Get Your First Platinum Trophy as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Trophy Patch is Released

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Big news today… our eagerly anticipated (I hope) patch to add Trophy support to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has officially been released in Europe and North America. For those of you at home keeping score, there’s a total of 48 Trophies, counting the Platinum Trophy.


As we were working to get this patch out the door, I was chatting to various people on the team here at Naughty Dog to get some details on our process. It was easy to tell that everyone is quite proud to have Uncharted be the first and, for the time being, only game where you can receive a Platinum Trophy. Sitting down with Travis McIntosh, our Lead Programmer, I learned that implementing Trophies in Uncharted was a relatively simple task because we had to medal reward system to leverage. He said that since we had medals built into the existing game, the programming team could just tie the existing 47 medals into the Trophy award requirements. Choosing 47 medals during our initial development worked better than imagined because the 47 Trophies, with the appropriate point values for Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies, perfectly equaled the maximum number of trophies that can be awarded.

Since medals and Trophies are essentially the same, anyone who has played Uncharted already knows what they have to do to get any one Trophy. If you’re a better gamer than I am and worked to get all the medals before, then you already know what all of the hidden Trophies are.


Once you’re playing the game, it will be pretty obvious when you get a Trophy. Once you trigger the award, you will get the familiar indication that you’ve been awarded a medal and then a couple seconds after that you’ll see the standard PS3 Trophy pop-up. Screenshots of this in action, along with examples of what our Trophies look like in-game and in the XMB, are on IGN.


One thing everyone should note, as our co-president Evan Wells told Joystiq during E3, is that we weren’t able to award Trophies retroactively through this patch. This was done so that everyone receives their Trophies fairly and can’t take advantage of the game saves we’ve seen floating around. That means you will have to start a brand new game—without any medals or rewards unlocked—and play through Uncharted to get Trophies.

So, if you haven’t picked up Uncharted yet, this should be another reason to do so… you know, beyond our amazing fortune hunting storyline, awesome graphics, solid gameplay and half-tucked shirts that are already in our favor.

UPDATE: You can find the full trophy list at

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  • I’m glad that Naughty Dog, INC has already released the patch to NA> I’ve currently gained 11 trophies from Uncharted: Drake’s fortune.

  • i want to know one thing can we beat the game in a higher level and unlocked the lower level trophys !!!

  • nice, time to go rent this again, i guess at first i was pissed at how short it was, but now, with having to replay the whole thing…i guess this one time it’s ok..

    so heavenly sword would be great because that game was like 3 hours long, right? lol j/k (but close)

    and to the poster that said he had played it on a crappy tv first, and is now ready for his new Bravia, all i can say is, you are in for a treat, the water in Uncharted is amazing itself!

  • Thanks.

    It’s a great add on feature that more games need to program from day one.


  • Thanks Arne and all the Naughty gals and guys.

    15/48 Trophies unlocked.

  • @81 Chaos_Bladez

    Im on this Blog Everyday and I know when something not True.. you can count me in as a Moderator but with out the Rights!

    No one can come in here and Get off Topic!


    To everyone:

    Dont be Mad everyone has to repeat over agian.. if you stay with the Gaming world you would know a while back no to be playing the game tell the Patch is out!

    Now you know your going to have to start from the Begaining! and Its not Hurting Me.. I’m Glade because its been a long while since I Touched the Game gets the Story a Great Refresh..

    and PLUS it Will Make you a Better Gamer

    PSN: Skater_Ricky, 8)

  • I just downloaded the patch and wow, Drake’s Fortune has A LOT of trophies.

  • @107 SkaterRickey

    “you can count me in as a Moderator but with out the Rights!”


    then i declare myself King of the Genetically Altered Penguins…

    and as such i decree unto all fair denizens of the PSBloggindom:

    No one can come in here and withold fresh fish!


    PSN: FritoZ :)

    ( i’ll be playing uncharted again tonight! )

  • You really don’t believe me skaterricky?
    Pic of me wiping my harddrive
    My gamespot profile (where I have a list of my favorite games and Uncharted is there at #5.

    Do you believe me now? Look at my profile, do you really think I’d lie?
    I got error 80022D1A, where the trophies don’t show up.

  • That didn’t work out. Just go to my profile for proof.

    Alright skaterricky?

  • Sweet! About to replay this game right now!

  • I really want this game but I can’t justify paying $50 used (thanks Gamestop!) or $60 for a 9 month old game, especially considering it’s already Greatest Hits in Europe.

    When is it going to be released on the Greatest Hits label here in North America and why hasn’t it yet?

  • oh wow, this is great news, i love uncharted, great game, thank you Naughty Dog

  • after i run the install (on second attempt i deleted my save files and tried again) i get a black screen with a spinning gold coin in the bottom left of the screen.

    its been running for abotu 15 minutes now.

    the first two times i tried to quit and had to restart from the on/off switch.

    my ps3 is fine but unable to play uncharted.

    any suggestions?

    I was so excited I forgot to comment.

    I’ve already played through this game at least 5 or 6 times and this is just a great excuse to revisit on hell of a game!

    Thanks ND & Sony!

  • hey Arne Meyer // Senior Manager of Marketing Communications, Naughty Dog!
    What happens if you get two trophies at once? Does one pop up show up or does a box say something like it say “2 Trophies Unlocked”?

