bunch of other exciting cities from around the world, with 15 stages in all. Of course there’s London and Los Angeles, which we originally mentioned. And in the latest trailer above you can see cities like Washington, D.C., Sydney, Berlin, and Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan. There are lots of other great cities waiting to be saved by you in the full game, plus a bunch of different kinds of zombies and boss zombies for you to outwit and out-maneuver. You’ll definitely have to use the power-ups scattered throughout each stage wisely to make it through each of the 15 stages.

Here are a few cool screenshots from some of the new cities, Berlin and San Francisco.

Berlin San Francisco
So you have until tomorrow afternoon to practice with the demo to perfect your line-leading zombie-avoiding skills, thermography powers, building-encircling technique, and Stamina gauge management. Because the levels in the full game are much more challenging, and even feature online rankings and different ratings for how well you do (like how many VIPs you find and rescue). Who knows, maybe something cool will happen if you get a good “clear” rating on all the levels…

By the way, there will be a couple of cool The Last Guy wallpapers on the store tomorrow as well. Hope you like ’em!

Let me know what you think of the demo, and the full game when it comes out tomorrow. Thanks!

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