Bionic Commando: Rearmed behind the scenes

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With the release of BCR just around the corner, I’d like to present to you a video called “Making of Bionic Commando: Rearmed – Part 2”. It’s part of a three-part series that gives you insights into the development of one of the most anticipated titles of the year. (You can find the first movie around the web or via the PlayStation Store).

I also want to thank you all for your support of 1942: Joint Strike. We’re going to hold a contest next week over at to show our appreciation. Thanks again and I’ll holla back next week.

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  • Oh man I remember playing this so much. Never the NES version but I finished both in the arcades, on the C-64 and on the Amiga. Can’t wait to finish it again!

  • Who is this WHAT tool?

  • BCR = Infinite Awesomeness
    Wendy Young = Super Hottie!

  • I’m looking forward to this game as well, but it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that it’s one of the most anticipated games of the year. I bet 90% of the general gaming population isn’t even aware of the remake. But I know John was just trying to hype the description so he’s forgiven for the exaggeration. As for the personal insults, they’re not appropriate towards devs, or towards blog posters. Don’t understand why our community always has to act so immature.

  • welcome back john some people on the blog doesnt know a good psn game when they see one.i on the other hand can tell what will be good months ahead of time.some say i have great taste in games.this game will be one of the best psn games.i heard xbl size limit also held the game back.should i be afaid that its did the same for the psn release?
    also when home launches can we get some capcom lougne with model of capcom legendage game on the ps dmc resident evil or mega man legend.

  • Looking forward for this game, day 1 buy :)

  • @ Ravn,

    Soundgarden while playing BCR? Soundgarden alone makes you awesome. \m/

    Ugh, I’m gonna have a difficult time deciding which PSN game to get- BCR or Echochrome; of course, both are WAY different from each other, the only thing that Echochrome sells to me is the 3d perspective level designer (it’s like YOU”RE MC Esher or something!)

  • Fantastic detail and graphics !

  • john i do wonder do u have a ps3?i stress it would not change my opinion on buying things from capcom but it would help us blog reader know how much u understand about ps3 as a gamer.

  • o and u didnt under my question last week about resident evil 5 is its coming out the same day and date as the 360 one which is march?

  • I’ll tell you what guys… you trolls on here are giving all of us PlayStation fans a bad name.

    Just because you may not want this game, doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of people out there who can’t wait to buy it the second it comes out. Believe me, they’re out there.

    I personally am disgusted by some of you people because every time John has come on the blog he has been straight forward with us and always comes back 3 or 4 times to answer any questions we have in the comments. IMO he and Dylan Jobe are the best posters on the blog for those reasons alone.

    It’s funny to me how you spit hate and fire at people on here for no reason and then have the nerve to complain or throw accusations that “(insert company here) doesn’t like PlayStation… blah blah blah.”

    Hmm… I couldn’t possibly think of a reason why that could be the case, CAN YOU?

  • @ 39/Sicboy

    Ben Judd already confirmed the demo to release same day as when Rearmed is release. In fact there was a blog post dedicated to it at the official BC Site. The idea is to let those on the fence about buying the game to be able to try it before buying it (Though I already allotted the 10 bucks for the game :D). In any case, it should be released on the August 14th (Which also has been confirmed, on the Capcom-Unity site)

  • im boycotting capcom until they start treating ps3 users at least as good as the xbots, even the wii is getting the games we should be getting from them, it seems capcom is only using the ps3 installed base for extra cash to invest in games for the other systems

  • @ 64

    I knew they HAD planned on a same day release, but I was kinda hoping that since it’d been delayed(again), that maybe they’d release the demo early…

  • @hansolo can u explain what u mean?i dont see capcom doing that i see capcom trying to make money.they haven’t announced a game for is exclusive on the 360 since the ps3 had been out.

  • I like the style but it just wont stand up to the next gen games.

  • John,

    Thanks for the response. Hopefully you guys can find out the issue.

  • @John Diamonon I like how you spin that into one of the must have game for this year when it only for one guy selection. Did you read the other three pages? I guess you didn’t because it didn’t even made it onto their list

  • I checked out Pixeljunk Eden on PS3 and it has a Recording Feature which allows you to record gameplay and upload it on Youtube.

    I think it would be amazing if you could implement this feature on Super Street Fighter II HD Remix for fights offline and online! I would love to have all my decent fights available on my Youtube Channel. What do you think of that idea?

    I will be getting Bionic Commando Rearmed but won’t be able to play until September as my PS3 is going to be in storage when I move up North to University for Computer Games Development!

    • I think that\’s great that you\’re going to school for game development. I also went to school for the goal to be in the industry. Good luck and hit us up when you graduate or during your summer breaks.

  • BCR looks great, thanks John.

    Has capcom ever talked about making a revamped version of the original Strider? How sweet would that be? That game was right there with BC and MegaMan2 as the capcom faves….

  • Great more PSN stuff and this one looks amazing :-D Hope the game will get trophy support soon.

    And yeah, bring Breath of Fire 6 to the PS3!! Don’t you dare to release it on the 360…grrrr…. No seriously we as PS3 owners have had been back stabbed enough for the moment.

  • Strider was awesome… although I can’t remeber getting passed that dinosaurs level.
    Anyhow I’m super excited with PSN titles lately and BCR in particular.
    Although I own both systems the game is going to be released on, I’ll be getting it for PS3 for sure ’cause of the remote play feature.
    I can already picture myself playing in my bed (yeah yeah I know that’s ambigous) or in that very special place where it’s warm and you’re all alone but it doesn’t smell too good… you know what I’m talking about.
    BTW what’s up with PSP controls… does it play as well as the sixasis/dualshock3?

    Thanks John for taking the time to reply those posts. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to reply mine. Congrats to you and your fellow workers for releasing this game.

    • I haven\’t personally tried out the game on the PSP but Ben says that it works great. You\’ll need to tell me what you think when the game releases.

  • John,

    A really odd vibe in a handful of your comments. Usually developers rise above, so to speak. Not sure that the snide school-yard replies are doing much service to Capcom. The blog is always sprinkled with a few ignorant people typing nothing but innapropriate insults. I’m not sure we need you to add to that number.

    Really weird.

  • hi, guys I think about it The only games that will have trophy support anytime soon are smaller PSN games and games that are frequently updated (Burnout Paradise,So far, Uncharted has been the only exception to the rule.Hopefully not, and if it does you will probably have the decency to let us know way before, unlike Jeff and Jack Tretton waiting till midnight to let us know that software has been delayed again. It almost sounds like Home all over again.

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  • Thanks John for your reply! I literally can’t wait to start University and get down to learning but I am going up a week early so I should get some Bionic Commando Rearmed action in. Until then, I’ll be playing the NES original. Your response put a smile on my face :D

    Did you read my other suggestion about implementing Youtube support for Super Street Fighter II HD Remix? Maybe you could also suggest it for the console version of Street Fighter IV? What do you think of that?

  • No 1942 demo came out this week John, as you said before. What gives?

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