PLAYSTATION Store Video Content Update

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Since the introduction of movie & TV shows on the PLAYSTATION Store, we’ve added hundreds of new pieces of video content for purchase and rental. As new items are not tied to the weekly PLAYSTATION Store updates, we’ve chosen this time slot to let you know what’s new so you can make a more informed choice for weekend entertainment.

This week we’ve added new video content from the following television series:

  • Everest: Beyond the Limit
  • Family Guy
  • Gene Simmons: Family Jewels
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • LA Ink
  • Land Of The Giants
  • Miami Ink
  • My Name is Earl
  • Mythbusters
  • Prison Break
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  • Trinity Blood
  • Weaponology
  • Xam’d: Lost Memories (There’s a brand new episode every Tuesday!)

As well as the following feature films:

  • Fool’s Gold
  • King Arthur
  • Reign of Fire
  • Stay Alive
  • The Eye
  • The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
  • Unforgiven

And since many of you seemed to enjoy reading what everyone else is watching, here are our top 20 movie and TV downloads for the week:


Have a great weekend!

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  • Anime needs mandatory Japanese language track and subtitles. Dub only is ridiculous, especially considering that most of the anime being offered has extremely poor quality English voice actors.

  • How I Met Your Mother – hot
    sadden that many a people are downloading Meet the Spartans and i’m glad they are going to regret it. Need better movies like orginal version of The Eye

    More polls!! where have all the polls disappear to

  • oh yea paying “full price” for a 15 mins show is redonkulus Adult Swim’s 15 mins shows are good but to get charged for the same amount as a 30 mins show is stupid and might end up to some studio trying to sell only 15 mins of their half hours shows to see if people will buy it

  • Keep updating them. I also concerned that you only buy em once. Why not the information is stored in the PSN server, so I can download it again later?

  • All I have to say is, wher mah new qore@?

  • @ 104

    New Qore is out next Thursday. It comes out the first Thursday of every month.

  • @75 “I know you European people don’t have an official Playstation blog but come on this is SCEA they don’t know whats going on in Europe. So stop asking about the video store and everything. Microsoft just recently put there video store in Europe and it took over a year so be patient! Please go bother threespeech with your problems with SCEE! Not the US Playstation blog!.” – This would be great but as well as having the poor PSN service (less demo’s, lees games) we also DO NOT HAVE A SCEE BLOG to go to!!!

    @84 “First of all, each country has different copyright laws and regulations and there are about ten different languages. Also, Sony has to sign seperate deals with each of the movie studios for each country the service is going to be launched in and, for obvious reasons, Sony won’t want to launch the service in only a few countries and not others. I really do feel bad for you guys, but until you can agree on a centralized government and a single language, you are going to continue to get shafted.” – mate, look at a map of Europe, we are several different countries! We will never have a centralized government! It like me telling you guys in the USA, Canada, and the whole of South America to get a centralized government and common language!

  • thank you guys for giving puerto rico the store we didnt get it at release but a week after. thank you now does darn psn cards.

  • @ 75 oh dear you sad little person! it s blog us in europe can do what we like on here so your not gonna stop us blogging with that statement.

    Cmon gives us video store in europe id use it all the time!!!

  • i think they should offer some free stuff on the video store.. anything would be nice.. or start putting the movie trailers in its own section on the Video side of the store.. speaking of which, i havent seen any new movie trailers coming up on the store lately.. or maybe ive just missed those announcements.. particularly those that are out in theatres now or coming soon..

  • when is this coming to south america?

  • Hello,
    This looks great, but I live in Europe and we still can’t access it from here.
    Most of the PS3 sales were from the European market, but there still seems to be a delay.

    Can you give us a date to mark on our calendar?


    1) There are NO means of backup AND users CAN NOT re-download the movie content like they are allowed to do with games.

    2) Having a 60GB PS3 and NOT being able to upgrade to a larger hard drive because of the aforementioned issue is a HUGE problem.

    3) There is NOT CHEAP solution to the aforementioned issues other than purchaseing a PSP and a 8GB Memorystick Duo. a $300 solution. NOT COOL.

    4) nonuniform pricing for rentals. 3.99 sure… 9.99 for Stay Alive?! R U SERIOUS?!

    5) Grace and other Sony blogger, please respond by editing the blog post when you see there are redundant post.

  • One reason that I have not fully jumped onto this service is due to the definite lack of ability to re-download the movies/tv shows I purchased. As poster #112 mentioned, if I upgrade my harddrive, then I am out of luck. If I encounter a HDD failure, then I am out of luck.

    If the video service doesn’t allow me to re-download or backup my purchased content as I can with PSN games, then it gets no service from me.

  • @113

    I know what you mean!

