Want into the PlayStation Home Closed Beta Test? Here’s How to Apply

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Today we’re announcing the expansion of our closed beta test for PlayStation Home to begin at the end of the month.

Home Theme

Later today, the PLAYSTATION Store will be updated with a PlayStation Home theme. By downloading the theme, users are submitting an application to join the PlayStation Home Beta test community. We will be using a variety of criteria including activity on the PLAYSTATION Network to determine eligibility for the Beta community. Existing beta testers have automatically qualified to be part of the expanded beta.

We’re really excited about this milestone and want our most loyal fans to be a part of the evolution of PlayStation Home.

In Europe, SCEE is also beginning their expanded closed beta, directly targeting consumers who have been most active on PLAYSTATION Network and PLAYSTATION Store. SCEE will be in email contact with their PSN audience very shortly.

Let us know what you think.

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10 Author Replies

  • “Activity on the PlayStation Network”….as in how much one plays online?

    I rarely play online, but I do play my PS3 a ton. I have 47 Blu-ray Disc games, and 13 PSN games (annual subscriber to Qore, too), so while I don’t play competitively very often, I do play my PS3 a ton.

    Probably far more then most people who have PS3s.

    Anyway, I sure hope I get in.

  • I got a question for you Jack

    Im really excited about the home beta but you see im at work till 9, will my chances of getting into the home beta be less because of this or does it matter how late i download the home theme.

  • What is the chance of getting in the Beta?

  • I was just wondering. If a person is selected how do you go about letting them know? Email? Message? Something else?

  • Thanks again so much, but is Home going to receive a significant update to come along side this participant expansion? thanks!

  • I don’t play a lot of ps3 online and every

    single day, so I won’t get into the beta.


    I have been patiently waiting for this opportunity. But now I’m camping in literaly the middle of no where! So I won’t be able to download this until august 20. Can you enter me in :(. BurntOrange32 is my PSN. Thanks :) if I don’t get in I guess Ill just have to wait even more…..

    I’m always online and buy tons of psn games :).

  • Are Canadians allowed in the Beta?

  • Live in your world….play in OURS! PS3…gotta love it

  • I play online every single day :D
    This is how begins the world domination for us PS3 lovers :D

  • can you comment on what type of qualifications you will be looking for in potential testers?

  • Hopefully annual Qore subscribers have a better chance to get in:) *hint hint

  • Here’s to hopefully making it in… with my luck, I won’t. But no harm in trying!

  • Excellent! Looking forward to it.

  • Please let me in I will send you cookies!

  • Simply truly awesome news… Was not one of the biggest Home fan, but those theme rooms you have added definitively won me over.

    Way to go!

    P.S.: Does that mean that I have to stop watching this web page now?

  • So, it really is still coming! :) Thanks for the info, I’ll definitely be hoping to get in here and really see what Home is all about. I’m unsure of what my expectations even are, I need some time to explore it.

  • awesome :D hopefully i’ll get in :D

    btw Jack, ive got a question for you, with most active on PSN, dyou mean playing online or something else?
    and with active on PS Store, dyou mean buying stuff, coz ive been out of money lately lol… couldn’t even buy PixelJunk Eden :(

  • And the theme itself looks pretty slick, too. Will be grabbing this later in the afternoon and crossing my fingers hoping to try out Home.

  • Oh man!

    Please let me in :(

    If I don’t get in, does my girlfriend who has a separate account on our system have a chance still or is it locked to the IP?

    Theme looks GREAT by the way!!

  • so im finally gonna get rewarded for being addicted to my ps3? lol, the wife is gonna love that, lol

  • I got a question for you Jack

    Im really excited about the home beta but you see im at work till 9, will my chances of getting into the home beta be less because of this or does it matter how late i download the home theme?

  • can beta testers download the theme or will that mess up their beta trial?


  • Finally! Thanks so much. I hope I get in. I’m a big time user of PS3 and play online a ton so I hope that helps my chances. I’d definitely test out Home a lot.

  • You’re all invited to my apartment. If I get in that is ;)

  • Pick me…. Pick me…. Pick me :) I’m playing a lot more now so hopefully that counts for something. Burnout Baby Burnout that’s what I’m talking about.

  • Excellent news. Nice to see HOME is really meeting the promised deadlines.

    One quick question; what is the planned beta launch schedule? Will it be similar to Japan (i.e. late August/early September) or more a gradual launch like the initial Beta was?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Make sure you don’t forget about us Qore subscribers. ;)

  • Do GAP members get in automatically this time?

  • downloading, commenced.
    hope i get in.

  • Jack
    how does Home work with sub-accounts? since my kids have sub-accounts under my name… would they enter Home as me? could I limit their access?

    either way, really looking forward to it’s release!

  • Awesome news!!! I will download the theme asap and hope for an invite!!!

    Really looking forward to home and what is can offer.

  • Thanks for info! I hope i get in.

    How many testes is Sony looking for this closed beta of Home?

  • What type of PSN activity? We talking about login time? We talking about downloaded items (free or otherwise) from the PS Store? We talking purchase of PSN games or DLC?

    Just curious, as my PS3 is on about 85% of the time logged in doing something. I downloaded EVERYTHING free from the PS Store every Thursday and test, I’ve bought 8 PSN games, Qore subscription, Trophy addict, and Warhawk player. Just curious if that’s good enough to get me a Golden Ticket!

    I’d really like to put Home through the paces. I’ve done a lot of beta testing for Sony (PS2 Network Adapter, Original SOCOM, first online Madden, EverQuest Online Adventure, FFXI.) and I’m anxious at a chance to beta test something new!

  • The theme is actually VERY nice too.

    Stuff home, I want the blueprint theme!!

  • Man i got an invite for the first beta, because im part of GAP, but my computer was down so i couldnt join in time. I hope i get into this one. Thanks for the info been waiting for this.

  • Thanks for telling about what SCEE are doing aswell. Hope to get an e-mail soon.

  • I was waiting to hear more about Home. I think it looks awesome.

    I got the ps3 on waiting for the theme.

    Even if I don’t get picked, thanks for the cool theme.

  • I have to go to work today, and won’t be able to download it theme, thus submitting application later on tonight, would this hurt my chances of getting in the beta?

  • Im at my job :(
    First thing to do when i get ‘home’ is download this theme

  • Hahaha great. Thanks for the details.

  • Btw, what criteria will SCE be using for picking new beta testers?

  • This is a good idea, as long as my account activity is above the threshold. :)

  • Sweet, I hope I get in. Home seems like a good place to meet other gamers. None of my other friend have a ps3. :( They all have that other box.

  • Awesome! Thanks for giving us the 411! ;)

  • Unfortunetally I am at work. I have to run home now and hope and PRAY that I am accepted. I have been going to the home beta web site almost every day, hoping something would open up.

    I even had a comment on my icon screaming “can’t wait for home!!!”

    If I am included in this beta, then the hard week at work will all be well worth it.

    Playstation rules!!!

  • Finally a little love from the SCEE as well :D

  • What does “targeting consumers who have been most active on PLAYSTATION Network and PLAYSTATION Store” exactly mean?

  • does it matter if we use the theme. do we get a better chance of getting in if we use it?

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