LittleBigPlanet: Pre-order Goodness

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Hey all,

We’ve been working with our North American retailers to promote the release of LittleBigPlanet in October 2008. And now that the “planning dust” has settled, we wanted to share early details of our pre-order campaign for you to decide which item you’d like. Stay tuned for much more detail on which retailer will have what pre-order item and when to go to your favorite retailer to reserve your copy.

Here’s the master list:

The Official “LittleBigPlanet Creator” MiniGuide by Brady Games – This exclusive digital guide is a primer for LittleBIGPlanet’s CREATE tools and provides users with a quick tutorial to begin developing their own levels.”


LittleBigStickerBook – For those of you who love to customize – this item is for you! This exclusive sticker book contains some of our favorite LBP imagery for you to apply your own ‘mash-up’ to your favorite possessions. Or take something else you own and make it your favorite!

LBP - Sticker book mock-up

LittleBigPouch – Keep your LBP game safe and protected from the elements with this exclusive burlap pouch. Its so unique and stylish, it would make a SackMother proud.

LBP pouch

Exclusive Nariko SackGirl
– SackBoy’s beware! Nariko SackGirl has been known to keep other SackBoys (and SackGirls) in check. This exclusive downloadable costume features our favorite heroine on the PS3.

LBP - Heavenly Sword Render

Exclusive Kratos SackBoy – Nuff’ said. Yes…the forum rumors were true – but the biggest question remains “why didn’t this guy smile?” Seriously, this is another exclusive downloadable costume that will elevate your SackBoy status to godlike proportions.

LBP - God of War Render

Keep an eye out for more LittleBigNews in a few days…

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  • YOUTUBE SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lol, be careful when you tell someone they are “Bam! hired!” they might hold you to it somehow :-p

    Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out / recommend this for a while now:

    Will there be an inventory system in LBP?
    I need characters to be able to collect different size “bombs” that they can later throw and destroy block levels with, lol. (with hopefully customizable bomb physics e.g. 5 mile blast radius).

  • Please tell me this game will feature a way to play my own music. I would think a game with so much customization would definetly include such a thing. Please, that is the one thing that will make or break this one for me.

    Trophies are great, but only half of the new features we have been given. Please answer. I have already had to pass on PixelJunk Eden, give me something to play.

  • Mark Valledor.
    Little Big Planet looks like a franchise with massive potential to reach out to the mass (casual) market, girl gamers and younger kids. But Sony really need to spend money to advertise LBP. Look at DS Brain Training, a great product but it wouldn’t have done a 10th of it sales without Nintendo spending so much on advertising.

    Mark, can you tell us anything about Sony’s plans to advertise this?

  • So yeah, i have 23 years old a real tick beard and cool mustaches and i say:
    ‘Awww those are so cute’
    LBP is the new mario bros, is gonna change stuff.
    And im super happy that i have a PS3.
    Im gonna play soooo much !! (And make a cardboardbox like snake uses)

  • YES! I LOVE LBP! Can’t wait for the real SackBoy! ROCK ON!

  • Please tell me one pre-order gets both Downloadable characters. It’s not fair to make us choose. We want both for one copy!

  • OMG! kratos is gonna be hot I wonder if theres a way to get all of the Pre order goodies in 1 stop? n is kratos n nariko gonna be DLC for the ppl who didnt choose it at pre order?

  • I was curious…if we happened to pre-order and purchase TWO copies of the game…would we be able to use both downloadable characters on one game?

    I’m introducing my brother to the PS3 and buying him a copy of this as well, and since he doesn’t know the characters yet, i’m guessing he won’t miss them, lol.


  • Hey is there any plans of that sackboy kratos being available in another way other than pre-ordering? cause there is a lot of people like me who would kill for that sackboy but can’t pre-order it,i have big hopes for this being available as a free dlc (or at least selling it as a dlc with the PSN cards out).

