LittleBigPlanet: Pre-order Goodness

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Hey all,

We’ve been working with our North American retailers to promote the release of LittleBigPlanet in October 2008. And now that the “planning dust” has settled, we wanted to share early details of our pre-order campaign for you to decide which item you’d like. Stay tuned for much more detail on which retailer will have what pre-order item and when to go to your favorite retailer to reserve your copy.

Here’s the master list:

The Official “LittleBigPlanet Creator” MiniGuide by Brady Games – This exclusive digital guide is a primer for LittleBIGPlanet’s CREATE tools and provides users with a quick tutorial to begin developing their own levels.”


LittleBigStickerBook – For those of you who love to customize – this item is for you! This exclusive sticker book contains some of our favorite LBP imagery for you to apply your own ‘mash-up’ to your favorite possessions. Or take something else you own and make it your favorite!

LBP - Sticker book mock-up

LittleBigPouch – Keep your LBP game safe and protected from the elements with this exclusive burlap pouch. Its so unique and stylish, it would make a SackMother proud.

LBP pouch

Exclusive Nariko SackGirl
– SackBoy’s beware! Nariko SackGirl has been known to keep other SackBoys (and SackGirls) in check. This exclusive downloadable costume features our favorite heroine on the PS3.

LBP - Heavenly Sword Render

Exclusive Kratos SackBoy – Nuff’ said. Yes…the forum rumors were true – but the biggest question remains “why didn’t this guy smile?” Seriously, this is another exclusive downloadable costume that will elevate your SackBoy status to godlike proportions.

LBP - God of War Render

Keep an eye out for more LittleBigNews in a few days…

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  • Btw, where do we pre-order this online? I’m living in Asia btw. :(

  • What about for Europe! Your-rope, that buys the most PS3’s more than anywhere else ?

  • Sorry if this has been covered but do you have to use the PS EYE or can you use a regular USB camera or even import digi photos/photoshoped images?

  • this game just keeps getting better. but i hope to god that they add in water when creating level which is a no brainer 4 me. lbp, mgs4,m2,r2.k2, so many game so little money


  • Hey Mark, people are completely freaking out in the many PS3 forums out there, so I wanted to go straight to the source. You mentioned the Playstation Eye as a method of importing images into the game, but is this the ONLY way?

    People who have high resolution textures and images will want to import those into the game via the HDD or USB flash drive. Will this be possible? Please clarify, thanks.

  • @Mark Valledor:

    North America include Canada, but so far, support is always very, very low in Canada. (Eye of Judgment is a very good example). Again, in this article, the first line says: North America, and sure enough, LPB is a must for my game library, but please, please, don’t do it again to us by saying N.A. when you really mean U.S. Make sure that canadians can also have access to these awesome goodies. Many games, and almost ALL my Eye of Judgment cards are coming from U.S. because Canada get almost no support. Basically, I’m just hoping you’re not thinking that canadians don’t want games! We do. And yep, we want those goodies too! So I really, really hope I won’t have to pre-order my game from the U.S. to get them.

    P.S.: Not that you’re that bad either… I already have tons of Playstation promo items. Yes, I’m a sucker for those. Even the plushy GTA dices : ) Keep up the good work.

  • You know I’d love to see “Little Big Solid 4: Guns of the Sackboys”
    (wich is, of course, a Solid Snake sackboy for LBP ;) )

  • There is a question that a lot of people have asked and no one knows for sure. Is the only way to get images in LBP through the Playstation Eye? Is it possible to use any jpegs on the hardrive? Thanks

  • This is a game that needs to have the ULTIMATE amount of customisability. If not at launch, then the amount of things you can do / change / create needs to exponentially expand with DLC. It just won’t work otherwise.

  • Say hello to the new mascot for Sony and his name is Sackboy…..ugh.

  • will there ever be a snake sackboy, thats all i want to know, will there…?

  • do you miss out on this deal if you have already pre-ordered?

  • man no one answered me yet…sorry if im bothering u guys,im just really hyped for this game

  • Hey Mark,
    Just want to say all this looks great and i can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the UK. But I have a question about the actual game which i would be REALLY greatful if you could answer; Is it possible to upload images from your hard drive as stickers?

    I recently read in an article that this is not possible – you can only upload images from the eyetoy.
    Thanks alot,

  • It would be great if you could re-confirm the ability to upload images/pictures from the PS3 HDD.

    A lot of people have jumped to a lot of conclusions because you didn’t mention the HDD earlier, just the Eye.

