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We linked to it earlier this week (and below), but I wanted to call out special attention to Platform Nation‘s charity gaming marathon – Playapalooza ‘08. The event supports Child’s Play Charity, which collects and distributes video games (and the A/V equipment needed to play them) to hospitals nationwide. We here at SCEA are supporting the cause with game donations, and you should at least take a look at the cause and see if you’d like to contribute as well.

OK, back to the matter at hand – here are the stories we read this week. Did we miss anything?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 8/4)

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  • [[[a shift away from believing they can do whatever they want to believing that they must make hardware that makes the developers job easier.]]]

    Um, what do you expect from guys like John Carmack and Gabe Newell? These are both old school guys from the PC world, OF COURSE they are going to favor the 360. It’s funny because Id and Valve’s best games are nothing more than remakes of ancient PC games.

    The 360 is a great console, but it’s just an advanced version of what is already there. It’s basically a PC for your living room. In the meantime, Sony and Nintendo have taken things a completely different direction.

    In case you haven’t noticed, many third party developers are also having a hard time making Wii games that don’t suck. Does that mean Nintendo should go back to the classic controller format?

    As for Sony, they have been slower to take off, but their technology is also starting to stand out. Blu Ray has already proved its value. Just Ask John Carmack about Rage. There are already games on the PS3 that can’t be done anywhere else. That being said, MAG, and its 256 players online, will remove any and all doubt.

  • @49 FeaturePreacher
    Got it, Carmack is right on some extend.

    @50 FeaturePreacher
    The PS3 CPU is way way ahead of his time, thats the truth, indeed SCE had a awful awful PS3 launch, but oddly enough they have recovered from that.
    Dont waste your time thinking on the next hardware generation, just enjoy your PS3.
    And indeed ,SCE has changed his approach to developers, dont worry…

  • @51
    I’m not so sure there are games that can’t be done anywhere else except on the PC. I think there are games on the PS3 that can be done on the 360 as well as games on the 360 that could be done on the PS3. I think the PC with a game like Crysis couldn’t be done on the PS3 or the 360 without seriously compromising the original quality of the game. My goodness, even most high end PC’s have trouble with Crysis.

    As far as 3rd party difficulties with the Wii, I think that’s more of a problem of appealing to an audience with an exceptionally different gaming mindset than those of genuine next gen consoles.

    I guess I just get tired of Sony touting the power of the PS3 when they can’t seem to match yet the features of the 360 such as custom soundtracks on all games. This inability to do this, I suspect, comes from not having any hardware dedicated to at least some part of the user interface. If this wasn’t the case, then why doesn’t Sony unlock the ability to do custom soundtracks for the developer instead of making them do it.

  • @53 FeaturePreacher
    I can think of a couple of games that cant run on the other console.(MGS4,Uncharted)

    About the custom soundtrack, blame the orginal implementation of the OS UI, now is little late to change the ‘game rules’ ,thats why SCE is not forcing any new feature to be implemented.

    Anyway, you shouldnt keep making comparissions, you must understand that one company can do stuff that the another dont, and you really must understand , that one company is bigger than the other.
    So asking for every single feature that the other console has is not really good for you.
    Cheers man.

  • No new posts today?

    The Playstation Conversation is stuck on the Naughty Dog 30%-40% power article since last week.

  • @anyone who knows!
    is socom gonna have trophies

  • Yo im tired of reading the same stuff over and over again…..i brought my PS3 for Playstation Home….and Star Wars….i know what date Star Wars is coming but when in the world is Playstation Home coming? im really tired of sitting home and playin the same boring games over and over. PS3 need Games dats the logo

  • Busy busy!

  • any idea if there will be a PSN iPhone app? With sony’s initiative in making one login for everything I think itd be great to access friends. Compare trophies or even use your iPhone as a DVD/Blu ray remote. Sounds good to me. How about u?

  • Wow those look pretty sweet, expecialy those trophies. Is every trophy different by its looks and not like in uncharted and SSHD where there are 4 differend images.

    Gotta buy the expansions once this gets out, but I am a bit afraid to buy the double back since there might be triple back coming out once the 3rd one gets relased.

    Are the trophies same as mentioned in Gamefaq:s or?

  • we need wireless microphones with nice quality for singstar! now!

  • We have more medicines,but less health;

  • I’m going to name my next newborn Sony.
    Thanks for the awesome support woot!
    -Sony Rocks-

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