  • never mind my post, i went to take a shower came back and all is well.

    with that said.

    thank you naughty dog and sony. i had forgotten how really amazing this game looked and played.

    looking forward to not only playing it again but hopefully a long franchise to come.

  • You’ll give a shout out to but not to the Playstation forums trophy list and FAQ?

    That’s messed up dude!

    Check the official Playstation Network Forum for the thread.

  • Got 9 of them tonight. Game has so many memorable moments.

  • Day 1 for me.

  • Delete 120 and this one for me. It went to wrong post. Thanks.

  • Okay, I stopped playing the game and for sure I’ve gotten 10 head shots. No Trophy. I think I need to restart the game?

  • Please bring patch to HONG KONG!

    This is great news…
    Naughty Dog, I bought this game day one when it was available in Hong Kong (I’ve lived here the past 12 yrs), I’ve collected every medal except the final complete (just too hard!), please bring the patch to Asia as soon as possible. Hong Kong really sees no good timely releases, especially the PSN where we just saw ELEFUNK released for 12 USD (yea, worse than being in Europe for once!)
    Please bring the patch to this LittleSmallIsland (LSI) as soon as possible. Thanks!

  • I’d already done a lot of the Unlockments for the sake of in-game bonuses (which, frankly, is what trophies should offer), so I’m happy to go through again and get a PSN reward as well as the in-game reward.

    Thanks a lot for that, I’ve been specifically waiting for trophies before I played it again.

  • THANK YOU NAUGHTY DOG- I’ve gotten 58 out of 60 of the treasures, but it looks like I’ll have to delete my save data. Oh well, Trophies, here I come!

  • Hi guys. I just got my PS3 in June (MGS4 bundle) and I was trying to decide if I should get this game or not. It looks very interesting (especially now that it has trophies) and has great reviews. I played the demo a few times last month, but it didn’t really convince me to get the game. I didn’t really like the way you had to aim the weapons, the endless pirates, and the fact you had to shoot someone like 5 times to kill them. Is the actual game a lot better than the demo? Since I have gotten my PS3, I have played and enjoyed Ratchet&Clank, Folklore, Pixel Junk Eden, Super Stardust HD, and COD4 (haven’t played MGS4 yet). Let me know how you guys think the game compares with the free demo on PSN.

  • Thanks so much for this patch. I love playing through this game again. Now just give us the PJM trophy patch and i’ll be content until bioshock!

  • idk if anyone actually looks at these this far down, but seeing as my uncharted has been killed by this patch i would like to know if a solution will be given to those of us who now can’t play this game cause of the patch, still testing a few options but nothing as of yet

  • I love the trophy’s just started a bit ago… 4 already, one thing though. It says you must start a new game with no saves or unlocks so say I beat it but dont get kill 50 people without dying and go back with unlocks I cant get it like that?

  • Finally i have game with Trophies! sweet.

  • So glad to finally see a Bluray movie that supports trophies and one of the best I might add.

  • Picking this game up.

  • I will be picking this one up real soon.

  • This patch adds more than just Trophies. For instance, when the courtyard battle under the key tower in the fort begins (the with the locked door in the room to the left), you can no longer run back through the hallway and use the doorway for cover and the hallway as a chokepoint – the door closes now preventing you from doing this.

    Is there any way we could get a *full* changelog, including the little fixes that Naughty Dog may have snuck in?

  • Excellent… more sooner that I expected it ^__^
    Thanks guys!

  • I got the asian (chinese) version of the game, no trophy patch… when will it be available? it feels a bit unfair to look at all the people in US and Europe fighting for trophies and we got nothing… Please don’t tell me there’s no patch for asian versions planned :(

  • This is great!
    13 trophies…:)

  • Hey, another comment to complain about the no-patch-for-Asia thing.
    I hope you’ll do something about that soon, or at least announce it.

  • thank you for the trophy support guys! I’m loving this game all over again. I can’t wait to level up from getting all the trophies from this game.


  • No news if this is coming to the Asia release? Give the R3 some love!!!

  • This is seriously such a good update, i cannot thank you enough for being the only ones to go back and update your game, thank you very much =) I just hope you all find it in your hearts/creative minds, to bring back jak too =) Then all will be well in this world


    You get trophies for beating the game on easy, normal, hard, crushing. So if I were to beat the game on hard, would I automatically get the trophy for easy & normal? Or would I have to beat the game an additional 2x?

    ~ Thanks!

  • @144

    people are saying you’d also get easy and normal but I can not personally confirm because I still got a couple hours to go before I complete it on hard.

  • Nice. Too bad I beat the game 8 months ago and have little desire to go back and play it again, let alone do everything required to get the platinum.

  • For everyone who keeps asking if when you beat the game you get the lower difficulty trophies, thats a big 10-4 here. I just finished normal mode and got the easy trophy as well.

    Also, anyone else noticing more texture pop than usual? Seems to be happening more since the patch.

  • SO I’m confused, are there multiple editions of each trophy or can you earn them on easy? Never played the game but thinking of buying it.

    Also any word on R&C TOD getting trophy love?

  • Sweet! I got my Platinum Trophy!!!

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