  • Since you’re ignoring all the comments asking about Europe, I suppose that we won’t be able to take part of this deal?
    That’s just great, even though we’re the continent that buys the most PS3s, it’s always us who gets left out of deals like this. And if not that, we always get our games the last.

  • guess there wont be any snake….damn

  • Ok so when will we be able to preorder from the shops? Which include the kratos nd the sackboy bag?

  • Sack Kratos is thoroughly awesome. Sack Nariko is pretty sweet, too. Excellent pre-order bonuses, guys!

    This is the kind of thing more publishers should be doing to promote their games.

  • I’m a bit late on this blog post so I hope you guys are still there…

    I would just like confirmation on whether we can get images from our HDD (from PC, flash drive, etc.) or not.

  • Can we still get the JPEG images from the ps3 hardrive and put them as stickers?

    and there was an article talking about LBP being on PC… i know thats not true but can you confirm it

  • Oh, I can’t wait!!
    And I definately LOVE the idea of a sackboy being included in the game, but as an idea, lets say you get the LBP with Nariko, maybe it could come with a sackboy and a Nariko sackgirl? Cause I do think having a little sackboy /sackgirl would be pretty friggin sweet! Or maybe with a couple things you could put on the sackboy? Just throwing out ideas like how GTA had the whole package thing I’d like LBP to have some stuff, and I love how the game looks! I’m gonna reserve it!!!

  • As excited as I am for this game, as a creative person it was a huge let down for me to find out on this comment page that custom images can only be added with the PSEye. I had every intention of using image editors to truly make my levels my own. And now I know that I’m limited to images I take in my living room. I can almost swear that I remember you guys mentioning that we could use images loaded onto the PS3’s HDD as well.

    I’m not the only one upset by this news. Quite a few PS3 owners I know who were excited about this game thought the same thing as I did, and are now wondering why it’s not a feature. The possibilities seem a lot more limited now. Now if I want a theme to my level, what am I going to have to do? Create everything with construction paper and take photos of it, hoping that the lighting in the room is good and that the picture was taken perfectly straight? Do all of that when I could have spent much less time in an image editor and saved glue and paper?

    Please tell me that the PSEye is just an option that is mentioned a lot to promote the PSEye, and uploaded images to your PS3’s HDD can be used as well. Because right now I feel like I was stripped of a lot of my creative freedom with this game. I don’t want to litter my levels with photos. I want to fill them with images I created myself.

    Sorry for the negativity. This is the only thing I’ve heard about the game that let me down. And since I’ve just found it out after over a year of thinking I’d have more options, it just sucks. I’m sure my girlfriend won’t care about it. I don’t think she had any intention of including custom content.

  • yes please tell us that PS3 Eye is not our only option. This is horrible horrible news.

  • I’m looking forward to the kratos sackboy but i really want a sackboy doll.

  • i don’t know if any1 of you guys asked this… but does some1 know which online stores sell these pre-order goodies? maybe amazon? and is it only for north american buyers? because i live in kuwait and i want the special stuff, so can it come?

  • Can somebody get to my question than please? I just want to know can we purchase Kratos and Heavensword Sacks later on with DLC?!

  • I’m all about the Kratos. Sign me up. This will be a great game for me AND my girl AND her little boy. Looking forward to it.

  • Kratos Doll, please.

    Or how about Solid Snake doll.

  • It’s good to see that Sony & MM are getting so involved with the community, and I’m glad to be a loyal Playstation user, right from the beginning :)

    Now, I just have a simple question for ye Sony :)?

    Will we able to get our hands on the LBP Trophy List before release? We’ve heard rumours of one trophy being “make a machine/object that can sling your sackboy high into the sky”, or something along those lines, and to know the list before release would be brilliant for the more creative of us, who’d like to plan things out ahead :D??

    Anyhow, great job guys :)

  • Following on what GamingCutieQ asked, I already pre-ordered from Target. What about those who have already pre-ordered, will we be able to get any of the promo items?

  • Really sucks you cant import pictures or create detailed objects for your characters. I was already sketching and planning levels and outfits. Guess I am going to have to take a break and just wait and see how limited it is before I get my hopes up too high and get let down. Still extremely excited for LBP and WILL be purchasing a ps3 to play it. Just going to have to keep my fingers crossed.

  • also…

    I dont want a real themed sackboy, just let me get a real regular sackboy and I am happy. I hope this is a definite option?

  • Me want it now!

    If we don’t get this preorder goodies in Sweden ill be very sad!
    I can’t wait to buy a sackboy and of course the LBP game!