  • OMG! is there going to be a way to attain all of the goodness? in 1 stop of course

  • Hey is there any plans of that sackboy kratos being available in another way other than pre-ordering? cause there is a lot of people like me who would kill for that sackboy but can’t pre-order the game,i have big hopes for this being available as a free dlc (or at least selling it as a dlc with the PSN cards out) – Zack

  • sorry for the double post, the comment system is being annoying with me.

  • This is great stuff. I can’t wait to learn more. I bet LBP is going to be a monster hit. It’s a day one purchase for me.

    PS: Not sure if this was asked, but can someone let me know if LPB will support voice chat during online play? It’s one the main features I look for online games, and I am a little worried since Sony first party have not been consistent with implementing voice chat (such as in GT5P, Hot Shots Golf: OB)

  • @SPARDA: yes there will be and your sackboy will be lip-synced to make it talk along with you!!

  • @Hunter: that is great news, Thanks for the reply

  • Man… At first glance I thought that the downloadable Nariko and Kratos costumes were actually real-life sackdolls that we were going to be able to purchase or get with a reserve of the game. Sucks that I was wrong about that. Oh well…The in-game costumes will be cool. Can’t wait to see what other game characters make it onto the list!

  • This and Uncharted are the reasons I got a PS3 and I cannot say I am disappointed in the least. Having 4 kids who are big fans (of the movie so far anyway) will there be any way to purchase any of the items that do not come with the preorder? How soon before we start seeing Sackboy in our local Wal-Mart?

    I hope to get a review up over at RWG as soon as the game is released and I spend some time with it.

  • Wow i remember some time ago when people on the forums mentioned Sony making sackboys and girls. Now it’s a reality. Maybe Sony has finally learned to listen to its fan base.

  • @ #5 Neil: I think everyone wants an actual sackboy.

    We want actual sackboy/sackgirl but we ALSO want the DLC sackboy/sackgirls.

    @ #253 MFRICHARD: This Is Great. Hope For Actual SackPeople ;).
    1 Free With Pre-order or $1.99 For Additional

    Be realistic I’d say something more along the lines of 8.99 for additional figures.

    In my opinion Sony should add one more Tab on the PS Store where people can browse for Sony game related Clothing/Accessories/Toys/OST/Prints…etc…a place where we can find Limited Edition Sackboy/Sackgirl every month.

  • I want it all!!!! I hope you guys support IN-GAME MUSIC! It’s a must!!!! PLEASE??

  • Me want Kratos and Nariko!!!!! I think you can make any character into a sack boy/girl and they automatically are classified as ‘Adorable’! I can’t wait to get this game! ^_^

  • I am a 30 year old guy and I REALLY need a sackboy doll for my daughter… Ermm yes my daughter…

  • I want Kratos. Also why do i get some kind of error after posting it here?

  • @the_icon

    I also get that too. Very strange and I tried different browsers and still has the same problem. I even tried my PS3 and when I log on to my account, it would always freeze.

  • can we preorder in australia, can u move the release date forward, i can’t wait another 60 days for this game

  • Can’t wait to get it this game is going to e epic.

  • Um hey im just wondering, plz tell me there will be a solid snake sackboy in the game, and will the dlc for skins be free? please reply back, thank u!

  • Oh, man.

    I’m glad I pre-ordered this game. I hope I get one of these even if it’s pre-ordered already.

    Specially the Kratos… Oh, please, GameStop!

    Man, I’d really sleep with a Sack-Kratos plush! I’m loving LittleBigPlanet so much.

    Thanks for making this a happy day, Mark!

  • He nice to hear about the pre-order Goodies.

    Got a question:
    Will LBP use the youtube api to record playing the levels?

    And if LBP does, how does it work? DOes it record all the time and when you say stop it saves the last 10 minutes? Or do you need to start and stop it each time the 10 minutes ends?


  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    Will there be a demo (i hope so) pls respond if possible thanks :)


    oops sorry for caps

  • Please update with Canadian retailers also as I would like to pre-order the game.

    I think this game is going to be wicked fun…

  • I don’t know if anyone else has made this request yet, but:

    Ico sackboy.
    Yorda sackgirl.

