Burnout Bikes Gameplay Unveiled

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Hey. Great to be back on the blog! We’re starting to feel like part of the furniture round here!

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This week, we started to ramp up towards the release of our great FREE Bikes Pack. This one’s pretty much complete now and in the final phase of testing. Here at the studio, most of the Burnout team have moved on to the next pack, which is trophies. But more on that soon, because today we want to spill a few details about bike gameplay.

The Bike Pack adds another 9-10 hours of gameplay to our already MASSIVE game, but it’s important that we give you new things to do…not more of the same.

We’ve built another 70 Challenges. If you’re not familiar with Burnout, Freeburn Challenges are basically “online for the rest of us”. No intense competition, no getting schooled, no racing, no headshots! Just kick back, relax and tool around in Paradise City with your friends playing simple challenges that take you on a tour of the city’s most fun locations.

Half of the 70 new challenges are regular Freeburn Challenges – just hang out with friends and collaborate to get these done in your own time. The other half are timed, multipart challenges that inject a little excitement and allow you to replay to improve your best times. They include popping wheelies and staying on the back wheel to make the most of the fact you’re on bikes for the first time.

With bikes, you also get a fresh new map of the city, filled with the bike equivalent of Burning Routes (against-the-clock races). These are called Burnout Rides and bring a new dimension through 2-part checkpoint races. They’ll reward players that have spent a little time getting to know the city. There are 38 in total, and the traffic system’s been rebalanced to introduce you gently to an all new kind of Burnout racing.

And if that’s not enough, you can whip through the city breaking new bike-specific fast times set for all 64 streets.

The Bikes Pack is a massive deal for us at Criterion. Here’s why.

Firstly, we’ve never done bikes before in a Burnout game before. The way our cars handle has always taken a lot of work and getting the cars to feel just right has taken a lot of time and energy over the years. Bikes are all new, but we wanted to get them right first time. We’re pretty happy with the way they feel, and we hope you guys will be too. You can wheelie around the city and stop to pull doughnuts or combine the two!

Secondly, every new pack we build for Burnout Paradise is grander than the last. We want to change Burnout this year. Big time. And we want to do it through downloadable packs. We want you to know that if you buy Burnout Paradise, you buy much more than the disk we shipped back in January, and the Bikes Pack is the biggest indication yet of how far we’re willing to push the game.

We’ll be back next week to talk about how we’re mixing things up a little in the Bikes Pack with the introduction of Day and Night gameplay!


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