    I downloaded the first episode of Xam’d, my PS3 gave the yellow, green red flashing light and damn thing wont turn on anymore. Did this before I could even watch Xam’d. Bought the PS3 from Target and I am waiting (after two damn weeks) for them to send me a box so I can ship it to them (I have extended warranty). Anyway, I have lost all data including the movie I rented so I am out a few bucks. Sucks big time :(

  • Great update guys, your efforts are very much appreciated.

    I do have one question. There’s a free ( called Zwok which is nothing short of awesome. I feel it would make a great addition as a PSN game available for downloads. I know I’d much rather play it on my PS3 and/or PSP than on my laptop.

    Any chances of consolidating the these kinds of games onto the PS3, providing for a unified PlayStation experience? (C’mon there’s the marketing ploy for you guys, that’s some of the work done for you already!)

  • @114 mustaphadamus

    sorry to hear about your luck, my PS3 recently konked out too, it really sucks..

    don’t give up hope, they might be able to salvage your data, they did with mine!

    good luck man

  • when is the whole world going to have this becasue scee suck at the playstation store have you seen it please and the EU forum needsa blog

  • Still nothing for Canada… Not that I need a rental system, I already have one with my tv satellite, but it’s always cool to have more options. And I can’t rent tv shows with my satellite.

  • Seems i’m not the only one complaining, that only US got their part of the video cake.

    SONY – i’d love to give you my money! Really i do! But you won’t let me.

    // sincerly yours
    Wojciech Arabczyk of fame.

  • Is there any chance the PSP Camera will come out in the US. I heard that it might not come out and I was wondering if that was true.

    I my self hope it is not true because EyeToy games are pretty neat and I think you could make some thing neat with the camera for the PSP.

  • @50 – jlch777

    I am from Puerto Rico ( san juan ) and the video store is available :-) i am able to browse and rent.

    PSN ID: marcosrdz

  • I was not a huge fan of the new store when it launched. The old one was just fine by me. Now, I find it as the best online shopping plaza in the market right now.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    I’m American, but I live in Venezuela. Even though, I believe, the service is coming at some point to South America, the American content would be more to my taste than whatever region exclusive content is available for S.A. Is there anyway, to get past the region lock if you can verify your nationality, seeing as supposedly the whole reason for locking was to cater to different parts of the world?

  • When will we be able to buy full seasons of a particular TV Series… for example 24 season 1 in HD…. Please sony do this for us.

    Bloodline Was Here!!!

  • Isn’t there such a studio as Sony Pictures Classics?

    Why is the video store offering Reign of Fire and Fool’s Gold? This is utter garbage. I mean, it’s a steaming pile of f3c3s. Unforgiven was decent for its time, but come on…is this film in anyone’s top 500 let alone top 100?

  • So this update in Playstation Store is only for USA IP adress??
    When the video store is coming to MEXICO?

  • What about Mexico? when we have Video Store?

  • Central and South America want this too!! Give it to us !!!

  • Glad to hear Canada will be getting the video service, but here’s a question for ya’

    Will it be exactly the same content as the US of A?

    Just curious, because our TV up here, and movie theaters are really no different, we watch all the same shows, and go to the same box office flicks, rentals are available at pretty much the same time as the USA too, and some people seem to think that we Canadian’s live in igloos, and watch/play sleighstation 3, and icebox360 on our gigantic icey television screens…

  • will we c more film companies and tv companies coming 2 the psn video store?

  • Cool service so far. I bought some shows to check it out and so far no complaints, except for the Xam’d being a rental but I bet you are accustomed to it by now. I can understand why its like that since its a world premiere on the PSN, but come one, feels kind of steep. (Isn’t it about the same price as basic cable?)

    Here is an idea, it would work for Xam’d and whenever you guys do other premieres. The big thing that turns me off from renting this guy is the price and the feeling that I am losing my investment (and its quite a big one too.) How about you do some kind of subscription plan(Similar to how with Blood Siren you can buy packs of episodes). You pay upfront however much and get access to videos whenever they premiere, you can have only 1 download, or unlimited until the end of that season (i.e. until the last episode of that season, and then you are cut off) doesn’t matter much, but the unlimited view to end of the seasons sounds better to me :).

    And to make it feel like you actually get something out of it, have a subscription plan that includes a DVD or Blu-Ray (depending on the quality) set for that season or maybe some kind of voucher or discount (but in reality we will be paying for part the box-set already, but this way will make it seem more justifiable to many)

    Though seeing how its an anime they (the distributers) will probably milk it do death like every other anime these days and release ‘volumes’ with 3-4 episodes a piece on each volume, which will of course cost ~22.00 per volume. The only thing I have about anime .. whats wrong with selling by seasons?