  • Please do us a favor and clear up this hubbub around the playstation eye issue. The statements made about it are leading people to presume *only* the eye can be used. It’d be absurd to limit the creativity of the players to simple photographs, especially on a system with such fantastic multimedia capabilities. That’s something Microsoft or Apple would do, not Sony. Last thing we need is fuel for the trolls out there.

  • Hmmmm a burlap doll. Definitely not something you wanna give the kiddos instead of a teddy bear… they’d get their faces all red from the irritation, lol. I like the idea of tangible dolls though.

    The part I’ll go all emotional about is if I can’t have both of the DLC costumes. I’ll sit in front of my computer for a month trying to decide which store to preorder, and then I’ll find out I was off by an hour on the clock, won’t get either one of them cuz I didn’t preorder, and then jump off a 2 story building and twist my ankle. :-)

  • I’m super excited for all these exclusives, but what I’m wondering is how do I get a hold of them all (the costumes,that is)? Will they be available for download, for a price or for free, some time after release?

  • I want both!
    Is there any chance I could pay a little more to get both?

    What is Kratos without Nariko or vise versa? They need each other!

    Great games both of them

    By the way can you guys tell Sony to make a Heavenly Sword sequel….such a promising franchise. Such great characters and the acting is second to none.

  • ok, lets juat say us who pre ordered it already pre order it again, get the gift, and then cancel the pre order… will there be a deposit that is non refundable if we keep the gift? or will i just get my money refunded and the gift will be kept by me? ( sorry i sound like a douchbag, but i pre ordered the game already, and i shouldent get punished for being smart about it, and pre ordering before EVERYBODY hears about the game, and goes to pre order…) but, am i alone here? dident anyone else pre order already and are woundering the same thing?

  • so you just dont care about europe then?
    makes me feel right at home cos that’s exactly how scee feel.

    it’s an insult that this and home are developed here in europe and this is the one place that misses out on all the offers.
    how long can you sit back and watch while reeves destroys all the brand loyalty you’ve built up in europe over the years.
    and dont ignore this because you better believe me when i say if that idiot is allowed to carry on he will destroy the eu market for the playstation and as this is undoubtedly the biggest market right now you cant afford to ignore this for much longer.

  • Mark.
    Please, please, PLEASE answer!

    Can we import pics ON OUR HDD into levels and NOT be forced to use PS Eye?

    I already have a PS Eye, but I DON’T want to be forced to use it for EVERY texture!

    Please, this game is like the Holy Grail to me!

  • @443 it’s been a while but i’m sure i remember from one of the earlier presentations of lbp they imported some stickers from picture files on the hard drive so i’m like 80% sure you’ll be able to do what you’re asking.

  • @444
    Yes, but one of Mark’s comments on this very blog hints otherwise.

  • We can I do my pre-order? I live n Canada.

    I wanna do it now!


  • I’m answering this for everyone. It is highly possible there’s water since the material pink rubber said it had the ability to “float” and theres some tool that looks like a can with a big tear on it which might fill something?

    but who says pink rubber floats on water. what about air? and that tear drop in a can might make your sackboy cry but if it does i’ll boycott that feature.

    oh and this is a question. will i be able to make 2 gaint wooden echocrome looking guy walking around my level with stuff on them to platform. and i’m talking like on screen you can onle see a little bit of the knee.

    i already scetched my whole level taking into acount the 3 depths and all the things i’ve seen in the videos but if answering gives away too much answer these too.

    Can i have something walk foward and backwards like a humanif i figure out how to joint it? is the hight limite on the levels high? (i think you can at least answer the second one since of the trophy to luanch your sackboy very high into the air.)

    thank you even if you don’t reply :D

  • really nice both sackboys, what I don´t understand is why SONY tries to charge us for all,if we want some sackboys as kratos, nariko or others, im sure we will have to pay for them on PSN when this characters can be done easily and quickly by MM workers.., also we cant use images from the HDD of PS3 because SONY wants to sell more PS eye(although I have it), i think sony should try to make users happiers instead of trying to make more money,here in spain, people are dissapointed because of the PS eye and because we don´t know what we will have to do to get some sackboys such as nariko or other exclusive-ps3 characters… i think you should learn a bit from EA or similiar, look at Burnout paradise, free expansions and also battlefield, new free mode etc…

  • Where do i pre-order to get this cool stuff!!??? somebody, please!!

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    Nicely put. I have a PSEye too, but if this is the case, you won’t be able to use the vast number of images form the Internet. Unless you want to take the time to position your Eye perfectly in front of your computer, and take a less than optimal picture of an image from the Internet. Which really seems rather silly, if you could just pop over a bunch of files using a flashdrive, and upload from the PS3’s hardrive.

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