Legendary WipEout franchise coming to PSN with WipEout HD – Details here

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Hello, Readers. Daimion here and I’m excited today to release some details on WipEout HD, coming to PLAYSTATION Network this fall. We’ve been mum on WipEout HD recently – keeping many of you in serious suspense, I know – but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been cranking away at bringing you an awesome anti-gravity racing game in 1080p HD!

WipEout HD will feature a selection of the best tracks taken from previous versions of this iconic franchise that have been reworked to show-off the graphical capabilities of PS3. But don’t take my word for it, if you want to see how good WipEout HD in 1080p and at 60 frames-per-second, check out the video below:

WipEout HD will give you the chance to take on the greatest anti-grav racers in the world with plenty of online racing modes and even offline too, with HD’s two-player split-screen mode. Up to 8 racers can battle online in a range of online races. And with Trophy Support (whuuuuuut, Trophy support, you say?!?), which I know everyone is really excited about, this is definitely your chance to grab bragging rights online. More to come on Trophies soon, don’t you worry….

WipEout HD WipEout HD

And for an additional challenge in WipEout HD, you can opt to use the SIXAXIS motion controls to steer their ship while blasting away opponents with the full arsenal of weapons. With lots of teams/ships to choose from, plenty of on and offline racing modes, crazy-fast HD racing and a remixed Dolby 5.1 surround sound soundtrack, your adrenaline will be pumping in no time. Trust me. And even though we think you’ll love the soundtrack, but in case you love your own music collection more, you can create a custom playlist on the PS3 XMB and listen to it while you race. Niiiiiiiice, right?!

WipEout HD WipEout HD WipEout HD WipEout HD

For more game info check out www.WipEoutHD.com. We’ll be back with more on WipEout HD in the coming weeks, including the details on trophies, price, and release date – see keep your eyes peeled for more here on the PS Blog!

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  • It’s been long since I last heard about this game. Glad to know it’s finally about to come out.

  • Niiiiiiice! This game is gonna be aeeesome!

  • *aweeeesome!

  • Had to register to show my enthusiasm. It is in fact a legendary game. Looking forward to get it as soon as it is released ^^

  • Is this an online multiplayer?

  • Never mind…lol :D

  • I might actually get this game … looks cool, whats the price?

  • Trophies, In-game music, and intense high speed racing?
    Can’t wait..
    I need some moolah!

  • When are psn cards coming out?? Especially in Canada.I would really like to download stuff off of PSN,but i need PSN cards. SONY PLEASE HELP.

  • awesome. mine the second it’s out. this thing is gonna crash servers.

  • Please don’t wait until Dec 31, 2008 to release this. That would kill us! Man I want this game. What different game modes is this going to have?

  • What are the chances this is going to come out on a physical disc?

    I will *not* buy DL content on any system under any circumstances.

  • looks disgusting!!! can’t wait to get my hands on those future anti-gravity racers. i hope the sixaxis is pretty precise because i know other games can’t quite get it right. guess we shall see. other than that the 1080p 60fps sounds rather sick plus trophies and custom soundtracks. can’t ask for more.


  • cant wait looks good… more trophies

  • How ironic is it that a game with one of the best soundtracks ever is going to be one of the first (actually might be the very first) to let you use custom music in game via the xmb? It’s great and all, but I will definately be jamming out to this games already kick-ass soundtrack.

  • About time we actually get some activity around this amazing-looking game. But why isn’t any of the game developers blogging?

    Anyway, you had my money once you announced the name for the first time!

  • Yes!! Sweet!! I’m looking forward to getting this game! You guys are rocking it with the features. Would’ve loved to see the YouTube intergration but it’s ok.

    SCEA I hope you know you still have die-hard fans waiting for next-gen Jet Moto and Colony Wars games.

    During the PS2 era I kept hoping for news of a Jet Moto game for PS2 but nothing ever came!

  • Wow… just wow! This game is turning out to look much better than I had originally seen. Sorry that it has been delayed until fall but with the way it is shaping up it appears it will be worth the wait. Especially with added features and the ever popular trophy support, I will definitely be picking this up.
    Thanks Daimion and crew for this true gem.

  • “Many of us would like to see custom PSN profile avatars, or new updated PSN profile avatars weekly like we do themes and wallpapers.”

  • holly kiwi batman… that some good news… i can’t wait for wipeout.. i still remember my first wipe out game on the playstation one system… since then i’ve always been hook..

  • looks AWESOME

  • Oh and I really hope it’s not more than $15 preferably $10. I’m sure it’ll probably be $30 though =(. Any updates on the price?

  • YES!!! But when you say “fall” does that mean September or November?

  • Let’s not make us wait too long,Sony!

    Plug for MY beta HOME at the end of the month!

    I cant wait for this game to go live.

  • i know this is a little off topic but where is Life With PLaystation. August is almost over. And i cant wait for this game to come out diffeneently buying it.

  • Except for spamming that Wipeout site… Darkdrium777 is correct! Release the Pulse DLC already!

    If you still plan on charging for the Pulse DLC (it’s been 6 months already), I’m probably going to have to buy HD first and the Pulse DLC later. Not only have I been waiting for Wipeout HD forever (it’s really the only reason I chipped in for a PS3), there’s just no sense in even practicing the Pulse DLC tracks if I can’t even play them online with others, and unless the Pulse DLC is free for everyone to get (so there’s no excuse NOT to get it), I’m still going to have to limit my online games to the standard tracks.

  • Sooo pretty! the last Wipeout game that I bought was Wipeout 3 on the PSone. good times. Wipeout HD really has my attention, cant wait for this one.
    Did you get the mystery bug fixed yet?

  • can’t wait for this, looks amazing :D

    i got Wipeout Pulse for PSP to keep me occupied till then…it’s brilliant

    Hey Daimion do you know if this will ever come out on Blu-Ray at all…maybe?

  • I’d like an answer please – what are the chances of this coming out on a physical disc?

  • Hey, maybe you could release the track packs for Wipeout Pulse that were promised to be released in FEBRUARY first.

    Just a thought, because right now my rear end is bleeding from my Wipeout Pulse purchase, and it hurts. A lot.

    WILL NOT BUY WIPEOUT HD until those packs are out.

  • Please bring Wipeout HD on physical disc .

    Is the track Doron IV going to be included ?

    If not please make this track in future update.

    I love this track it is Amazing .

    Amazing game . I can’t wait .

  • Easily one of my most anticipated games coming out this year. Everything looks incredible, I can’t wait!

  • I used to be obsessed with WipEout Pure on the PSP. It was one of the first PSP games I purchased and it’s still my favorite.

    WipEout HD looks freaking amazing and I’d buy it even if it was priced at $60. RELEASE DATE PLEASE! The anticipation is killing me and I can’t wait any longer!

  • I hope you guys sell it for 20 dollars given that it only has 8 tracks. If more than that…more track or cost more, put it on disk, I wouldn’t buy any game over 20 online without a physical copy.

  • except for warhawk…my last one.

  • and STILL not release date, wow this is just tiring now

    sorry, but releasing trailers and saying stuff about the game we already knew about (XMB music, trophies) doesn’t mean anything anymore

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