    Thanks for reading the rant. Good luck with the service and I’m eager to see what other stuff you have in store for us. ( ha ha store … get it ..)

  • To all the people complaining about the price:
    Get over yourselves. Seriously, the prices are very competitive. Sure, 2 bucks for a 12 minute ep of Robot Chicken is steep. But guess what? That’s exactly how much it costs on itunes and xblmp. And the 24 hour view time? Exactly the same as itunes, xblmp and amazon unbox. If you don’t like it, I dare you to go find some other online video store. Sure, it still doesn’t compare to a 99 cent per day dvd rental from the local redbox (for those who don’t know, redbox is a dvd rental vending machine located at most McDonalds and some Walmart locations in certain cities) but redbox isn’t online, is it? So I say again, for an online video store, sony’s store is very competitive.

    Good start sony. I will say I hope you do eventually offer some sort of season pass for certain shows. And also PLEASE try to get ABC and NBC on board.

    Also, I just checked today and I saw a couple of episodes of futurama for those who were asking for it.

  • In my humble opinion, about the Video on the PSN Store, I would like…

    -Shows from BBC America, such as “Keeping Up Appearances”, “Are You Being Served”, “Open All Hours”, “As Time Goes By”, “Last of the Summer Wine”, “My Family”, “Barbara”, “Sorry”, “Thin Blue Line”, “Of Fools and Horses”, and of course, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.
    -ALL the “Family Guy” episodes (Fill In the Blanks for EVERY SEASON), Stewie’s “Untold Story” Movie, “Blue Harvest”, and future “Family Guy” movies/specials.
    -Complete “American Dad” and “Futurama” Seasons and movies.
    -All Rentals staying playable for a WEEK after First Playback (two weeks max with no playback is fine).
    -More Disney shows and movies (“Brandy & Mr. Whiskers”, “The Buzz on Maggie”, “Lizzie McGuire” and Classic Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Minnie Mouse shorts in B/W and Color).

    Also, for the PSN Store Game area; I’ve noticed in other countries, there are 3 or 4 Additional Add-On Content for Sonic the Hedgehog; why didn’t they make the U.S.? I WANT THEM.

    Christian Weston Chandler
    PSN ID: Sonichu

  • Good deal. Never can get e-nuff of new content, but is there (any) way you guys can make it possible 4 us 2 (PREVIEW) (ALL) content inside the video store as it was said at E3? Really would appreciate previewing shows/movies before purchasing them. Thanx.

  • any plans to make X’amd available for a purchase instead of rental i want to own the series so please consider that!!!

  • I really like the subscription idea that others have mentioned I would get that.

  • I would also like a top 10 or 20 games that are being played on PSN list.

  • when will we see the playstation point card to purchase items on the playstation store like they have for xbox live. you would do alot more business and sales if you did this i for one would definitely purchase quite a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know it takes time to develop this service and all but the sooner you can get all new releases on here plus older stuff (all for rental, not interested so much in buying something) the sooner you can have more and more of my money. With how expensive gas is, it makes more sense to rent a movie at home for the same price than to drive and get it. Plus there’s the whole convenience thing.

    Anyway, would like to have kids movies on there for my daughter, maybe some chick flicks for my wife, and of course action movies for myself. There’s really not too much on there in the way of new releases for rent yet. I’m hoping you put up The Assassination of Jesse James soon as well as 3:10 to Yuma for rental.

  • How come ALL videos dont have the option for buy, rent in hd and sd?

  • what about the EU were stll waiting you know like were allways are

  • Any plans on adding Stargate SG1 to the store?

  • hope silent hill 5 can download a demo on ps3 store!!!! XD(silent hill 5 ‘S name turned to silent hill — home comming….?- -#)

  • When is the video store coming to Antartica?

  • iTunes Rental Store rules over PSN Video Store. Am an American and i can rent and purchase movies from US itunes Store from Germany with no problems. WHY? Because iTunes does not block you via IP address, but they verify you are a US residence from your credit card and home billing address. COME ON SONY Fix the way PSN Video Store track people.

  • I would like to see a list on the playstation store of the newly added movies from the past month. Currently looking for the new movies is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. It will only get worse as more movies are added. Also, why isn’t there a preview for every movie? Why can’t I buy a movie in HD? Why can’t I rent all the movies available for sale? Why? Why? Why?

  • I would like a list on the playstation store of the last month of new content added to the video store. Searching for the new stuff akes me want to gouge my eyes out. Why isn’t there a preview for every movie? Why can’t I rent every movie that I can buy? Why can’t I buy a movie in HD? Why? Why? Why?

  • Wow! Family Guy is a popular download!

    Thanks for the stats!

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