    The best characters ever, and quite appropriate for a game that stresses cooperation, no?

  • Ah! I absolutely love the costumes! It would be awesome too see maybe a Ratchet & Clank costume in there too though.

  • With their be anyother Custom Out Fits comming?

  • Oh snap! I just got even more excited for LBP! I seriously can not wait to make my own levels. I have quite a few ideas brewing.

  • I looked all red replies and I didn’t find answer for next question, so I apologize if it’s already answer,

    Are Kratos-sackboy and Nariko-sackgirl cloth-made or another material?.

  • I looked all red replies and I didn’t find answer for next question, so I apologize if it’s already answered,

    Are Kratos-sackboy and Nariko-sackgirl cloth-made or another material?.

  • Hyrgola: they are in game characters, not a doll or similar in real life.

  • Couldn’t these characters be user created within the game anyways? Isn’t is just a matter of time before every character imaginable is a part of LBP?

  • Kratos MUST come to the UK. Available at Gamestation, if possible :D

    Also please put both of those up as DLC! I’d like Nariko too, but Kratos is… Kratos.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    @kungfuian & I_Love_New_York
    Seriously good ideas, they could make littlebigplanet into the hub of all ps3 exclusive content, with tie ins and such, thus advertising multiple games and features all at once. Then showing all this in ads could help show how interconnected the PS network is, especially once you add Home into the mix. Start advertising more and more Sony! You’ve got the content now and on the horizon, you just need to tell EVERYBODY.

  • I wouldn’t mind getting the pouch, downloadable costumes or a real Sackboy that you guys are “working on”.

    I pre-ordered from GameStop on day 1, so I hope they get the real Sackboy.

    I wonder if there will be a Solid Snake costume…

  • yeah. this game is one i’ll definitely be looking forward to downloadable content for. hopefully this will be the first game to get as much (or more) DLC than rock banda and guitar hero. :lol:

  • First off, thanks for the replies Mark it’s great to get feedback from you.

    Can’t wait for the game, this pre-order campaign will surely give LBP a nice boost!

    You’d be crazy not to let us buy actual sackboys, personally i’d like to see a special edition box set of the game with a real Sackboy included.. then sell them seperately after the game is in the shops.

    Also you must realise just from the comments here that a physical Kratos Sackboy is something you really should consider, there’s already plenty of game merch in stores for other games and the Sackboys are so much cooler than most other stuff. Kratos, Solid Snake for starters would be very popular and you have to remember that there’s plenty of non-gamers that would just buy Sackboys!!

    I know you have plenty of DLC coming but i really hope that includes levels designed by other actual devs, a MGS themed level by Hideo Kojima or a God of War themed level or even a Killzone level would be incredible but the crowning achievement would be if you could get Miyamoto to do a Super Mario level for the game. Heck even ask Bungie to do a halo level :)

    Another similar idea would be to ask modern day artists, people like Obey and other similar talented urban vinyl artists to design levels. The potential is almost limitless.

    Good luck to you guys, sure the game will be a huge success.

  • i know some people may take this as blasphemy or overstated at this point…but i think Sackboy is the best and potentially biggest thing to hit video gaming since that fat plumber with an “M” on his hat.

    this literally has the potential to reach FAR beyond gaming. we could be witnessing history here. and i couldn’t be happier that it’s a PS3 exclusive.

    to all the developers at Sony and execs thank you for bringing an incredible and balanced experience with LITERALLY something for everyone. it has been an amazing two years since the PS3 came out and i can’t believe it’s getting better by leaps and bounds.

    it’s a great time to be a gamer and an incredible time to own a Playstation 3.

  • As nice as having physical objects like stickers, strategy guides, and game cases sounds, I would be lying if I said that the Kratos sackboy takes top priority.

    Hopefully a retailer in my area has that.

  • I have to have Sackboy plushies!!! And costumes for said plushies. Please, please, please….

  • AWESOME! I am so totally going to get this on pre order. Any details yet of which retailers will have which preorder bonuses?

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